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Cherish Each Moment / 10 Strategies for Discovering and Living as Your True Self / School Calendar 2022-23

Earth with Sunset from Space Stock Footage Video (100% ...You are Loved.
You are
Your Dreams are manifesting
as you Pray.
Shine your Light in this World. 
are needed.
You are
the Blessing of

My Dear Friends,
is simple. 
It is singing.
It is dancing.
It is sitting silently.

Beautiful Mountaintop Landscape image - Free stock photo ...

You deserve Happiness
and Love.
Look for the Beauty
all around us.
Our Sacred World
is shining with the Light
of God’s Love.
happens once. 
Cherish each moment
on our Truly Divine
Wild Owl with the Autumn Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty ...
We are
Creations of Serene
Always go back 
to God
in Times of need
He L
oves you.
You are an incredible
Child of God.
2560x1080 Space Galaxy 2560x1080 Resolution Wallpaper, HD Space 4K ...
Close your eyes
and imagine a World with
where we are all
Brothers and Sisters.
We are.
One Day we will realize
that every one of us
is responsible.
Then our Dream
will come True,
and we will Live in a World
that we never regret
Living in.

Beautiful Rainbow Royalty Free Stock Photos - Image: 4099578

“If I were not a physicist,
I would probably be a musician.
I often think in music.
I Live my daydreams in music.
I see my Life in terms of music.” 

Albert Einstein

I am deeply moved
by the Infinitely Beautiful Melody
of the Sacred Songs
of our Lives.
I am deeply touched.
Thank You.

Beautiful Sunset in American Desert Stock Footage Video ...

we are in a dark place
and we think 
we have been buried,
we have really been
Let your seed grow.
Your Prayers
will be received
by our Father
in Heaven Above.

 Life is short.
It is brief
at best.
But always know,
it is about Love,
and you are Truly

Yellow Lotus Flower Images. Lotus Flower Stock Photos And ...

Have an
Open Mind,
a Humble Heart
and Helpful Hands.

Best Natural Places around the world Hq wallpapers free ...

is all about fleeting
But Love is

Our story
is of many things unsaid.
that are glistening on the horizon –
Beautiful Mountains
and gorgeous Sunsets,
and the reality and the dynamics
of Life and Living,
which are far beyond

Brown blue butterfly wallpaper | HD Animals Wallpapers

It is easy
to take the Beauty
of our wondrous Planet
for granted.
how breathtaking it is,
and how it inspires us.
It is stunning.
It captures the essence 
of Love.
It is
a Gift.
Royalty free stock photos. All pictures are free for commercial and ...
Let Paradise
flow into your
There will be
a surreal feeling of Joyful reunion
with your Creator.
The Beauty of Life
is the Beauty
of Love.

Panorama, Colorful City, Xinjiang China Royalty Free Stock ...

is reflected by our Beautiful country
and by it’s wonderful people.
We are People with Passion
and Pride
and we simply cannot explain.
We are Truly Blessed
to Live
and Love Life
here and now.

Sunset & Arizona Sunrise Pictures

There are so many
that we take for granted. 
Many we will never
can make us feel
like we are back
to being the me
from all those many years ago,
when Life
was less complicated.

it was.
And it can be

Swan Bird Lake Beautiful Sunset Wallpaper Hd ...

Take a moment each Day
to celebrate Living
on our precious
The Beauty of a Sunrise
or Sunset,
is the celebration of
True Love,
God’s Love.

Red Sunset Over Ocean Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty ....In an incredibly moving way,
it reminds us
that we are not alone,
that the Love of God,
is all around us.

for all of us from all different parts
of our Beautiful Earth.
Each of us
is wanting the same thing,
 to share our Love for one another.
May we enjoy
our Light.
The Wonder and the Beauty
of God’s World,
was Created
for you and me.
Beautiful Nice Flower Wallpapers | HD Wallpapers | ID #5728We are so Blessed
to share the Beauty of Nature.
I Pray
that everyone will protect
our Beautiful Gift
of this Earth.

May God give you Peace
and fill your Heart
with Love.
will protect us
from evil.

Blessings and Peace
be with

Goodnight.Beautiful Colors Of Nature-HD Photoshoot Wallpaper Preview ...

10 Strategies for Discovering
and Living as Your True Self

If you find yourself continuing to act out old patterns and roles that no longer serve you, this is more than likely interfering with your ability to create mutually rewarding, respectful, and reciprocal relationships. Below are my ten strategies for getting in touch with your true self so as to create an integrity-based and emotionally rewarding life.

The True Self Lost in Childhood

Although living as one’s true self in an emotionally honest manner might seem like a natural and easy thing to do, those of us who grew up in a family system that did not support our uninhibited and natural expressions may have gradually disconnected from the truth of who we were, i.e., our core essence, so as to be accepted by those we were dependent upon to meet our most basic and fundamental needs.

