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Cherish Each Moment / 10 Strategies for Discovering and Living as Your True Self / School Calendar 2022-23

Earth with Sunset from Space Stock Footage Video (100% ...You are Loved.
You are
Your Dreams are manifesting
as you Pray.
Shine your Light in this World. 
are needed.
You are
the Blessing of

My Dear Friends,
is simple. 
It is singing.
It is dancing.
It is sitting silently.

Beautiful Mountaintop Landscape image - Free stock photo ...

You deserve Happiness
and Love.
Look for the Beauty
all around us.
Our Sacred World
is shining with the Light
of God’s Love.
happens once. 
Cherish each moment
on our Truly Divine
Wild Owl with the Autumn Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty ...
We are
Creations of Serene
Always go back 
to God
in Times of need
He L
oves you.
You are an incredible
Child of God.
2560x1080 Space Galaxy 2560x1080 Resolution Wallpaper, HD Space 4K ...
Close your eyes
and imagine a World with
where we are all
Brothers and Sisters.
We are.
One Day we will realize
that every one of us
is responsible.
Then our Dream
will come True,
and we will Live in a World
that we never regret
Living in.

Beautiful Rainbow Royalty Free Stock Photos - Image: 4099578

“If I were not a physicist,
I would probably be a musician.
I often think in music.
I Live my daydreams in music.
I see my Life in terms of music.” 

Albert Einstein

I am deeply moved
by the Infinitely Beautiful Melody
of the Sacred Songs
of our Lives.
I am deeply touched.
Thank You.

Beautiful Sunset in American Desert Stock Footage Video ...

we are in a dark place
and we think 
we have been buried,
we have really been
Let your seed grow.
Your Prayers
will be received
by our Father
in Heaven Above.

 Life is short.
It is brief
at best.
But always know,
it is about Love,
and you are Truly

Yellow Lotus Flower Images. Lotus Flower Stock Photos And ...

Have an
Open Mind,
a Humble Heart
and Helpful Hands.

Best Natural Places around the world Hq wallpapers free ...

is all about fleeting
But Love is

Our story
is of many things unsaid.
that are glistening on the horizon –
Beautiful Mountains
and gorgeous Sunsets,
and the reality and the dynamics
of Life and Living,
which are far beyond

Brown blue butterfly wallpaper | HD Animals Wallpapers

It is easy
to take the Beauty
of our wondrous Planet
for granted.
how breathtaking it is,
and how it inspires us.
It is stunning.
It captures the essence 
of Love.
It is
a Gift.
Royalty free stock photos. All pictures are free for commercial and ...
Let Paradise
flow into your
There will be
a surreal feeling of Joyful reunion
with your Creator.
The Beauty of Life
is the Beauty
of Love.

Panorama, Colorful City, Xinjiang China Royalty Free Stock ...

is reflected by our Beautiful country
and by it’s wonderful people.
We are People with Passion
and Pride
and we simply cannot explain.
We are Truly Blessed
to Live
and Love Life
here and now.

Sunset & Arizona Sunrise Pictures

There are so many
that we take for granted. 
Many we will never
can make us feel
like we are back
to being the me
from all those many years ago,
when Life
was less complicated.

it was.
And it can be

Swan Bird Lake Beautiful Sunset Wallpaper Hd ...

Take a moment each Day
to celebrate Living
on our precious
The Beauty of a Sunrise
or Sunset,
is the celebration of
True Love,
God’s Love.

Red Sunset Over Ocean Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty ....In an incredibly moving way,
it reminds us
that we are not alone,
that the Love of God,
is all around us.

for all of us from all different parts
of our Beautiful Earth.
Each of us
is wanting the same thing,
 to share our Love for one another.
May we enjoy
our Light.
The Wonder and the Beauty
of God’s World,
was Created
for you and me.
Beautiful Nice Flower Wallpapers | HD Wallpapers | ID #5728We are so Blessed
to share the Beauty of Nature.
I Pray
that everyone will protect
our Beautiful Gift
of this Earth.

May God give you Peace
and fill your Heart
with Love.
will protect us
from evil.

Blessings and Peace
be with

Goodnight.Beautiful Colors Of Nature-HD Photoshoot Wallpaper Preview ...

10 Strategies for Discovering
and Living as Your True Self

If you find yourself continuing to act out old patterns and roles that no longer serve you, this is more than likely interfering with your ability to create mutually rewarding, respectful, and reciprocal relationships. Below are my ten strategies for getting in touch with your true self so as to create an integrity-based and emotionally rewarding life.

