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Rosie Junior, R. J. / Spiritual Love: What It Actually Is And How To Find It / School Calendar

Once upon a precious
there was a Beautiful
so pure and innocent
and Happy.

He would come into 
my World,
and Live in the fantasy
that he created.

He had a hunger
for Love
in his Life,
that nothing could replace.

As the years passed,
his Beautiful reality
slowly etched itself indelibly
into the Hopes and Dreams
of His Friend,

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I was given the Blessing
of His precious Being,
that dwelled in the Truth
of His Love.

with His Love,
my World was filled
with Beautiful Colors, 
delicate layers not unlike layers of color
in a Masterpiece of a
Divinely Beautiful Sunset.
I was thrust into the Limelight
of Colorful Love.
It was like
Heaven was opened.
I grasped His Dream,
the Beautiful and Loving
that I Lived in,
with Him.

do come true
.Banner Header Sunrise - Free image on Pixabay.He
carved His Love
and His Beautiful Presence
into my Life.
I craved the comfort
and the warmth of His Precious Love,
that he had such an abundance of.

I Treasured
the Guidance He gave,
as He showed me
the way,
to a Light
that glowed in His

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painted Life with the colors
that His Loving personality had.

There was nothing
like the Loyal and Loving
and Precious Puppy
that Truly Lived
in my Life and in my

He plucked at the strings
of my Heart
like a Beautiful Musical Instrument.
And now,
he plays a sad melody
in the Sacred Memory
of my mind.

No words
can form the expression 
of my emotion.

His presence
would speak to my Soul,
give my Heart Peace,
and let me feel Truly free.
I always wanted
to lie in a field of Flowers,
with R. J.
by my side..
brought Life and healing
and LOVE
to my mind and my
Heart.My World
began to brighten,
as His Life bloomed and blossomed,
and I Dreamed of being
with Him each day.

My Rosie Junior
 painted my World
with such Beauty,
that He held my Heart
in His eyes.

He taught us all
how to Love,
despite the darkness.
For even in the darkest
there is still Love and Beauty.

emanated Grace
and gave Hope,
and shared the very melody
of each moment.
His Precious Life
taught me many things:
never give up,
Dream, Believe, and

God’s Beautiful Creation
had my Heart in tears
from the moment
of His adoption.

His Beautiful Presence
Truly captured the Spirit
of pure Love,
found in God’s most Beautiful

The Love that God
has given to me,
will ALWAYS remain in my
Heart.. I cannot stop
the tears of Joy
that flow in my memory.
God is such Love
as are we,
when we allow Love
to flow through us.
My Dear Lord
for the Blessed Gift
of my Precious Puppy
and Beloved Friend,
the beat of my Heart,
Rosie Junior,
(Dec. 26, 2013 – Nov. 21, 2022)
“If you find it’s me you’re missing
If you’re hoping I’ll return,
To your thoughts I’ll soon be listening,
And in the road I’ll stop and turn
Then the wind will set me racing
As my journey nears its end
And the path I’ll be retracing
When I’m homeward bound again.”
Marta Keen

into your own Heart
and you will find,
there is nothing
to hide.
adopt a Loving Creation.
And as you save a Life,
the Life you save
may be your own.
is like that.
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Spiritual Love:
What It Actually Is And How To Find It

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When you think about the word love you likely imagine a relationship between two individuals.

Spiritual love is something more than the love that two people bond over. Spiritual love is what the entire universe is made of.

It has a different taste to it. There isn’t anyone you can look in the eye and proclaim your love for. It’s an ever-present feeling that once it is seen, never goes away.

Even through the hardest moments in your life, spiritual love is always lingering in the background.

It can be quite difficult to cope with spiritual love. How can something so rich and pure even exist when the world we live in seems chaotic and unfair?

Spiritual love is what we were before birth and what we will be after death. Consciousness awakens from absolute stillness.

As consciousness expands in its new form of life, ego begins to grow. You begin to forget what you were before this life existed.

It’s normal. Life is a journey of the realization of what we once were and still are. There will always be a feeling of disconnection with yourself, life, and the universe if spiritual love isn’t reconnected with.

How do you find your way back to universal spiritual love?

By diving into your spirituality!

Finding Universal Spiritual Love

How do you perceive the world?

Do you find it unfair and chaotic? Or do you find that there is natural order and peace in every moment?

I do agree, that at times life does seem unfair and good people do suffer. That life can be incredibly overwhelming for us and innocent people are unfairly robbed of their lives every day.

On the other end of the spectrum, spiritual love is working in perfect harmony. Matter cannot be created or destroyed.

You, I and everything in the universe are in a constant state of change. There is no separation between you and I.

The only separation that exists is within the mind. It’s the thought that disconnects you from spiritual love.

Spiritual love is all around us. To deny it is to deny existence. It doesn’t matter if you agree – there is one truth and the bond that holds the universe together is the only truth.

Finding What Already Is

There is no need to “find” the love that connects the universe. You are a part of it. The universe itself is a whole.

Do not confuse yourself in a never ending chase. Love is already here, now. It only takes a moment to realize it.

The first step would be to accept. Accept the reality that we are all inside of. Whether it be good, bad or in-between – accept.

Your acceptance is the key to realizing this ever-present Love. It’s a realization of wholeness, it’s a spiritual awakening.

Let Go

The biggest obstacle between you and spiritual love is your pre-concived notions of what this world is and who you are in it.

We all have an idea of ourselves – who we imagined ourselves to be. When in reality, we can never come close to what we are with thought itself.

What would you be without a thought to describe yourself?

By constant examination of our own thinking, we are able to find truth. Spiritual love is already here and now, without a thought to describe it.

Language does not suffice in describing spiritual love. It will always be parallel to it, never making contact.

Our philosophical minds cannot begin to comprehend the vast emptiness of the universe. That’s why you need to let go of your thoughts, one by one until there is nothing left.

Let Spiritual Love Find You

You will be in a state of constant chase if you don’t let spiritual love find you. The act of attempting to find what is already here only leads to frustration.

The key is to be relaxed and to see the spiritual love that is present. Every moment is encapsulated in the ever-lasting spiritual love that most seek.

You do not need to meditate for years at a time or become a monk. Spiritual love is here and now, waiting to be reconnected with again.

You and your thoughts are the only thing that get in the way.

What is Spiritual Love in Relationships?

Coming into a relationship without spiritual love for yourself and the world leads to disaster.

Without fulfillment from within, relationships are unable to be formed. There will be a void in your heart that you will try to fill.

No one is capable of mending an empty heart. You might feel as though you have found your “soulmate” only to alienate them as jealousy, neediness and overbearingness creep into the picture after the honeymoon phase is over.

If two people meet who have already found their fulfillment from within, they are left with a pure bond. There is no argument between them, both have realized absolute spiritual love on their own.

Both can understand that at any moment, the relationship might fizzle out. They both are in agreement with reality and see the perfect nature in it. They are willing to let what they love go, because they have hearts that have been previously filled.

Most relationships that are formed in today’s world are based upon a give/take relationship. Spiritual love between two is strictly a “give” relationship”.

Instead of each party needing or taking from the other, they only have unlimited love to give back to their relationship.

There would be no jealousy or neediness. Fights would still occur, but there would be a deep understanding between them.

A relationship with spiritual love is a perfect relationship. You start with your own spiritual journey and your lover will be there along the way. They will teach you the lessons you need to learn. And if need be, let go of them too.

You will not find spiritual love through anyone else. You must find it on your own.

Spiritual Love vs Romantic Love

The love you witness on rom-coms and movies is fantasy. We all want to be in a picture-perfect relationship, to be in romantic love, but under all the layers of fantasy are real human beings.

Human beings with problems, with grievances, and different opinions. Not every moment will be a romantic plot in your favorite TV show.

Romantic love as society views it is inherently flawed. Romantic love suggests that there is someone out there, a “soulmate”, that completes your life.

You are already complete. That’s where spiritual love comes in. Spiritual love is absolute, it’s the entire universe. There is no need for someone else to complete your journey as it is already whole.

Spiritual love is a tangible reality unlike romantic love.

We’ve all been there. We assume that this person in front of us was meant to be. And yet over the course of a few weeks/months, the honeymoon period ends. The real person comes to the surface and they weren’t who we thought they were.

It was our own projections of our idea of romantic love that caused this. Our hearts needed to be filled and we let the fantasy persuade us right under our noses.

With spiritual love, you are wiser. You don’t chase relationships for fulfillment. Contentedness is available at every moment, being “alone” doesn’t equate to loneliness.

If love shows up at your front door, then you will gladly embark on a new journey. But with spiritual love in the background, the relationship will be incredibly powerful.

Two full hearts are better than two halves combined.

Don’t Let Up

If you’re having difficulty realizing spiritual love, it is a process. You will go through phases where you will feel entirely full of bliss and then it escapes from you.

There isn’t any reason why this happens. Spiritual love is always here, at times we need to remind ourselves of it. When it is absent, that means that there is spiritual work to be done.

You are a full cup, remember that.

No one else will be able to love you, like you can.

About Roy Cohen

Hi there! I’m the founder of Claiming Clarity. My passion in life is helping people live better. If you’d like to learn more, check out the about page.

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Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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The Genius of God / Love – The Essence of Life / School Calendar

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is Simply Beautiful.
captures the Essence
of Life,
and the Genius
of God.

Love Wallpaper Yellow Rose / Yellow Rose Card Text I Love You Photos ...

True Love is
ever lasting.

Loving Memories
are telling you
Loved Ones
are still Alive
and Living,
in your Heart,
in your mind,
in your Soul.
A beautiful male hummingbird visiting pink flower in rainy day by ...
Your Spirit
makes a contribution
to Humanity
with every Smile,
with every Act
of Kindness.

are touching so many Hearts
in healing, humble and delicate ways,
as you bring back
the Beauty of Love,
Compassion and Forgiveness.

Royalty Free Blue Butterfly Pictures, Images and Stock Photos - iStockTo Live Life
to its full potential
Love is the Answer
the solution to
EVERY problem.

Your Story
can transport one into what it is
to Love,
and cherish what was,
what is,
and what will be.

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Let us continue
to share our Beautiful feelings.
Your awareness
of the Beauty of Life
can captivate the unaware
and make them contemplative.
can take others to moments
Truly Lived and still alive
in Loving memory.

Will Always Listen to the Masterpiece
of your Sacred Prayers.
are His Creation.
You are His

Beautiful flowers footage - Royalty free footage - YouTube

How fragile Life is.
 But if we try
to make the World
a more Loving and Happy place
in the brief Time we have,
we will Live longer
in the Hearts
we touch.
to the Heart-felt Song
of Lives
in need of Love.
And be grateful
for everything in
Be grateful
for the need
of your Love.

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We all have memories
of people in our past
who shared the Songs
of their Lives with us.