It is often the case that children who grew up in these types of chaotic, unstable environments find some semblance of identity and emotional security by taking on one or more family roles, such as the hero, the scapegoat, the rebel, the caretaker, or the clown. But in unconsciously disconnecting from our true self in order to emotionally survive, we may later find ourselves as adults people-pleasing others and hiding behind a facade, with no idea how to express and live our truth.

How to Live and Speak Your Truth

If I were to ask you right now, “In what situations, or around which people, do you feel most yourself, and most creative, spontaneous, and alive?”, how might you respond? Alternatively, if I were to ask you, “In what situations, or around which people, do you feel uncomfortable, restrained, and inhibited?,” how might you reply? Contemplating these questions can be provocative, to say the least, and there may be no obvious or easy answers at first.

If you feel ready to shed anything about yourself that feels false and fearlessly live from a place of emotional honesty, personal integrity (inspired by your principles and values), and a direct knowledge of self, the 10 strategies I designed to assist my psychotherapy and coaching clients will aid you in this courageous quest. If you are not already seeing a competent therapist, counselor, or coach who can support you in your efforts, you might consider engaging such services before implementing the strategies listed below.

10 Strategies for Discovering and Being Your True Self

  1. Recognize You Have a True Self Nature: Each of us enters the world possessing an innate, core, true self. Each one of us is an “original model”, and as such we all have unique gifts to offer to the world.
  2. Remember and Reflect on When You Felt Happiest as a Child: Think back to when you were young. When did you feel most free, happy, and alive? Take a few minutes after reflecting on what caused you to feel joyful in your youth, going back to your earliest conscious memory. Then write about the people, places, things, and activities that brought you the greatest joy while you were growing up. This simple “remembering and reflection” exercise can put us deeply in touch with the innocent purity of our original true self nature.

  3. Make a Commitment to Recover and Reconnect with the Joyful, Innately Pure, Authentic Essence Within: In a certain sense, recognizing and consciously reclaiming our own unique, true self nature is a paradoxical process of finding and embracing what we never really lost. It is an excavation project, of sorts, i.e., it is a process of uncovering, discovering, recovering, and consciously reclaiming who (and what) we in fact have always been, and will always be — That which is most true, honest, expansive, and alive within ourselves, yet constant and unchanging.

  4. Make a Decision to Release All that Feels False and No Longer Serves You: Becoming authentic and emotionally honest requires that we be willing to release the parts of ourselves that we were conditioned to become by the various social systems we have been immersed in like a fish swimming in the sea, from our family-of-origin to the cultural and social systems we currently identify with, and everything in between. Ask yourself if you feel ready to begin doing that. If not, I encourage you to explore what might be inhibiting you from living an emotionally honest and authentic life. Change is never easy. It’s never too late to “get real”.

  5. The Process Of Letting Go: I often ask my clients who are engaged in a process of true self recovery and reclamation, “Is this (person, place, thing, behavior, situation) serving you at the highest level today?” Whatever is not serving us at the highest level is more than likely not serving others in our life at the highest level either, regardless of how it may seem. It ultimately serves no one when we allow ourselves to remain small, diminish our internal light, and hide our truth from others (and perhaps even from ourselves.)

  6. The Only Way Out Is Through: It is often during this process of letting go of all that now feels false that long-buried emotions unconsciously repressed in childhood may surface, resulting in our possibly becoming sad, anxious, angry, and even genuinely depressed. At times such as this it is imperative that a person feels he or she is not alone in the valiant task of facing any painful feelings and memories that may arise head on, versus avoiding the challenging, difficult work of genuine transformational growth; therefore, this is a time when the help of a trusted therapist, counselor, transformational life coach, and/or a psychoeducational peer-support group can prove to be invaluable to a person engaged in the task of reclaiming and authentically embodying his or her true self.

  7. It’s Okay to Experience and Release Old, Pent-Up Feelings from Childhood: It is also not uncommon for a person whose true self nature was shamed and dismissed in childhood to find they are experiencing feelings of intense anger, even rage, during this critical transformational time of inner self-exploration and excavation. This can especially surprise those who strived to be “nice” their entire lives to avoid upsetting others and risking conflict. I like to remind my clients during such times that the word “courage” includes the word “rage”, and successful passage through the dark night of the soul is ultimately brought about by processing these more difficult feelings and emotions that society labels as “negative”. Those who were victims of neglect and/or other forms of abuse in childhood are especially prone to finding themselves overwhelmed with these darker, extremely intense feelings; thus, working with a licensed psychotherapeutic professional and/or abuse recovery network such as Adult Survivors of Child Abuse can be especially critical during this phase of recovery, healing, and growth.

  8. Pay Attention To Your Dreams: I have also learned from both personal and professional experience that this is a time to pay attention to one’s active imagination, dreams, and fantasies, as suggested by the great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, for these signs and symbols emanating from deep within our unconscious invariably reveal important keys to a given individual’s growth, including acting as an inner wise guide, when one understands how to begin to interpret the personal and universal symbols contained therein. A book that I often recommend to clients for such creative dream work is Jeremy Taylor’s Dream Work: Techniques for Discovering the Creative Power in Dreams.

