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A Universal Language / The Power of Kindness / School Calendar.

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There is something
that brings people
even with little understanding
of each other.

There is a Universal Language
that speaks to our Hearts.
It is
a Language we
can all
even without words.

It is
our way of understanding Life, 
our way of communicating our
and the Pathway
to being Grateful
for all we are,
all we will ever

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My Dear Friends,
the whole is greater
than the sum of its parts.
The Language of 
Loving actions,
is so much more
than mere words
to describe them.
Kindness is
for the Giver.
One benefit of Kindness,
is that the Love
spreads both ways.

ambient autumn sunlight magical fantasy forest Stock Footage Video (100 ...

A little piece of each of us
with the passing of those
who have shaped who we are.

Eternally Grateful for the Treasure
of all of those moments.
Be Grateful
for what God has done
for all of us.
has made our Lives
to Sing.

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We can
experience True Happiness
in Life.
can become so surreal
To be Truly Happy,
that you are
Loved and Cherished.

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Having a good
is a better choice.

Treat others in Life,
with the Compassion
you desire.
Even small acts of Kindness
can become Life changing
for others.
spread Happiness,
even when you feel

Free Images : person, people, girl, woman, flower, cute, young, spring ...The more we give,
the more we receive,
and the more God will give
to us.
“It is More Blessed to Give
than to Receive.”
Acts 20:35
The more we give,
the more we become a part of
another person.

Sunset Happy Child Silhouette 4K Wallpapers | HD Wallpapers | ID #24919

will eventually flow
to the recipient of our giving.
When we give,
we will see ourselves in them,
and be able to Love them
as ourselves.
Kindness is the

.Your Compassion
speaks to the Hearts
of others
in ways that words
never could.

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Rays of Hope
are deeply felt
when your Heart is shinning
and reaching
 We are Truly
Brothers and Sisters,
seeds from the same
Tree of Life.

Hi-Def Pics - 10 Most Beautiful SunsetsAnd,
we are going to wake
from this Dream
of Living

Let us add
to our Beautiful Nature.

Our World 
is a perfect Portrait
of Heavenly Nature,
with blooming Flowers,
flying Birds,
picturesque views of enchanting Beauty,
which cradle the

Beautiful Landscape Of Sunset Scene Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And ...

can be restored
from darkness to Light
and start bearing Fruit.
There is a meaning
in this moment,
we Trust in
the Lord

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There is
in every moment,
traces of dark in the Light,
traces of the Light in the dark,
pushing into a Time of termination,
and unfolding towards
the inner, center Circle
of Life.

the weight of Life
is placed on the wings
of a Song.

PEACE makes all things possible.
HOPE makes all things work.
LOVE makes all things Beautiful.

Free photo: Grass Field and Trees during Sunset - Beautiful, Light ...

to your Divine Voice.
the Euphoria in the depths
of your Heart

Your Life,
your Love,
is needed, valued, wanted
and cherished.

is like the Song
the Soul sings.
are transported
to distant Dimensions,
as your Soul dances
with the Energy of the Divine.

ᐈ Nature stock images, Royalty Free a nature pictures | download on ...

causes one to become
in tune with the Heart
and to let the Harmony
flow to all levels
and connect the mind, body 
and Soul.
In coming to know
God is Love,
your Heart
speaks to this moment,
and all the good
that is to come.

feel connected Spiritually
to the Creator
and to yourself,
than you have ever

Orange Sunset with Trees Picture | Free Photograph | Photos Public Domain

lets the Song
in your Soul
Love is absolutely
  It lets the Heart
with Joy, Peace and Serenity.

is always listening
to a Heavenly Melody.
It is
calming and gentle
and at the same time,
so very Beautiful.

Wild animals Pictures - Free Images of Wild animals - Royalty Free Photos

is awakening to the power
of Prayer
in Healing.

Life is hectic,
with little Time
to breathe deeply.
Few are the moments
when we can Truly
The stressful pace of the World
and tranquil moments begin
when we immerse ourselves
in reflection and 

happy child | Radiant Life ChiropracticThe melody
of each moment
is very enchanting, very serene,
when we feel at Home.

Thank God
for creating a moment
where you can rest
and take a breath,
find comfort as well.

flowers, Spring, Kids, Children, Childhood, Purple, Butterfly, Princess ...

and wash away
your worries and your fears.
Calm your mind.
Tomorrow is a new
and another Day.

Sleep is rest for the body,
meditation is rest for the Sou
Sleep like a Baby.
are God’s Child.


Pin on Amanecer

The power of kindness:
why being nice benefits us all

by Calvin Holbrook

From boosting your mood to lowering stress, the power of Kindness is real. In fact, science shows the benefits of being kind are greater for the giver than the receiver. So, as Calvin Holbrook suggests, help others and help yourself, too.

 Can you remember the last time a stranger was kind to you? Maybe someone held a door open or offered you help with directions in the street? Or, perhaps you can recall the last time you helped somebody. After recently carrying out a few altruistic acts myself, I wanted to find out more about the power and benefits of Kindness

Just before Christmas I passed a homeless man sitting outside a London Tube station. Coming out of a nearby coffee shop after paying almost £3 for a flat white, I couldn’t justify spending that on a hot drink while he was sat with nothing. I started a conversation to find out how he was doing and he was thankful when I offered him some change and a banana. However, he seemed most grateful when I simply asked him what his name was. When I got up to leave, he looked directly into my eyes and gave me a genuine ‘Thank you.’

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Later that week, I spotted an elderly lady hauling a huge suitcase down some stairs – she was clearly struggling. Her face lit up with joy when I offered a hand. She was clearly touched someone had made the effort to assist, and I too walked away with a spring in my step and smile on my face

The power of kindness: a ripple effect

In these examples the power of kindness is obvious for the recipient: they were in a moment of need and received assistance. But the power of altruism also extended to me – in fact, one major benefit of kindness is that the love spreads both ways; it’s a win-win situation.

benefits-of-kindness-power.jpgA positive sign: showing kindness is easy and free.

After connecting with these people I felt a sense of Happiness and pride to know I’d made a small but meaningful impact on their day. In fact, this feel-good sensation stayed with me for hours afterwards. Experiencing this feeling has also made it more likely that I’ll carry out more random acts of kindness in the future. 

Likewise, I like to think that the power of kindness can potentially rub off on the people I’ll help out in the future, that they, in turn, will be more likely to assist others. In fact, it turns out that science backs up this kindness ‘ripple effect’. 

“One major benefit of kindness is that the love spreads both ways; it’s a win-win situation.”

A 2018 study focused on employees at a Spanish company. Workers were asked to either a) perform acts of kindness for colleagues, or b) count the number of kind acts they received from coworkers. The results showed that those who received acts of kindness became happier, demonstrating the value of benevolence for the receiver.

However, those who delivered the acts of kindness benefited even more than the receivers. That’s because not only did they show a similar trend towards increased happiness, but they also had an boost in life and job satisfaction, as well as a decrease in depression.

Furthermore, the effects of altruism were contagious. Those colleagues on the receiving end of the acts of kindness ended up spontaneously paying it forward, themselves doing nice things for other colleagues. This study suggests the ripple effect really is one of the benefits of being nice.

Kindness and psychological flourishing

Further studies back up the power of kindness. In another, researchers asked members of the public to either perform acts of kindness – such as opening doors for strangers – for one month, or to perform kind acts for themselves, such as treating themselves to a new purchase. 

The researchers measured the participants’ level of so-called ‘psychological flourishing’ – their emotional, psychological, and social well-being at the start and end of the experiment. By the end, those who had carried out kind acts for others had higher levels of psychological flourishing compared to those who acted kindly towards themselves. Kindly acts also led to higher levels of positive emotions.

benefits-of-kindness-help-power.jpgGood to give: kindness benefits both the giver and receiver

Meanwhile, another study incorporated cold hard cash to test the powers of altruism. Researchers gave participants either $5 or $20 which they had to spend either on themselves or others before the end of the day. They measured the participants’ happiness levels before giving them the money and then called them on the phone in the evening. The results? Those who had spent the money were happier than those who used the money for their own needs.

The physical effects of kindness

So, science and studies show that being kind and helpful clearly has a positive and uplifting effect on those carrying out the act. But what exactly is happening in the body when you help someone out? Here are four ways keys in which the physical benefits of kindness can be felt.

1. Kindness releases feel-good hormones

When you do kinds acts for other people, so-called happiness hormones are released, boosting your serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of well-being and satisfaction. Endorphin levels also rise, leading to a phenomenon known as a helper’s high (just like what I experienced). 

2. Kindness can reduce anxiety

Another physical benefit of kindness is that it can help to lower anxiety. Social anxiety is associated with low positive affect (PA), which relates to an individual’s experience of positive moods such as joy, interest, and alertness. A four-week study on Happiness from the University of British Columbia found that participants who engaged in kind acts displayed major increases in their PA levels that were maintained during the study duration

3. Kindness may help alleviate certain illness

Inflammation in the body is linked to numerous health problems including chronic pain, diabetes, obesity and migraines. For older generations at least, volunteering as an act of kindness may be of benefit to reduce inflammation. In fact, according to one study of older adults aged 57-85, “volunteering manifested the strongest association with lower levels of inflammation.” 

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Additionally, oxytocin, also released with acts of kindness, reduces inflammation, and it can directly affect the chemical balance of your heart. According to Dr. David Hamilton, “oxytocin causes the release of a chemical called nitric oxide in blood vessels, which dilates the blood vessels. This reduces blood pressure and therefore oxytocin is known as a ‘cardioprotective’ hormone because it protects the heart (by lowering blood pressure).

4. Kindness can reduce your stress levels

Helping others takes you out of your own mind and can potentially help to build relationships with other people. Anything that helps you to build bonds with other people is known as ‘affiliative behavior‘.

And, according to one study on the effects of pro-social behavior — action intended to help others  on stress, “affiliative behavior may be an important component of coping with stress and indicate that engaging in pro-social behavior might be an effective strategy for reducing the impact of stress on emotional functioning.

“Science and studies show that being kind and helpful clearly has a positive and uplifting effect on those carrying out the act.”

Furthermore, once we establish an ‘affiliative connection’ with someone — a relationship of friendship, Love, or other positive bonding — we feel emotions that can boost our immune system. So, it seems continued altruism can boost your happiness and improve relationships and connections, in turn indirectly boosting your health.

Shifting to kindness

So, knowing this, why aren’t people benefiting from the power of kindness? Why aren’t more people making a conscious effort to change the lives of others? 

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For one, in our fast-paced world, benevolence and compassion often end up taking a back seat to self-interest – and selfies. People don’t seem to take the time to stop and help others or even notice what’s going on as we’re often wrapped up in our own lives.
benefits-of-kindness-power-help-others.jpgHelping hand: the power of kindness is proven.
 Also, some people believe that showing kindness and compassion is a weakness and will only lead to being taken advantage of. But, the Truth is, it’s in our Human DNA to show Kindness. In fact, we’re the only mammals with an extended gestation period, and while other animals rely on support for a short period before becoming self-reliant, we depend on the care of our caregivers to provide our needs. Indeed, kindness is fundamental to the human existence – we’re literally wired for it. 

Kindness is not something that demands hard work or huge amounts of time. It’s something all of us can strive to achieve every day. And, knowing that the power of kindness and its benefits are immense for ourselves and not just the receiver, why wouldn’t you want to help others more?  ●

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Written by Calvin Holbrook

calvin.holbrook.jpegCalvin is the happiness.com magazine editor, as well being an artist and lover of swimming, yoga, dancing to house/techno, and all things vintage! Find out more.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

Real Jungle Animals Monkeys | Amazing Wallpapers

Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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The most Precious Gift
is Life.

Family Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

are Forever in my






Your Light is Much Needed / Perhaps We Never Left The Garden / School Calendar

Heavenly Light Abstract Background Stock Footage Video 9437216 ...

Your Light
is much needed in this

My Dear Friends,
Words of Scripture
are far more than mere Words
  woven together
long ago.
They are the
Divinely Inspired
and Imparted Words
of God.
Copyright Free Pictures / No Copyright, Copyright Free Videos, Motion ...Let us Thank God
for the Precious Bible,
and for His Words of Truth.
Thank You
for Your Sacred Thoughts,
which Give us Life,
and Hope,
and Wisdom for the Soul.
May we keep Your Word
in our Hearts,
and always know 
that it will be well with us.
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Negative thoughts
keep us stuck in a
very dark tunnel.

But positive thoughts
enable us
to value what is
in Life.

Every positive thought
is a Silent Prayer,
that can change your Life.

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I cannot express how

God’s Creations are.

It’s astounding how they can speak,
and w
ithout saying a word.

They put a smile
on your face.
They tell a Truth
without saying a thing.

Amazing Sky Over The Sea. Sunset Landscape Royalty Free Stock ...Yes,
they say it best,
when they say nothing
at all.
And so do

They create laughter
that drowns out the crowd.
There’s a Truth
in your eyes
that can put a
smile on the

Our Lord
Says it Best,
when His Precious Creations say 
at all

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your Light is much needed
in this World.

Our quality of Life
can be so much more,
with so much

We need
and Laughter,
simple sounds of

will never feel
a more somber feeling of Hallowed Ground,
than when standing in the Presence
of the Lord,
in Prayer.

It is a Beautiful feeling
to be filled with Awareness
and Gratitude
for our Precious

DigiProduct Images Primo Collection - Get Instant Access to 12,649 ...

As we quietly walk
into Heavenly Places
and sleep under the Stars,
we find Peace.
And we wonder,
does Heaven look
like this?

My Dear Friend,
It may be Time to change the Story
you tell yourself.

Free Images : forest, branch, creative, sunlight, leaf, fall, flower ...

A walk
in a Beautiful Forest
change your Story.

The Forests
of God’s Imagination
and Creation
are so Beautiful,
and become more and more Beautiful
every time you see them.
They are just
The whole Natural World is
and absolutely wonderful.

Inspirational 1280x800 Hd Wallpaper Nature - motivational quotes.. Life
can be described
as a sublime experience,
in which Hope and Dreams
come with such clarity,
that you know them
to be True.