The True Self Lost in Childhood

Although living as one’s true self in an emotionally honest manner might seem like a natural and easy thing to do, those of us who grew up in a family system that did not support our uninhibited and natural expressions may have gradually disconnected from the truth of who we were, i.e., our core essence, so as to be accepted by those we were dependent upon to meet our most basic and fundamental needs.

It is often the case that children who grew up in these types of chaotic, unstable environments find some semblance of identity and emotional security by taking on one or more family roles, such as the hero, the scapegoat, the rebel, the caretaker, or the clown. But in unconsciously disconnecting from our true self in order to emotionally survive, we may later find ourselves as adults people-pleasing others and hiding behind a facade, with no idea how to express and live our truth.

How to Live and Speak Your Truth

If I were to ask you right now, “In what situations, or around which people, do you feel most yourself, and most creative, spontaneous, and alive?”, how might you respond? Alternatively, if I were to ask you, “In what situations, or around which people, do you feel uncomfortable, restrained, and inhibited?,” how might you reply? Contemplating these questions can be provocative, to say the least, and there may be no obvious or easy answers at first.

If you feel ready to shed anything about yourself that feels false and fearlessly live from a place of emotional honesty, personal integrity (inspired by your principles and values), and a direct knowledge of self, the 10 strategies I designed to assist my psychotherapy and coaching clients will aid you in this courageous quest. If you are not already seeing a competent therapist, counselor, or coach who can support you in your efforts, you might consider engaging such services before implementing the strategies listed below.

10 Strategies for Discovering and Being Your True Self

  1. Recognize You Have a True Self Nature: Each of us enters the world possessing an innate, core, true self. Each one of us is an “original model”, and as such we all have unique gifts to offer to the world.
  2. Remember and Reflect on When You Felt Happiest as a Child: Think back to when you were young. When did you feel most free, happy, and alive? Take a few minutes after reflecting on what caused you to feel joyful in your youth, going back to your earliest conscious memory. Then write about the people, places, things, and activities that brought you the greatest joy while you were growing up. This simple “remembering and reflection” exercise can put us deeply in touch with the innocent purity of our original true self nature.

  3. Make a Commitment to Recover and Reconnect with the Joyful, Innately Pure, Authentic Essence Within: In a certain sense, recognizing and consciously reclaiming our own unique, true self nature is a paradoxical process of finding and embracing what we never really lost. It is an excavation project, of sorts, i.e., it is a process of uncovering, discovering, recovering, and consciously reclaiming who (and what) we in fact have always been, and will always be — That which is most true, honest, expansive, and alive within ourselves, yet constant and unchanging.

  4. Make a Decision to Release All that Feels False and No Longer Serves You: Becoming authentic and emotionally honest requires that we be willing to release the parts of ourselves that we were conditioned to become by the various social systems we have been immersed in like a fish swimming in the sea, from our family-of-origin to the cultural and social systems we currently identify with, and everything in between. Ask yourself if you feel ready to begin doing that. If not, I encourage you to explore what might be inhibiting you from living an emotionally honest and authentic life. Change is never easy. It’s never too late to “get real”.

  5. The Process Of Letting Go: I often ask my clients who are engaged in a process of true self recovery and reclamation, “Is this (person, place, thing, behavior, situation) serving you at the highest level today?” Whatever is not serving us at the highest level is more than likely not serving others in our life at the highest level either, regardless of how it may seem. It ultimately serves no one when we allow ourselves to remain small, diminish our internal light, and hide our truth from others (and perhaps even from ourselves.)

  6. The Only Way Out Is Through: It is often during this process of letting go of all that now feels false that long-buried emotions unconsciously repressed in childhood may surface, resulting in our possibly becoming sad, anxious, angry, and even genuinely depressed. At times such as this it is imperative that a person feels he or she is not alone in the valiant task of facing any painful feelings and memories that may arise head on, versus avoiding the challenging, difficult work of genuine transformational growth; therefore, this is a time when the help of a trusted therapist, counselor, transformational life coach, and/or a psychoeducational peer-support group can prove to be invaluable to a person engaged in the task of reclaiming and authentically embodying his or her true self.