  9. Release The Limiting Views Of Others: This is also a time when a person might report to their therapist, transformational life coach, or support network that they are feeling increasingly uncomfortable around family members, colleagues, and friends if those relationships were dependent on their being a certain way – A way that now no longer feels authentic, embodied, or emotionally true. This is especially the case when one has knowingly or unknowingly been playing out a particular role within a given relationship and/or system (e.g., hero, rescuer, ‘black sheep’, enabler) and/or been an unwitting recipient of another’s psychological projections (a process whereby humans defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying their existence while attributing them to others). At some point you may have no choice other than to make it clear that you are no longer willing to distort or hide your true self in order to protect the feelings of others, and that you simply will not accept being manipulated into living out old, familiar role(s) in the dysfunctional system’s “script” (typically one’s family-of-origin) so that the status quo can be maintained.

  10. You’re Not Obligated To Play By Other People’s Rules: If it wasn’t clear before, once you commit to live your life authentically it will quickly become evident that every system has its “rules”, be it a family system, a work system, a political system, etc. This is a good time to remember that whatever the system can’t change, control, and/or accept, it will attempt to diminish, label, reject, and even (in extreme cases) “eject”. And this is why I see each and every person who is engaged in a sincere process of true self recovery and reclamation as being heroic, for it is no easy task to realize the truth of who and what one is while attempting to maintain relationships with others who may be demanding we “change back” (whether overtly or covertly) so that they might feel more comfortable, in control, and secure.

Living as Your True Self

As illustrated in the above 10 strategies, remaining committed to an ongoing transformational process designed to further our personal and professional growth, enhance our relationships, and increase our overall sense of confidence and well being is not always a simple or enjoyable task, especially in the beginning. And yet, those who decide to do what it takes to live from a place of emotional integrity and fearless honesty invariably discover that it is worth the effort required, for it is by courageously committing to recovering the lost Child within that we are able to become the true self we were always destined to be. And what could be better than that?

nature, Landscape, Beauty, Beautiful, Sky, Night, Male ...







No One is as Free as One Who Loves / 27 Amazing Personal Safety Tips That Will Change Your Life / Shakespeare Play

Unique Colours On A Beach Free Stock Photo - Public Domain ...

The Key
to unlocking
the Treasure Chest
of your Heart,
may be found
the precious Heart of
Looping Abstract Cosmic Euphoria Animated Stock Footage ....Your Kindly thoughts and deeds
for someone
will provide a dimensional shift
that feels like a Euphoric Utopia
that lets your Spirit

So choose Freedom.
No one

is as Free
as one who
Excited euphoric woman looking sun at sunrise — Stock ...
Your Sacred Heart
is amazingly Beautiful
and can sing like an
It can make Life
immensely more meaningful
and profound.

Your Spirit
can be Floating in a State
of perpetual Freedom.
choose to be

are one of many Beautiful,
Magical Moments
in Today
and Tomorrow
and Forever.

HD Euphoria Wallpaper | Download Free - 68861

Let Time stand

The Stars
in the Skies,
are the same
in your Eyes.
One of the most Beautiful days
in Life
 comes when you are Grateful
for the Time and the Love 
of others,
and of God.
Dynamic Background Light 01-hd Pictures JPG For Free ...Thank You
Dear Lord,
for so many Wonderful Blessings
given to those who are responsible
for our Bliss.
come from God.

Coming to know
the Love of God,
makes us feel like
we are in Paradise,
and every Story
is a Love Story.

Beautiful scenery hd free stock photos download (10,477 ...

Close your eyes.
See with your

Breathe deeply
and feel the flow
as Life and Love
move through you,
as you enter into
a World of Inner

can escape your worries
and gently drift
to a Beautiful Place.
You can become One
with your Creator
and everything Created.
Fluid Shape Background With Liquid Dynamic Elements. Stock ...Open your Heart
and see your World
at Peace. 

Feel the connection
of Love and Life.
the most Glorious feeling
you can feel.
Feel complete
and whole.
feel who you are,
and you will put yourself
where Love flows
throughout Life.

Golden Tanagers | Beautiful birds, Stock photos, Royalty ...

Life is brief.
Love is rare.

But Memories
can be Sweet.
Cherish them,
like your next
breath of air.

Creates endless Beauty
and Natural Wonders,
like YOU.

Life is about
Love keeps our World
Your Heart
keeps you together.
Colorful Dynamic Pixel Animation Effect Stock Footage ...
The World
that once seemed merely
is bursting with Life,
and LOVE.

The feeling of Love
is so strong,
that we all connect

is the most Beautiful way
to keep God in our
Two Butterflies Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free ...

 It is so easy to overlook 
the deep and abiding expressions
of God’s Love
 in all of His
Beautiful Works
of Natural Art.

is not to do with
other than Love.
Unique in the universe | Christian News Journal

When Life
is filled with Love,
it is Beautiful
and touches the Soul.
Happiness is reachable
and Life is celebrated
every Day.