Communing with Nature
can have an incredibly
calming effect.
The Natural World
of God
can calm your mind,
put you in a relaxed state,
and help you forget the stress
of everyday Life.

Free Hollywood Actress Hot HD Desktop Wallpapers: Free Most Beautiful ...

At a time
when you are facing challenges,
it can be helpful
to allow yourself a few
Sacred moments
of calm and Peace.

Let God Say
“I Love You”
in His Own Way.

Forest Life Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

His Glorious Beauty.
Walk His Pathways
to easy release
of all that may trouble

Free Images : tree, nature, sun, fog, mist, sunlight, leaf, mystical ...The Road to Salvation
is Simple.
It lies through
the Pathway
of your Heart.
It lies through
the Pathway
God’s Love.

Life is
And Life
is connected to all things
around us.
It is connected
to calmness, relaxation
and pure Joy.

Forest Trees Pine · Free photo on PixabayYour Life can
become Beautiful. 

Such awareness
simply stirs
the Soul.

may feel alone,
and yet you are
connected to all things
around you.
You are.
Copyright Free Images For Commercial Use - Royalty Free Illustrations ...
.My Dear Friend, 
if you feel hurt for any reason,
 Colors return,
and so will the Beautiful Colors
of your Life.

The Sun will glimmer
off the waters
of Life.

No Copyright Video, Background, Green Screen, Motion Graphics, Animated ...People
will be laughing
Amazing Joy
will fill your Heart
 and you
feel wonderful.
Life’s Colors return.
Just Pray
and be still,
and look for the Sun.
It will
rise again
in your precious

How do we receive the Holy Spirit? | Biblword.net

 With Prayer
and Faith in our Lord,
you will find strength.
Help others to Heal,
and you will
What you give
is always
what you receive.

“What you give today
is what you will receive tomorrow.
What you receive today
is what will be returned tomorrow.
The future stays in the present.”   

Rhonda Byrne

Spiritual Laws
guide personal fulfillment.
If you want Blessings,
create Blessings for others.
If you seek help,
help to someone in need.

Living BulwarkRestore Faith
in Human Kindness.

Steeped in the Mystery
of a thousand ages,
is the Truth
that leaves bare
parts of the Soul we tend to keep
from our own deeper selves.

Do not wast
a precious Lifetime
by repressing the Truth.

Wallpaper Holy Spirit Images Hd - Handmade by ZurekNothing lasts forever.
has a very strong message
for all who take it in and understand
it is very short.
Enjoy the Time you are given
and be at Peace with yourself.
and support each other.

is Beautifully expressed
by our Lord
and OUR Creator.
Your Creation
 is the epitome
of ALL Creation.
Your Song
is Forever.
And no one
will ever sing it with
the Perfected Voice and Emotions
coming from the Heart,
as you do.


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Perhaps We Never Left The Garden

You may not fully realize this, but a pesticide free environment produces many beautiful by-products. Our campus is adorned with specimens that are simply breathtaking. I never believe the number of small, intricately designed Creations that exist, until I work outside. Sometimes I simply cannot work because I am so mesmerized by the Beauty I find in Nature.

Around SCHOOL 002-C Around SCHOOL 022-C Around SCHOOL 005-C Around SCHOOL 017-c Around SCHOOL 009-c Around SCHOOL 007-C Around SCHOOL 011-CThis beautiful butterfly specimen, or speciwomen, we don’t know, reminds me of many wonderful Teachers I have known over the years – Beautiful and a little worse for the wear. The brave are always battered. The scars they bear are the medals they wear. And yes, they are for courage and being there for your Child, far and above the call of duty. I am reminded of the quote: “God will examine your life not for medals, diplomas or degrees, but for battle scars. What nobler Medal of Honor could any Godly person seek than the scars of service.”

You may want to thank a Teacher, if you can find one still able to walk and speak coherently.

Our landscaping friends and neighbors at the Color Ranch, just down the road from us, have truly performed miracles. I include photos of their work at the school. Our Heartfelt thanks to Janis Gish, pictured left, and her wonderful staff,  who were responsible for the many improvements.

The photo of our two bird friends reminds me of, “With this ring I thee take” as they argue over seed we provide. And I thought you may want to see another new bird bath, very popular with the winged types. Now, if I can just keep the children out.

And I snapped a photo of a particularly beautiful specimen of what I believe is a Colored Bunting. What do you think?

And finally, I challenge you to find a more beautiful work of art in the Modern Art Museum (a favorite destination of our students) than the moth photographed on the back deck of the school. If you study this Beauty carefully, you may see what I am saying.

I am simply stunned by the Beauty all around.

Try to take some time with your Child to admire the Magnificence of Life. Perhaps we never left the Garden of Eden. Mankind just sprayed insecticides all over the place and destroyed the evidence.

Holy spirit dove flying in the sky Stock Photo by ©bolina 56698827


Perfect Timing Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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The Anderson Private School.

“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

Sunrise In The Mountains Free Stock Photo - Public Domain ...

I wish you all

Real Jungle Animals Monkeys | Amazing Wallpapers

Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

Happy Long Weekend Clipart | Free Images at Clker.com - vector clip art ...

The most Precious Gift
is Life.

Family Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

What is the Holy Spirit? Discover the Holy Spirit today!


are Forever in my














Awaken the Power Within / Nutrient Turns Cancer Cells Into HEALTHY Cells / School Calendar.

The Power of God's Presence Is Here | Anakainoo International

Through Prayer,
we become Empowered 
by God.

Through Prayer
we connect to the Source
of Life
and Love.

Our Prayers
change our thoughts,
our feelings and our

Prayer | CPA UK

When we tap into
the Power of Prayer,
we awaken the Power

The Power
of the Lord
is inherent in Prayer.
According to the Bible,
the Power of Prayer
the Power of God,
who answers Prayer.

Spiritual HD Wallpapers (56+ images)Our Lord God Almighty
can do ALL things;
there is nothing impossible for Him
(Luke 1:37).

We experience
the Power of Prayer
when we invite Heaven ‘s Resources
to intervene in our Earthly situation.
And Heaven’s Resources are

HD wallpaper: praying, faith, man, religion, christian, god, holy ...

When we Pray
we are inviting our Omnipotent God
into the equation
and asking Him to do something
about our circumstance.

There is
freedom, Peace, and security
through communication with

Measuring Spiritual and Religious Beliefs - SEEK Safely.We experience
profound calmness.
 A strong, calm, reassuring 
embraces our Heart.

There is
a Joyful Truth
found in the mind,
  brought about by the Love
found in Prayer.

Power of God by Deeliah on DeviantArt

that there are so many
Kind people
all across our World,
brightens up each Day.
It gives us Hope
for the future of our World.

 We become
beyond Grateful,
when we awake
from the Dream
we become.

Angel Style | Super cute puppies, Cute animals, Cute dogs

Time heals.
Hold on,
be kind to yourself.
Do little things for yourself
throughout the day.

What our World needs
is Kindness, Laughter
and Love.
everything will stop,
like the wind.

Pin on #Animallovers

Life is precious
my Dear Friends.

The Universe
is present in our

You are deeply Loved,
you are Truly valued,
and you have great purpose. 
Have Faith.
is possible.

"Free Beauty" | Copyright © 2015 OffdaLipp Images This image… | Flickr

is full of Beauty.
There are
Beautiful things to look
forward to.
Stay strong.
God will
be with you.

The healthy Human Heart
not only a healthy diet,
it needs
Love does exist.
It Lives
in every Flower,
in every Leaf,
in every blade of Grass.
Unconditional Beauty | All Rights Reserved © Copyright 2010 … | FlickrIt Lives
in you.

Many studies
show that immersing oneself
in Nature,
can have a profound and positive impact
on our mental health and well-being.
God’s Natural World

reduce stress and anxiety levels.
A soothing combination
of singing Birds
and Beautiful Flowers
effective in promoting relaxation
and a sense of inner

(Peacymel276) - Photos

A look
at God’s Beautiful World
will allow you to focus
on the present moment,
and appreciate all the Beauty
God Gifts to you
in His Natural World.
His World
is Amazing.
There is so Much Love
and so much Truth
in His Holy Word
His Beautiful World.

Free Christian Wallpapers: Free Daily Christian Wallpapers 158

Open your eyes.
Open your Heart.
God is in this Life.
The Light of His Love
 is also your own Light,
your own Love,
your own Beauty.

Your Compassion
truly touches the Heart and Soul.
The Blessings
you bestow on others,
will be bestowed
on you.
has a way of easing
the mind and body.
It is amazing
how Caring for others
can have such a profound effect
on our well-being.

The Holy Word 
of God,
will guide you in the
Right Direction.
Forgive yourself and let go
of your past.
You are Deeply Loved.
Be Thankful
and enjoy the
Thank you
for Blessing our Earth
with your precious presence
You are deeply Loved,
appreciated, and worthy
of anything and everything
you wish

The Awesome Power of our Omnipotent God | CBN.com

The little-known nutrient
that turns cancer cells
back into healthy cells

Recent research suggests that a little-known phytochemical – called apigenin – is a powerful anti-cancer agent. In fact, it can actually transform cancer cells back into healthy cells.

Let me explain

Your body is protected by a protein called p53 that’s a natural tumor suppressor. Unfortunately, p53 can’t stop cancer on its own. But that’s where apigenin comes in.

Cute Baby Animal Wallpapers | PixelsTalk.Net

In Dr. Fred Pescatore’s Essential Cancer Protocol, he explains that apigenin is able to activate p53. And he adds, “This lowers cancer cells’ resistance to chemotherapy and improves responses to treatment.

But apigenin fights cancer in another important way

Dr. Pescatore cites a study that shows how apigenin blocks vascular endothelial growth factor. This prohibits angiogenesis – a technical term for the new blood vessels that tumors grow to feed themselves.

“In other words,” Dr. Pescatore says, “apigenin starves malignant tumors, stopping cancer development.” And there’s even more research to back-up apigenin’s cancer-fighting abilities.

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Turning cancer cells back into normal cells

According to another breakthrough study cited by Dr. Pescatore, apigenin restores a normal life cycle to cancer cells – literally, turning cancer cells back into normal cells.

He says, “This gives malignant cells a different set of ‘instructions’ that makes them vulnerable to programmed cell death, when they otherwise wouldn’t be.

In all these ways, apigenin helps to prevent and treat cancer. But it’s also been shown to reduce the likelihood of cancer recurrence.

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Dr. Pescatore cites a study that observed 29 patients who underwent surgery for colon cancer. Of the study group, 15 took a 20 mg apigenin supplement and 14 took a placebo. Four years later, three participants in the placebo group had a recurrence of their cancer, but everyone in the apigenin group remained in remission!

It’s no wonder why Dr. Pescatore calls apigenin “an uncommonly powerful anticancer agent.

So how can you increase your apigenin levels? Well, it all starts with your diet.

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Turn dinnertime into a cancer-defeating, apigenin powerhouse

If you enjoy chamomile tea, indulge all you like because chamomile is a rich source of apigenin. In fact, Dr. Pescatore believes that this tea’s famous calming effect is almost certainly due to its apigenin content.

Meanwhile, be sure to load your grocery cart will plenty of these foods and spices that are also excellent sources of apigenin:

  • Basil
  • Beans
  • Broccoli
  • Celery
  • Endive
  • Leeks
  • Onions
  • Oregano
  • Parsley
  • Red peppers
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Tomatoes

As for supplementing with apigenin, Dr. Pescatore has this recommendation: “Swanson currently offers a single-ingredient apigenin product derived from grapefruit. But an alternative is a chamomile extract standardized for apigenin.

Dr. Pescatore notes that you can simply follow the dosage recommendation on the products’ labels.

Apigenin is just one of many powerful, natural cancer-fighters that Dr. Pescatore features in his Essential Cancer Protocol.

Click here to learn more about this remarkable protocol, or click here to get started right away.

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Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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The most Precious Gift
is Life.

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Where Truest Love Lives / Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life / Shakespeare Play / School Calendar.

“Love is Life.
And if you miss Love,
you miss Life.”
Leo Buscaglia

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helps us open the Doorway
to the Place where Truest Love

The Blessing
of our Faith
leads us to the Door,
God Opens it.

And there Love is,
waiting and ready
to be gentled into
our Life.

Wallpaper sun rays trees nature - free pictures on Fonwall

is anointed of God
and Blesses us.

The anointing of God
is the Holy Spirit.
He flows as a River of Love,
from the Throne of Grace,
through the Hearts of Believers,
bringing Life and Love
to all.

is the Vocabulary of
Pure Love.

Our Conversations with
make us relaxed and calm.
And as Prayer prepares us
for our Tomorrow,
the Melody of this moment
 becomes so soothing and calming,
that we enter the Future
and our Hearts are directed
to the Soul
of Salvation.

 To God be the Glory
for having such Beautiful Nature
in this World.

Our Lord
will continue to be a Source of Inspiration
amidst the ebb and flow
of Life.

The mountains of doubt,
the endless sea of suffering,
and the scorching Sun of sorrows
will end,
as God Reveals Himself
from within

The Beauty
of the deep emotion
Life evokes,
unites people from all places
on Earth
Let us
ever forget this is who we really are,
our Common Humanity.

Our Spirits
are carried along by the Beauty
of our Being,
floating up and drifting down,
and taken where they belong
by the swelling of our

Free download Holy Spirit Background 8 Vertical Hold Media SermonSpice ...It reminds us of
Reminds us
that the ground upon which
we walk,
is where we are supposed to be,
where God has Chosen
for us to be,
until our Souls
can Fly once more.

unites all cultures
in the same shared emotion.

Every atom
of our fiber
is dancing.

The Universe is dancing.
Every Living Creation
is alive with ecstasy,
going where the dance
is taking them.

  Every Life
becomes enamored of the Sun,
rising and setting
in the Heart
of everyone.

surrounds you
like an Lotus Flower.

Download Lotus Blossom Flower Background - Ammy Gallery

From the bottom of my Heart,
my strongest wish
is to see Love

In every Life,
there is a bit of flowing

To feel
what was lost,
and what will be found,

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My Dear Friends,
have to learn to Love again.
Only Love
can save our Planet,
only Love can heal Time,
only Love will give us
Inner Freedom,
and Peace.