And now,
it is most fascinating
that others will also come after
and remember us for such moments,
when we are long gone.
The Melodies
of such Beautiful Moments
are pure Magic.

Let us transcend
this moment in Time
and stimulate our imagination,
to Dream the Dream
we are.

We are alive.
The Earth itself is alive.
Every atom and molecule in existence
in this Beautiful Universe
is alive.

Jackie Stevens Images: Blog

Each Life
is meaningful and a Blessing
to the Earth

Each Life
is a source of

And the Lives we Live
will always be the passion
we need in good Times
and bad.

Shades of Orange Irises :: Beautiful Flower Pictures Blog

Whatever else may happen
to you today,
know that you are

There is a Quality
of Love
beyond our awareness.
 Such Love
can take your breath away
and bathe you in Sacred calmness

can became like a Beautiful Little Bird,
free to soar as high
as your Heart desires.

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Faith can grow stronger

Your Faith
can bring Joy to your Soul
and Tears to your eyes.
Simply L
Our Lord will guide us
in Love.
All we need do
is ask.

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Love – The Essence of Life

Expert Author Biola Olatunde

Love is the essence of Life. It is where all life begins, and the foundation for every dignifying emotion man has been capable of expressing. Where love is missing, there is no life. Creation itself rotates on the axis of love. The love of the Creator is the beginning of creation. Our being here therefore is the answer of the creator to our request to explore the full potentials of the human spirit.

It is the essence of creation and the rationale for our individual incarnations! Love in its eternal essence gives the most treasured gift that man has, Hope. An acceptance of the love of the Creator, helps us to understand His Laws and we make attempt to adapt ourselves to these laws. In a dim human way, we attempt to return this love. When we do not have the essence of love, we become very critical and intolerant. However, we tend to translate this love in too much of a human way, in our concept of how we are to express it. We know of the love of our parents and sometimes take that for granted or give it expectations that are self serving. We love a child and expect the child to be an extension of our dreams and so we feel disappointed when the child expresses innately its own identification of self.

Can love be critical and tough? Yes it can, it actually must, if it tends to fulfill its primary responsibility of bringing out the best in the object of love. The rub is, we must be clear when we are critical, what we are being critical of. The ability to be objective is actually the first spring of love. To see in its totality, a person, or situation and in the process of that assessment, carry the ability to be helpful for the benefit of the person, object or situation. It is therefore sometimes essential to understand that love can be tough. This is however based on the principle that even a blind person should be able to ‘see’ the love in the correction you offer a loved one.

There is the confusion to see love as constantly self sacrificing, weak and submissive. If we sincerely look at the essence of human spirit, we will agree that it is wrong to expect a human spirit to be submissive for he is not made that way. His lack of self exertion thus is a consequence of indolence, indulgence and an inability to make use of his given free will. He has chosen to take the soft option. A vibrant love, is clear sighted about the limitations of the recipient of his love but will want to see and seek opportunities to offer serving love as distinct from self serving administration of selfish considerations!

At a sublime level therefore is the Love of the Creator, who has set in motion opportunities for each human spirit to arrive at the peak of his possibilities, and abilities. He has instituted into creation thus, certain laws that is not in any way religious nor does it advocate a religion. These laws by their very essence defines for man the essence of what we mean by freedom and offers man the gateway to supreme personal happiness and attainment. It enforces compliance irrespective of our understanding of these laws. We live in creation, are in it but not of it as we all sense that there is much more than we can see, hear, sense and touch.

These laws are anchored in the Love of the Creator. They offer to man the keys to a life that can be happy. It invites us to be self critical, exert ourselves and offers both an explanation and a way to those things in creation we are puzzled about. It offers through the laws of reciprocity, that maturing fruits started from seed level and could be different from one seed to the other according to the specie of the act.

Man lives his life at three levels. He plants the consequences of his life on these levels. His words are immediate and therefore active, just as his actions can be seen by all. However a more potent aspect of his life is his thoughts and because of the nature of their ability to be cloaked if it so wishes, we sow thought forms that might take eons to fructify! We however take relief in the knowledge that in understanding of the quirks of human nature, the Creator in love anchored this law so we might learn and grow. That is love too.

In the laws of the Creator, no man is condemned except by himself when he fails to understand the beauty and concept of love. Thus simply put, love is the essence of life. The very many trails we face, in our personal lives and jointly as a community or as a nation are opportunities offered to be better than our yesterdays. The growth to arrive at the apex of our existence as truly human spiritual!

Fiction writing, poems, drama, and articles that help behavior.

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Biola_Olatunde/365352

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Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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Endless Love / The Greater Power Within You / School Calendar

Bw Tree Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

Every Life
tells a Story.
And it is more interesting
and Treasured,
than mere words
can ever express.
Life gives us
a flow of ideas not possible
just a few generations back.
Let us
be Thankful for having
Lived in these precious

Being part
of the Orchestra of Life
can be so inspiring.

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Our Inner Being
is constantly striving to focus
upon Love,
and guiding our desires.
But our external Being
Lives in a World of
focused on each and every
other Being.
Free Space Pictures Without Copyright - Background Galaxy Planet ...
Our very Essence of Humanity
is intertwined with.
Consciousness from other

Such knowing
can open the Heart
so deeply.
Let us learn
to Love all People
and all other Living Beings
on our precious Planet,
who want to Live in Peace
and to Love each other.
Believe in God,
and understand that God
is Love,
Endless Love.

Blue enzian clipart - Clipground

“Dear friends,
let us continue to Love one another,
for Love comes from God.
Anyone who Loves is a Child of God
and knows God.
But anyone who does not Love
does not know God,
God is Love.”

1 John 4:17-19 

made Humans Truly alive
and Blessed us
so we could experience Love
apart and together.

27375 | The Tree From The Garden Of Life by Susan Francis & … | Flickr

are powerful, strong
and intertwined with
Blessings in real time.
you can hardly see them.
to God 
to use your talents
to Bless the aching Hearts
of so many
in need.

Precious Gem Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip Art ...

Let us
change the World
for the better.
 Feel the energy
surge from inside of your Soul
as it is awakened by Love
and ready for whatever
comes along the way. 
thoughts pure,
and emotions calm
as silent, slow flowing water,
our Love will shine bright
for as long
as memories form.

This Moment
can become Peace
in your Paradise 
on Earth.

HD Scenic Sunset Wallpaper | Download Free - 61248

and forget the World
of worry and stress.
The Magic
of this moment
dwells in the Beauty
of your Heart.

In the deepest abyss
of the Human Heart,
you can be very, very deeply moved
by the expressions
of the Love
found in Kindness,
and understanding.

Why biodiversity might not always be such a good thing for our health ...

is a Beautiful World,
and we make it even more Beautiful
with the Gift
of your Smiles.

Pin by Cindy McDowell Johnson on "Precious in his sight" | Beautiful ...

A picture is worth
a thousand words.
But your Smile
is worth a Million Hearts.

There is a Light
between the Smiles
you give,
and the Smiles
you receive.
You'll be happy to see Smile Many Baby Monkeys here/Please watch them ...
A Smile
can change your Life.
your Hopes and Dreams
can come to be,
with the clarity
of expression
that only a Smile
will reveal.

HD 1080p Nature Scenery Video, Royalty free Mountain Video - 802 ...

A Smile
says everything,
about Life,
about Love,
about Eternity,
about our God,
whose Smiles
Shine through it

Your Smile
penetrates through the Heart
and into the Soul,
and into a Place of deep

FREE 28+ Beautiful Nature Background Wallpapers in PSD | Vector EPS

Your Compassion
is so Beautiful.
The Purity of your Kind deeds
carry others,
and YOU,
to a place filled with Peace
and Beauty.
They bring the Heart
to knowing
what Heaven must be like.

A Journey Through Emotional Anime OST - Reminiscent Ver. [copyright ...

Your Amazing
acts of Caring
 make you realize how Beautiful
Life is.
They make memories
worth remembering.
Stay strong
and keep your eyes fixed
on the Sun
that rises in your
242,077 Dynamic Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from DreamstimeDon’t stay
in the shadow of yourself
for long. 
Let tears of Thanksgiving
wash away your past
and your pain.
May the Gentle Breeze
of your Kind and Caring Thoughts
carry Love
from you
to many others.

Traveling Towards Beautiful Galaxy Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty ...

are all meant to shine.
We were born to make manifest
the Glory of God,
within us.
As we let our own Light
we give other people inspiration
to do the same.
As we are Free
from our self,
our presence liberates others

High Definition Photo And Wallpapers: most beautiful wallpapers,most ...

I warmly wish for you
someone to Love, 
the Light from your
and Peace,
my Friend

What we have lost
will be ours once again,
what we have felt,
shall be replaced with
. .
We will see our Lives
like the Flowers
of God’s Love
we are.

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The Greater Power within You
by newmessage.org
click here to read more

People everywhere are carrying a greater power within themselves, a power that they have not yet discovered. It is a deeper Intelligence that the Creator of all Life has given to each person.

This deeper Intelligence does not function like your intellect. It is not conditioned by the world. It is not subject to doubt and fear, confusion, resentment or anger. It is quiet. It is clear. It is powerful. It cannot be persuaded by any force or power, for it only answers to God.

This greater Intelligence is called Knowledge, and it lives within you, beneath the surface of your mind. Every day Knowledge is giving you counsel – to protect you, to guide you, to lead you. But if you are living at the surface of your mind, caught up in the turbulence of the surface, like the turbulence at the surface of the ocean, you will not hear these messages. You will not feel this greater presence within yourself. You will not recognize Knowledge’s warnings and direction.

Arctic Wolf - Bing Wallpaper Download

People try to keep themselves constantly stimulated – radio and television, books and endless conversation, keeping themselves at the surface of their mind, where they cannot feel the presence of Knowledge or the power of Knowledge, where they cannot hear or respond to the guidance that Knowledge is providing for them.

Perhaps once in a while they will feel a deeper inclination. They will recognize a sign or have a profound feeling about something, but these experiences are often intermittent and are often misinterpreted. Even people who feel that they are intuitive by nature often misinterpret the signs that they are receiving, trying to have everything fit in with what they want, to fulfill their desires and their goals, or to support a philosophy they have about life. So while many people do respond to the power and the presence of Knowledge, often they misinterpret its signs, thinking it is something else.

silhouette of bridge and pair of lovers on city background | Royalty ...

the greater power of love

Some people think that every sign from within themselves must be about love, when in fact Knowledge is warning you about things. It is alerting you to the presence of danger. It is trying to restrain you from making critical mistakes, or from giving your life away to people or things that have no real value or future.

This is love also – the guidance of love, the restraint of love, the warnings from love. Yet if you think love is all about happiness and peace and pleasantness, then you do not understand the real power and potency of love. The love that a parent has for their child, the concern a parent will have for their child and the parents’ attempt to protect their child from harm, danger or damaging influences represent the kind of love that lives within you.