If you don’t feel Beauty
in Life and Living,
it just takes a little effort
to find it.

may have to venture into
the unknown to set your mind
to choose Hope
and choose your own

Search for and find
what makes you
10 Odd, Yet Beautiful Flowers - FunCage

You are 
a blooming Blossom
that will someday burst
with the brightest colors.
Trees whisper
and Flowers shout.
is abundant in the gentle sway
of the leaves,
as t
he wind carries the language
of Love.

are black and white,
but Life
is not.
We should never
Sunset Above Clouds 4k Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty ...You are infinitely Beautiful
and Eternally Loved.
You have the Key
to unlock the Future.
Be willing to use the Key
to unlock your Love. 
Be yourself,
Love yourself
and accept who you are.
Your precious Life
can create such a Beautiful flow
of soft and soothing emotions.
Your Love
can bring Peace and strength
through the gentle and careful way
you share your Life.
Your Compassion
can be Blessing
each one of us.

Arachnid, FREE Stock Photo, Image, Picture: Spider ...

small act of Kindness,
a Smile,
a positive vibration that we send out,
can have an exponential effect
 for someone else,
we may never come to know.
These expressions and gestures
are like the
Butterfly Effect,
by which small changes
can lead to large-scale variations
in the Future.
Sunset stock photo. Image of beautiful, nature, rays ...
Your Love
will uplift and fill your Soul
with Beauty.

Your Kindness
touches the Heart
and helps you to feel
Breathe Life
into it.

can give Life
Never tire of trying
to do your best
for those around you,
in this moment.
Unique Animals blogs: 8 Beautiful Birds Free Wallpapers for Desktop
Close your tired eyes. 
Forget everything in Life
that does not really matter.
(Very LITTLE does.)
eel the deep feeling of Love
which emanates from your chest
and runs everywhere
in your Body.

Let your awareness
and positive energy
inspire you.
Wherever you may go,
bring your own Sunshine.
To let Light
come into your Life,
stand where it is

Beautiful Orange Flower Free Stock Photo - Public Domain ...

There is Beauty
beyond what words
may describe.

each and every day
to the tranquility and quiet
 in the World of Nature,
the forest, trees, and birds.
Beautiful Nature Forest Trees Green Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty ...There is a quietude
so B
eautiful and Peaceful
that it flows smoothly
and transitions ones conscience
to make perfect Harmony with it all.
Such awareness
will inspire you
to search your Heart
for the Sacred Space
within yourself.

Your Journey in Life
can Bless you
with Peace and Serenity
and Love.

FREE 10+ Beautiful Space Backgrounds For Desktop in PSD | AI

are a Magical Child
of God,
a Beautiful Masterpiece
of the Universe.
are a shining Light
of Happiness, Health, abundance
and Joy.
are not one in a million.
You are one in
There is only one of you
in all Time.
You are unique
and very extraordinary
in your own unique
and remarkable way.
Beautiful Butterfly Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
is all about celebrating and cherishing
each and every moment.
You were in Love
with Life,
as a Child.
Fall in Love again,
  with Life.
It is Beautiful.

From the depths of your
listen to the Song
of Life,
and appreciate the tenderness
of each note.
can be found
on Earth.
It resides in your
It has no description,
except the sound
that is found
in the quiet, tranquil and Peaceful
beat of your Sacred
Your Spirit soars
to Heavenly Universal Places
that touch the
is the sensation
of soothing sounds
in each note of Life.
It is impossible
for anyone to cause you
suffering or pain
without your permission.
must recognize them,
and give permission
for them to enter
your Heart
and mind.
In its simplicity,
Love washes away
all negativity that dwells
is that powerful.

Beautiful Pink Lotus Flower Floating Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty ...












Everything is Temporary but God’s Love / The Do Not Call Registry / Midsummer Night’s Dream

Beautiful Landscape Of Sunset Scene Royalty Free Cliparts ...

There are graveyards
of broken Dreams.
There are
feelings as empty
as the void of deep space.
a sad melody
has been played
and echoed in the Human

could never express
our deepest emotions.
But God,
My Dear Friend,
can bring
Life and Healing
to your mind and Heart.
Beautiful Scenery Royalty Free Stock Photography - Image ...Every sorrow
can draw you closer
to God.
feels your need
for Love.
can Bloom with Blossoms
of Beautiful Dreams.
Your Dreams
can carry you far, far
"cowslip" stock photos, royalty-free images, vectors, video | Stock ...
Dreams are
They point the
They paint our World
with Hope,
while they freely roam in the
the Lord
to Journey with
while you Dream,
and Dream
this Life

Beautiful Night Scene with the Stock Footage Video (100% ...

My Dear Friends,
there is so much Beauty
that we hold in our
God will show you
how to Love Life
 For even in the darkest of minds,
there is still
Through Prayer,
will can emanate Grace
instead of sorrow.

Our Lives
can became a story of
Hope and Joy.
the most broken of Hearts
are also the most Healing.
Dream, Believe,
and Truly Live.