From the comfort of the
we fall into the restless World
of Reality
with a scream.
And the way back
is but a Dream.
Free Holy Spirit Dove, Download Free Holy Spirit Dove png images, Free ...
The Heritage
of our precious Planet
is pure Beauty.
 will bring anyone
with an awakened Heart,
to Peace and Love.
Our World 
is a rare and wonderful Gift
to us all.
Let us give Thanks
to the Divine Spirit
for all that is Given.
Bible Powerpoint Backgrounds Desktop Background
The Words
of our Lord
are filled
with Truth and Love.
Close your eyes
and Pray.

The music of this moment
unites us.
And God
anoints us.


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Man Pondering in Search for Meaning
Things that Don’t Work

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life

Author: Ray C. Stedman
The section of the book of Ecclesiastes to which we come this morning deals with the mysteries, the strange enigmas, that confront us in many of the situations we go through in Life, the situations which make us ask the ever-recurring question,
Why should this happen to me?”

Some of you who have been young as long as I have remember Victor Herbert‘s song, written many years ago, Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life. His solution to the question of the mystery of Life was Love: “For it is love alone for which the world is seeking; and it is love alone which can repay.” But our Searcher, King Solomon, in his quest to understand the riddles of Life, does not agree with that. He found that the secret of Life is significance, meaningfulness, a sense of contentment about one’s Life. That is where the answers lie.

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This section, beginning with Verse 16 of Chapter 8, marks the last of the four major divisions of the Book of Ecclesiastes. From here to the end of the Book the author does not bring us anything new. He simply repeats and enlarges upon the claim which he has made all along, that the significance of Life is found only in a daily contact with a Living God. In this section he would remind us that we are to take Life as it comes and not try to understand everything about it. Here he gives us four good reasons for not trying to solve all the problems and answer all the questions that Life throws at us.

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The first reason is found in the close of Chapter 8, beginning with Verse 16:

When I applied my mind to know wisdom, and to see the business that is done on earth, how neither day nor night one’s eyes see sleep; then I saw all the work of God, that man cannot find out the work that is done under the sun. However much man may toil in seeking, he will not find it out; even though a wise man claims to know, he cannot find it out. (Ecclesiastes 8:16-17 RSV)

The Searcher’s claim is quite clear: Life is too complicated, too vast, too filled with conflicting elements for any one of us to figure out all the answers. Even sleepless toil will not solve all Life’s mysteries. Though we stay up all night and day, trying to think through and understand the complicated events that bring to pass the circumstances of our lives, we will never fully understand.

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The Bible attaches no stigma to trying to understand Life. Rather, the pursuit of knowledge is everywhere encouraged in Scripture. We must never adopt the attitude of anti-intellectualism that characterizes some segments of Christianity today. The mind does matter. We are to reason and think about what God is doing and what Life gives us. But we must always remember, as the argument makes clear here, that no matter how much we try to think about life, mysteries will still remain. We do not have enough data, nor do we have enough ability to see Life in its totality to answer all the questions. We must be content with some degree of mystery.

Though these words were written by the wisest man of the ancient world, a man who had gained a reputation for wisdom throughout his entire reign as King of Israel, yet he admits that man cannot know all the answers. He even says that diligence in labor will not unravel life’s mysteries: “However much man may toil in seeking, he will not find it out.” We will still be left knitting our brows, scratching our heads, asking the Eternal, “Why?

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Even when men claim to know the answers behind what happens to us, they are really only deceiving themselves. This is a tremendous statement. Many people are unwilling to accept the Truth of Scripture until they can understand everything in it. But if you are waiting for that you will never make it. Although this book was written almost 2,500 years ago, it is still True, even in our age of advanced knowledge, that no one can find all the answers.

Today, many hope that the computer will solve the mysteries of Life. The great Hope of Humanity today seems to center around this remarkable invention, the computer, with its ability to do far more than a single Human mind can comprehend. I am not denigrating the marvel of computer science; it has changed the whole course of our age. But even these great computers, with their ability to compress knowledge into micro-chips containing information which once could only have been printed, perhaps, in whole libraries, nevertheless are still not going to solve all the problems of Life. Life is just too complicated.

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When you think about your own Life, about how many of the things that have happened to you have been determined by events over which you had no control, and which had to fall together in a certain pattern before they could ever have come to pass, events you could not have anticipated, you can see how true these words are. No one can find out all the answers. Luis Palau has often remarked about the many events that had to come together for he and I ever to have met, almost a quarter of a century ago, in a city in northern Argentina. We met in a rather simple way, yet that event changed both of our lives. That meeting eventually launched him into a worldwide evangelistic ministry, and thousands upon thousands have come to Christ as a result of it. How could that happen? As far as Luis was concerned, it all hung upon a simple decision to go or not to go to a meeting one evening. How can we understand that strange merging of simplicity and complexity? The Quoheleth argues that Life is too complicated for us ever to answer all the questions and understand all the mysteries. We must learn to cry with the Apostle Paul, “O, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His Judgments and how inscrutable His Ways!” (Romans 11:31 RSV)

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The Quoheleth has a second argument, in Chapter 9, Verse 1, which reflects that very word which we have just quoted from Paul:

But all this I laid to heart, examining it all, how the righteous and the wise and their deeds are in the hand of God; whether it is Love or hate man does not know. (Ecclesiastes 9:1a RSV)

“I have been meditating on this, observing, seeking and thinking about it,” he says. “I have come to the conclusion that even though we may understand that we are in the Hand of God, nevertheless it is difficult to know from the events that happen to us whether we have His approval or His disapproval.

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This has been stated several times already in this book. We saw that prosperity is not always a sign that God is particularly Happy about you; even the wicked prosper sometimes. Adversity, on the other hand, is not always a sign that you are being punished by God. The book of Job is proof of that. Job’s three tormentors, whom he called his “friends,” were convinced that what was happening to him was a sign that God was angry at him and was punishing him for sin. But by the end of the book it is clear they are totally wrong in that Judgment. All suffering, all personal problems, do not always come — although sometimes they do — as a result of God’s disapproval of things in our lives.

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So again, we must learn to live with Mystery. We are not smart enough, we do not see enough, we do not understand enough. None of our vaunted technological equipment will answer all the questions. Eventually we must agree with God’s words, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways,” (Isaiah 55:8). That is one of the most difficult lessons to learn in life. We think that because God tells us certain things about himself we can figure out what he is going to do. We must resist that; we cannot. “For as the Heavens are higher than the Earth, so are My ways Higher than your ways and My Thoughts than your thoughts,” (Isaiah 55:9). God will never be false to his character; he will never contradict what he said. We are just not smart enough to always figure it out or anticipate it.

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Beginning at this latter part of Verse 1 and running through Verse 6 is a section in which the Searcher confronts death as the ultimate mystery of Life. This is a rather gloomy section. In reading through this book many of you, perhaps, have noted that the Author seems to be preoccupied with the thought of death. We are not used to that today. We Live in a time when people are very busily trying to forget about death. We have devised all kinds of means by which we can, temporarily at least, maintain the illusion that Life is going to go on forever. But the Scriptures are very Honest and realistic about Life, consequently they frequently face the fact of death. We see that in this passage:

Everything before them [us] is vanity [emptiness] since one fate comes to all, to the righteous and the wicked, to the good and the evil, to the clean and the unclean, to him who sacrifices and him who does not sacrifice. As is the good man, so is the sinner; and he who swears is as he who shuns an oath. This is an evil in all that is done under the sun, that one fate [one event] comes to all; also the Hearts of men are full of evil, and madness is in their Hearts while they Live, and after that they go to the dead. (Ecclesiastes 9:1b-3 RSV)

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His statement, basically, is that death is the great equalizer. No matter whether we are righteous or unrighteous, good, bad or indifferent, death is going to come to all. Death is the great proof that there is something wrong about Humanity; it forces us to face reality.

As a Pastor, I have noticed that some people, non-Christians, especially, are very uncomfortable at funerals. They are nervous and edgy; they want to get it over quickly and get back to their local bar, their comfortable living room, or whatever. In observing that phenomenon, I have asked myself what is it about funerals that makes them so nervous? The answer I came to is that a funeral is one event where one can no longer escape ultimate reality. A funeral is proof that we are not in control of our own lives. Very few of us would choose to die if we had any way of preventing it, yet there is going to be an end to our existence. This is what makes people uncomfortable and anxious to get back to the comfortable illusions of Life.

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The fact that death comes to both good and bad, therefore, according to the argument here, forces us to face the evil within us. Notice where this Searcher comes out: “Also the Hearts of men are full of evil, and madness is in their Hearts while they live” (Verse 3b). That is the reason for death. According to the Scriptures, death comes because of sin: “Sin came into the world … and death through sin,” (Romans 5:12). Death spread throughout humanity because there is evil in us.

Our own personal death is the hard, harsh, square peg that refuses to fit into all the round holes we plan for our future; it is the sand in our oyster that irritates us and makes our spirits protest against it. Why should we learn all these great lessons of Life and, just when we have learned them we must give them all up and there is no opportunity to exercise them? Something about that makes us protest.

If we have been brought up to believe the Universal lie of our day — which is being flung at us all the time through the media — that we deserve to Live, then this constantly approaching termination of our Life reminds us that that is not so. In the eyes of the God of the Universe we do not deserve to Live. If we are allowed Life beyond death it is a Gift of God’s Grace, not something we have earned ourselves. Something in us deserves to die; that is what universal death declares.

That fact is what makes everybody essentially Religious. This is why man cannot live like an animal. Even those who claim atheism, and attempt to act and live as though there were no God, give evidence from time to time that they do not really believe that. Beyond death is something someone — they do not know who or what — waiting for them, so they cannot be comfortable with the idea of atheism. They have to find some answer to the problems of Life, and death is what forces them to do that.

I ran across an article the other day by Brooks Alexander, of the Spiritual Counterfeits group in Berkeley, which had a marvelous statement about this very theme of death. Let me share it with you:

Just as death is, Humanly speaking, a final and total separation, so the awareness of that end shatters our attempt to find some sense or value in the pattern of life here and now.

When people try to Live only for this Life, when all their values are centered here and they see nothing beyond this, they are never able to solve any of the riddles or questions of Life. The thing that constantly intrudes upon them is the fact of death; they cannot find any final philosophy that comforts and satisfies them when they think of death.

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Brooks Alexander continues:

As that final entropy creeps backward into our every experience, it brings with it a conviction of brokenness, anxiety and alienation that penetrates to the heart of our being. All religion ultimately is an attempt to come to terms with the pervasive and insidious fragmentation of our lives that is introduced by the prospective certainty of death.

Somehow we sense this even though we will not talk about it. We have to try to find an answer, and that is what makes us Religious. He goes on:

Humanity cannot therefore escape a religious response to its condition, because individual Humans can never escape the fact that they must die. This religious response is specifically a groping for some ground of unity that will enable us to grasp an unknown harmony beyond the brittle disintegration of meaning that fractures all our Hopes and pleasures.

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Those insightful statements simply mean that we are restless and unhappy until we find an answer beyond ourselves that will give some unity to our Life both now and in that which may follow. Therefore we become Religious Beings. This has been a rather gloomy passage, I admit, but it is one that we must face if we are going to be realistic about events.

Notice how Quoheleth, then, continues:

But he who is joined with all the living has Hope [that is, while there’s Life there’s Hope], for a living dog is better than a dead lion [there is no arguing with that]. For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing, and they have no more reward; but the memory of them is lost. Their love and their hate and their envy have already perished, and they have no more for ever any share in all that is done under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 9:4-6 RSV)


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This, of course, does not mean there is no Life after death. This is clearly written from the perspective of this Life, “under the sun.”  From that perspective, when people die they cannot return; all the glamour, the joy, satisfaction, peace and Happiness that this Life can afford is forever ended once we leave it. There is no question about that, and that is all that this is stating. So if we are going to get anything out of Life, if our present existence is to have any meaning at all, it must be found now; that is his argument. Do not waste your Life, do not run after every titillating experience, every empty pleasure that Life may fling at you, trying to lose yourself in a merry round of forgetfulness. Use Life; that is his argument. Fill it to the full, discover its purpose now, for whatever meaning Life may have it must be found right now.

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So we are not to seek after comfort, but significance. What are you Living for? That is his question. What are you dying for? What is the purpose of your existence? I would urge every one of us individually to come to an answer to that. Why are you here? What is it all about? If Life has any purpose at all it must be found in what happens now. The attempt of this book is to bring us to the answer to that, to help us to see what that purpose is.

Once again the Searcher comes to the conclusion, which he has come to many times already in this book, but which he expresses most fully in Verses 7-10:

Go, eat your bread with enjoyment, and drink with a merry heart; for God has already approved what you do.

Let your garments be always white; let not oil be lacking on your head.

Enjoy life with the wife whom you love, all the days of your vain life which he has given you under the sun, because that is your portion in life and in your toil at which you toil under the sun. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol, to which you are going. (Ecclesiastes 9:7-10 RSV)

“Sheol” means “the grave.” It does not, in this reference at least, mean “hell.” It means “the grave,” the end of Life.

Verse 7 is a most remarkable verse, because, in it, there is a statement of what we call in the New Testament the “New Covenant,” God’s new provision for Living. It is clear from the New Testament that God has given us a Gift of approval, of righteousness. Because we already have that by Faith, we are freed, no longer do we have to struggle vainly to try to please God; we live in a way that does please him because we have already been accepted and approved by Him.


Notice how clearly that is stated here in Verse 7: “Go and eat your bread with enjoyment, and drink your wine with a merry heart; for God has already approved what you do.” This is a recognition, even in the Old Testament, of a relationship of Righteousness that has already been established. It is True that basis was laid in our Lord’s coming into this world at the Christmas season, and in his subsequent death and resurrection. Yet it is applied to all the people in the Old Testament, as well as in the New, who had Faith in what God declared, who Believed His Word, and, thus were given the Gift of Righteousness just as we are. Here the Quoheleth faces that as the real basis for Life. If you want to find significance in your Life, if you want to find deep meaning, peace and contentment, this is the basis of it: Believe what God has given you already, and then, on that basis, live your Life to the full. Fill it with all that is of value, reason and worth.