Legal Appeal Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

How can you experience this Knowledge, which holds for you your greater purpose for coming into the world and can teach you to navigate the difficult times ahead under any kind of circumstances? How can you experience this for yourself?

You must learn to become still. You must learn to listen deep within yourself, not just for moments here or there, but on a more regular basis, as part of your Spiritual practice. When you come to pray, do not simply ask for things, but learn to listen. God has already placed the answer within you, but it is deep within you, and you must go beneath the surface of your mind to experience it.

Nice Flower Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

Like the ocean, the surface is turbulent and erratic, always changing, but deep down inside, deep within the ocean, there are strong currents that are moving the waters of the world. Your mind is like this. At the surface, it is swept up by the dangers and concerns of your outer life. It is persuaded and influenced and impacted by the world around you – by the opinions of other people, by the requirements of your life, by your desires and by your fears. But deep down there is a deeper current of life that is not subject to these outer influences. It is strong. It is permanent. It has a true direction. It is moving your life.

Feel the greater intelligenceAs you learn to take the Steps to Knowledge, you will learn to feel the presence of this greater Intelligence. And over time, you will learn to correctly discern its signs and its messages, and to accept its presence and its power in your life.

This is how God will speak to you. This is how God will influence you to protect you and to guide you towards leading and experiencing a greater life in the world – a life in service to the world, a life that is connected to the real world around you. This is the greatest discovery in life, and it is awaiting you.

Already, you have experienced the power and the presence of Knowledge at moments in your life when you felt an overwhelming desire to take a certain kind of action, or a concern about an event before it happened, or a concern about a loved one, only to find that that concern was well justified.

Nice Sunset On the Beach Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free ...

There is a power within you that is wise. It is moving you forward in some ways and holding you back in others. It represents your deeper conscience, the conscience that God has placed within you. You may ask God for miracles. You may ask God to intervene in your life. But God has put the answer in you already: the power and the presence of Knowledge, the deeper eternal Mind within you. It alone knows who you are and why you are here, who you must meet in this life and what you are here ultimately to contribute in service to humanity and to the world.

You carry the great endowment within yourself. It is waiting to be discovered. It is waiting for you to take the Steps to Knowledge, and to build the wisdom that you will need to have to carry this Knowledge out into the world, to protect this Knowledge and to discern its guidance and to experience its gifts.

1920x1080 25 Fps. Very Nice Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free ...

the greater power in you is wiseThis is the Blessing that the Creator of all life has given to you and to each person. And the extent to which Knowledge can be experienced and expressed in this world, the world will be blessed, great disasters will be prevented, and humanity will continue to move in a positive direction.

This is the antidote to evil. This is the Blessing for the world, a Blessing that lives within you.

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Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

Real Jungle Animals Monkeys | Amazing Wallpapers

Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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His Beautiful Expressions of Love / Natural Cancer Cures / School Calendar 2022-23

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The Love of
is Expressed through His
Bountiful Beauty.

The Beauty manifested
in Nature,
 transports one’s Heart 
to the Angelic Realms
and gives Healing
as it soothes the Soul
and eases the mind.

His Beautiful
Expressions of Love
transition us into a deep,
restorative state of
And it is
where we belong.

Free Images : landscape, tree, nature, horizon, branch, cloud, sun ...

God has Promised
his Precious Children,
His Love.
And His Love
has taken on so many different
forms and meanings.
Regardless of the message,
 you, yourself,
interpret it.
That is part of the

Orange Sunset - 1001 Christian Clipart

The lyrics
from the Bee Gees music
“How Deep Is Your Love”
are quite revealing:
“Cause we’re living in a world of fools,
breaking us down,
when they all should

let us be!”
These words
perfectly describe the very
mad World
we’re all living in today.

Fourth Eye..: Beauty of Nature

My Dear Friends,
take a few precious moments
each Day
to feel the Holy Spirit
that dwells deep within
God has been so
very good.
Best Amazing Grace Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

 There is 
Amazing Grace
for those who will come
and take of the Water of Life


Be Grateful
for the precious Time
and the Love
put into you.
Thank the Lord
for the many wonderful
of Life and Love
and the many moments
of Bliss.

Peaceful Spring Scenery with Sakura Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty ...

Our Natural World
is wonderful, stunning and Beautiful.
It is delightful and Peaceful.
Hope, Joy, Peace and Love
is what you feel
when you become
of God’s Love

Thank you 
to the Composer
of Life and Love.
 Our Sacred Lord
Devotes His Great Love,
 for us all.


Colorful Mythical Sunset Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

Scientists Admit
 You Can Overcome Cancer
With 10 Natural Cancer Cures
click here to read more

A recent study by University of Manchester scientists has strongly suggested that…cancer is a modern, man-made disease caused by environmental factors such as pollution and diet.

In the extensive study conducted at the University’s KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology, scientists examined hundreds of mummies and found…no signs of cancer – except for one isolated case.

Professor Michael Zimmerman said: “In an ancient society lacking surgical intervention, evidence of cancer should remain in all cases.” Therefore, the virtual absence of tumors and malignancies in mummies must necessarily be interpreted as evidence that cancer was indeed rare in ancient times.

The 17th Century Ushers Cancer In

It wasn’t until the 17th century that the first reports of cancer appeared in scientific literature – such as cancer of the scrotum (found in chimney sweeps in 1775, caused by soot particles); and nasal cancer found in users of snuff (finely ground tobacco) in 1761.

The University of Manchester study indicates that cancer-causing factors exist only in modern, industrialized societies – and cancer is fueled by the excesses of modern life.

The food you eat…the air you breathe…the clothes you wear…the water you drink…the personal care products you use…the medications you take…the water you bathe in…virtually everything you consume, and everything you do – or are exposed to – causes cancer these days!

Here are Just a Few Factors Present in 
Modern Life That Cause Cancer:

    • • Tobacco (including second-hand and third-hand smoke)
    • • Genetically modified food
    • • Most laundry detergents
    • • Commercial hair dyes
    • • Air pollution (including carbon monoxide, methylene
chloride, and acrolein)
    • • Granite counter-tops (which emit radon)
    • • Rancid peanuts and seeds
    • • Canola oil
    • • Canned tomatoes
    • • Food laced with pesticides
    • • Chemicals from aerosol cans
    • • Mammograms
    • • X-Rays
    • • Food microwaved in plastic containers (including plastic wrap, the plastic trays that come with frozen TV dinners, and even plastic baby bottles)
    • Environmental pollutants (such as asbestos, benzene, and formaldehyde)

Professor Rosalie David, at the Faculty of Life Sciences, said:
There is nothing in the natural environment that can cause cancer…so it has to be a man-made disease.

Given the prevalence of cancer-causing factors in the modern world, what can you do to escape cancer?

Many scientists agree that a healthy diet…regular physical activity…and maintaining a healthy weight can prevent about one-third of the most common cancers.

But…eating healthy is not a guarantee that you’ll never get cancer. Even those who think they have a healthy diet are not immune to cancer.

natural cancer cures Consider the case of Linda McCartney, the late wife of Paul McCartney. She was a life-long vegetarian, who also wrote a book on vegetarian cooking and produced a line of frozen vegetarian meals. Yet, despite her healthy eating, she died of breast cancer at the age of 56.

Regular physical activity – although definitely a healthy thing to do – is not a guarantee either. Consider Lance Armstrong, 7-time Tour de France cycling champion. He engaged in more physical activity than most people, and yet he was diagnosed with Stage 2 testicular cancer.

Maintaining a healthy weight also does not assure you of immunity from cancer. Many physically fit celebrities have fallen prey to cancer – Patrick Swayze, Jaclyn Smith, Robert Urich, Suzanne Somers, Farrah Fawcett, Ryan O’Neal, to name a few.

Extraordinary Natural Cancer Cures

In the years I’ve spent as Editor of Underground Health Reporter eAlert, I’ve written about dozens of cancer cures that are stunningly effective. From among them, I’ve compiled the cures that have been consistently hailed by alternative health practitioners as “the best of the best.”

  • A gold-colored spice derived from the ginger family reverses the growth of cancer cells by 98%, and rivals the effectiveness of chemotherapy (page 16)

    When the cancer-fighting properties of this spice were first discovered by Western medicine, an American pharmaceutical company tried to patent it in order to rake in millions of dollars in profits. Health practitioners from India were OUTRAGED, considering they have been using this herb for thousands of years to heal cancer and treat major diseases.

  • formula that kills virtually 100% of cancer cells within 48 hours (page 32)

    Dick’s esophageal cancer surgery left him with septic shock, two staph infections, and a metastasized cancer recurrence two years later. Radiation reduced his cancer by about 55% but couldn’t eliminate it completely. But after six months on this anti-cancer formula, a bronchial scope and CT scan showed no cancer in Dick’s esophagus or trachea!

  • A 4-herb tea that reduces pain and causes a recession in cancer growth in patients suffering from pathologically proven cancer (page 72)

    click here to read

    A compound from the bark of a little-known fruit tree is the only cancer treatment that destroys drug-resistant—and chemo-resistant—cancer cells. It’s 10,000 times more effective than a commonly used cancer drug—and no, it’s not graviola.

    Over the course of 20 years, and with the help of a $5 million dollar fund established by the NCI, the Professor Emeritus of Pharmacognosy at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, has proven the viability of this natural extract as an effective cancer treatment.

  • Two inexpensive food items combined together in specific proportions are proven by numerous independent clinical studies to even the most advanced cancers—90% cure rate (page 96)
  • A Chinese healing practice that dissolves a cancer patient’s orange-sized tumor in 40 seconds (page 113)

    There are hundreds of health practitioners who specialize in this healing practice in the U.S. and many parts of the world. In one study, cancer cells were cultivated in Petri dishes. Masters of this healing practice emitted healing energy upon them and instantly killed all the cancer cells in the Petri dishes.

  • A medicinal mushroom that is proven by a National Institutes of Health study to cure cancer— especially breast cancer(page 115)

    click here to read

    A natural substance that creates an oxygen-rich environment in the body which causes cancerous tumors to shrink—and inhibits the growth of other tumors, as well as pathogens, viruses and harmful bacteria (page 57)
  • A vegetable with such powerful cancer-fighting properties that many natural health practitioners claim that it could be sold as a prescription drug (page 86)
  • An “eleventh hour” cancer remedy made from the juice of cereal grasses proves effective in curing advanced terminal cancer (page 126)

According to the American Cancer Society, 41% of all adults will develop cancer in their lifetimes…or die from it! That’s 4 out of 10…or 2 out of 5 people.

In fact, you might already have undiagnosed cancer right now…and not even know it.

Whether you or a loved one already suffers from cancer…or you fear that cancer might strike you or your family one day, you must know that we have helped many thousands of cancer patients reclaim their health and their lives.

click here to read more

Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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Hope Has a Place in Every Heart / The Path Back to Joy / School Calendar

Beautiful Sunset in the Blue Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free ...