  7. It’s Okay to Experience and Release Old, Pent-Up Feelings from Childhood: It is also not uncommon for a person whose true self nature was shamed and dismissed in childhood to find they are experiencing feelings of intense anger, even rage, during this critical transformational time of inner self-exploration and excavation. This can especially surprise those who strived to be “nice” their entire lives to avoid upsetting others and risking conflict. I like to remind my clients during such times that the word “courage” includes the word “rage”, and successful passage through the dark night of the soul is ultimately brought about by processing these more difficult feelings and emotions that society labels as “negative”. Those who were victims of neglect and/or other forms of abuse in childhood are especially prone to finding themselves overwhelmed with these darker, extremely intense feelings; thus, working with a licensed psychotherapeutic professional and/or abuse recovery network such as Adult Survivors of Child Abuse can be especially critical during this phase of recovery, healing, and growth.

  8. Pay Attention To Your Dreams: I have also learned from both personal and professional experience that this is a time to pay attention to one’s active imagination, dreams, and fantasies, as suggested by the great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, for these signs and symbols emanating from deep within our unconscious invariably reveal important keys to a given individual’s growth, including acting as an inner wise guide, when one understands how to begin to interpret the personal and universal symbols contained therein. A book that I often recommend to clients for such creative dream work is Jeremy Taylor’s Dream Work: Techniques for Discovering the Creative Power in Dreams.

  9. Release The Limiting Views Of Others: This is also a time when a person might report to their therapist, transformational life coach, or support network that they are feeling increasingly uncomfortable around family members, colleagues, and friends if those relationships were dependent on their being a certain way – A way that now no longer feels authentic, embodied, or emotionally true. This is especially the case when one has knowingly or unknowingly been playing out a particular role within a given relationship and/or system (e.g., hero, rescuer, ‘black sheep’, enabler) and/or been an unwitting recipient of another’s psychological projections (a process whereby humans defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying their existence while attributing them to others). At some point you may have no choice other than to make it clear that you are no longer willing to distort or hide your true self in order to protect the feelings of others, and that you simply will not accept being manipulated into living out old, familiar role(s) in the dysfunctional system’s “script” (typically one’s family-of-origin) so that the status quo can be maintained.

  10. You’re Not Obligated To Play By Other People’s Rules: If it wasn’t clear before, once you commit to live your life authentically it will quickly become evident that every system has its “rules”, be it a family system, a work system, a political system, etc. This is a good time to remember that whatever the system can’t change, control, and/or accept, it will attempt to diminish, label, reject, and even (in extreme cases) “eject”. And this is why I see each and every person who is engaged in a sincere process of true self recovery and reclamation as being heroic, for it is no easy task to realize the truth of who and what one is while attempting to maintain relationships with others who may be demanding we “change back” (whether overtly or covertly) so that they might feel more comfortable, in control, and secure.

Living as Your True Self

As illustrated in the above 10 strategies, remaining committed to an ongoing transformational process designed to further our personal and professional growth, enhance our relationships, and increase our overall sense of confidence and well being is not always a simple or enjoyable task, especially in the beginning. And yet, those who decide to do what it takes to live from a place of emotional integrity and fearless honesty invariably discover that it is worth the effort required, for it is by courageously committing to recovering the lost Child within that we are able to become the true self we were always destined to be. And what could be better than that?

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What Life Teaches Us / Dream Psychology / School Calendar

What Life
Teaches Us:

VIDEO-FUEL.COM - 0082 - Ethereal Heavenly Sky - Tradebit


27,996 Ethereal Background Photos - Free & Royalty-Free ...


Ethereal Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock


Chillstep Sappheiros - Memories - YouTube


Ethereal Wisps - Abstract Wallpaper


Ethereal Blue Plasma Light Effect Stock Footage Video (100 ...


Angel Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock


Ethereal Caustics Plasma Effect. Blue Water. NTSC. HD ...


8tracks radio | Ethereal Mist (13 songs) | free and music ...

Dream Psychology

Psychology Campus
Forensic & Criminal


Dream Psychology

     One item that Carl Jung felt was a window into our subconscious and that could be used in analytical processes was the dream and dream psychology.

     Dreams are a representation in the sensory environments of our mind. They reflect thoughts, feelings and awareness. They reflect our everyday lives in that they are expressing what has been occupying our minds in the day or two prior to the dream. One way a dream can be interpreted is by looking at how it relates to recent events in our life. Dreams occur naturally during a sleep phase known as REM sleep. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep occurs about every ninety minutes through out the night. These REM periods get progressively longer throughout the night, starting out about 5 – 10 minutes each at the beginning of the night – up until about 30-40 minutes by morning. In total – people dream about 100 minutes per night.