Beautiful Nature Scene of Flowers - Animation video ...

to God in Prayer.
Our Heavenly Father
will shield you from Harm.
will allow the transmutation
of dark energy,
into Light energy
and Love.
He will ease the pain of this
and bring Peace
to all Mankind.
will be Blessed.

Sunset royalty free stock photo | Amazing sunsets, Sunset ...

will find yourself transported
to a Place
you were not even searching for.
will introduce you
to the Serene Beauty
that envelops your Soul.
And as you share
your Love,
you will no longer be
a stranger to others,
but a Kindred Spirit.

Capture the perfect
the Light
of God’s Love.

Beautiful Waterfall Nature Scenery Of Colorful Deep Forest ...

Drops of dew
are the gems of a Beautiful
But to some of us,
they are the tears
of a sorrowful night.

The distinction prevails
in our thoughts
But the Love
of God
expresses that which cannot be said,
on which it is impossible
to be silent.

Beautiful Sunset Scene, Cool Natural Beautiful Sunset ...

like the rays of the Sun,
covers your Heart
with a Light Veil
and touches you deep
Our Beautiful W
is reflected in
We all Journey
along a small path
in a large park.
as a warm and gentle breeze
touches your face,
the green leaves are gently
in tune with your fragile
A delicate Flower
of our desire
slowly unfolds to meet the
The flow of Joy
fills you with energy
and delight.

And as you smile,
you come to realize
that here and now,
is the meaning of
The Source
of your Inspiration,
is the Infinite and Beautiful World
your Sacred Heart.

Sunset Beach Scene. Tranquil Warm Stock Footage Video (100 ...

The Precious Gift
that God gave our World,
is you.
How Blessed we are
to have been given
such a precious Gift.
As the World
seemingly spins out of control,
let us Thank our Lord
for soothing our Spirits
with the God Given Gift of

Summer Scene Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

The Do Not Call Registry
click here to read more

Since 2003, Americans have been able to opt out of receiving most telemarketing calls by putting their phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry, and millions of them have done so. The Registry now has more than 221 million telephone numbers on it, giving these consumers a little more peace and quiet during their dinner hour. Not only is the Do Not Call program wildly popular with consumers, but it also helps telemarketers operate more efficiently by screening out consumers who do not want to be contacted.
The DNC Registry website is www.donotcall.gov.     A Spanish-language version is also available.    The Registry only contains phone numbers, no other personally identifiable information, and we do not keep a record of whether the numbers are land line or cell phones.
Free photo: Beautiful Mountains - Altitude, Cloud, Landscape - Free ...There are some exemptions to the Do Not Call rules. Because of the limits to FTC’s authority, the Registry does not apply to political calls or calls from non-profits and charities (but the Registry does cover telemarketers calling on behalf of charities). Also, calls from legitimate “survey” organizations are not covered because they are not offering to sell anything to consumers. Finally, calls are permitted from companies with which you have done or sought to do business. Specifically, a company can call you up to 18 months after you last did business with it.

Free Best And Beautiful Images | PixelsTalk.Net
















A Deep Yearning To Feel More Love / Stress Relievers: Tips to Tame Stress / School Calendar

Yellow butterfly on the beautiful spring flowers

is more Beautiful
than anyone is aware.
it may be Lived
even more Beautifully,
when Lived in
the Heart.
“It is Beautiful
to express Love
and even more Beautiful
to feel it.”

Dejan Stojanovic

 You can hear
as the wind gently whistles
through the Leaves,
and in the Songs
of the Beautiful Birds
in the Trees.
Life Is Beautiful | Free Images at Clker.com - vector clip ....There is
a deep yearning
to feel more Love
in Life.
My Dear Friends,
no other Love
can warm the Human Heart,
like the Love
of God.
As you Give
to God,
He Gives
to you,
Forever True.
Lives that intersect
with the Beauty of the Living
found all around,
know Love
as the feeling of what can
be found.
And what can be,
and has always
Humorous, Funny and Cute Animal Photos - 491 - from All ...
You know
 the feeling of what can be.
It has been
as a Child,
and Loved more than
can be Beautiful,
it is.

HD Purple Floral Winter Wallpaper | Download Free - 59972

open your Heart
and Truly enjoy being part
of this Beautiful Life
that was Gifted to us
from the start.
Psalm 104

is magnificent
in telling of the Divine Plan of Nature,
to God’s organization of all things:
“Thou dost cause the grass to grow for the cattle, and plants for man to cultivate . . . .
Thou hast made the Moon to mark the seasons;
the Sun knows its time for setting . . . .
O LORD, how Manifold are Thy Works!
In Wisdom hast Thou made them all;
the Earth is full of Thy Creatures”

Pin on Amazing Places To Visit

How wonderful
is the World God Created
in His Perfection,
in His Love.
Our Divine Artist
Created everything
Beautiful and Wonderful.
The Beautiful Life memories
stay with you
Thank You

Golden Tanagers | Beautiful birds, Stock photos, Royalty ...

The feeling
of Love
always shows us
the way.
Our wait
for Love,
is the brake
to a highlight of Hope
With enough Love,
will fall into place.