 The Words of God
are Divinely Imparted.

Let us
Thank God for the Holy Bible,
for the Divinely Inspired Words
of Truth.
and Thank God our Father,
who we came From,
not through,
for ALL that is Life.

Modern Beautiful Holographic Background in Stock Footage Video (100% ...

The Precious Words
of Scripture
are far more than mere Words
woven together in ancient Times.
They are,
the very Essence
of Love,
of God’s Love
for you.

  Place His Sacred Words
in your Heart,
and Know that ALL will be well,
because You are Faithful
in His Name.

Blue Clipper Butterfly | A few more butterflies that haven't… | Flickr

being trapped
by the will

Delicate words,
not spoken in haste,
make the subtle Heart swell,
as everything becomes Perfected
and wonderfully Created,
and a Dreamy atmosphere
is given Creation.
This is

Rare Butterfly | HD Wallpapers

“It’s the Heart afraid of breaking,
that never learns to dance.
It’s the Dream afraid of waking,
that never takes the chance.
It’s the one who won’t be taken,
who cannot seem to give.
And the Soul afraid of dying,
that never learns to Live.
When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been too long
And you think that Love is only
for the lucky and the strong,
Just remember in the winter,
far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed, that with the Sun’s Love
in the Spring becomes
the Rose.”

Unique Covers For FB Timeline | Facebook | Free Download Brilliant Images

I Pray that you
the Holy Spirit inside
your precious Heart.
Turn to God.
He will always
“If we confess our sins,
He is Faithful and Just
and will Forgive us our sins
and Purify us from

1 John 1:9

Worlds Weird Animals Photos, Amazing Weird Animals Pictures, Wallpapers ...

Look at Love
and you may see,
it weaves a web
of Loving Mystery.
Its threads can be torn apart,
hiding Hope in a
precious Heart.
But Hope
has a place in every Heart.
It whispers words that flow
into the Ocean tides
of Life and Living.

Amazing Sunset Wallpaper HD Screensaver #2055 Wallpaper | WallDiskPaper

The intense feeling
of Hope,
is a
Celebration of Life.

Close your mind
and open your Heart.
God is
The Light you feel,
your own Light,
your own Love,
your own.

gives one more breath,
one more word, 
one more beat
of the Human Heart,
 so that our Dreams
may give Life

Free Wallpapers: Small And Cute Butterflies HD Wallpapers

Such Love
is meant to be.
has a Home.
It sets the Heart free,
so you can be
and I can be

We journey so far
on the road of Life, 
to let Love rise, 
and then we let Love

Free photo: Nature - Hill, Natural, Scenery - Free ...

But Hope
has a place in every

look to Love
so you may Dream.
And give Love
For Love is meant
to be.
is Home
and it sets the Heart
to be


The Path Back to Joy

by Dyanne Joyner
click here to read more

Are you at a point where you’re second-guessing your path and your purpose?

You know you’re meant for more and you spend many days questioning how you ended up where you are and wondering how to change?

Most days you feel frustrated and fed-up! You wonder why things aren’t going the way you planned. You long to live a life of meaning but you’re unhappy in your career or you’re floundering in your business. You have this nagging feeling that you’re not on the right path. Your self-doubt and uncertainty is working overtime!

This happens to so many visionary, impact-driven women who long to make a difference in the world. They follow the path that they think they should be following instead of following the path that is meant for them.

Especially if it’s something that’s not common! Being different feels too scary. What if people judge you? What if your idea doesn’t work because it’s never been done before?Someone has to be the first. Why not you?

There are countless examples of innovators who have gone first.


  • Hiding parts of you to fit in

  •  Pushing to prove yourself and show people you’re good enough • 

  • Saying yes when you really want to say no

  •  Saying no when you really want to say yes

  • Struggling to find the words to communicate your needs

  •  Feeling undeserving to receive gifts and compliments

You often don’t say what you want to say.

You sit silently when inside you feel desperate to say what you want to say, but the words just won’t come out.

You’re too worried about what people might think of you.

These are just a few symptoms of the fear of rejection and the fear of failure.

If any of these statements felt true for you, fear is is at the root of the challenges you’re experiencing.

Your fears and self-doubt have disconnected you from the True You.

They’ve disconnected you from your inner-peace and what brings you joy.

They disconnected you from your true purpose and what you’re meant to do in the world.

The Path of Grief, Joy, and Awakening

Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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© Copyright 1995-2022
The Anderson Private School.

“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

Real Jungle Animals Monkeys | Amazing Wallpapers

Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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Like a Soft, Sacred Bird / How to Live in Harmony with Nature / School Calendar

Download Wallpaper Bird Flying Over Sea, Sunset, Skyline - Bird Flying ...

As you Pray,
your Spirit is released
from all stress and strain,
and you became like a soft,
Sacred Bird,
free to soar as high
as your Heart desires.

And as you fly
so High
in the Beautiful Sky,
you can see and feel
Love all around,
tenderly lifting you up,
drawing you into exquisite Harmonies
and farther into the Radiance
of the Divine.

Bird Flying Sunset Evening View Clouds Beautiful Sky 5k, HD Nature, 4k ...And you are welcomed
after a Lifetime of doubt
and suffering.

Thank you,
My Dear Lord,
for the all the Beauty,
Love and Devotion
You have Given
to everyone.

Dynamic || Copyright Free Music || CRFMusic - YouTube

In all our Days,
in so many ways,
let us Thank God,
for all we have Lived to see, 
and feel
and be.
Knysna Turaco (Tauraco corythaix) flying through the Eastern Cape ...The Mountains so high,
the Beautiful clouds in the sky,
in the afterglow of evening
as the Day passes by,
we Thank the Lord
for sharing them with us.

The Life we Live,
in Love
with our Lord,
we can Truly

Spectacular Smeared Sky Photos Are Impressionist "Paintings" for the ...Close your tired eyes,
My Dear Friend,
so you can Truly See.

God’s Angels
are Smiling,
and They are Singing
and waiting patiently,
as we
 slowly leave this Earthly Body,
 and search for the Tunnel
and the Light of Love
at the end.

Royalty Free Christmas Music - Free Christmas Music Downloads

We have no fear,
when our Hearts
are filled with Faith.
at all the Beautiful memories
that never fade from the
The Light of God’s Love
grows Closer and Closer
until you are Engulfed
in Perfect Love, Peace
and Light.

  He Reaches out His Hand
for you,
and you are now Home,
and Truly, Truly Loved.
has just begun.

Dynamic Lights Stock Images - Download 6,462 Royalty Free Photos

Be lifted up 
by Faith,
and feel the Holy Spirit
Surrounding you and Protecting
We have nothing to worry about,
for God is Holding us
in His Loving Palm,
and Taking good care
of us.

Nature Non Copyright Background - 1280x720 - Download HD Wallpaper ...

There is nothing more Beautiful
than Nature.
And YOU,
My Dear Friend,
are a part of Nature.

are Incredibly Divine.
 When Hearts are meeting
as they share their Love, 
they fly on wings of Adoration,
and feel
the Divinity within,
from Above.

6,471 Divinity Fotos - Fotos de Stock Gratuitas e Fotos Royalty-Free ...Such is Love.
It is the way
of understanding Life, 
the way to be grateful for Living,
to being able to enjoy
the Wonder of it

Motivation for Success (Royalty Free Motivational Music) - YouTube

 GOD has Blessed
us all.
is giving us Beauty
that is beyond our
It is Beauty
Bathed in His

can see and feel 
the Love of God
all around.
is Tenderly Lifting
our delicate Spirits,
as He Inspires us
with His Beauty.

Royalty Free Aesthetic Black And White Tumblr Backgrounds ...

So Ethereal,
and so Lovely,
our Universe is filled with Joy  
that Lifts the Soul. 

allows us to draw in everything
Sacred and Beautiful,
and never let it escape.

Let you Heart
slip the illusory bonds of Earth 
and dance with Joy.

Free Images : backlit, clouds, county mayo, croaghaun, dawn, dusk, fog ...

lets you chase
the shouting wind along,
and lets your Heart
through footless halls of air
up into the long, delirious blue Sky
of Dreams
that come True.
allapkandroiddownload: art, color, boho, indie, tumblr image 541611 on ...

Does a Butterfly
how Beautiful it is?
Do you know
how Beautiful
you are?

Sunrise Sea Beach Sky Landscape. Beautiful Sun Light Reflection Stock ...

knows no boundaries
and soothes the savage beast.
Love connects people
with a Beautiful
that is immeasurable and unfathomable
and Universal.

It is
simple and uncomplicated.
And Love
keeps our dark World 
from spinning out of control.

HD 1080p Nature Scenery Video, Royalty free Mountain Video - 802 ...

Let Love
find a way into your very Soul.
Let Love
create a longing in you
that is remembered
as a Child.
And welcome


One Young Woman Feeling Free Outdoor In The Wheat Field Stock Photo ...

How to Live in Harmony with Nature


click here to read more

When looking at the grand design of the earth, one might wonder how well humans actually fit into the overall picture. Do humans tend to live in harmony with nature or against it? And, what does it even mean to live in harmony with nature in the first place?

To live in harmony with nature means to observe, learn, and live in the way that things naturally occur. It means to trust in and live by the natural processes of the Earth, rather than to modify or alter them.

Oftentimes, the demands from consumers, along with a need to produce a product quickly to make a profit means that conventional farming generally goes against nature instead of with it. Learning ways to coexist with the animals and elements around you can naturally help you to live in harmony with nature.

A Real Life Example

While we were still deep in the midst of planning out our homestead dreams, we spent a lot of time watching different YouTube videos and channels, gaining inspiration. But it was actually a DVD that was given to my son for Christmas that made one of the biggest impacts on my husband and me in terms of how to live in harmony with nature. The movie, The Biggest Little Farm, is a documentary sharing the story of John and Molly Chester as they built up their regenerative farm in California. With beautiful shots of Mother Nature and their farm, and a relatable story much like the dream that we held, it was a story that pulled us in and spoke to our souls.

The Biggest Little Farm

What we learned from this video is that everything is connected in a really big way beyond our understanding. Mother Nature is designed perfectly to be in balance, and everything has a purpose. Pests, predators, plants, and weeds; it all plays an important role in the natural ecosystem relationships that make up our Earth.

One of the biggest lessons that we took away from this documentary was learning what to do when things went wrong. John and Molly had a mentor, Alan York, who helped as they learned to live in harmony with nature. His advice when things went wrong: Step back and observe. How does Mother Nature handle the issue? Because truly, Mother Nature does have something in place, almost always, to keep everything in balance and harmony.