     People dream in order to help the brain grow by exciting neurons. This explains why all people and creatures dream, and babies dream up to about 8 hours per day. Researchers also believe that dreams play a role in memory- they strengthen connections between certain areas of the brain and allow other connections that hold less useful information to be released and forgotten. REM sleep also plays a role in releasing certain hormones in the brain and it has been found that reduced REM sleep seems to reduce depression.

     Recurring dreams reflect feelings and awareness that have not been successfully resolved in our waking lives. Unresolved feelings often include the sudden loss of a Loved one, or an abrupt end to a romantic relationship. We wish the situation could have ended differently, so we tend to replay it in our minds.

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Analytic Psychology
Carl Jung & Dream Psychology
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First Semester
Sept. 7 – December 17   2021

Sept. 7 (TUESDAY)               First Day of First Semester
Oct. 11 (Monday)                   Columbus Day Holiday
Nov. 22 – 26                           Fall Break (and Thanksgiving)
Dec. 17                                   Last Day of Fall Semester

Second Semester

Jan. 4 (TUESDAY)                 Second Semester Begins
Jan. 17  (Monday)                  Dr. Martin L. King Holiday
Feb. 21  (Monday)                  Presidents’ Day Holiday
Mar. 14 – 18                           Spring Break Holiday
April 15 & 18                           Good Friday and Easter Monday Holidays
May 24 – 27                            Adventure Trip
May 27                                    Last Day of Spring Semester

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

Sunrise In The Mountains Free Stock Photo - Public Domain ...

I wish you all

Real Jungle Animals Monkeys | Amazing Wallpapers

Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.





Our Universe Is A Symphony / Stay In Your Lane / School Calendar 2020-21

Galaxy, Nebula, Stars, Digital Art, Wolf

Our Earth is so Precious,
and filled with
pure Beauty.

We do not have the words
to even describe this Amazing, Lovely, Marvelous
and very vibrant Home
that God Loved us so very much
to provide.
The World
brings us to the very Gates
of Heaven,
and gives us
enough Beauty
to Grace our sensitive Hearts
and fragile minds
with Peace.

sunset by the sea during golden hour

Every atom,
every emotion,
every Living Being,
every thought,
and everything
is a frequency, a vibration.

Everything is energy,
and everything is connected
to everything else.
Everything is one.
Thoughts and feelings are energy,
so everything we think and feel
influences everything and everyone
on the Earth.
Consciousness creates our


Space, Universe, Space Travel

Our Universe
is a Symphony
of frequencies and sounds.

at the center is a calm
and complete stillness,
a point in space
where frequencies come together
and cancel each other out.
 And there is calm and stillness,
with Infinite potential
and every frequency.

Our thoughts and emotions
have an Electromagnetic Frequency vibration
that is perceived by every cell in our Body.
we are in constant vibration –
in constant motion.

Galaxy, Sombrero Fog, Spiral Galaxy

One day,
we can come to discover
the Infinite Love of God,
Singing in Higher Dimensions
the Beauty of Songs
we cannot even imagine.
We may
come to realize
His Love
projects ourselves into
this material plane.
The Glorious Music
found in the Forests of our World,
plays the harp-strings of our Heart,
with fingers soft as velvet,
that pierce us
like arrows.

When we Pray,
we meditate upon the Love
of God,
and our mind is quiet.
Our Heavenly Father
can hear the vibrations of our Souls.
You feel
your consciousness expanding its vibrations,
like an ever enlarging Sphere,

Planets, Man, Galaxy, Universe, Space

When our trust
turns into Faith,
by Praying for help and guidance
from the unseen Mystery of God,
our Prayer becomes a relationship,
and something truly wonderful happens
– our Soul takes a leap of Faith,
and a marked change occurs
in the vibrational alignment with you
and your Spirit.

you are One
with God.
God wants you

to be One with Him,
united in Holy Love,
in the deepest possible relationship.
You were created
for this.

low angle photography of trees at daytime

“One day Áron Farsang
Life’s gonna flash before your eyes.
Make sure it’s worth watching.”
 Aron Farsang

As Human Beings,

 we are on a Journey,
trying to understand our World
and the complex relationships
that are shaping who we are becoming.

“We meet no ordinary people in our lives.”
  – C.S. Lewis

I want to share with you
a powerful message,
as you move forward on this
Journey of Life.
It is a message
you can take to Heart,
and apply it in your Life
and become astounded by the
Spiritual transformation

that results.