Let your garments be always white… (Ecclesiastes 9:8 RSV)

White garments are a symbol in Scripture of practical righteousness, of good deeds being done which flow out of this new relationship that is already true. Let not oil be lacking on your head. Oil is always the symbol of the Holy Spirit at work. So here is a Life filled with the Spirit, full of good works, flowing out of the realization that we are already accepted by God. That is the new basis for Living. That is what Paul is talking about in Romans: “Sin will have no dominion over you, since you are not under law [with its demand that you measure up before God will accept you], but under Grace [with its marvelous provision of righteousness as a gift],” (Romans 6:14). It is yours for the taking, though you do not deserve it, and by it you are rendered fully accepted and Loved by God.

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So the right living follows that, and thus he encourages us here to live a normal Life. Enjoy Life with the wife whom you Love, all the days of your Life. God likes that. He ordained marriage for that very reason, and it is right to enjoy the fullness of marriage, its companionship, its conjugal joys. And then, enjoy your God-given work. Work is not a curse, it is not something we are forced to do in order to keep alive. Work is a Blessing. In these days of increasing unemployment many are rediscovering the fact that it is a pleasant thing to have work to do. Do it with all your might; that is the way to enjoy it. Throw yourself into it, do not just get through it the best you can so you can get home and start enjoying yourself. The modern proverb says, “The spirit is willing but the flesh is ready for the weekend!” Many of us Live, or seek to Live, that way, but that is not the Biblical way. The Biblical approach is that work is given to you as a Gift of God, so enjoy it; do it with all your might, because it is God’s gift to you.

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Do we Live like this?

We who are Christians, we who know the reality of the gift of righteousness and have discovered the secret of contentment, of being able to handle even difficult conditions because of the Joy that God imparts to us by his presence within, have we begun to live this way?

I have to ask myself that. Is there an aura of Peace about all that I do? When people look into my eyes do they see a Heart at rest, at Peace? When they look into yours, do they see that? Watch the eyes of people who are filling the stores in this busy commercial time and you will so often see emptiness, loneliness, misery and heartache reflected. But Christians are called to be a manifestation of a different way of life, of a secret that others do not know. There is to be calmness, a Peace, a consciousness about us that no matter what happens it is never going to be too bad or too difficult because we have with us a God who will enable us to handle it. Do we view life that way?

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What is your view of your approaching death?

Do you have some sense of anticipation about it, with the awareness that beyond death is the final explanation of all the unanswered, unexplained questions of life? I became a Christian when I was 11 years old. Like all young boys, I faced Life then with mixed feelings of both anticipation and dread. But one thing I have always wanted to do was to grow old. God has answered that Prayer. Now, as I near the end, I can say that looking ahead is a time filled with Happy anticipation that God is going to answer all the questions which I have had to leave unanswered, because the full meaning of this present experience will never be brought out until death intervenes. Then will come all the answers, abundantly, satisfyingly, fully.

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That is the Christian perspective of Life. If we succumb to the empty view of the worldlings around us we too will find ourselves all ajitter, frustrated, feeling bitter, angry and upset with our circumstances. But these words call us to the realization that the meaning of Life can never be found by trying to solve all the problems. Rather, it is by Trust in the Living God, who knows what He is doing and is working out His strange purposes through our existence, teaching us all we need to know as we go on through, so that our eyes should reflect the Peace of God and our Hearts respond with Joy at the promises that await fulfillment yet to come.

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May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Love of God our Father, filling all the empty places of our Lives, and the Communion of the Holy Spirit, answering all the unanswered questions, be our experience not only this day but through all these days that lie ahead. In the name of Jesus our Lord. Amen.


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Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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The most Precious Gift
is Life.

Family Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

What is the Holy Spirit? Discover the Holy Spirit today!


are Forever in my






This Moment / 7 Ways to Find Happiness / Shakespeare Play / School Calendars.

untitled by free bliss on Flickr. | Art photography, White magic ...

In this moment,
someone is crying,
others are smiling,
someone else is Hoping
to be a better Day.

can come.

Focusing your attention
on what makes us
makes you look at
the positive aspects
of Life.

Bliss Definition - Check Our Quotes - YouTube

are not alone
in the vast reaches of 
the Universe.

Through Prayer,
we are gently pulled
into a Blissful state of Peace,
where the Mind and Spirit
can find rest


Trust in the Divine.
You will find Peace,
and Love,
and Happiness

The stress
in Life
can simply melt away,
as you find Peace
in Knowing
the Love of God.
this moment to find something
to put your mind at ease.

Heaven Wallpaper (57+ images)

can bring you Peace,
but yourself.

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Waking up
is a Blessing

Soothing Music,
Beautiful Memories,
and Connecting with Friends,
will wash away your worries
and calm your mind.

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Feeding Your Life
with Thoughtfulness for others,
will distract your Mind
from negative feelings,
as you fill other Precious Lives
with Sacred Cups of Love

As you Bless
other Precious Lives,
you Bless
your Living Soul.

do not have to suffer,
or be sad.
is singing Happily in your ear,
even if you do not hear it.
Do not harbor doubt
about yourself.
are a Child
of God.
Lift yourself up
and Believe in yourself,
and God.

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Thank the Lord
for all His Blessings and Mercy.
Thank Him
for everything.

God Loves

خلفيات حيوانات جميلة , اروع صور حيوانات اليفة كيوت , 2022 Cute Baby ...Get up early.
Watch the moment
go from darkness
to Light.
Love is in the Light.

“Your Heart
is where your Inner Light resides.

It is part of every Sacred Journey
to reconnect with your Inner Light,
step into your Divinity,
spread the Light of Love before you,
return to the Essence of Love,
and Inspire others
to do the same.”

Molly Friedenfeld
The Day
will come,
when Dreams come True,
when you are at Peace with yourself
and your surroundings.

Free Images : animal, cute, pet, kitten, macro, feline, fauna, close up ...

is full of Joy
and Hope
and Light.
your eyes.
And open
your Heart.

Trust in yourself
Trust in the Lord.
Have Faith.
Butterfly Blue Sky Sun Nature Wall MuralAsk
the Lord
for His Guidance.
will be doing
the right things.
Touch others
with your Heart,
and feel the Love 
you have not felt.
your Love
is Truly relaxing.
It gives you strong emotional Peace
and Tranquility,
and invites you to move on, 
and Live with such Passion
that you forget the past,
no matter how wrong it may have been.
Free Space Pictures Without Copyright - Background Galaxy Planet ...
When we have
Beautiful feelings of Love
for Life,
and Thank the Lord,
who has accompanied us
 on the Path of Life, 
we Live Happily 
and see just how
Life is.
The Light of Love
is powerful.
 Sharing Love
reminds us that we are all
Divine Beings.
We are connected
through Threads of Love and Light,
where Miracles and Infinite possibilities
can occur within our
Divine Humanity.
High resolution sea sunset landscape royalty-free images background 3d ...
is just so Beautiful
Loves a Loving Heart.

We need Peace
in Life.
With so little Peace
left in the World,
our Kindness to others
will give moments to remember,
and Hope
for Tomorrow.
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7 Ways to Find Happiness
(Without Changing Your Life)


Walk into any bookstore, and you’ll probably have no trouble finding a plethora of books about the ways to find happiness. However, with so many viewpoints and ideas about what can make us happy, how do we know what is right? In reality, people derive Happiness from different things, but we can all probably agree on some basics to becoming happier.

The most crucial part of finding the keys to happiness lies in remembering that we already possess the tools to unlock the door. Within our consciousness, we can tap into a place where we always feel happy, regardless of what’s happening outside of us.

We’ve been tricked from an early age into thinking that the latest TV, a bigger house, or a more beautiful car will finally make us feel happy. Or, maybe we need another relationship, a fresh start in a new city, or a nice massage to discover happiness. While these may bring us short-term joy, the only real happiness will come when you decide that you control your emotions. If you always give the power to things outside yourself to make you happy, you’ll find that happiness will escape your grasp every time the initial excitement fades.

Below, we’ll go over some basic ways to find Happiness without making drastic changes to your Life.

Amy's Photography 10: Composition Definitions Emphasis and Photo Examples

Here are seven ways to find real Happiness (without changing your Life):

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

1 – Be kind to yourself and others.

If you want to find real happiness, it starts with how you treat yourself. You can’t expect to feel happy if you eat poorly, don’t exercise, don’t get sunlight, make little time for self-care, and don’t prioritize sleep. Being kind to yourself means you’ll find it easier to show kindness to others, too. As they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Engage in positive self-talk and treat yourself as you would your best friend. If you wouldn’t say mean things to your friend, don’t tell them to yourself, either. Simply look at yourself in the mirror and realize that you deserve only the best, and self-deprecating language will not serve you in the long run.

Also, Happiness, when spread, makes the world a much brighter place. Small acts of kindness such as leaving sweet notes for strangers, donating money to charities, and holding the door for someone can turn a person’s day around. Studies have shown that people who perform random acts of kindness feel Happier in their daily lives, so give it a try! Making others feel good will inevitably boost your mood as well.

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2 – Express gratitude for what you do have.

The Happiest people focus on everything that they do have, not what they lack. If you only put your attention on the things you still need, you will never have enough. You attract what you think about, so if you always focus on everything going wrong, you’ll only invite more of that into your Life. However, if you instead shift your attention to everything positive in your Life, more of that will come your way.

Here are just a few things most of us could put on our gratitude list:

  • Good health
  • Running water
  • Food on the table every day
  • Our homes
  • The Loved ones in our lives
  • Our livelihoods which allow us to buy what we need
  • Waking up this morning

Want to find happiness instantly? Just look around at everything you have and know that some people feel Happy with much less than you do. Wake up every morning feeling that you have it all, and you will boost your energy levels without having to change anything.

Great contrast by having the colour placement swap the top & bottom ...

3 – Pay attention to your thoughts.

Most of us run on autopilot, never paying attention to the thoughts inside our heads. However, if we did, we’d probably find that most of those thoughts don’t serve us very well. Our monkey minds have a hard time focusing on the present moment, wanting instead to shift to the past or future. However, if our minds can never rest in the now, we will go our whole lives not knowing the Peace of diving into the still waters of real awareness.

How can we find happiness by paying attention to our thoughts? If you meditate, you will start to notice the Peace between each idea, and realize that your feelings don’t have to control you. Happiness comes from surrendering to this Peace and letting go of the need to analyze and ruminate all the time. Our minds have a lot of power, but most of us don’t tap into their true potential.

Studies have proven the many benefits of meditation, from boosting your mood to improving focus to even rewiring your brain! Meditation can bring a sense of Peace in even the busiest, most demanding lifestyles. So, if you want to find happiness without changing your circumstances, you need only to go within and improve yourself. By doing this, your outer World will inevitably shift as your frequency increases.

pop meme4 – To find real happiness, surround yourself with positive people.

Being in the company of only Debby Downers will surely bring your mood down as well. We tend to take on the energies of those around us, so if you surround yourself with positive people, your mood will begin to change too. Studies have shown that Happiness is contagious, so if you have a healthy social circle full of uplifting people, they can easily bring you out of even the worst funk!

While this tip might require some changes, you don’t have to do anything drastic. Simply look at the people you surround yourself with, and if anyone affects you negatively, try to limit your time with them. Put more effort into the friendships and relationships that genuinely add value to your Life.

The Duenitas Digital World: Understanding Contrast in Photography

5 – Plan out healthy meals for the week.

With so many sources for healthy recipes nowadays, you can whip up different dishes each week that will keep your taste buds and your body happy. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. Food makes us Happy because it provides us with sustenance as well as comfort. However, it can also have the opposite effect if you don’t fuel your body with the right foods.

Try to plan out your meals in advance each week so that you know exactly what you need at the store and how much you’ll spend. You will find that you feel better eating fresher foods that you prepare yourself, and you’ll save time by meal prepping.

Studies have shown that a balanced diet can lessen feelings of depression as well, so make sure to feed your body what it needs to thrive!

pop meme

6 – Carve out time each day for yourself.

Even if you only have 15 minutes a day, try to plan out some time where you have the freedom to do things you enjoy. Whether that means painting, drawing, writing, singing, or just sitting alone with your thoughts, we all need a little time to unwind. Have a routine each night after you put the kids to the bed where you can express yourself and let out any pent up energy throughout the day. You can journal or meditate to release any stress or negativity, and after a while, you’ll start to notice how this helps your mindset.

Dylan Unit 1 - Photography 9491: Contrast Image Bank

7 – Realize that you have everything you need to find happiness.

This world makes us feel as though we always need something else to make us Happy. Truthfully, we have everything we need within us already. If you let outside circumstances control your moods, you will make yourself subject to the ebbs and flows of Life. However, true happiness lies in our ability to ride the waves and accept the ever-changing nature of Life. Instead of being a boat tossed around by a storm, learn to dive beneath the turbulence where the waters remain calm.

By shifting your mindset and realizing that you have the power to control your thoughts, nothing in life can touch you. Happiness doesn’t mean accumulating money, or stamps on our passports. All of these things can fade, but our consciousness lives on forever. Spend your time building up your inner strength and Peace, and you will not feel as powerless in the face of our changing World.

happinessFinal thoughts on how to find happiness without changing your Life:

In reality, happiness doesn’t have to come at the cost of our sanity, money, or time. You can find happiness right in your mind if you want to. By taking care of your health, being kind to yourself and others, expressing gratitude, watching your thoughts, and being around positive people, you can find Happiness. You can also find it by realizing you already have it, knowing that it can never really leave you.

What are Contrast Ratios, and How Do You Use Them?

We will leave you with this powerful quote:

“A disciplined mind leads to Happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering.”
Dalai Lama:


Our passion is to serve and bring the best possible positive information, news, expertise and opinions to this page. We want to help our community find and shine their inner light – the truth of love, light, and positivity that is within us all! Read more about Power of Positivity...

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Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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tips the balance in favor of “fair use”.