Life is a Gift.
Treat it as a Blessing.
Be Grateful.
Open the Gift,
by opening your Heart.
Live in Joy.
Joy is your True

Top 50 Beautiful Caterpillars Photos Pictures I Images ...

acclaims our Heavenly Birth,
Beautifully Chosen
with Happiness and Harmony,
blended with sorrow
and pain.
is like the waters
that flow.
Still or not,
they quench our thirst
for a longing to be.
There is a shimmering Light
for all Hearts filled with grief.
It charts the course
past uncertainty
And that Light is

Human hand and beautiful butterfly ⬇ Stock Photo, Image by ...

Everything God Created
is Beautiful
and touches the

can feel the Love 
you need
and have been seeking 
your whole Life.
HD Beautiful Pink World Wallpaper | Download Free - 54736Love

is Graced to all of God’s
Let us Pray
that we stay
on our Journey
to know the Love
of God.
Hd Wallpapers With Most Beautiful Birds In The World ...And
as we dance in the wind
and witness the awesomeness 
of the Beauty that surrounds us,
and listen to the sounds of Nature
all around us,
let us be grateful
to God Above.

Butterflies photos, royalty-free images, graphics, vectors ...

Your Prayers
affect the subconscious, 
and put you into 
an emotional-meditative state. 
They are a
Divine Way
to achieve Inner Harmony,
with yourself,
with the Lord,
and with the World around you.

can become
a Heart-warming Melody.
How very special
Life becomes
with Love.
Like Beautiful Art,
Life becomes
such an outstanding Creation
when it is filled
with Love.

Thank the Lord,
and Thank each other,
for sharing all the Tenderness
and Compassion
our Sacred Hearts
can behold.

Worries and stress
subside in the boundless Serenity
and Peace of Nature.

With Spring
comes Beautiful and bountiful
colors and fragrances.
And the Birds are singing
and everything is coming
back to Life.
The Trees are blooming
and the Flowers
are in blossom.
It is sad
that we who live amongst
the bountiful Beauty of Nature,
do not Live in Peace,
and come to Love each other
without condition.

are much like the Birds
that fly over all this Beauty.
Let us take the Time
to Thank the Lord
 for so much Beauty
in Life.
Breathe deeply
and relax.

Notice the Love of God
all around,
and you will feel
Healing begin.
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The Power of
engages our Heart and mind
in a such positive way.
It attracts our unconscious
to thoughts Positive
from the Unseen.

is both Timeless
and Ethereal.

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Stress relievers: Tips to tame stress

Stress getting to you? Try some of these tips for stress relief.

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Is stress making you frustrated and irritable? Stress relievers can help restore calm and serenity to your chaotic life. You don’t have to invest a lot of time or thought into stress relievers. If your stress is getting out of control and you need quick relief, try one of these tips.

Get active

Virtually any form of physical activity can act as a stress reliever. Even if you’re not an athlete or you’re out of shape, exercise can still be a good stress reliever.

Physical activity can pump up your feel-good endorphins and other natural neural chemicals that enhance your sense of well-being. Exercise can also refocus your mind on your body’s movements, which can improve your mood and help the day’s irritations fade away. Consider walking, jogging, gardening, housecleaning, biking, swimming, weightlifting or anything else that gets you active.

Eat a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet is an important part of taking care of yourself. Aim to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.

Avoid unhealthy habits

Some people may deal with stress by drinking too much caffeine or alcohol, smoking, eating too much, or using illegal substances. These habits can harm your health.


During meditation, you focus your attention and quiet the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind and causing stress. Meditation can instill a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health.

Guided meditation, guided imagery, visualization and other forms of meditation can be practiced anywhere at any time, whether you’re out for a walk, riding the bus to work or waiting at the doctor’s office. You can also try deep breathing anywhere.

Laugh more

A good sense of humor can’t cure all ailments, but it can help you feel better, even if you have to force a fake laugh through your grumpiness. When you laugh, it not only lightens your mental load but also causes positive physical changes in your body. Laughter fires up and then cools down your stress response. So read some jokes, tell some jokes, watch a comedy or hang out with your funny friends. Or give laughter yoga a try.

Connect with others

When you’re stressed and irritable, your instinct may be to isolate yourself. Instead, reach out to family and friends and make social connections.

Social contact is a good stress reliever because it can offer distraction, provide support and help you tolerate life’s up and downs. So take a coffee break with a friend, email a relative or visit your place of worship.

Got more time? Consider volunteering for a charitable group and help yourself while helping others.

Assert yourself

You might want to do it all, but you can’t, at least not without paying a price. Learning to say no or being willing to delegate can help you manage your to-do list and your stress.

Saying yes may seem like an easy way to keep the peace, prevent conflicts and get the job done right. But it may actually cause you internal conflict because your needs and those of your family come second, which can lead to stress, anger, resentment and even the desire to exact revenge. And that’s not a very calm and peaceful reaction.