Astronaut, Astronomy, Satellite, Moon

 I am in reference to
a change in Spiritual Vibration.
It is something that comes from

deep within you.
As you progress 
down the Sacred Path that leads to
an ultimate transformation of Eternal consequence,
you become One with,
and in union with,
the Divine.
“Exceedingly great and precious promises
are given to us,
that by these you might be partakers
of the Divine Nature.”
2 Peter 1:4

Dove, Universe, Cross, Explosion, Cosmos

Children are afraid of the dark,
and adults are afraid of the light.

is only vibrating slow enough
for us to see.
the descendants of the Atlanteans,
called matter
frozen music.

At the highest frequency,
we can heal Mankind and our Planet.
People in group meditations
managed to reduce the crime rate in cities
by just sending the frequency of Peace every day.
We have the power.

In a review of various research conducted on
city, state, national, and international levels,
15 published studies showed strong evidence
that group meditation was able
to reduce crime rates.
click here to read more

We need to unite
in our goals
of the Life we are Living.
have to enjoy Living
and Live Life each day,
as it was the final day
of our existence.

we think the end of wars together
we can think wars away,
and en masse
Peace shall overcome
the order of the day.
can be championed for the future.
positive causation of thought
can cause battles
to be stilled.
And Peace
is the prize.

Free Wallpaper Of Beautiful Natural Scenery: Bright Red ...

We are
Star Seeds. 

It is the most Beautiful Gift.
And the Beauty transcendentally evoked
the sun and the moon,
may be found in all our skies,
  in surprise and wonder.
“If we find ourselves with a desire
that nothing in this World can satisfy,
the most probable explanation is
that we were made for another World.”

C.S. Lewis

Life goes on.
Before Humanity had not counted on us,
but now,
it counts on us
to move forward, towards the future.
Let us
learn more about Life
and gain Wisdom
from the Holy Word of God,
in order to have strength
to take the next step
in the space of time
that we Live.

The most beautiful lighthouses 🛳 - YouTube

  You can feel
like you are flying
among the birds,
near the Lighthouse
of God’s Love.

You are not alone.
We are not alone.

Let us Pray
to have the courage
to be gentle to other
Living Beings.

can take us from a depressive mood,
to one of quiet reflection.
God has gifted each of us
with the freedom
to seek the Beauty of God
that resides within
our Hearts.

When the sun comes up | Sunrise pictures, Sunrise ...

My Dear Friend,
are very special.
You are the star in someone’s night.

You shine a Light
into their darkness.

You are the reason they smile.
make a difference.

From the darkness
you will understand the night,
the dreams that flow,
the stars that shine
and rise out
of the darkness.
is a language
that everyone can understand.

 Being at Peace
is the fundamental experience
of our existential Life.

Alabama Screensavers Wallpapers - WallpaperSafari

Let your Flow of Life
be filled with good vibrations,
clarity and Blessings.
your Heavenly Father,

as you feel the Earth

The Music
of Life and Living
arises from a place
deep within the Human Heart.
It comes not
from a mad world we live in.
Faith comes thru listening.
is trying to tell us

We are all so Loved
and worthy
just as we are.

Love is the answer.

If you want to know what Love is,
isten to the Music
of the Moment.

HDR Sunset | One of my first tests with a sunset in HDR ...

To Believe in God,
is to Believe in Love.
God is Love.
And our Spiritual Being
is Eternal Light and Love.

The fragile World
we live on
is a Sacred Journey
we are allowed to experience.
To Truly feel ourselves,
and our Soul,
we must learn how to Truly Live,
and how to find our way
back to who we Truly are.
The pathway
may be found
through the Love
expressed in the serenity
and calmness found in


Hawaii Sunset Wallpaper - WallpaperSafari

Stay In Your Lane
from: medium.com
click here to read more

“We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.”
Carl Jung

It’s a given, we want to control the irrepressible parts of our life, believing we will attain happiness then.

I liken the thought to catching fireflies at night, certain you have caught them all. It is only later you realize there are more around and so you concede defeat.

I wish to emphasizes one important key principle in this article. The rest is details:

Happiness = Accepting what is and letting go of what you cannot control.

It sounds simple right?

Then why aren’t we happy?

Because what looks easy is often difficult to apply in real life. We want happiness to fill a void in our lives, but we don’t want the struggle and difficulties that go with it. Yet the pain and struggle serve as a reminder to stop influencing circumstances beyond our control.

I often remind others to stay in your lane. Meaning, you have no business poking around in matters outside your control because life is bigger than you and will impose itself upon you each time. It has many millennia of experience and a toolbox of tricks, compared to your humble few decades of life.

