The Poetry of You

To love someone other than yourself
Is the highest form of loving yourself,

For you come to love all humanity
And humanity becomes you.

And the greatest part of you
Becomes a part of everyone you come to love.

We are here for a purpose.
And it lies outside of ourselves
And the Noble Ideals we share.

It lives and breathes within the lives of others,
Not so fortunate as ourselves.
It lives as well as it may.

A child must possess the knowledge
That there is love,
That love exists,
And that it may be found
In you.

For a Mother and for Father
Love truly blossoms evermore
When children find:

“Tis true
There is poetry all around,
Beauty flows from everything,
But by far
The most beautiful poem
Is you.”

 – Wm. C. Anderson

The Blunt Truth About Children & Perscriptions

The acceptance by parents of chemical substances as a solution, indeed a quick fix, to the dilemmas of perceived behaviour problems places our children in peril. I say our children because every child is the son or daughter of us all.

It is an immorality beyond which we can never recover, the lost potential of our precious children – children that will never become all they could become. You, as a parent, will never realize, never know what they did not become. How could you? The chalkboard was erased before it could be read.

Let’s be blunt!

Parents, you have been deceived, lied to and mislead about drugs like Ritalin. And you have not been told the truth about your child.

Teachers and school administrators are totally unqualified by any measure of qualification in the field of medicine, without license or even one clock hour of class instruction in a school of medicine, pharmacy or even veterinary medicine or nursing. And many are effectively practising medicine without a license.

These highly unqualified educators have boldly coxed, ordered and even threatened our poor worry laden parents into accepting the very things they so opposed and feared for their children – drugs. Drugs for a simple, fast and apparently effective solution to a perceived problem: an active child mislabelled as “hyper” active. A curious and overly simplistic label that, in one felt stroke, discounts and negates the entire history of fields like psychology and in-depth studies in pharmacology.

A strange label to us because Mrs. Anderson and I never met a single “hyper” active child in over thirty years of working with children. Active children yes! Some very active, like our own son. But all normal and within easily measurable parameters of young human beings.

But teachers, medically unqualified and obviously unqualified in the fields of behaviour management, motivation and curriculum or instruction, have demanded and even brow beat our exhausted, overworked and more and more depressed parents. Parents not knowing who to turn to and eventually trusting the child’s teacher.

A truly  misplaced trust.

Guided by awesomely unknowledgeable and unqualified educators, parents literally rushed into a Doctor’s office with an agenda imposed upon their psyche by the overburdened, underfunded, ill prepared and highly trusted classroom teacher. A teacher who, typically, cannot possibly know, and who has little time to comprehend, the complexity of even a generalized cause and effect.

The cause: a normal, healthy and active child the teacher is unable or unwilling to motivate. She or he is constrained by so many elements, artificial definitions, financial limitations and bureaucratic or dogmatic burdens and barriers that the personalized needs of individual children can never be met.

The effect: a drugged up, compliant, sometimes nearly comatose child. A child forced into taking growth inhibiting, mind numbing, carcinogenic and ultimately disabling drugs which, taken long term and typically without appropriate monitoring, result in side effects that the poor parents simply had no awareness of. Unknown – unpredictable with NO longitudinal study!

“Oh My God! If I had only known!” We have heard parents exclaim. The loss of a child’s precious personality, the facial tics, the diminished curiosity and creativity, the potential of chromosomal abnormality, the loss of muscle mass, the strange developing inhibitions and many other yet unknown side effects and relational by-products resulting from effectively experimenting with our precious, and may I add, delicate children.

Do I still have your attention? Wake up!

Illegal drugs of a wide variety and easily available from a plethora of evil sources are destroying our children. And YOU, my dear parents, are a major contributor to their demise.

YOU were not armed with the knowledge or did not have the courage to stand up against even the legal and also easily available drugs of their earlier childhood. YOU communicated directly (remember taking them to the Doctor?) and effectively (remember insisting upon your child taking those pills?). YOU communicated to your trusting child that drugs are a fast and simple solution to problems. And now, in their not much later years, your children follow your example – and you are astonished.

Because of your trusting relationship, you became the most effective teacher known in history. You led your trusting child by example, and now, that child is grown and taking your example all the way to the alter and sacrificing their lives upon it, the pathway to which, was laden with chemical substances you approved of and effectively forced them to take.

The present situation has accurately been described by the media as an epidemic, even a tidal wave,  of prescription drugs. The percentages reported now approach fifteen to twenty percent of some school populations. My, what have we done?

But no more tears!

After reading this, you shall have known what we have done. Please get on the internet. Search the subject. Prepare yourself with real, significant and hard data. You shall be truly astonished at what you find. And please, trust in your own judgement!

Inform yourself and use good judgement and a heaping teaspoon of common sense (substitute this for the mindless and mind numbing drug you were going to force upon your innocent child),

If you do not do your homework, what you do will be among the most immoral acts of betrayal that can be imagined. You will have betrayed that which you held most dear in your life – your children.

Please, no more tears. This continent is awash with tears and drugs. Stop crying and turn on your computer and start reading instead. Your child can show you how to do that.

Society today doesn’t tell you how to deal with problems other than, “Taking a Pill”. And our society is very ill.


Freedom and its illusory opponents

There is something magical about freedom – almost indefinable. You cannot put your finger on its pulse, but you feel it. It is vibrant, alive, and deep inside you know it is the elixer, the lubricant of life. It is the answer! It solves all the problems we have, given time and dedication to its precepts and promises. But freedom has its illusory opponents.

And what have we done in this land of the free? We fell prey to the illusion that something exists more powerful, more dynamic and more liberating than individual feedom.

This illusion is control.It is egocentric and distorts everything it touches.

We find it enfolded especially within the complex layers of edicts, mandates and restrictions and strings tied to the money, our money by the way, that flows back to us through our schools.

Instead of measuring achievement and progress and giving the results to teachers and parents and kids to use as they would instinctively know, we use this valuable feedback to punish and, unbelieveably, to even abolish jobs, destroy the careers of dedicated instructors and even entire schools in an attempt to control events and people and progress. We have used it to bolster political careers and give credit where it is not understood, harmfully counter productive and not deserved.

With “No child left behind” we find drop out rates so high that, in numerous larger communities, nearly half of our children are left at the starting gate. Many are damaged beyond repair with little to no hope for a real future in this land so ripe with opportunity purchased with the blood of so many patriots. We do grave dishonor to them when we abolish freedom and hope for their children and their chidren’s children. And the instrument of their demise is the ego of control. Can we not see or do we not remember that so many Americans died for something called “Freedom”.

How can we see through this fog, this distortion of reality, this illusion? Have we really learned so little in all this time? Did we not take to heart the lessons our culture  has learned – that less is more, that free minds and open hearts and trust in the judgment of our friends we call teachers will give us the beauty we long for in the joy we seek for ourselves and our children.

There is no greater masterpiece of art on this planet than a truly happy child. And no greater artist to paint this portrait than a teacher with the freedom to create such joy!