© Copyright 1995-2023
The Anderson Private School.

“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

Real Jungle Animals Monkeys | Amazing Wallpapers

Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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The most Precious Gift
is Life.

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are Forever in my



Love is Such a Beautiful Mystery / Scientists Create ‘Slits in Time’ / School Calendar.

Landscape Copyright Free Photos - Gordon Dam and beautiful landscape ...

As darkness deepens,
our Lord
abide with us.
When Earth’s Joys
grow dim, 
and memories fade away,
  all around we shall see
the Glory
of the Lord.

will abide
with you
and me.

“If you abide in Me,
and My words abide in you,
ask whatever you wish,
and it will be done for you.”
John 15:7

HD 1080p Nature Scenery Video, Royalty free Landscape Video - 587 ...

There are few words
to convey the Peace and Spirituality
God can bring to us.

The Lord
Gifts to us
a World in which people
may have Spiritual Peace.

are all in different Times,
and connected at the same

Funny Animal Desktop Backgrounds ·① WallpaperTag

How very Blessed
each Person is
on our Beautiful Planet.
Our Prayers
are helping others on Earth
toward an ultimate Ascension into
Inner Peace.
will emanate reassurance
and the inner comfort of unconditional Love
from the Infinite Divine

Beautiful Scenery Backgrounds - Wallpaper Cave

The Beauty of our Earth
tugs at our Heart Strings
and lifts up the Spirit
to Love God.
Such Expression
makes Us Strong.

how the Love of God
is one of the enduring delights
of this Life.

Beautiful Sunset Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

It is so wonderful
that we can feel the Spirit
of the Lord,
as His Love Flows
the Lives of others.

Desktop Wallpapers Free: Funny Animals

are so Blessed
with the desire to feel the Spirit
within us.
of the circumstances of Life,
we are Blessed.

We are
with the Divine

Beautiful Nature Wallpaper Big Size #14 with Rainbow on Beach - HD ....You
can experience Peace, Love
and Joy.

Accept everything
as Grace

I Pray
that we
the deeper Truth of suffering.
May we be at Peace,
and H
onor the Divine

Scenery Backgrounds Image - Wallpaper Cave

communicate a message of
Divine Love
through our Lives
that transcend the divisions
of politics, Religion and culture.

that others Love you.
As you enable others
to smile and laugh and Love,
will feel better.

can be amazing
if we choose to be kind and considerate
for other Human Beings.

are Beautiful, amazing and awesome,
and NEVER need to be perfect.
Mistakes are part of the experience
of learning
and Living.
“The Book of Life is brief,
once a page is read,
all but Love is dead”,
that is also my Belief.”

Don Mclean

FUNNY ANIMAL PICTURES!!! ~ Funny pictures-videos-jokes

Thank You Lord,
for Blessing our Earth
with your Beautiful
“My sin,
not in part but the whole,
Is nailed to the cross,
and I bear it no more

Horatio Spafford

Scenery Free Stock Photos & Pictures, Scenery Royalty-Free and Public ...

have the power
to overcome each and every
 Let us Pray
to find the courage
is a labor of Love.
is such a Beautiful

is not only ‘incredibly medicinal’,
but immensely Healing.
It is a Divine Gift.

Funny Animals - Animal Humor Photo (29016367) - Fanpop

My Dear Friends,
our fears
can be transformed into
Our tears
can become
our smiles.
 The Prayers 
we have been Praying,
have been Heard.
We will be Guided
by His Grace
and Blessed with His
Eternal Everlasting

Imágenes de gatos tiernos | Imágenes

His Truth
is Truly Inspiring,
and brings us energy
and Hope.
can see the Light
of Love
filtering through the clouds 
of doubt,
and feel the need
to reach for it.

Beautiful Scenery Pics, Beautiful Scenery Wallpapers - Beautiful ...

Thank you
for your kind and caring words
and for your encouragement. 
Let your comments reflect
genuine Love.
My wish
is that you have sweet, Joyous

Colorful birdMay Tomorrow deliver
a Delightful welcome,
and may your Days
be filled with Wondrous
This World
is so Beautiful.
It is
what it is
supposed to be.

Beautiful Landscape Nature Scenery, HD Artist, 4k Wallpapers, Images ...

In the perilous times
in which we are now Living,
it is so good for the Soul
to be revitalized by
Our memories
play upon the Heartstrings
of Times forever gone.
cause us great wonder
for what lies ahead.
 They can be
like a Heavenly Balm
for whatever comes.

The 1709 Blog: The World's Cutest Dog too commonly shaped to be ...

My Dear Friends,
a different version of yourself
exists in the minds of everyone
who knows you.
just be who you are,
and be Happy.
is too short
to try and be the person
other people may believe you
to be.

Bumble bees in places with fewer flowers are sicker - FuturityOr
if you are a Bumble Bee,
become a humble-bee,
and don’t be the Bee
other Bees believe you
to be,
and quit bumbling around.

“It’s not what you look at that matters,
it’s what you


730+ Student Tiger Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Become determined
to enjoy every moment of Life,
since it is
at best.

with the Beauty
all around,
and the Beautiful Love
within us.

Free photo: Beautiful sunset - Beautiful, Cloud, Cloudy - Free Download ...

Watch and listen
to each moment
and appreciate how connected
we are with each and every one.
Our Lord
Creates such evocative and simply Beautiful
moods and sounds
in His Nature.
 Our World
is pure genius.

Free Scenery Wallpaper - Includes the Scene of Blooming Spring, Simply ...

for the Pure Joy 
you will find inside

The Love of God
will remain etched in your mind
and Heart.

His Love
goes straight to the Soul,
like an Invisible Touch
that everyone of us can

His Love
will Lift you up
and out of grief and despair
and into Pure Joy and Hope.

There are no superlatives
to describe the Beauty, the Purity,
the Exquisiteness of 
His Love.

mountains, Nature, Wild, Sky, Mountain, Sky, Blue, Snow Wallpapers HD ...

His Love 
will pierce the deepest part
of the Soul.
It will sustain us.

  The Beauty
of God’s Love
will show us the Way
to Eternal Salvation.


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Scientists create ‘slits in time
in mind-bending physics experiment

A pocket watch shoots out diffracted light against a black background.
A new diffracton study sends lasers through ‘slits in time’ in a novel take on the classic double slit experiment. (Image credit: Thomas Angus, Imperial College London)

In a first, scientists have shown that they can send light through “slits” in time

The new experiment is a twist on a 220-year-old demonstration, in which light shines through two slits in a screen to create a unique diffraction pattern across space, where the peaks and troughs of the light wave add up or cancel out. In the new experiment, researchers created a similar pattern in time, essentially changing the color of an ultrabrief laser pulse.

The findings pave the way for advances in analog computers that manipulate data imprinted on beams of light instead of digital bits – it might even make such computers “learn” from the data. They also deepen our understanding of the fundamental nature of light and its interactions with materials

For the new study, described in the journal Nature Physics (opens in new tab), the researchers used indium tin oxide (ITO), the material found in most phone screens. Scientists already knew ITO could change from transparent to reflective in response to light, but the researchers found it occurs much faster than previously thought, in less than 10 femtoseconds (10 millionths of a billionth of a second). 

Little pigs - Cute baby pig Funny Animals Video Compilation 2016 - YouTube

“This was a very big surprise and at the beginning it was something that we couldn’t explain,” study lead author Riccardo Sapienza, a physicist at the Imperial College London, told Live Science. Eventually, the researchers figured out why the reaction happened so fast by scrutinizing the theory of how the electrons in ITO respond to incident light.  “But it took us a long time to understand it.

Time swapping in for space

English scientist Thomas Young first demonstrated light’s wave-like nature using the now classic “double-slit” experiment in 1801. As light shines on a screen with two slits, the waves change direction, so that waves fanning out from one slit overlap with the waves coming through the other. The peaks and troughs of these waves either add up or cancel out, creating bright and dark fringes, called an interference pattern

In the new study, Sapienza and colleagues recreated such an interference pattern in time by shining a “pump” laser pulse at a screen coated in ITO. While the ITO was initially transparent, the light from the laser changed the properties of the electrons within the material so that the ITO reflected light like a mirror. A subsequent “probe” laser beam hitting the ITO screen would then see this temporary change in optical properties as a slit in time just a few hundred femtoseconds long. Using a second pump laser pulse made the material behave as if it had two slits in time, an analog of light passing through spatial double slits.  

Whereas passing through conventional spatial slits causes light to change direction and fan out, as the light passed through these twin “time slits,” it changed in frequency, which is inversely related to its wavelength. It is the wavelength of visible light that determines its color

30 High Resolution Copyright Wallpapers, Deniz Hanssmann

In the new experiment, the interference pattern showed up as fringes, or additional peaks in the frequency spectra, which are graphs of the measured light intensity at different frequencies. Just like altering the distance between spatial slits changes the resulting interference pattern, the lag between the time slits dictates the spacing of the interference fringes in the frequency spectra. And the number of fringes in these interference patterns that are visible before their amplitude decreases to the level of background noise reveals how quickly the ITO properties are changing; materials with slower responses yield fewer detectable interference fringes.

This isn’t the first time that scientists have figured out how to manipulate light across time, rather than space. For instance, scientists at Google say their quantum computer “Sycamore” created a time crystal, a new phase of matter that changes periodically in time, as opposed to atoms being arranged in a periodic pattern across space

Andrea Alù, a physicist at The City University of New York who was not involved with these experiments but has done separate experiments that created reflections of light in time, described it as yet another“neat demonstration” of how time and space can be interchangeable.

“The most remarkable aspect of the experiment is that it demonstrates how we can switch the permittivity [which defines how much a material transmits or reflects light] of this material (ITO) very fast, and by a significant amount,” Alù told Live Science via email. “This confirms that this material can be an ideal candidate for the demonstration of time reflections and time crystals.

Chicken Baby Cute Animal wallpaper | 1920x1080 | 124617 | WallpaperUP

The researchers hope to use these phenomena to create metamaterials, or structures designed to alter the path of light in specific and often sophisticated ways

So far these metamaterials have been static, meaning changing how the metamaterial affects light’s path requires using a whole new metamaterial structure — a new analog computer for each different type of calculation, for instance, Sapienza said

“Now we have a material we can reconfigure, which means we can use it for more than one purpose,” said Sapienza. He added that such technology could enable neuromorphic computing that mimics the brain. 

Live Science Contributor

Anna Demming is a freelance science journalist and editor. She has a PhD from King’s College London in physics, specifically nanophotonics and how light interacts with the very small. She began her editorial career working for Nature Publishing Group in Tokyo in 2006. She has since worked as an editor for Physics World and New Scientist. Publications she has contributed to on a freelance basis include The Guardian, New Scientist, Chemistry World, and Physics World, among others. She loves all science generally, but particularly materials science and physics, such as quantum physics and condensed matter.

    admin said:
    Researchers replicated the classic double slit experiment using lasers, but their slits are in time not space.

    Scientists create ‘slits in time’ in mind-bending physics experiment : Read more
    “Slits in time” seems to indicate scientists possibly being able to send light through time? If so past and forward?
  • Alex
    Time is a universal variation and can not be changed. Local relativistic time is merely the change in local space due to inertial variations which mathematically is represented by a forth dimension.

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Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

Real Jungle Animals Monkeys | Amazing Wallpapers

Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

Happy Long Weekend Clipart | Free Images at Clker.com - vector clip art ...

The most Precious Gift
is Life.

Family Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

are Forever in my



27 Simple Ways To Improve Your Life | Beautiful scenery pictures ...




Your Heart is ALL You Will Ever Truly Own / Eternal Love Is Real / School Calendars.

Royalty Free Images DogYour Heart is
you will ever Truly own.
Your Love is
Testament to the
that is never a lie.

can make all others
to resist the Love
deeply embedded in their own
Human Heart.
may be Oceans away
from the Shores
of Understanding,
but your Heart
is in the center
of you.

To feel
the Love,
  you must
what you say,
clearly in the Heart
and Soul.
 Enable others 
to feel your Compassion
in the words
you express.
allows you to re-examine
your choices, and paths
not taken.
Dark clouds
never hide the Day,
when your Love
is given away.
has given you
a new Life.
Look out the
Window of your
Find Copyright Free Images for Your WordPress Website - EASYFresh Flowers of your desire
to Love others,
are Works of Art
hanging on the walls
of Tomorrow.
A bright Sky
and a gentle breeze,
will give you the feeling
of being Loved.
Such a feeling
tells you,
you are.
Landscape - Art Starts
To find
True Love,
know what True Love
Like a gentle hug,
from your Mother,
that soothed the mind
and enveloped the body
in Tranquility.
Like a Caress
that transported you to a state
of Inner Peace.
Sugar glider stock vector. Illustration of glider, cute - 24349679Love
is a True Work of
that invites relaxation and contemplation
and Creates Memories
that last
and Ever
Landscape Illustration Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave
We long
for the Songs
that bring back the many memories
created through the
Good Times.
whose lyrics and melody
capture the mood of the precious Moments.
to enjoy the Natural Beauty
of our Mother,
We can
bring back the Wonders
of the past,
and relive the Magical Moments
that made us who we are
FREE 15+ Landscape Paintings of Nature in PSD | Vector EPS
 The feelings we remember
with so much Happiness,
come from knowing
we are all connected,
and Something
molded us all,
from Love.
gives meaning
to this World
of ours.
Green Plant Growing in Soil. Light Falling on it. Stock Photo - Image ...The Love of God
fills our Hearts,
  with very Special Feelings.
With Songs
for the Soul,
we are not only singing,
but Truly Living
and finding
in this World
of ours.
Landscape Painting Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave
When you ask the Lord
to come into your Life,
He makes the Living
and F
ills your Heart
with so much Love.
The Lord
Bless your Days
in so many Ways.
you will Thank the Lord
for Showing you
the Beauty of this Life.