Everything is Connected

Everything on this Earth serves some type of purpose. Even the most annoying or tiny animals and plants play a role in keeping everything balanced in nature. Mosquitoes, for example, seem pointless and irritating to us as humans. Yet, they serve as an incredibly important part of the food chain. Without them, many other species like birds, bats, frogs, fish- and even some plants- would suffer.

In the documentary The Biggest Little Farm, John and Molly became immersed in nature. With this immersion came struggle. Coyotes killed their chickens constantly. Gophers and snails destroyed their peach trees, and the fruit that was produced was eaten by birds. It would be easy to give up and quit, to spray with pesticides, and to shoot and kill the predators.

But John and Molly chose to live in harmony with nature, and step back and observe. They came to realize that ducks love snails, and so, they released the ducks into their orchard. They built owl houses, and soon, owls came to hunt for the gophers and birds that had been destroying their fruit trees. And one day, John found a paralyzed coyote that had broken its back while chasing a gopher along a fence line. The coyote, the same species that had devastated their chickens, was also helping to lower the gopher population.

Everything has a purpose. To live in harmony with nature means to find everything’s purpose and use it to your advantage.

How to Recognize Connections

When you have a problem occur on your homestead, take a step back and observe. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How would nature handle the problem?
  • What purposes do the problems contribute to the overall ecosystem?
  • What can I do naturally to help combat this problem?

We’ve had a fox hanging out around our yard quite a bit. We’d been seeing the tracks all winter, but now, the fox itself has been presenting itself during daylight hours.

One morning after chores were done, we noticed the fox across the pasture. It was close enough to the house to make us cautious for our free range chickens who pecked around, unaware.

“Do you want me to shoot it?” my husband asked. We stepped back and watched.

The fox playfully rolled around on its back, but then got down to business. It walked across the top of the snow, stopped, and jumped high into the air. He was catching mice.

Mice had been an issue for us for a while here. There were so many and they were into everything. Our potatoes and tomatoes were covered in holes. They were in the chicken coop eating feed. In the barn. Even in my husband’s truck, which cost us a lot of money to repair.

But this winter? We haven’t seen more than one or two.

Perhaps the fox had something to do with it. Maybe his presence is helping to balance the problem of the overabundance of mice.

“Let’s just see how things go.” I answered my husband. As long as the fox isn’t directly hurting our flock, he’s serving our homestead too by helping us with the mice population.

Natural Solutions to Common Pests

Working with Mother Nature is always a balancing act. Too much of anything is never a good thing. It’s always important to keep this in mind when trying to find solutions so that you can live in harmony with nature.

In rural areas, some animals or plants are more pesky than others. They can cause devastation to gardens, crops, and even equipment (like the mice). So how can you naturally deter these animals or plants from destroying everything you’ve worked for?

Search for Natural Enemies and Attract Them

In the garden, consider planting beneficial flowers amongst your vegetables to attract predatory insects that can help keep pests at bay.

Flies come with owning cows. Consider pasturing your chickens with the cows, feeding them on the cow’s manure. The chickens will scratch the cow manure pile apart and eat the fly larvae, lessening the amount of flies you’ll see on your homestead.

Mice and squirrels are a common nuisance on homesteads and often look for an easy meal. Building owl houses near your garden to attract these predatory birds can help combat the issue. Just make sure you don’t attract them too close to your chicken coop!

Deer can be burdens to farmers, and we ourselves have struggled with these animals as well. Deer have broken into our hay storage and eaten many dollars worth of valuable hay that was intended for our cows. We’ve been able to keep them out of the garden with a 6 foot fence that has a strand of barb wire another foot higher. Adding a dog to your property can also help keep deer away at night.

Hawks can be notorious for hunting down chickens. Consider attracting crows to your property as a natural defender. Crows hate hawks and eagles, as they recognize the danger they pose to their own eggs and young. They will often come together to force hawks and eagles out of an area to protect their own. And while crows can potentially be predators themselves to chickens, they most likely will leave them alone while keeping the hawks and eagles away too.

Observing Nature

The biggest way you can live in harmony with nature is to watch and learn from it. Nature has lots to offer and teach if we can learn to listen. So often, humans seem to think nature is here to serve and benefit us, when in reality, we are just a small part of a larger system.

When trying to live in harmony with nature, listen and see what nature can teach you. Nature teaches us how to behave. Notice how the leaves remain on the ground when they fall from the tree? There is purpose for it. See the importance of water to the animals? We should value it as such too. Notice how there is no hurry in nature- everything grows at its own pace and in its own time. See the plants that grow naturally together? There is a reason they have thrived in that spot. There are lots of lessons for behavior that we can learn by observing the natural processes of the Earth; we just have to listen.

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Wildlife coexisting on a homestead

Looking for more ways to live naturally on a homestead?

Check out these posts!

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Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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Sail Without the Wind / Peace in Simplicity / School Calendar

50 of The Most Beautiful Trees In The World

Our Lord
bestows upon us,
stunning visuals and absolutely calming
and Peaceful Landscapes.
Our World
is filled with the Gifts
of His Holy Spirit.

we become,
when we discover
the Golden Face of Love
that blazes in the flame
of His setting Sun,
to warm our Hearts
until our Day
is done.
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It is like a Dream
come True.
can Love each Golden Day
with all your Heart.

As the burning leaves of Autumn
dress the Sacred Space we dwell in,
they add Grace to our Lives.
And as they die,
we Dream of days
long gone by.
Find Peace of Mind Through Mobile App Meditation LessonsThe Beautiful Love
of God
is Conveyed to us
in Palettes of Colors
so much more than a
Everything is Divine.
The vibrancy and freshness of colors
in the Dawn of Autumn
grow Dear to the Heart,
to our eyes.

Autumn. Fall scene. Beautiful Autumnal park. Beauty nature scene ...

Our World
is Beautiful, Magnificent and Powerful.
And You
are a Divine Spark of Light,
manifested in flesh.
Your Reality,
Sail Without the Wind.

The Love 
that is you,
was poured from an
Overflowing Cup,
 with an Abundance of
Be Thankful
for all you are.
You are Blessed
with the Gift
of Life.
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You are 
a Truly Great Work
of Art.
The Dream you are,
is more than a Dream.
are Light.

Autumn Equinox: The Science Behind the First Day of Fall | Mental Floss

The Spirit
of your Light
is powerful beyond measure.
It is our Light.
 You are
a Child of God.

We are all meant
to shine.
We were born to make Manifest
the Glory of God
that is within us.

 And as we let our own Light
we are liberated from
And our presence
Liberates others.
Liberating News | Franciscan Media
My Dear Friend,
can feel the memories of
the past.

 Such feelings
bring back so many wonderful moments.
Keep the Magic alive
and you can discover
your Relationship to the

 And such Beautiful Awareness,
will lead you to the Gift
another Day
of amazing Life.
Peace! | Christian Wallpapers
 Look deeply
into the mirror
of your memory
and say,
“I Love You”.
Moments of Reflection
are special,
and lead you to the Dawn
of appreciation and Peace
in your Precious Heart.
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and listen.
Find the Peace of God,
which only God can give.

All the noise
keeps us in constant
 It keeps us
in confusion.

It keeps us
from the Truth.

It is Time 
to let go
and let LOVE shine.
Speak from your Heart.
Live from your Heart.
This Day
is yours to choose.

We can dream. "Surrealism" art abstract surrealism sur...

We see Beauty,
but don’t know where it comes

do not know
YOU are Beautiful,
you are Loved,
and you are deserving
to be Loved
and be Happy.

are a Truly Divine Human Being
with a Beautiful Heart
waiting to be released.
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you are the Light
that radiates a continuous flame,
an Eternal Spark.
You are Love
that grows ever so Graceful,
as you learn to Have Faith.
are Truly Blessed
with Love and Light.

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The Love of God
Endures Forever.
His Love Sanctifies us,
Forgives us,
and lets us Live
What a Beautiful Day
when we come to Know
the Love of God.
Keep your Heart
fixed on Love.
In the darkness
of Life,
can be the Light.
Gently Lift
the precious Spirits
of those around you
and sing with Joy.
Realm Of Dreams Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

Your Life
has more meaning
than you know.

There is Light
beyond shadow,
Joy beyond tears,
and Love greater than
Our passage through Life
is brief.
There is a Flower,
which today is growing
in a field,
and tomorrow will be
cut down.
Dream blue sky Royalty Free footage FREE HD - YouTube

God is within you
and Loves you for who you are
and wants you to Love yourself. 
 We are
perfectly imperfect.

Wishing you
a Lifetime of Happiness, Peace
and Love.


Peace in Simplicity
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Expert Author Johnna ShryackThe morning dew illuminates the colors of the earth, magnifying the intensity of each hue to its most vibrant and purest form. The luminous rays of the sun upon the moist blades of grass and the gently opened pedals bring life to a resting meadow. Darkness has been replaced with a soft color palate for all to enjoy. A gentle breeze breaths life and movement into this awaking valley, as a chorus of plants swaying to and fro release their aromatic aroma into the morning.

This orchestra of nature awaking each day, reminds us of the peaceful simplicity that surrounds us on this earth plane. One, who lives in accordance to this song of nature, is one who moves through life in harmony and balance. Present only in the moment, approaching each path in a gentle and kind way, accepting the lesson to be learned and appreciating the opportunity to be present and a part of this grand design.

Just as the pedals open each morning, greeting the day and absorbing the sunshine, so should do our hearts open with appreciation and acceptance of the glorious energy set free by this boundless beauty. Absorbing the pure positive energy released from the eternal spirit to energize and renew our hearts, mind and bodies.

The dew glistens only for a short time before being absorbed back into the atmosphere. Opportunities are ours but a short time before they too are absorbed back into energy for another. With this cycle in nature, the plants will return to the earth, only to be the food source for another to show its beauty in the morning dew.

We have a choice to renew our energy through spirit or we too are destined to return to the earth plane to repeat the process of reaching our beauty in our higher self. As the sun sets on this peaceful piece of the earth plane, we hold the knowing of a new a glorious orchestra of color for another day; but what of our souls and their knowing. Have we absorbed the beautiful energy presented by spirit to orchestrate our own chorus of life?

The eldest of three children, I was raised in a christian home in rural Illinois. A college graduate, I chose a career path in the medical field. Married and divorced, I guided two children to adulthood. From a very early age I have known of a strong spiritual presence in my life and I feel privileged to share their guidance.

Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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What You Believe Becomes You / The Source of All Good Things / School Calendar

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has new meaning,
when one realizes the Wonder
that is our Creation
and the Beauty that surrounds us.
helps one to reflect
on the Gift that is
and to give Thanks for the
Immeasurable Love
that abounds,
with the Beauty
that surrounds.

Person Looking at Beautiful lake and mountains landscape in Switzerland ...

