Benefits From Daily Coffee

“If you make someone laugh,
you give them a little vacation
                         – Winston Churchill

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        Our moment of life – a brief trace in time.

From Jeffrey Huntington in “New Health Benefits From Daily Coffee” published in Life Extension Magazine we find another example of the rapidly expanding literature regarding the benefits of drinking coffee. Please click here for article.

The scientific community is expressing growing interest in discovering the health benefits contained in coffee.  And research in this area has exploded in the past several years. And researchers have found that the risk of dying was significantly reduced in those who drank coffee (all levels of consumption) compared to those who did not.

These beauties stopped by. We shared bird seed & coffee.

These beauties stopped by. We shared bird seed & coffee.

New epidemiological studies have shown sharp reductions in the risk of overall death among coffee drinkers. There now is compelling evidence of coffee’s health benefits regarding cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, neuro-degenerative disease, plus liver and kidney cancers. Researchers from the University of Scranton report that coffee is the No. 1 source of antioxidants in the American diet. (

Can coffee be part of a healthy diet? There is a new perception on the health benefits of coffee. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. seem to confirm the positive view. From the Mayo Clinic, Donald Hensrud, M.D. reports that studies have shown coffee may have health benefits, including protecting against Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes and liver disease, including liver cancer. It also appears to improve cognitive function and decrease the risk of depression. Click here for more.

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Is he taking pictures of us again?

From lowered cancer risks to a sharper memory, more studies are showing that coffee is good for you – but why?

Regular coffee drinkers have a 39 percent decreased risk of head and neck cancer, according to a new study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Bio-markers & Prevention. Those who drank an estimated four or more cups a day had significantly fewer cancers of the mouth and throat than non coffee drinkers, the study found.

The safe daily dosage of caffeine is 300 milligrams for adults and 35 to 40 milligrams a day for children, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). Click here for more.

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It is difficult to even imagine the delicate, intricate beauty that comes from the Mind of God. But it is all around us.

“Coffee contains more than a thousand chemicals, some of which have antioxidant and anti-mutagenic activities,” according to Mia Hashibe, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Utah.

Without dangerous pesticides you will discover stunning creations.

Without dangerous pesticides you will discover stunning creations.

Drinking coffee provides for your longevity and offers many protective benefits. Please pardon me while I pour another cup! I have found that the more I mention this, the more thirsty I am.

Rosie Junior a few days after enrolling.

Rosie Junior a few days after enrolling.

The sign “The Buck Stops Here” was on President Truman’s desk in his White House office. I am making a new sign for my desk that says, “The Starbuck Stops Here!”.

So don’t walk past my office with coffee in hand without stopping to share. You are endangering my life by withholding this life giving drink.

And, I grew up in west Texas, so I have stories to tell.



"R.J." after putting on about a pound a day for four months!

“R.J.” after putting on about a pound a day for a few months!

The Indelible Essence of Being

“There are absolute truths,
But, of course, you can’t be
absolutely certain about that.”

         – Alexander Anderson

sunset 8

Love is a living, breathing thing.
With all the Love God holds in His Heart,
He abundantly Blessed you
and me and so many others
He cherishes above all things.

At times it is not easy to see,
but Love and the self are one.
They are the self-same thing.
And the discovery of either
can become the realization of both.
Just as energy and matter
can never be destroyed,
neither can the Love of God
in a living, breathing creation.

It can only be transformed.
And the love your child seeks to give,
makes the transformation complete.
The love of a child for you is far more alive
than you and I will be capable of comprehending.
For a child’s heart is beating in time with God.
The purity of His heart has placed your child
into your very Loving Arms.

Sunset 10

And through the precious Gift of Life,
He wants you to know that He deeply loves you.
The love of God, so beautifully expressed
through the gift of a child,
will sustain you, this day and evermore.
Open your arms and accept this Love,
for a greater gift you shall never receive.

Yes, the love of God lives in your heart,
and in your desires and dreams,
and in your child.
It will dwell there always. It shall always be.
Time cannot erase the indelible essence of being.
His love will always live.

Look into your heart,
and that of your precious child,
and find it beating there still.
The seed of life implanted by God
is the very essence of His love.
It lives, and it shall always be.

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 Classes resume on Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We look forward to being with you.

How Can We Triumphant Be?


Dedicated to our much loved Professor of Classics
and Classical Languages –
Professor Harry H. Lacey.
A man dedicated to God, and you and me.
We thank the Lord for the Precious Gift of your Life.
And we thank you for the Gift of your Love.

Thank you Prof Lacey for telling us the Story of our Life. We love you!

How can we triumphant be?
My friends, we are.
The color of your dreams
Is the shade of your child’s eyes.
The highest aspiration of your every dream,

Comes gently from a child of your own,
That surrenders so many smiles,
In sweet and tender sighs.

Sunset 2You are in the Warm Embrace of God,
In the child you have
In the child you are.

You are the Prayer, the Promise.
You are all the joy
Of life’s longing to be.

You are the messenger.
You are the message.
Yes, you are all that God
Wants you to be.

CloudsWe of imperfect perfection
Cannot of greater Glory be.
With the Breath of God
To fill our lungs,
And by His Sight,
Able to see.

Yes, the Heart of Heaven
Beats with every tender sigh.
Now we can Triumphant be,
Thank God Almighty
At last we see.
His Heart beats within
Every heart around me,
And my mind is set free.

His Breath, the Fire
Of your very own voice.
His Touch, the Tender Grace
Of your hands,
lift those in need
From their knees.

Sunset 4His Embrace, the warmth you feel
In every eye you greet.
His Love, Blessings countless
From Heaven Above.

His Forgiveness, passing through you,
To everyone you meet.
His Joy, born within you,
Discovered on the day of your birth,
That has always been with you.
Sunset 7 As all about we hear

The sound of children’s laughter,
A song in perfect harmony.
With One Breath,

Our life,
His Love bestow.

Sunset 6For those who seek Truth,
Which we cannot define,
Save Words
From what we know Divine.

We children of God
Have been given the right
To neither live or die in vain.
The last breath of another Child,
Gave us His Grace.
And Everlasting,
It shall remain.

How can we Triumphant be?
My friends, we are.

Sunset 7


A Beautiful Song of Joy

As breath of Life, pauses, prepares and journeys.

As breath of Life, pauses, prepares, journeys . . .

Dedicated with Love to our Dear Friend
Jessica Daring
whose heart makes us all sing.

Our Life, our Love, our Laughter,
Can be a Beautiful Song of Joy.
Rippling through the air
Like water, natural flows.

Tripping down stairs of stones,
Cascade, then eventide,
As breath of Life
Pauses, prepares,

Journeys into time,
Into Learning, Loving, Living.

The Gift of Life,
From God’s own breath,
Is a song we sing.

In Momentary Sunlight.

In Momentary Sunlight.

As we come,
As we go,

In momentary sunlight,
Brief, shining,
Glistening upon the grass,
Helping it grow.

The heart,
But not with eyes,
Will see.

What we feel,
Is all we know,

Time in truth
Well spent,
Rings pure.

And in the end,
In the sand,
All our Tomorrows
Were Yesterday.
And this moment,
No longer pretend to be.

The heart, but not with eyes, will see.

The heart, but not with eyes, will see.

Did we let
guide us?

Did we teach the heart
to sing
Beautiful Song
of Joy?