For all your
and in so many ways,
you will Thank the Lord
for Showing You
the Way.
Landscape Painting Wallpapers - Top Free Landscape Painting Backgrounds ...
reaches down into your
through the Beauty
of this World.
the Time
to focus on all the Beauty
in our Precious Lives.
Lay quiet
to all the noise
around us,
and see the pure Poetry
of Life and Living.
The Awareness of
is beyond
our fragment of Life,
and far beyond
fantasy Art, Pagoda, Asian Architecture, Trees, Waterfall, Artwork ...
is such a brief moment
in Time and Space.
  Greet each Morning 
and you will come to
The Lord Gives you
it all
His Love
Created you,
our World.
fantasy, Landscape, Art, Artwork, Nature, Scenery Wallpapers HD ...
are Eternally His L
You Live
in His Heart.

“Above all else,
guard your Heart,
for everything you do
flows from it.”
Proverbs 4:23

Landscape paintings search result at PaintingValley.com
Close your eyes,
and let the soothing sounds
of this Beautiful moment
wash over you.
Allow yourself
to fully relax,
as each moment carries you
into a state of calm
and Tranquility.
Vector Beautiful Landscape Illustration | Paisagem desenho, Pintura ...
Your worries
will fade away,
as you allow this Peaceful moment
to restore your mind, body,
and Soul.
never need
to Live with regret.
can be in your Heart.
 Be at Peace
in your Heart and mind,
as you share your Love and Blessings
with everyone.
Miracle Of Love: Eternal Love
Eternal Love Is Real:

What It Means To Love Someone

Love can drive a person insane.

It has started families just as well as ended them. It has fueled wars, both ruined and ended lives, changed the face of the planet.

At the same time, Love has been the driving force of change for the better, giving people Hope and something to look forward to.

Love has taught me more about Life than anything else ever could. It has taught me about the way the World works.

It has taught me about how Beautiful and horrible every single person in this world is capable of being.

It has showed me that we, ourselves, are both the cause and the cure to all our woes. It has introduced me to me.

How is it possible that one single concept could hold so much Peace and so much hatred? So much Beauty and so much monstrosity?

The answer is simple. Love is perfect – the one thing in the entire Universe that is entirely perfect. And being such means it must hold everything within it – both good and evil, both Beauty and ugliness, both Peace and war.

Love is the single power in this Universe that is perfection. It is mutable, multifaceted. It can grow in strength and dissipate.

Desi: Eternal Love

Love is whatever we wish it to be. Or rather, Love is whatever we make it to be. Whether what we make of it is what we wish it to be, is an entirely different question.

Understanding Love and what it allows for is arguably the most important lesson a person can learn in his or her Lifetime.

It is the one thing that every single Human Being in the world – and plenty of animals as well – longs for.

In a sense, even sociopaths wish to be Loved – even if only by themselves.

Eternal Love Born Within - Poetry

Love is what drives us to act. It drives us to create change, to become different people. I say different and not better because the Truth is Love doesn’t always turn us into better individuals.

It doesn’t always make us better people – sometimes it makes us a whole lot worse.

In Life, we are capable of Loving a lot of things. We can Love objects, experiences, memories, but no Love is like the Love we have for another Human Being.

To understand why this is so, we have to understand what Love really is.

Reflections of Love: Free Lance Poems for Every Heart • 1 Love Poems

Love is an emotion, but not just an emotion. It is, more than anything else, a change. Love necessarily changes us because it is, itself, the change.

We Love our friends and family because they changed our lives for the better. They showed us another, better version of reality.

They didn’t simply add to our lives; they changed our lives, changed our perspective, changed what we thought it meant to be alive.

And then, of course, we have the most coveted of all Loves: Romantic Love.

Romantic Love is by far the most dangerous of Loves, but for this very same reason, it is the most powerful.

It has the ability to change a person to such an extent that afterwards, that person is often not even recognizable to him or herself.

Bible Quotes About Gods Love. QuotesGram

The problem with Love is that it doesn’t offer a definition. Sure, we experience it, but most people never come to truly understand it.

The issue starts with the preconceived notions we have of Love. We go into it expecting and believing, instead of listening and learning.

The first time I truly fell in Love, I fell into the same trap that countless others have fallen into – I fell in Love thinking I understood what it meant to be in Love, what it meant to Love someone with your entire Soul. And it was this misguided belief that ruined everything, as it does for countless others.

You can’t learn anything if you approach things believing you already know all there is to know – and Love, if anything, is a learning experience.

red love hearts animated background 4k Stock Footage Video (100% ...

I went into Love believing it would last forever. After the relationship failed, I was convinced it simply wasn’t possible.

What I felt and experienced was most certainly Love, and if it was Love, then clearly Love could not last forever.

Looking back over the span of a decade, I had to rethink my Belief. The fact is that you can Love someone forever; yet, it won’t be in the manner that you likely thought it would be.

I’m not sure whether it’s our culture that ruins Love for so many individuals or whether we simply allow the intense emotions we experience to define Love in its entirety.

Regardless, the fact is that because we misunderstand what it means to Love, we ruin it.

Nature Love Images Hd Download / Free nature stock video footage ...

How is it possible to Love someone forever? The answer is an incredibly simple one.

If someone you Love changes your Life to a great enough extent, if he or she changes the person you have grown to be, if this person adds enough of his or her personal touch to the canvas that is your Life, and you Love the result, then you have no choice but to Love this person.

Of course, sometimes it’s those we hate who change us for the better, and clearly we don’t Love them.

But if someone you once Loved, someone whom you once thought you’d spend your life with, share your life with, be with until the end, changes your Life to such a great extent, then you will Love him or her forever.

Love background Stock Photos, Royalty Free Love background Images ...

It doesn’t matter if you want to. It doesn’t matter if that person moved on with his or her life, fell for somebody else, even became a different person; you will – always and Forever – Love that person.

This doesn’t mean you won’t find someone else to Love. It doesn’t mean you can’t move on with your life, get married, start a family and be incredibly Happy sharing your Life with another person.

But it does mean, I’m sorry to say, you will still never entirely let go. Because you just can’t. He or she has changed you so greatly that letting go isn’t possible without letting go of yourself.

It’s sad but also Beautiful. To think that one person could affect another in such a manner is remarkable. It tells us more about Life and Human Nature than anything else ever could.

It may bring a tear to your eye from time to time, but without tears every so often, even smiles lose their meaning.

Love Stock Photo | Royalty-Free | FreeImages

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Oh, mist rolling in from the sea My desire is always to be here Oh, Mull of Kintyre Far have I traveled and much have I seen Dark distant mountains with valleys of green Past painted deserts, the sunset’s on fire As he carries me home to the Mull of Kintyre Mull of Kintyre Oh, mist rolling in from the sea My desire is always to be here Oh, Mull of Kintyre Sweep through the heather like deer in the glen Carry me back to the days I knew then Nights when we sang like a heavenly choir Of the life and the times of the Mull of Kintyre Mull of Kintyre Oh, mist rolling in from the sea My desire is always to be here Oh, Mull of Kintyre Smiles in the sunshine and tears in the rain Still take me back to where my memories remain Flickering embers grow higher and higher As they carry me back to the Mull of Kintyre Mull of Kintyre Oh, mist rolling in from the sea My desire is always to be here Oh, Mull of Kintyre Mull of Kintyre Oh, mist rolling in from the sea My desire is always to be here Oh, Mull of Kintyre.

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Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

Real Jungle Animals Monkeys | Amazing Wallpapers

Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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The most Precious Gift
is Life.

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are Forever in my













Escape TO Reality / Great Ways to Have Fun and Feel Like a Kid Again / School Calendars.

Dead Sea Landscape stock photo. Image of global, authentic - 37543740

to where you could not go,
to another meaning,
to a Reality that you Dream of.

Elegant sunset bird click stock image. Image of hearts - 202598729

It is not just easy,
it is
essential –
to Cherish Life
for the amazing Blessing
that it is.
it is.

The Seeds
of Salvation
are Flourishing in so many precious Lives,
while we are waiting
and wondering.
No Copyright Pictures Free Download / No Copyright Pictures Download ...

A Beautiful Time
of Love and Life
and laughter
will make Life less lonely,
less fearful,
and well worth the wait.

moment in Time
in which to be Born,
is Truly Beautiful.

Blessing.Our World
has never been healthier or wealthier,
or better educated,
or in many ways
more tolerant or less violent.

It is Wonderful.

have been immensely Blessed
with an abundance
of Love, luck, health, Joy
and wealth.
Holy Spirit Presence First Acknowledged - Time-Prism Blog Focused on ...Our precious Children
may have whatever the Heart
I am Truly Proud
of our Humankind
for surviving everything 
we have been through. 
Let us continue 
to pursue
what our Hearts desire
for the Highest and Nobel

Free old book Images, Pictures, and Royalty-Free Stock Photos ...

 Know that God is
Do not be afraid to go within,
whenever you feel lost.

that you are nothing less
than a Miracle.
Have Faith,
have patience,
and Love yourself unconditionally.
1000+ Beautiful Beautiful Flowers Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosThe Good
you do for others,
will come back to you.

and it will be given to you.

Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap.
For with the measure you use
it will be measured back to you.”
Luke 6:38

Beautiful Butterflies and Flowers Wallpapers (56+ images)

your Heart
and be transported to the Serenity
of the Beauty that surrounds us,
and be filled with colors of vibrant Flowers
and the lush greenery
that abounds on our
Precious Planet.
Your Heart
can be captured by the essence of Nature’s
Vibrant Joy,
found in each Petal
of every Flower,
and every Leaf
of every Tree.
tree, Lonely, Sunset, Sunrise, Landscape, Nature, Sun, Reflection ...
The delicate Dance
of shadow and Light,
is seeking a moment of Tranquility
in your mind,
and in your Heart.
Our Beautiful Mother Earth
will transport you to a Peaceful Oasis
where you can bond with
and blend with,
the Beauty and Harmony
of the Natural World
that is our
Real Home

Calm River in the Autumn Royalty-Free Stock Photo and Image

My Dear Friends,
let your Heart
transport you to serene Landscapes,
filled with vibrant Flowers
and lush greenery.

the essence of Nature’s Joy,
showing us the intricate details
of every petal and leaf,
and the delicate dance
of Life.
Beautiful Chicken Took Her Chicks Out into Field for Walk Stock Photo ...If 

you are seeking a moment of
Flowers will transport you
to a Peaceful Oasis
where you can connect with
the Beauty and Harmony
of our Natural World.

HD 1080p Flower Garden with Sky Video, Royalty free Flourish Video ...
“Nehemiah said,
‘Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks,
and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is Holy to our Lord.
Do not grieve, for the Joy of the LORD
is your strength“.
Nehemiah 8:10

Seriously Great Ways to Have Fun
and Feel Like a Kid Again

Childhood was a Glorious Time.

It was a time when pocket money could be spent on sweets and toys, not rent and bills; when the only password you had to remember was “open sesame”; and nothing brought a Smile to your face quite like a new box of crayons did.

It was a time when bed sheets were superhero capes, sticks were wands, and socks were hand puppets.

And it was a Time when there was no such thing as ‘dreaming big’ because everything was possible and you weren’t afraid of climbing too high or jumping off swings because you believed you could fly.


Luckily, that innocent childlike wonder is not gone and there is no such thing as too old to play with bubbles or get excited about colorful sprinkles.

And there is no better time to forget about being an adult for a moment and discover the wonders of being a kid again. Here are 15 great ways to get in touch with your inner child.

Want to get in touch with your inner kid and win amazing prizes? Join A Paper Jet Challenge!

paper jet1. Bake something

Dark chocolate fudge merlot cupcakes, red velvet cheesecake, giant chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter and Nutella balls, raspberry rainbow cake – bake it all! Play some music, pop open a bottle, and don’t be afraid to get flour everywhere – half the fun of baking is getting a little messy.

And remember, you only live once, so lick the bowl!


Image courtesy of @butibua via Instagram

2. Blow bubbles

You know what they say about there being no angry way to say “bubbles”. Well, that’s because bubbles are tiny balls of happiness that just make the world a better place. Buy some from your local store or take it to the next level and make your own.

feel like a kid

3. Ride around the neighborhood

Dust off that old bicycle (even better if it has a basket and bell), lace up those old roller skates, unroll that kick scooter, or pull out that skateboard and go for a carefree ride around the neighborhood.


Image courtesy of @my_view_pic via Instagram

4. Play games

Instead of going out for dinner, host a games night and get everyone to bring over one of their favorite games. If you’re having a braai, make it a whole lot more exciting by bringing out paint bombs or water balloons* and challenging your friends to a battle. Games are a great way to reconnect with your inner child and add an extra dose of fun to your afternoon or evening plans.

* Not while experiencing a water shortage of course.


Image courtesy of @richardwooding via Instagram

5. Skip down the street

Yeah, you read that correctly. If there is one thing on this list that will get you from 30 to 13 within seconds, it is skipping. Next time you are walking down the street or anywhere really, try it out. And if you’re afraid of looking like a weirdo, find an empty street, field, or mountain path and give it a go.


Image courtesy of @bexhenna via Instagram

6. Spend a day on the beach

Build sandcastles with towering turrets and deep trenches, go searching for seashells, fly a kite, snorkel, make a sand angel, and jump over the waves.  And the sun is a great source of Vitamin D, which makes you happier, while the minerals in the ocean reduce stress and help detox the body.

Also read: SA’s best beaches to get away from it all


Image courtesy of @r.i.morris via Instagram

7. Have a sleepover

Get some ice-cream, slip into your comfiest jammies, order a couple of pizzas, make margaritas, and spend the night watching old Disney films or trashy horror films with your favorite people. Extra points if you build a fort, indulge in a good ol’ game of truth or dare, have a pillow fight, or play Twister!


Image courtesy of @my_scissors_are_red via Instagram

8. Go to the arcade

Nothing reawakens the sweet merriment of childhood quite like spending an afternoon shooting zombies, racing cars in Sega Rally, and trying to outrun ghosts in Pac-Man amongst the cheery jingles of the arcade. So, take that 50 bucks you would have spent on fries and get a bucket of tokens instead.


9. Make breakfast fun

Make flapjacks with animal faces made of fruit, trade in eggs on toast for sunshine toast instead, have a bowl of guilt-free Coco Pops or Fruit Loops, or go for the classic soldiers in boiled eggs. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t make it boring!