When we Live
with the Belief that things happen
for us,
and not to us,
can recognize Miracles
in every moment. 
We can move our emotions
from feeling hurt or sad,
to feeling

Eagle Wildlife Sunset · Free image on Pixabay

The soothing Magic
of this and every Moment,
is woven with your Beautiful Faith.
What you Believe
becomes you.
What you Believe
is you.

As Jesus left the house,
he was followed by two blind men crying out, “Mercy, Son of David! Mercy on us!”
When Jesus got home,
the blind men went in with him.
Jesus said to them,
“Do you really Believe I can do this?”
They said, “Why, yes, Master!”

He touched their eyes and said,
“Become what you Believe.”
It happened.”

Matthew 9:27-31

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What you think and Believe
becomes your Reality,
because the events you experience
are a projection of your mind,
like a waking Dream.
You are
what your Heart and Mind
accept and Believe.

can create the Life
you want,
instead of letting others
determine your Life for you.

Public Domain Picture | English: Image title: Red beautiful African ...

is what you Believe,
think about,
wish for,
and feel.
can stop your thoughts
from manifesting
into Reality.

Jungle Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

are in your own holographic projection
and other people simply cannot
create your Reality,
unless you let them.

Objects and events
you perceive,
are projections of your

is merely an illusion,
albeit a very persistent one.”
Albert Einstein

are responsible for our own reality.
So if we are not Happy,
we can change
Sunlight Through Tree in Morningsun Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty ...
The deepest Spiritual Concepts
are the simplest,
like Kindness.

who are able to change another Person’s
have been able to see through and change
their own Reality,
and then reach out to others.

Prayer: Give God Glory - Prayables

Other People
stop your Dreams and Thoughts
from manifesting.
This is an extremely empowering insight.
It is also difficult
to accept,
because we are hypnotized
by the illusions
of the thoughts
of others.

My Dear Friends,
Beliefs, thoughts and emotions
create your Reality.
What you Believe to be True,
you will experience.

Quotes About Gods Glory. QuotesGram

How many times
have we thought that other people,
were preventing something we wanted
from happening?
This myth
is at the Heart of all paranoia
and mental anguish.
It destroys our Dreams.
It is not Truth.

Our own emotional reaction
determines what will be.
If we Believe,
then our ideas and thoughts
will manifest into our
This is Truth.

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Let us come to realize,
that no one but you
ever really stopped you.
This awareness
will lead you to a renewed inspiration
and enable you to achieve
what your Heart Desires.
 Your Belief in God
and in your personal Divinity,
is the Key
to a sound and a healthy mind
and a GOOD Life.

Peace of god rainbow bible stock image. Image of peace - 97125169

The Love of God
will keep your Hopes
and your Faith
every single moment of your Time
on His Sacred Earth.

“The difference
between fiction and reality?
Fiction has to make sense.”

Tom Clancy

333 God's Glory Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

are in full control
of what manifests in your
Sacred Life.
Nothing happens to you
that you do not on some level
consent to.

“There is no Reality except the one contained within us.
That is why so many people Live such an unreal Life.
They take the images outside of them for Reality and never allow the world
to assert itself.” 

Hermann Hesse

Praise God Stock Photo by ©gracel1221 83935890

There is no ball and chain anywhere,
unless you
think the past or other people
restrict you.

loosens it’s grip and slips away
with each passing Day,
as we accept Love
and Pray.
Living becomes easier
and a feeling of Hope returns.

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has Blessed us all.
But our LORD
is just giving us a gleam of what awaits
for His Children.
Beauty that is beyond
our comprehension
is bathed in Love.

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are truly Beautiful
and Wonderful.

And God
will uplift you Precious Spirit
and help you to have inner Peace.
and ask God
for His Love.
healing to your Heart.

can be tremendous
for transforming our World
into a more Peaceful and calming place.
of the Beautiful Gift
you are.

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 There are many languages
in the world.
But Love
is the language
which connects all of us.

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The rhythmic, quiet sound
of rain
is a remarkably good

My Dear Friends,
we will have Peace
and abundance.

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No one
can take your place
in the Heart
of God.
Your Sacred Place
in God’s Heart
belongs to you,
and will always belong to

Only God
can fill the void
in your Sacred

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Ask The Lord
to show you
the Way.
Ask Him
to come into your Precious Life.
The Holy Spirit
will Reveal to you
all that is Good,
all that is you.

Child of God
needs the Gift
of True Love
and Happiness

To God be all Praise
and Honor.

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The Source of All Good Things
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“When you expect anyone to meet a need that only God can fulfill you are setting yourself up for disappointment and bitterness. No one can meet all of your needs except God.”

Rick Warren

Many times we experience unresolved inner conflict because we emotionally draw from a well of shallow resources. This inner conflict sometimes results from looking to those we are in relationship with to fill certain voids. Whether it was intentional or unintentional in most occasions, it does not end well.

I’ve been in relationships that started out really good but ended with me feeling lost and depleted. In the beginning, I believed that God gave those relationships space in my life for the season that I was in at the time to help me grow. The issue evolved when my focus changed and gave those relationship complete rule over my heart. I’d developed a longing for consistency from inconsistent sources. I lost sight of the true source of my fulfillment which is God.

If you ever reach that point, you must stop and self evaluate for a moment. Ask yourself a few hard questions…

  • What am I feeling?

  • Why I am I feeling like this?

  • What am I longing for that I may not be getting from this person or thing?

  • Do I have misplaced expectations for this relationship?

If you can honestly answer those questions, I encourage you to present those answers to God in prayer. He is the source of all good things. Matthew 6:33 tells us to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Earthly relationships, careers, money, achievements can all be good sources of happiness but they are all temporal. God is eternal. He is the source of everlasting joy [Isaiah 51:11]. He is the source of peace that supersedes our understanding, guarding our hearts and minds [Philippians 4:7].

Give God access to your heart. Give him permission to expose those areas of bitterness and disappointment so that healing can begin. When you realize and rest in the truth that all you need is in Him, your life and relationships will be healthier and fulfilling as God intended.

Psalm 100:5 “For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations.”


Heavenly Father, I choose to look to you, the source of all my needs. Help me to see you for who you are with clarity and confidence. You are not only my provider, you are my provision. There are many things that contend for my dependency but I declare today that you are more than enough. You know what I need and that supersedes my wants. I choose to seek first your kingdom from which everlasting joy flows. Lord you are good, your love endures for ever, and your faithfulness continues through all generations. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!
fall cover photos with scripture - Great Beauty Diary Picture Gallery

Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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The Pathway to ALL that you Desire / Tools Of Love / School Calendar

Dynamic || Copyright Free Music || CRFMusic - YouTube

evokes such strong, raw emotions,
that it lays bare
the most fundamental

To Love Life
is so touching, so deeply penetrating 
to the inner Core
of our feelings.

Beautiful Sunset Over Ocean with Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free ...

The chains of Love
 may be too weak to be felt,
until they are too strong
to be broken.

Everything rises,
and then starts falling.

Such is True
of our thoughts
and emotions.

Colorful Natural Blue Bird Hd Wallpaper

To Love
gives us strength
and Peace in our Heart.

 The Majestic and Beautiful
scenery of God’s Natural World,
  will always Bless you
and hold a special place
in your Heart.

And one Day,
can come to realize
that you are part
of God’s Nature
and His Natural

Abstract Background with Dynamic Colors Stock Footage Video (100% ...

carries a True sense
of the Divine.

The Love of
is reflected in the
His Real World
is filled with Beautiful Space 
and Colorful Warmth.
It is enchanting and enveloping
and possesses the most Beautiful
Blessing of all,

Himalayas Stock Photos, Royalty Free Himalayas Images - Page 4 ...

As we fight 
the enormous battle
for the salvation of Humanity,
we can give Thanks
 to God our Father,
for all the Simple Resources on Earth
and in the Heavens Above.
We can give Thanks
for the simple answer to every question,
the solution to every problem

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When we behold the
Magnificence and Grandeur
of His Creations,
 we are often awe struck
with the Beauty that surrounds us. 
How Wonderful
are His Creations,
and how Thankful we should be
that we are

Natural Fresh Flowers Images / Beautiful Fresh Flowers In A Wooden Box ...

As our eyes and our Hearts
and our minds
gaze into the night sky,
and the Heavens
open our awareness
of God’s Love,
let us arise and return
to the Love
we have known.

Our Home
is in the Heaven
of God’s Love.

Scenic HD Wallpaper | Background Image | 3000x2000

The Magnificent Mountains
that Grace the Sky,
nurture our Spirits
as they feed the Earth
and water the Beautiful Landscape.
Their presence
empowers our Hearts
with feelings of Peace
and Tranquility.
"Waveform background. Dynamic visual effect. Surface distortion ...

Life is Wonderful
and Mysterious.
In Truth,
everything and everyone is
are here for a reason.
 We all
want to be
is the connection
we feel,
we need,
and Love
is what we are.

45 HD Beautiful Wallpapers/Backgrounds For Free Download

We often overlook
the Wonders of
We pass by
the Beautiful Landscapes
teeming with Life, 
as we breathe the air
that those thousands of years before us
once did.

Forest 30 Free Stock Photo - Public Domain PicturesAs we Journey
through the vast spaces
and brief Time
we have on Earth,
we find frivolous things
often transfix and control us.
The frivolous fixations
cause us to forget
about the True Beauty
of Life and Living.
Let us often pause
to take a deep breath
and contemplate Life
and Love.

Forest Glow Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

we realize the truly astounding Nature
of our precious World,
then we will understand
that nothing is as dire
as it may seem.
We may feel
insecure and threatened,
but we are surrounded
by God’s Love
and His Nature.

105,652 Grass Background Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics ...

we are surrounded by
a vast unknown.
Let us
embrace this Moment,
embrace our Beautiful World,
and embrace the precious Gift
of Life.

Ocean Computer Wallpapers, Desktop Backgrounds | 1920x1200 | ID:248544

“Consider the sweet, tender children
Who must suffer on this Earth.
The pains of all of them
He carried
From the day of His birth.
He clothes the Lilies of the field,
He feeds the Lambs in His fold,
And He will heal those who Trust Him,
And make their Hearts as
Roger Hoffman

7,339 Energetic Dynamic Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from ...

There are Passages
in the Holy Word of God
where we may cry for

will Love your Joy
and Love you in sorrow.
 He will be Compassionate
and Understand your feelings.

Download Royalty Free Stock Photos - NegativeSpace

As He Listens
to the emotions opening
inside your precious Heart,
His Love
will be Poured Out.
His Compassion
will you feel
in the core of your Precious
beautiful sun wallpaper by Veer_vz - b2 - Free on ZEDGE™

of those things you want to do,
and Today stops you
from doing.

it is hard to Live a busy Life,
with little Time for Friends, Family
or Yourself.
There seems to be
just enough Time for your work,
your studies,
your obligations.
seems illusive.
But it is still there,
My Dear Friend.
We are as Free
as we permit ourselves
to be.

for the strength
to find a Way.
And remember,
the Pathway to ALL
that you desire,
is through the

“You can get what you want in Life.
You must reach out
with all your Heart.”