Try yoga

With its series of postures and controlled-breathing exercises, yoga is a popular stress reliever. Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines which may help you achieve peacefulness of body and mind. Yoga can help you relax and manage stress and anxiety.

Try yoga on your own or find a class — you can find classes in most communities. Hatha yoga, in particular, is a good stress reliever because of its slower pace and easier movements.

Get enough sleep

Stress can cause you to have trouble falling asleep. When you have too much to do — and too much to think about — your sleep can suffer. But sleep is the time when your brain and body recharge.

And the quality and amount of sleep you get can affect your mood, energy level, concentration and overall functioning. If you have sleep troubles, make sure that you have a quiet, relaxing bedtime routine, listen to soothing music, put clocks away, and stick to a consistent schedule.

Keep a journal

Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be a good release for otherwise pent-up emotions. Don’t think about what to write — just let it happen. Write whatever comes to mind. No one else needs to read it, so don’t strive for perfection in grammar or spelling.

Just let your thoughts flow on paper — or computer screen. Once you’re done, you can toss out what you wrote or save it to reflect on later.

Get musical and be creative

Listening to or playing music is a good stress reliever because it can provide a mental distraction, reduce muscle tension and decrease stress hormones. Crank up the volume and let your mind be absorbed by the music.

If music isn’t one of your interests, turn your attention to another hobby you enjoy, such as gardening, sewing, sketching — anything that requires you to focus on what you’re doing rather than what you think you should be doing.

Seek counseling

If new stressors are challenging your ability to cope or if self-care measures just aren’t relieving your stress, you may need to look for reinforcements in the form of therapy or counseling. Therapy also may be a good idea if you feel overwhelmed or trapped, if you worry excessively, or if you have trouble carrying out daily routines or meeting responsibilities at work, home or school.

Professional counselors or therapists can help you identify sources of your stress and learn new coping tools.











If Tomorrow Never Comes / What Really Matters – The 7 Most Important Things in Life / School Calendar

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If Tomorrow never comes,
will those you Love
ever know
just how much
you Loved them?
And as this thought
crosses your mind,
ask as you may,
did I try every day
to let them know
in every way
that my Heart
belonged to them.
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My Dear Friends,
as we go strolling
through the valleys of our emotions
and climb up the mountains
of our Dreams,
 the veil of uncertainty
is lifted
in each and every Day,
as we Pray.
The Wonderful Knowing
that gives us strength,
provides Peace
to our Hearts
and calm
to our minds.
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And when we gently wake 
in the morning Light,
doubt will dissolve
and Love
will be the only
We are Blessed
to be here on our Sacred
But regardless of how long,
it never seems to be
long enough.

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is so special.
As we feel the energy
of Living
 Day to Day,
our precious Lives
Love and Compassion.
Let us Believe
in Life
and Love.
Let us feel it
and Truly
Live it..amazing beautiful nice latest pictures of nature places ...

Over hill and dale
we come.
And the difference
we make,
depends upon how we
and to the beat
of which drum.
The World will change
for something new and different.
Will it be
for what the Lord

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Life is incredible.
 And each Life
is unique.
My Dear Friends,
we are
And we are
And we can face
anything in Life.
have the strength
to overcome any obstacle,
any loss
or any situation. 
are not alone. 
Amazing Nature Of Crimea, Ukraine: Sea, Rocks And Pines ... Be Blessed
in this precious Life.
Open your Heart
and open your mind.
The positive vibrations
are all around.
Live your Life
to the fullest
by sharing your Love
with everyone.

Be guided
by the Holy Spirit
and feel the Beautiful

It is Truly
a Wonderful Life,
if you let it
 What really matters
are the people we Love,
and the people
who Love us.

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Give Thanks
for the Peace
in your Sacred Life.
give Thanks for the Love
in your Heart.

Let us
be Grateful
for the laughter in Life
if these things have not manifested
in your Life,
Thanks to the Lord,
and they will.
You can have
what you Believe
in your Heart

Beautiful Landscape With Mountain And Ocean In Iceland ...“The meek
will possess the Earth,
and they will find exquisite delight
in the abundance of

Psalm 37

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What Really Matters –
The 7 Most Important Things in Life

Life is short and in a world of chaos, social media and divisiveness, precious things can easily become lost. Sometimes, circumstances out of our control cause loss, and sometimes our own choices cause us to lose the things that mean the most. We all have different needs and priorities in life, but we share one thing in common: the absence of certain things in life causes us to feel incomplete. While our lives and priorities may differ, there are some things vital to living a life of fulfillment… things we need to fight for… things that really matter. Never lose sight of these 7 critical things in life.

Rule #1, Protect your Peace. I used to become really affected by my surroundings. If my space was negative, I had to work hard not to spiral into a negative mindset. The truth is, life isn’t easy, and remaining in our quaint comfort zones doesn’t open the window for change. The more confident you grow in the love you have for yourself, the more you realize that you are strong enough to walk in a room where the tension is thick and maintain your internal peace.

When you protect your peace, you can then balance your emotions and manage relationships and stressful situations effectively. This will help you develop self-confidence and come to terms with yourself so that you can achieve inner peace and cultivate a more positive attitude towards life.