Image courtesy of @littlelandadventures via Instagram

10. Try something new

Hire a surfboard and learn to surf, join an art class and give finger painting a go, learn to play the guitar, sing in the shower, or buy a pair of outrageous socks and wear them to work! Life is too short to take it so seriously and stick to old routines. And who knows, you might find a new hobby that you really enjoy or make some great new friends.


Image courtesy of @thethreadchaser via Instagram

11. Dance like nobody is watching

Remember those afternoons singing at the top of your lungs into your hairbrush and dancing like a wild animal around the house while the family was out shopping? Us too. Good times.

You may not be the next Beyoncé or Enrique Iglesias, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn up the volume and still have one helluva good time pretending.

Here are 10 great songs to tear it up to:

  • Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  • *NSYNC – Bye Bye Bye
  • Michael Jackson – Billie Jean
  • Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – I Love Rock And Roll
  • Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Lou Bega – Mambo No. 5
  • Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me
  • Ini Kamoze – Here Comes the Hotstepper
  • Los Del Rio – Macarena
  • Kenny Loggins – Footloose


12. Go camping (an idea also from my friend Rev. Donald Graves)

Whether you rope in your family, gather a few friends, or just go with your partner, camping trips are a great opportunity to relive the glory days of childhood. Play card games, tell ghost stories around the fire, and braai marshmallows on sticks.

13. Buy some candy

Find a candy store and spend some time filling a bag with Rascals, jelly beans, jujubes, glow worms, milk bottles, and all the sugary things you remember from childhood. And if you don’t like sweets, you can use them to bribe your kids to clean their rooms, give them to your younger siblings, or make everyone’s day a little brighter by handing out free sweets at the office!


Image courtesy of @sweetsfromheaven_sa via Instagram

14. Helium balloons

Next time you’re at a party with helium balloons, embrace the silly kid inside by sucking the helium out of a balloon and singing “Happy Birthday” in a ridiculous leprechaun voice. You will destroy a balloon but it will certainly get you and everyone else laughing like little kids.

15. Be curious

Finally, whether you go searching for starfish in rock pools, opt for the path less traveled on your favorite hiking trail, or take a spontaneous road trip across the country, be curious about new places, new people, and new experiences.

Also read: 5 unforgettable road trips in South Africa

stay curious

Image courtesy of @rejserdu via Instagram

Curiosity is one of the great wonders of Childhood that is often lost as we get older and distracted by the stresses and responsibilities of life. Curiosity is what motivates us to go on new adventures and uncover magic where we never knew there was. We should hang onto it.

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole World around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. – Roald Dahl


Image courtesy of @rejserdu via Instagram

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Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

Real Jungle Animals Monkeys | Amazing Wallpapers

Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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The most Precious Gift
is Life.

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are Forever in my



Turn to the Light that Shines in Your Heart / The Poetry of You / School Calendars.

Beautiful Pink Flower | Flowers| Free Nature Pictures by ForestWander ...

Each precious Day
can be a struggle.
But the Lord
Gives us the Strength
to overcome the difficulties of Life,
with Grace and

When you close your eyes
and Pray,
He Listens
and Gives your Heart

100+ Free Copyright & Symbol Images - Pixabay.He allows our Spirit
to soar
with the Eagles and the Angels.
You feel His deep Love
within your Soul.
Thank the Lord
 for Giving the Great Gift
you were given,
the Gift
and the Blessing
of Life.

Royalty Free Open Bible Pictures, Images and Stock Photos - iStock

How Beautiful it is
to read the Holy Word
of God.
His Precious Words
empower you,
and help you to endure your

Our Lord
Gives us something
that is beyond
what we could ask for.
He Gives us
a sense of Purpose,
and the strength to move on
with Life
and Love.
And all we need do
is ask.

Herbst - Bilder und Stockfotos - iStock

we all know that eventually
things will pass.
But it can be really hard
to move on.

It is good
to cling
to what Life gives
the Ideas, the Dreams,
the Desires to belong,
the willingness to Sing
Let us Pray,
to turn to the
that shines in our Heart,
to feel empowered, uplifted
and Happy.
Whatever makes you
Smile or Dream
will be worthwhile.

Royalty Free Dogs Playing Pictures, Images and Stock Photos - iStock

to breathe deeply,
relax your mind and body,
and listen
to your Heart.
You are unique
and amazing.

Beautiful Nature Images Free To Download - The WoW Style

What a perfectly relaxing and soothing
World of Nature
we Live in.
The Magnificent 
God provides,
highlights the Beauty
of our huge and colorful World.

This is

Free Royalty Free Pictures

Let us Thank
the Kind, Peaceful and Loving
that make Life so

Life is filled with Beauty.
Open your eyes,
open your Heart,
will always be with

Copyright Free Images - Stock Images & Photos - WEBivm

I Pray
you find the Peace
and you will find
you are going in the right
There is
limit to what you will 
in yourself.
As we Walk
with the Lord
into the unknown,
we become who we were
to be.

Flowers Pictures Images Free / Beautiful Flowers Wallpapers, Pictures ...

Loves you.
On this Journey
you are never going through anything
Loves you,
whoever you are.

Close your eyes
and let the silence
envelop you.
Take a few deep breaths
and let yourself sink
into this moment.
Cute Puppy Royalty-Free Images | Non-Copyrighted PhotosFeel your mind
start to clear,
and your thoughts slow down.
let go
of your worries
and just be in the moment.

you can be immediately transported
back in Time,
to your Childhood
and the days
when all we had to worry about
was where to go and what to do.

Abstract, Transcendental, Discrete Stock Illustration - Illustration of ...We can go back
to an innocent Time to be alive,
 a Time when there wasn’t so much
stress and worry, and hatred
in our World.
A Time when there was Hope,
and Laughter
and Love.
will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
You can return
to your tasks
with a clear mind and a renewed
sense of focus
and determination.
Sunrise Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock
has such a powerful and transformative
because it is far more than
we will ever know.
It is the Source of Inspiration,
that helps us
with the challenges
of Life.
Even in the darkest of Times,
there is always Hope,
always Beauty
and Love
to be found.
Free Hd Images No Copyright : No Copyright Video, Copyright Free ...
God’s World
is such a Wonder filled experience.
Beautiful Nature
is a very special Treat
for the ears and the eyes.

has an effect on your mind.
It is a Gift
for Creating in your Heart
the Blessings
that you need,
that you desire,
that you deserve.


Dream symbols with letter H - WeMystic

The Poetry of You

By Wm. C. Anderson

To Love someone other than yourself,
Is the Highest form of Loving yourself.

For you come to Love all Humanity
And Humanity becomes

And the greatest part of you
Becomes a part of everyone
you come to Love.

Imágenes de gatos tiernos | Imágenes

We are here for a purpose.
And it lies outside of ourselves
And the Noble Ideals we share.

It Lives and breathes within the Lives of others,
Not so fortunate as ourselves.
It lives as well as it may.

A child must possess the knowledge
That there is Love,
That Love exists,
And that it may be found
In you.

Cute Little Mouse in the Grass. Stock Illustration - Illustration of ...

For a Mother and for Father
Love truly Blossoms evermore
When children find:

“Tis True.
There is poetry all around.
Beauty flows from everything,
But by far
The most Beautiful Poem
Is you.”

 – Wm. C. Anderson

Bare Trees at Sunrise, Hesse, Germany, Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty ...


Perfect Timing Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

Real Jungle Animals Monkeys | Amazing Wallpapers

Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

Happy Long Weekend Clipart | Free Images at Clker.com - vector clip art ...

The most Precious Gift
is Life.

Family Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures


This is my favorite photo of R. J. He is showing off his new collar!

I will always Love


Dr. David J. Welsh / A Heavenly Melody / NATURAL CANCER CURE / School Calendar.

Dedicated With Love To
Dr. David J. Welsh

Dedicated with all our Love
to Dr. David J. Welsh,
for all the Hope and Love and Beauty
he gives to this World.
How much we need this Gentle and Kind Soul.
In a World filled with doubt
 and turmoil and lack of Wisdom,
Dr. Welsh always remains one Beautiful Soul,
with a precious Heart that touches so very many,
too numerous to count.
Thank you
for being you.
for being here for so many fragile Children
and their precious Parents.
You will forever Live
in our Hearts.

“Whoever saves one Life,
saves the World
The Talmud

You enter the precious Lives
  of the needful, the confused, the conflicted,
and you give the Treasured Guidance
and Compassion and Love
we Truly need.
God Bless You.

Only a few Wonderful Friends
of Human Kind
can bring such Wonder and Hope and Beauty
back into Life

Our very fragile younger generations
do not understand
this needlessly stressful and dangerous World
that we have created,
in which so very many Truly
struggle just to survive.

many do not.
Nearly one million people
die by suicide Worldwide
each year.
They had a need to be more aware
of the hidden place inside
of all of us,
the Sacred Human Heart,
that many could not see,
could not feel.
Through your Blessed Guidance,
Dr. Welsh,
Children find Hope,
and they learn to feel Love
in their young Lives,
as we did.

Many Children
are in need of Heartfelt advice
that they can relate to.
And your Beautiful words 
become their Songs of Salvation
that remain in so many Hearts

Through the Beautiful lessons of Life
you have shared with so many,
the most important thing in this Life
becomes learning how to give Love,
and to let Love come in
to our Hearts.
is the only thing capable
of transforming our thoughts
and our deeds
into the Positive power
of Life.
Dr. Welsh,
are sharing the Divine Beauty
of Love.
is gleaming from your Soul
and from your powerful Spirit.

Dr. Welsh,
you are one of the most meaningful
and most Beautiful People
this World has ever been Blessed with.

In the opinion
of myself and Mrs. Anderson,
and very, very many others
your precious Life has deeply touched,
you have no equal.

You are,
and will always be,
very Special
to all of us.
We thank God
for the Blessing
of your Life.

“Ask the Man
whose been around
to a hundred towns and byways,
or a thousand hills and highways
for he knows,
if the Eiffel Tower falls
or if the Bank of England closes,
your still left
with the Importance
of the Rose.”
Rod McKuen

Your Life,
Dr. Welsh,
is the Flower of Life,
the Rose,
that provides
the deep Spiritual meaning
of Hope and Salvation
for so many Children.

Thank you.

Thank You.

Eternal Life Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

we are free,
to be in Love
with God
for Eternity.

Our Lord
Speaks to the Inner Spirit
and Touches us on a Deeper level.
Eternal Stock Photos, Royalty Free Eternal Images | Depositphotos®

The illusions
we cling to,
in our desperate desire to Love
and be Loved.
Thank God
our glasses are Rose-Colored.
The Truth
is colored by fragrant Roses
and laced
with the Love
of God.

Your 10 Most Fragrant Roses

“If you enjoy the fragrance of a

you must accept the thorns
which it bears.”

Isaac Hayes

Easter bliss landscape - HD wallpaper

I am amazed 
by the simplicity and the Beauty
of God’s Love.
can be simple
and yet, so Beautiful.
dwells in the interpretation,
the rhythm, the focus
 and how each day
is played.
comes with such a simple
and such a Beautiful
All we need do
is accept
God’s Love.

WHAT IS IN A DAY…DAYLILY BLISS - Sipping Cups of Inspiration

The deep feelings
of the Heart
can transport you
to a Place you cannot
Our Loving Lord

provides a way
out of the illusions of reality,
a way to heal the brokenness of Life
and give Hope and Peace
and Clarity.
His Love
you may have
your Life

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The Love of 
is what True Love

It is
deeply moving.

His Love
is a Heavenly Melody,
bsolutely Enchanting
  and Filled
with Mercy and Grace.

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The Love of God
is everything your Heart needs
to be Happy.
Allow yourself
to be Guided and encouraged
by the Sacred Words
of the Holy Bible.
Let your Heart, mind, and body
be put at ease 
with the Truth.
the Truth
shall set you Free.
The Lord is with

You are not

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There are so many
caring, Beautiful people
in this World.
.The sounds
of their caring voices
are gentle and soothing. 
They help us dispel our hardships,
and refresh the Spirit
and mind.

the noise of the telephone,
the TV, and the World.
It helps to get quiet,
and be Lifted up
by your Heart,
to the Lord.

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you are trying to find
something to bring about Peace
and Serenity,
 know what a Beautiful Gift
are giving to others
in their brief moments of Life,
with your caring and compassion.
Your Life
will be the best moments
some will ever

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I wish you
good health, Love
and Happiness

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                    By Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover N.D.
                        click here to read more

Cancer is a uniquely western problem. One out of three Americans die of cancer, it used to be one out of four.


In 1979 a special report was issued by the U.S. Surgeon General, citing more than 2,000 scientific studies from around the world, and compiled with the advice of more than 2,000 doctors, nutritionist and biochemists, who concluded that the normal American diet is dangerous. Of the 2.1 million Americans who died that year, the report said that 1.5 million died from diseases associated with diet. The report stressed that most people should reduce the consumption of fat, especially saturated fats, such as from eggs, butter, or untrimmed red meats.

Researchers at the University of Victoria in British Columbia did a careful follow up on 200 persons who underwent a “spontaneous remission of cancer”. They found that 87% of those persons had switched diets, usually to a vegetarian diet.

Recently a link between excessive meat eating and cancer has been explained by Dr. Williard J. Visek a research scientist at Cornell University. The problem, according to Dr. Visek, is ammonia the carcinogenic by-product of meat digestion.

22 Amazing Free Stock Image Websites | Digital Main StreetAlthough cancer is increasing at an alarming rate and it can be prevented, by keeping our body’s immune system up. Much poisoning of the body has been caused by the use of improper foods, such as meat, dairy products, white sugar, white flour, white rice, along with the use of liquor, tobacco, coffee, soda and all other denatured foods. Good wholesome food builds good blood, where as unwholesome foods builds a poor quality of blood. Cancer will not develop where there is a pure blood stream and the body’s immune system is functioning at its optimum.