–  Lailah Gifty Akita

Flying tree stock photo. Image of branch, life, background - 31024766

 May you be comforted
with Beautiful memories
and precious feelings
of Love.


Happy Couple Dancing On Beach Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free ...

Tools Of Love
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The tools of love are in fact the tools for change. We can not bring about any change, with in ourselves or around us, unless it is genuinely backed up by Love.

Love is the will to grow ourselves Spiritually and mentally.  Thus to start loving some one begins with loving ourselves first.

Through out my writings, when ever I have used the word love, I have used it with the four senses and meanings or tools which it contains. I therefore am not referring to the love from romance literature or Holly Wood movies when I speak of love.

We grow ourselves through the four tools of love.  Love is the energy with which we use the following four tools in our lives.

Thus if any of the four tools is absent, we can question the genuineness of Love. In a sense, these can also be called the 4 test signs of Love!

Thus to change your self to a higher level, follow the four simple themes. They are not new. They are perhaps as old as the humanity. The key, however is to follow them in total and absolute commitment to yourself to change.

I promise you would change because I have.

The First Tool:

To Love ourselves first we have to be willing to assume and accept one hundred percent responsibility. We have to accept that what ever we are, what ever we are getting in life and how so ever we are spending our lives is determined by us and us alone. i.e. we are responsible.

There are two signs of not accepting the responsibility: blaming and complaining. If we are either blaming others or full of complaints about life and whatever life has to offer to us, we are in fact not being very responsible.

Accepting responsibility means, we created our results in life and only we can re-create them. In re-creating we have to face the pain and go through an effort.

Going through this effort nurtures our spirit and grows us mentally. By not accepting our responsibility, we refuse to grow. We show ourselves that we do not think ourselves worthy of growth and nurturing.

We act non-lovingly.  We act non-responsibly.

Step to do: Just repeat this to yourself 5 times: No blames, No complaints. And commit to yourself to never blame or complain again in life.  Ever!

The Second Tool:

Being able to truly love ourselves involves delaying gratification.

This can be best explained by the experiment conducted with children aged 4 to 6 at Stanford University in 1972.  They were offered marshmallows on a condition. Those children who would eat it right now, would get only one. Those who would chose to eat 30 minutes later would get two. Those who would choose to eat after an hour would get three.

Majority of the children chose to eat now. A little less opted for half an hour wait and further less number of children opted for wait for a full hour.

Years later studying the careers of the children, was discovered that those who were able to delay or defer the gratification had achieved a significantly higher level of success in their career.

Delaying gratification would thus mean postponing instant relief and joy for a much higher cause.

For that first, we have to have a higher cause; a direction or a destiny which we want to achieve. It is a fact that people with aimless lives are not able to exercise delaying gratifications and they can fall for any thing that brings instant joy to their five senses.

We face countless situations in our daily life, where we have to delay our gratification.

There always exists a deferred achievement and an instant gratification for every emotion we feel.  The gratification for anger for example is to take it out, immediately, instantly, with all the frustration on the person whom you think is responsible.  Yet there is a higher achievement reward if we chose to delay our bursting out. It is a high mutual trust, respect and strengthened bond between us and the  person involved.

The gratification for a news paper reading is that no one disturbs us but if our 4 year old kid comes to us with a drawing book, we have to delay our gratification and attend to the child. For a higher reward of bond, love and value.

Step to do: Despite all the lazy day and a dull mood and a grey sullen sky, chose to do the difficult task first. Choose the hard nut to crack first. Begin with the hardest problem. Begin by taking a small step towards the hardest problem. Begin!

The Third Tool:

is observing and succumbing ourselves to Truth.

We have to be determined in its purest sense to bow our heads down before the truth, no matter what it is  or how much does it go against our benefits or previous beliefs or against how we have been handling things previously.

We may have been believing some thing for years and suddenly find out that we were wrong; if we truly love ourselves, we have to accept the truth.

Truth some times is like a tree outside our house, but we often do not know what tree is it or how many branches its’ stem spreads into? Or in many cases, we do not know if a tree is there or not?

If we are not able to do that, we clearly do not love ourselves. We love our egos. We love to keep our head high and believe and make others believe that we were right, but in side deep down of ourselves,  we would know that our size has shrunk.

Step to do: Every single night before retiring to bed. Think about the tasks that you did not do out of laziness. Think about all day that you spent. Think about every important task you did or you could not do. Think about the time that you let go waste. Think that you could have been wrong. Think that you could have accepted a fact, which you did not.

Just keep on doing that. Even if this exercise does not make you take an immediate action, gradually it shall pull you up for taking an action. Taking an action against mental laziness or sticking to your past or to things.

Do not take this exercise as light. Just keep on doing it. It would sow the seeds of transformation, that would germinate into seedlings when the right time comes.

The Fourth Tool:

Keeping  a balance. We tend to lose balance at times. We cannot judge how much time we are supposed to give to our work and to our kids. We lose how much important people are some times as compared to the new promises made to keep a routine and that routine is broken by an unannounced guest.

We have to know how to keep the balance. We have to be a good athlete, a good learner / teacher, a good monk and a good farmer at the same time.

We have to keep a balance between work and personal Life.

We have to keep a balance between physical fitness,  mental and spiritual growth, contribution and financial activities or professional / business life.

Keeping the balance involves wise judgment, which at times becomes quite painful.

Balancing also means to discipline ourselves before we try to discipline our children, subordinates or our spouse. We find our child misbehaving in front of our guests and we feel threatened at our up bringing. So we try to discipline her /him through scolding, lure or threat of being left alone. The act of disciplining has to be disciplined itself. That is called balancing.

Keeping a balance when to allow your son a toy and when not involves a great deal of wisdom. This is often painful. Our willingness to go through this pain is a sign of true love. Keeping a balance is the fourth tool, through which we exercise Love !

Step to do:

Stop considering your life into separate compartments of home, office, social or sport activity.

Rather decide to give equal time to each activity, daily. Though no matter how small the time slot may be.

Decide to take care of your health, walk back home if possible or get off the car 2 miles away and walk the distance. Decide to spend half an hour with your kids, just you and your kids. Spend time to read. Spend time in silence. Daily for ten minutes or fifteen.

Decide to be representing balance and do that. Balance out life and your roles through time. Write your roles and time spent against each role per week and balance that.

Yesss ! that’s hard work. All this is effortful, but who said it wasn’t ? But it is worth the effort.

(This article has been inspired by the work of Dr. Scott Peck )

click here to read article.

Positive Thinking - The Key to a Happy Life

Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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The Impossible Simply Does Not Exist / The Power of Deep Thinking: Essence of Creativity / School Calendar

Mother with Baby Walking On Stock Footage Video (100% ...

God can do the
He can provide a way,
when there seems to be
no way.
If you need proof,
into a mirror.

are a Miracle.

have an absolute ability
of conveying deep feelings.
They can be
Magnificently presented.
You speak
through your eyes and your
Your Kind words
spread pure Love
in the air.

Silhouette of Adorable Baby Girl Stock Footage Video (100% ...

In our current World
of darkness and sadness,
offers Peace, Love, and Tranquility
to the Soul
of our Human existence.
The Love of God
the Light,
the Ray of Hope
to a brighter Future,
where darkness
will never prevail.
19 photographs that will make you want to visit beautiful ...These are hard times.
But with Love for each other
and Faith in our Lord,
we shall all see the Light
Today is teaching us
to be still and enjoy
the Truly Beautiful things in Life,
like Love, Peace
and Joy.

can escape to the Beauty
in Life.
There is great Beauty
in our World.Best Sad Boy Sunset Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free ...

One thing that gives
us pleasure,
is to spend part of the day
with the afterglow.
 It is a real Gift
our Lord is sharing
with us.

The Light of Day
the Light of Love.

It gives us
immediate calm and Serenity.
The Beauty of God’s Nature
brings us Healing,
and Peace.
Thank you Lord
for bringing such Love
and Beauty
to Humanity.Jesus Silhouette Standing On Hill Stock Footage Video (100 ...

Today may pass,
but not from your
The Treasures
of God’s Beautiful Gifts
reside deep inside us.
During our Time,
so many Beautiful things
come to be.
And our Blessed Hearts
and minds
can come to know
that we also can do
Beautiful things
for so many others.

Summer Sunrise Royalty Free Stock Photo - Image: 15135205

your Time on this Beautiful Earth,
and make every effort to
pay Life forward.
is too short
to not
Let us hold hands
all across our Beautiful World,
and show everyone
who we really are.
We are
who we Truly are,
when we share our

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Primordial Worlds
were shattered
and Divine Sparks
giving Life
to Reality.
Such is
the Power of Love,
The Love
of God.Postcards From Penelope Puddle: Flower Hearts & Dangling ...

can be so pure.
The Love you give
 can be so unconditional.
let it be.

If all Mankind had
Empathy, Compassion and Love,
what a wonderful World
this would be.
And we can
let it be.
Beautiful Landscape With Mountain And Ocean In Iceland ...Tears
falling to the ground
water the Flowers
of our Precious Gifts
from God.
 Your Tears
are extraordinary.
Our World
is adorned with precious Images
of unusual Love.
It is very Beautiful and very moving.
Thank you Dear Lord
so much for this Wonderful

Our Beautiful Home
on Mother Earth
is a touching story
of Love.
Relaxing Music with Amazing Nature Scenery HD Video 1080p ...What a Beautiful Life.
As we spend our days
with such magnificent Creations
as our precious animal friends,
we grow to have
mutual Love and respect
for each other. 

are all on planet Earth
meant to form bonds
of Friendship and Devotion.
Our ability to bond
with other precious animal
 is dependent upon
our way of Life,
and how we Live.
When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the ...Let us continue
to grow and mature
in our thoughts and actions,
for what is now,
will be
the Future
Our Sacred Lives
will continue to flourish
with our smiles.
And the Sacred Words
and Wisdom
of the Holy Bible
will continue to Bless us
and future generations.
Most Beautiful Places in China - changzhou - Free Chinese ...
Let your Heart
spread its wings
and fly.

And one day
you will know the Depth of God’s Love
for you
and for every person
in the World.
Keep the Faith
and the Hope and Peace
of God,
our Father.
20 Amazing Nature Wallpapers for Desktop - DesignCanyonGod
is always near,
in your Joy
and in your
He will ever care
for you
Listening to your
Lifting your Spirits
to the Sky.

Full HD Wide Nature Wallpapers & Images I Beautiful Nature ...