Do yourself a life-changing favor and love yourself enough to put your peace first; love yourself enough to treat yourself. This is not selfish, it is self-preservation and self-love. You don’t deserve to feel “less than.” You don’t have to measure up to the expectations others put on you. Love yourself enough to protect your peace.
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So many of us take our health for granted until something life-changing happens, and our health becomes at risk. With good health, anything is possible. Without it, you cannot live life to its fullest. It is vital to take care of your mind, body and soul. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Take control of your overall health. Eat healthy and exercise daily to minimize preventable illnesses and the stress that may be keeping you from enjoying life.

Focus on your health and remember to practice self-care. Though we may be caregivers or breadwinners for others, we need to focus on our own health – and mental health. In fact, the more we can look after our own well-being, the better equipped we are to be of service to others.

Being more present, eating well and making time to decompress will enhance your mental health and overall well-being. Practice being kinder to yourself by taking time to reset mentally and prioritize all aspects of your health.
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Family & Friendship

Our relationships are our foundation. They are truly the things that make our lives richer and more complete. We must prioritize time with friends, family and loved ones to foster our relationships. Being busy is normal, but why not try to be busy with the people that mean the most to us?

Having people in your life that you can call family is priceless. Knowing that you have someone who cares for you and will always be there for you is the type of support we all need, even if we don’t always admit it. But it is so easy to forget just how much family means to us. They’re the people we typically take for granted because at the end of the day, we know they will still be family. Always remember, your family is irreplaceable. You must devote time, love and energy to nurture your family relationships – not just for the sake of your family, but for yourself.

You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends and make them members of your family. If you know a person you can call your best friend, then consider yourself blessed. Make the most out of your time with your friends and, more importantly, be the best friend you can be.

The unconditional love of family is an indescribable feeling and although you may not always see eye-to-eye, respect each other’s uniqueness and do your best to show your love more often.


Purpose is our “why.” It drives our every action and fuels our passion. It encompasses our work, our relationships, and our approach to living our best lives. Our purpose wraps around everything we do in our lives. To live a fulfilling life, we must have a purpose – a goal, an outcome we want to achieve as we walk this Earth. I feel like I truly started living when I found my purpose. It’s a never-ending journey that I wake up excited about every single day. You can call it your dreams, career aspirations or your own definition of success, but if you really want to make a change in this world, you have to begin with yourself. So, dig deep to find out what you’re passionate about and how that passion can make a positive impact on those around you, then go after it with vigor for the rest of your life. It means living your life in an intentional way. Ultimately, it becomes your legacy.


Time is a limited resource; once it is spent, it’s gone forever. We cannot ever get time back, but we can be intentional with the time that we have.

We all have the same number of hours in our day, hours that are filled with responsibilities and obligations. Managing time often comes down to choices. The problem is, we say “yes” far too often. This is where we lose balance. Each time we say “yes” to something, we are saying “no” to something else. Instead of feeling in control of our schedule, we feel our time is not our own. We rush from one commitment to the next, never feeling truly present at any of them. We cram more into our days but feel we have less and less time to do the things we really want to do or to see the people we want to see. We have less space left for ourselves.

We can take control by saying “yes” to less and appreciating the blank space in our diary. We can protect our precious time, saving it for the activities and people that give our lives the most meaning and joy.


Life is a gift and it is our responsibility to get the most of out of it. It is critical that you always invest in developing your knowledge and skills. One day I think I am an expert in an area, and the next day I am faced with a challenge that teaches me otherwise. It is to our benefit to approach challenges as a learning opportunity. Discover and cultivate your talents through continuous learning and you will add great depth and meaning to your life.

I made a very conscious decision to go back to school to attain my doctorate this fall. Though very supportive, I had mentors and colleagues tell me that to achieve my career goals, going back to school was unnecessary. Though that may be true, my unwavering desire to learn has pushed me on this path. I decided that opening my mind to new concepts in education and coupling that science with my experience was too exciting to pass up. As B.B. King so eloquently stated, “The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”

Our human worth transcends formal education and professional development, of course. It is a sum of everything we experience, accomplish, face, and overcome. The more you expand your learning, the more invaluable you become.


I have always said, we were put on this earth simply to love. Love one another, love what we do, love the Earth, and love each moment we are blessed to experience. Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

The real mark of greatness is shown through love’s actions of kindness, compassion, helpfulness and caring. Even if you don’t love your life itself, through loving things or people in your life you can still find meaning and purpose.

Learning how to love your place in the world helps create a positive, healthy attitude toward life. Through love we receive understanding, mercy, joy and forgiveness. Through love most of our emotional needs are met. Through love we feel worthy and valid. Through love we serve a higher purpose and unite in a higher calling.

The energy of love is the highest energy we can experience and acts of love raise our consciousness of the world. Our ability to approach the world with love sets an example for others to aspire to while teaching compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and peace.

Just imagine a world where every action is rooted in Love. I know I do!

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