For years the National Cancer Institute held fast to the principal that diet had nothing to do with cancer. Recent overwhelming evidence has forced them to change their mind. They now even recommend that one consume certain fruits and vegetables in order to prevent cancer. “Fruits, such as oranges and bananas, and leafy green and yellow vegetables, including carrots and broccoli, all contain cancer preventing vitamins and fiber, and should be a part of everyone’s daily diet”, says the National Cancer Institute.
Royalty Free Vector Art For Commercial Use at Vectorified.com ...To prevent and cure cancer we must keep our body’s immune system high. This is done by following eight simple rules that I will briefly cover here. Lots of fresh air, using lots of pure water, eating lots of wholesome natural foods, getting sufficient rest, moderate daily exercise, getting outside in the sun everyday, being temperate in all we eat and do and having faith in God.

Every one of us has cancer cells within us. Cancer has to be treated by building the body’s immune system then the body’s white blood cells, etc. will attack and destroy the cancer from within. Cancer cells are weaker than normal cells and will not get out of control if our immune system is high.

Free photo: Beautiful Bird - Animal, Beauty, Bird - Free Download - JooinnHOW DO WE FIGHT CANCER
There is no one drug, herb, or treatment that will kill cancer. Cancer has to be treated by building the body’s immune system. Listed here are some natural ways to help build the immune system.


Eating white sugar will paralyze and hinder your white blood cells from fighting off an infection. Eating 25 teaspoons of sugar will paralyze 92% of your white blood cells for approximately five hours. The average American eats over 42 teaspoons of sugar per day. For example: A banana split has 24 teaspoons of sugar. A 12 oz coke has approx. 8-10 teaspoons, a piece of white bread 2 teaspoons. It must be remembered that sugar or empty calories and junk foods interfere with the working of the body’s immune system.


Diets high in refined fats have long been associated with increased cancer risk. Breast cancer is more frequent in women on diets high in both saturated fats, (whole milk), and in animal fat. (2) A low fat diet not only prevents breast cancer but increases the survival of women who already have breast cancer. (3)

7 Websites With Copyright Free / Commercial Free ImagesEAT A TOTALLY RAW DIET
This is or will be the hardest single thing to follow, but it is very important. Only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouted grains are what you will be eating until your cancer is in remission. Nothing cooked, no cooked beans, bread, potatoes, etc. Sounds tough, but let me tell you this is much easier then taking chemotherapy and having your hair fall out, vomiting, being weak, etc. And , of course chemotherapy will not build up your immune system. Instead it will tear it down. Raw food is live food and possesses the highest nutritive value. It is full of vitamins, mineral, enzymes, phytochemicals, etc. Cooked food is dead food, plant any seed and it will grow. Cook the seed and then plant it and it will not grow, because it’s life principle has been destroyed. Place cancer cells in a cooked media and they will proliferate. Now place the cancer cells in a raw matter and they will disappear! This astounding fact is known to the Cancer society, but the public was never informed. (4)

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I have asked Mirko to put together some raw food recipes for those who need to be on a raw food diet. Here are just a few of his recipes.

Raw Foods Recipes can be Tasty and Delicious
By Creator for Functional Food, Mirko Albrecht, Dipl.-qualified NC.

The base of preparation to “Functional Food” is very simple.
A recipe must be tasty, but for me a recipe is more than that. Functional Food are recipes
with some “healing” effects but tasty and delicious as well.

The possible benefits of natural Functional Food can be:

Natural immune support to help fight cancer.
– Stress-Relief, esp. chronic stress
– Detoxification-support
– Improve the liver function
– Provide the body with vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc.
– Supporting to natural acid-alkaline balance

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Our world has many “Healthy Foods” we must just only discover them and with a bit of
fantasy we can prepare delicious meals such as dips for vegetables or fruits sticks, sweet

Here are a few simple raw food recipes that one can try.


2 cups of water
2 or 3 tomatoes
1 onion
6 teaspoons parsley
2 to 4 teaspoons celery
Bend all the ingredients together


Soak raw unroasted almonds overnight in water
Blend in the morning just before you use it.
Ratio of almond to water depends upon how
concentrated you like your almond milk.

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1/4 avaocado
1/2 cup water
1 teaspoon fine chopped onion
4 to 6 teaspoons chopped parsley
1/2 fine chopped tomatoe
Mix avocado, water, salt and parsley together
then add fine chopped tomatoe and onion.


Put in blender fresh or frozen strawberries
or fresh fruit of your choice
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla
Raw Almond Milk
Option (3 tablespoons of raw honey)
Blend and enjoy


You can get all the information on sprouting by going to http://www.google.com and write in sprouting foods. Sprouted foods are the freshest and most nutritious of all. They are full of enzymes, and a higher percentage of vitamins and minerals and they are raw.

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Wheat Grass juice is the very best for cancer. You take some soil put it on a flat pan and plant wheat on it, keep it watered and in a few days you will have wheat grass.  Then cut the grass put it in the blender with some water and blend it all up then strain it and drink it, it will be sweet.  You can let the grass grow again and give it a second cutting, after that you need to start all over again with new wheat.  Many people think you need to buy a special juicer which causes the juice to be to concentrated and hard to drink, all you need is a blender.

A Swedish study indicated the frequency of snack eating may be related to the risk of colon cancer. Earlier, largely ignored studies have suggested that each eating episode over the course of the day increases colon cancer risk. Regular meal intake did not seem to produce the same risk as did snack consumption. (Cancer Causes and Control3: 77-81,1992)

Awesome animals - a gallery on FlickrDRINK ONE TO THREE GLASSES OF CARROT JUICE DAILY
Carrots are a very good source of Vitamin A, and the juice should be taken 15-30 minutes before your vegetable meal. A recent study done by Dr. Raymond J. Shamberger, Professor of the Dept. of Biochemistry, the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, showed that Vitamin A is one of the most important aids

to the body’s defense system fighting and preventing cancer. When subjected to carcinogens, this vitamin has a remarkable ability to inhibit the introduction and or retard the growth of both malignant and non-malignant tumors.

How much is plenty? It depends upon how much you weigh, you take your weight, divide it in half and that is how many ounces of water you need in a 24 hour period. Of course if you are working out in the hot sun and perspiring a lot you would need more. For example: you weigh 160 lbs. Half of that is 80 so you need 80 ounces, which would be 10 eight ounce glasses. The type of water we need to drink is soft water, that is water that has no minerals, as the minerals in water are inorganic and are harmful to our health. Where as the minerals in food are organic and our body needs this type of minerals. Two types of water that have no minerals are distilled water and reverse-osmosis water.

Expose as much of the body to the sun. If you have a light complexion start with ten minutes and gradually increase it to a minimum of one hour a day. While sun bathing use no lotions, sunscreens (they can cause cancer), or oils. Do not wear glasses while sun bathing as it is important for the ultraviolet light to get into the eyes, and glass of any kind will keep the rays out. Interferon is effective against several different kinds of cancer including carcinoma, sarcoma and leukemia. This fact spurred the American Cancer Society; to purchase interferon from Finland for experimental use. Dr. Hans Strander of Finland discovered that he could give interferon to terminal bone cancer patients and double the number of long-term disease free survivors. White blood cells in our bodies manufacture this wonderful interferon that can help so dramatically in cancer. Sunlight is a great stimulus for increased white blood cell production and thereby increases the production of interferon.

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Everything on this earth has an electrical frequency, the earth, the seeds, the plants animals, and the human body. Cancer cells have a different electrical frequency than normal cells. Our bodies can easily get off the electrical frequency that they are supposed to be on. How can we get it back on track? Very simply, by standing or walking bare foot in the soil. Wearing shoes is not a natural thing, although we need to protect our feet, as shoes insulate our body from the earth so it would be good to spend at least 10 minutes a day outside barefoot in the soil.

Deep breathing of fresh outside negatively charged air, (the good kind), helps cleanse the lungs and increase circulation. Fresh air from the ocean, near a river or waterfall or after a rainstorm is not only negatively charged but is high in oxygen which is very beneficial for cancer. Be sure to have plenty of fresh air in your bedroom as you sleep, keep a window open, even in the winter the window should be partially open. A fact worth knowing is that cancer cells cannot live in the presence of oxygen. (6)

Brisk Walking  is a good form of exercise, but not jogging, as the impact of jogging is harmful to all the joints of the body.  Bicycling and swimming are two other good exercises.  Exercising in a gym is not ideal as there is no fresh air, its like exercising in a dirty shoe.  One of my favorite authors stated that exercise outside in the fresh air and sunshine is ten times more beneficial then indoor exercise.       I believe the best piece of exercise equipment one can use is a regular or mini trampoline. By jumping on a trampoline you are exercising everyone of the trillions of cells in your body. Use it from one to three times daily for  a minimum of 3 minutes or longer each time. This exercise is especially good for anyone who has cancer of the lymphatic system.


The earlier you go to bed the better. Every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours, every hour after midnight is worth one.

There are many herbs for cancer, but the one I highly recommend is Red Clover. You use only the flower, not the stem or roots. Red clover contains the following chemicals: biotin, choline, copper, coumarins, glycosides, inositol, magnesium, manganese, and selenium. It also contains vitamins: A, B1, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, B17, C, P and the mineral Zinc. This is quite an assortment of minerals and vitamins for one herb. And possibly in the future we will discover it contains other important ingredients. Red Clover has been used in America for over 100 years to treat and prevent cancer. It is good for cancer on any part of the body. I have personally used it for many years at my clinic and have seen many individuals recover from cancer.

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Use only the bulk red clover flowers, not the stem or roots, use no red clover capsules. Make a tea by bringing the water to a boil, removing from the heat and adding the herb. Let it steep for 20 minutes or longer. Use one to two teaspoons of herb per cup of tea. The best time to take the tea is at night before bed on an empty stomach. If you take it twice a day then also first thing in the morning when you first get up on an empty stomach.

You can order the herb Red Clover from Frontier Herbs on line at www.frontierherbs.com

Red Clover is now being studied for anti-aids and anti-diabetic activity. (7)

Many of you who have contacted me have mentioned that you were unable to purchase the herb Red Clover as it does not grow in your country.  If that case I suggest you go to a reliable herbalist in your country and find out what herb he uses for cancer and use it.  As there are many herbs for cancer as God in His wisdom made many different herbs for the many different countries He created.

When one has breast cancer they need to improve the circulation of the blood flowing through the breast. Two ways to do this is daily massaging the breasts and the other way is through hydro therapy. You fill two pans with water one with very hot water the other with very cold water containing ice cubes. You start by wringing out a wash cloth in the hot water and applying it to the breast and than covering it with a dry towel, leave it on the breast for 3 minutes. Than remove the wash cloth and apply a wash cloth that has been taken out of the ice water, apply it to the breast for only ONE minute and cover with a dry towel. You need to do this three times in a row. First hot than cold than hot than cold than hot than the last application is cold. What this does is that when you apply the hot water it draws the blood to the breast, when you apply the cold water it chases the blood from the breast. This is a very efficient way to improve the circulation in the breast, this improved circulation helps to carry away the toxins in the breast and will also start breaking down the cancer and carrying it away.

You should use no deodorants, as they are one of the causes of breast cancer, most breast cancers are located in the area of the breast near the armpit. Under your arm you have major lymph glands, and when you use deodorants, which contain aluminum and other toxic ingredients, they can enter the lymph system. The antiperspirant deodorants are the most harmful as they block the skin pores from sweating out the impurities in the body, so they are re absorbed into the body and breast area.

Also using any type of milk, eggs or dairy products are another cause of breast cancer, as these are high in artificially added hormones that can increase cancer of the breast and female organs. Also birth control pills are another cause of cancer of the breast and female organs.

Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers in the U.S. It is the third leading cause of cancer death for both men and women in the U.S.  Health experts estimate that about 70% of colon cancers could be prevented by changes in diet and nutrition. People who regularly eat red meat and processed meat have a greater chance of developing colon cancer.

There is an inheritance risk of approx. 50% for both males and females. When a parent carries a genetic predisposition, each child has a 50% chance of inheriting the predisposition.  If you have been diagnosed with colon cancer and someone in your immediate family has had colon cancer then my recommendation is for you to have the surgery to remove the cancer, since it is genetic and many times the body’s immune system will not try to destroy the cancer because the body believes it belongs there. But under no circumstances do I recommend chemo or radiation before or after the surgery. On the other hand if no one in your immediate family has had colon cancer then I would first follow the diet, etc. I recommend and see if it reduces and disappears.

Almost everyone I have personally known, who has come down with cancer, has been under a lot of stress prior to getting cancer. We must learn to take the problems we cannot handle to God, (The Greatest Healer Of All Time). We cannot hold anger, hate, selfishness, etc. inside ourselves or we will not recover. The mind greatly affects the body. I believe that 90% of all sickness starts in the mind. King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived said, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine”, Proverbs 17:22

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It cannot cripple Love
It cannot shatter hope,
It cannot corrode faith,
It cannot eat away at peace,
It cannot destroy confidence,
It cannot kill friendship,
It cannot shut out memories,
It cannot silence courage,
It cannot evade the soul.
It cannot reduce eternal life,

If a person who has cancer follows the simple things I have outlined in this article they will notice improvement within less then two weeks, the closer you follow this program the faster you will improve. JUST THINK, it is possible for you to heal yourself, you do not always need surgery or expensive dangerous drugs. All you need to do is follow what I have outlined here.

Yours For Better Health,
Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover N.D.

Foot Notes:

(1) Surgeon General (1979), Report on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Washington, D.C.: U.S. Gov. Printing office
(2) Tufts University Diet and Nutrition Newsletter, Vol. 7, No 4, June 1989
(3) Tufts University Diet and Nutrition Newsletter, Vol. 7, No 11, Jan. 1970
(4) Banik, Allen, The Choice Is Clear, pg. 24, 1989
(5) Shamberger, Dr. Raymond A. Study on role Vitamin A plays in building the Body’s Defense system. Dept. of Biochemistry, the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio
(6) Airola, Dr. Paavo, Ph.D. How to Get Well, Health Plus Publications, pg. 59
(7) Foster, S.& Duke, J.A., “ Medicinal Plants” Houghton-0Mufflin Company, Boston pg. 158, 1990

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Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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Hang on
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The most Precious Gift
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