Close your eyes
so that your Heart
may see.
Every single day
you can become
completely astonished
by all the warm Love
expressed in the Natural World
of God.
really inspires
the Heart to beat,
and the mind
to sleep.
Majestic Storm 002 wallpaper for 1080x1920 mobile devices ...If you want to enjoy
to be very Happy
and have a Wonderful day,
breathe deeply
and open your Heart
to all the Beauty
and Wonder
around us.

the Love of God
literally makes the Heart
and the body,
feel so completely
at Peace.
Just smile.
HD 【Majestic Landscapes】 Wallpaper | Download Free - 145828Know
that you are you,
and God Loves
who your are.
Be at Peace
with the Reality
of the moment,
this precious Gift of
You are mentally and physically
in the now. 
This moment is

Full HD Wide Nature Wallpapers & Images I Beautiful Nature ...The Power of Deep Thinking:
Essence of Creativity

True or False: “This sentence is false.”

What was your answer to the question above? Did you quickly fire off an answer or did you have to think about it and then think about it some more?

Imagine for a moment that you could put on a set of inverted goggles and see the world through an entirely different lens. On one hand, you would literally see differently, but you might not view the world differently. If we look deep enough and allow ourselves to observe from a new lens, we will. Thomas S. Kuhn remarked in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions,[1]

“What a man sees depends upon what he looks at and also upon what his previous visual conceptual experience has taught him to see.”

The power of deep thinking is the essence of creativity. By learning how to think differently and deep, you will find that it is not only your creative thinking, but your critical thinking skills that vastly improve. This leads to higher levels of thinking and powerful problem-solving skills that you simply did not have before.

Let’s take a look at what deep thinking is, why you should learn about it, and what it will do for you.

How Do You Know That You Know the Stuff You Think You Know?

Have you heard the saying, the more you know the less you know? If you haven’t, take a moment and think about that phrase. By looking at the Theory of Knowledge, we can pose the following question: How do you know that you know the stuff you think you know?

Let’s look at an example. Solve the following: 2 + 2 = ?

The Power of Deep Thinking: Essence of Creativity

I am hoping you answered 4! Yet, let’s take a look at another way to look at this. In Plato and Platypus Walk into a Bar by Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein, we find the following story.

A western anthropologist is told by a Voohooni that 2 + 2 = 5. The anthropologist asks him how he knows this. The tribesman says,

“By counting, of course. First, I tie two knots in a cord. Then I tie two knots in another cord. When I join the two cords together, I have five knots.”

Deep Thinking Is Thinking About Thinking

Rene Descartes famously stated, “Cogito ergo sum” or “I think, therefore I am” where he believed thinking as the essential characteristic of being Human.

In Why the World Doesn’t Seem to Make Sense, Steve Hagen discussed that Descartes arrived at the cogito through an experiment in radical doubt to discover if there was anything he could be certain of; that is, anything that he could not doubt away.[2] Hagen commented,

“He started out by doubting the existence of the external world. Then he tried doubting his own existence. But doubt as he would, he kept coming up against the fact that there was a doubter. Must be himself! He could not doubt his own doubting.”


Essentially, Metacognition is awareness of one’s awareness. It is thinking about thinking or cognition about cognition.

  1. Meta means Beyond
  2. Cognition means Thinking

Thus, Metacognition means Beyond Thinking.

To be aware, it refers to the ability of the mind to stand back and watch itself in action. Here, we are able to examine the way we learn, remember, and think. The knowledge of how we process information gives us the opportunity to change how we process it. [3]

Can We Really Know What Anything Is?

Hagen poses the following question in his book Why the World Doesn’t Seem to Make Sense: Here it is, but what is it? Do we truly know what something is?

Hagen remarks,

When we try to answer this, have we merely answered the question “how do we conceive of it?” or “what do we call it?” Some deeper question remains.


For example, if I say, “Here, in this cup, is water,” you may ask, “What is water?” But as scientists we might wish to point out, “Water is hydrogen and oxygen.” Thus, by using scientific methods it seems we can discover what water is “made of.”

With confidence we say, “What is really in this cup is hydrogen and oxygen, combined and transformed into this unique substance we call ‘water’.” But the questions continue.

Hagen concludes, “What is hydrogen? What is oxygen? And so we look again, using scientific methods, and say, “Hydrogen is an element made of atoms, each consisting of a single proton and a single electron.”

But still the questions remain: what are atoms? What are protons and electrons? It seems that we’ve started on a never-ending regression. At no time do we ever really get to the other end of the question: “What is water?” We can name the mind object, even break it down and name its parts, but we still don’t really answer the question.”

Reading this passage leaves me to ask myself: can we ever really know what anything is? Let’s look at another example from Hagen.

He illustrates just how strange our world is through the conversation between a physicist and a philosopher:

Physicist: …and so we conclude an electron is a particle.

Philosopher: But you also claim an electron is a wave.

Physicist: Yes, it’s also a wave.

Philosopher: But surely, not if it’s a particle.

Physicist: We say it’s both wave and particle.

Philosopher: But that’s a contradiction, obviously.

Physicist: Are you then saying it’s neither wave nor particle?

Philosopher: No, I’m asking what you mean by “it.”

A Gap in the Stream of Consciousness

You might be wondering what the difference is between Metacognition and Cognition.

  • Cognition. This is the process of acquiring knowledge for understanding. Cognition is thinking.
  • Metacognition. This relies on awareness and control of cognitive processes. Metacognition will help you find gaps in your learning and thinking. However, you must have acquired some previous knowledge about a topic prior to Metacognition. As mentioned earlier, Metacognition goes beyond just thinking… it is thinking about thinking.

Now that you have an understanding of the fundamental principle behind deep thinking, let’s take a look at how to develop it.

In the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle,[4] we learn the following lessons.

Constantly Observe Your Mind Without Judging Your Thoughts

Here we should ask one simple question, “What will my next thought be?” Try it. Can you think of your next thought? Probably not.

By continually asking this question, you can delay the arrival of your next thought. This is due to what is called the quantum zeno effect, where we can freeze our current state by observing it. Essentially, there can be no change while you are watching it.

Life Is Simply a Series of Present Moments

Here we are informed that the past is simply all the present moments that have gone by. Tolle posits that the only important time is the present, for which we think about the least. Furthermore, the present is simply future present moments waiting to go by.

Imagine leaving your body and watching yourself think. Think of this as a mental movie where your goal is not to judge the actors, but to simply observe them.

Tolle refers to entering into the Now or the Present as creating a gap in the stream of mind. Asking yourself the question What will my next thought be?” creates that gap and allows you to dis-identify from your mind. Once you do this, you have elevated yourself above thought. This is Enlightenment.

Stages of Deep Thinking

Before we look at strategies you can use to become a deep thinker, let’s briefly look at the stages of deep thinking known as the Three Levels of Thought. [5]

  • Level 1: Lower Order Thinking. The individual is not reflective, has a low to mixed skill level, and relies solely on gut intuition.
  • Level 2: Higher Order Thinking. The individual is selective on what to reflect on, has a high skill level, yet lacks critical thinking vocabulary.
  • Level 3: Highest Order Thinking. The individual is explicitly reflective, has the highest skill level, and routinely uses critical thinking tools.

Strategies to Become a Deep Thinker

To enter into the Highest Order Thinking, try the following strategies.

Increase Self-Awareness by Thinking About Thinking

Imagine you could become aware of how you learn. We know that we must have a baseline of previous knowledge about something to use Metacognition. Think of your Intelligence as what you think and Metacognition as how you think. Let’s look at a series of questions you can ask yourself by using the Elements of Thought.[6]

  • Purpose. What am I trying to accomplish?
  • Questions: What question am I raising or addressing? Am I considering the complexities in the question?
  • Information: What information am I using to get to my conclusion.
  • Inferences: How did I reach this conclusion? Is there another way to interpret the information?
  • Concepts: What is the main idea? Can I explain this idea?
  • Assumptions: What am I taking for granted?
  • Implications: If someone accepted my position, what would the implications be?
  • Points of View. From what point of view am I looking at this issue? Is there another point of view I should consider?

Challenge Current Learning Methods Through Meta-Questions

Meta-Questioning is higher order questions we can use to explore ideas and problems. Here are some examples.

  • Why did it happen?
  • Why was it true?
  • How does X relate to Y?
  • Why is reasoning based on X instead of Y?
  • Are there other possibilities?

Let’s look at a practical example.

  • When you say: “I can’t do this.” Change this to: “What specifically can I not do?”
  • You say: “I can’t exercise.” Then ask: “What is stopping me?”
  • You say: “I don’t have time.” Now ask yourself: “What needs to happen for me to start exercising?”
  • You discover: “What time wasters can I eliminate in order to create more time to exercise?”
  • Then imagine how you could start exercising: “If I could exercise, how would I do it?”

View the World Through Different Lens

Here is a technique you can use to foster a deeper understanding of a problem—Four Ways of Seeing:

  • How does X view itself?
  • How does Y view itself?
  • How does X view Y?
  • How does Y view X?
The Power of Deep Thinking: Essence of Creativity

Try to apply the technique like this: suppose we are in the United States looking at a foreign country. First, draw four boxes, then list the questions. Second, start answering the questions.

  • In box #1 ask: “How do we see the United States?”
  • Box #2: “How does China see themselves?”
  • Box #3: “How does China see the United States?”
  • Box #4: “How do you see them?”

Thought Experiments

One last technique you can use to become a deep thinker —Thought Experiments. This is a device of the imagination used to investigate the nature of just about anything. [7] Thought Experiments seek to learn about reality through thinking:

  • Visualize a situation and set it up in your imagination.
  • Let it run or carry out some type of operation.
  • See what happens.
  • Draw a conclusion.

The team at Stanford describes this using the following example: Since the time of Lucretius, we’ve learned how to conceptualize space so that it is both finite and unbounded. Let’s see how this Thought Experiment can work.

  • Imagine a circle, which is a one-dimensional space.
  • As we move around, there is no edge, but it is nevertheless finite.
  • What can you conclude? The universe might be a three-dimensional version of this topology.

Think Deep, and You Will Think Creatively

Thinking deep will change how you think, feel, and view the world. When you understand this concept, you will start to think beyond simple beliefs.

“When the root is Deep… There is no reason to fear the wind.”

Deep Thinking will change how you think, feel, and view the world. When you understand this concept, you will start to think beyond simple beliefs.

By applying all the skills mentioned in this article, you will be able to think deeper and explore more possibilities.

Featured photo credit: Stocksnap via stocksnap.io

What Else Do You Want to Improve?

Pick what you need most and give yourself a radical upgrade:


[1] Thomas S. Kuhn: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
[2] Steve Hagen: Why the World Doesn’t Seem to Make Sense: An Inquiry Into Science, Philosophy and Perception
[3] ThePeakLearner: What is Metacognition? 3 Key Points to Remember
[4] Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now
[5] Thinker’s Guide Library: Critical Thinking Concepts & Tools
[6] Thinker’s Guide Library: Critical Thinking Concepts & Tools
[7] Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Thought Experiments

Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.