“If you believe the outer circumstance is yoked inevitably to your story about it, then you will surely be at the mercy of whatever is going on in your life,” explains author Jan Frazier in The Freedom of Being: At Ease with What Is.

I’ve researched countless books on happiness over the past decade, including attending seminars by respected psychologists and concede that happiness is much simpler than we think. Whilst I do not discount their tireless work and research, I am of the opinion happiness is accessible once our thoughts are in harmony.

It is our thinking that gets in the way of achieving happiness, not having a bank account full of money, fancy cars or luxury homes. Whilst these are good things to have, they wear off after a while and are meaningless if you cannot find peace and contentment within.

The Meaning You Give Your Experiences

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”
Joseph Campbell

Man is responsible for his problems because he creates them through his thoughts. Nothing outside you has meaning save for the meaning you give it. Your brain assigns meaning to life’s events to make sense of what takes place.

Tony Robbins says: “Meaning equals emotion and emotion equals life. The meaning you give your experiences will always change how you feel — and the emotion you feel always becomes the quality of your life.”

Yet the meaning you give can be inaccurate if viewed through a distorted lens. For example, if you’ve been cheated on in a relationship, the meaning you ascribe to future relationships will be based on a lack of trust. This is neither right nor wrong, but one aspect of the picture.

Robbins says: “Are your patterns helping or harming you? It’s vital to remember that our perceptions are creative in nature — if we define something as negative, that’s the message our brain receives and responds to by creating an emotional state to reinforce that reality.”

This is an ideal point to reinforce the main point of this article. Your happiness lies in re-framing events to accept what is and let go of what you cannot control.

Psychotherapist David Richo writes in The Five Things We Cannot Change: And the Happiness We Find by Embracing Them: “We can learn to accept life on its own terms. We can even find its terms satisfactory. We do not have to shake our fist at Heaven. We do not have to demand an exemption or take refuge in a belief system that muffles the wallop of the givens by promising a paradise without them. We can craft a sane and authentic life by saying yes to life just as it is. Indeed, our path is “what is.

Referring to our earlier example where your trust was squandered through infidelity, the lesson gained is that you are likely to choose a trustworthy partner in your next relationship, given its relationship to your happiness. Contrast helps to shed light on what you value most and will be important to you.

To further emphasise the point, you accepted your previous partner’s transgression, noting you may have played a role in co-creating an unbalanced union. Note, I am not implying you consented to the unfaithfulness, however as a complying party you are still responsible for the events that took place.

Therefore, your lesson is to accept the dissolution of the relationship and release all judgement, anger and hate by healing and forgiving yourself and your former partner.

Learn From The Experience

“Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable.”
Denis Waitley

To continue harboring anger and resentment ties you to the other person and does little to help you heal. In fact, you are likely to bring the toxic emotions into the next relationship, repeating the damage of the past and labeling future relationships as toxic.

Robbins reaffirms the need to re-frame how we interpret life’s events: “Re framing is the difference between being constantly disappointed and being consistently satisfied.”

Amid the backdrop of acceptance is the invitation to let go of what you cannot control.

In this example, you cannot control other people’s actions.

You cannot control whether they will return your love.

You cannot control if they will be faithful to you.

However, you can control your response to what happens.

You can control the meaning you give to the event.

You can control the lessons gained from the experience and carry them into the next relationship.

You can control whether you remain a victim or an ambassador for inner peace and harmony. These are powerful lessons, yet we ruminate on what went wrong in the past rather than how to carry the lessons forward.

George Bernard Shaw wrote: “We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.”

I’m not saying it is easy and it may take years to achieve. It is a more worthwhile path than being a victim to your circumstances.

Dr Alex Lickerman says in The Undefeated Mind: On the Science of Constructing an Indestructible Self: “Approaching painful internal experiences with an attitude of acceptance, in contrast — accepting that sometimes we’re weak — paradoxically may be the key to our becoming strong.”

It is a given whilst we cannot control the circumstances of life, we can control how we respond to what happens to us.

This is a measure of our commitment to accept life as it is and let go of what we cannot control.

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We Reflections of Sacred Geometry / What is the Meaning of Life? / 2018-19 School Calendar



Previously posted on April 7, 2015

Dedicated to my very dear friend,
Dr. Nelson F. Eichman
How do you put into words how you feel
for the man you most admire in this world.

A Man for All Seasons,
An Inspiration and a wonderful, trusted Friend.
On his Sacred Mission
To Help Us, One and All,
He truly Succeeded.
Your Life Is such a Beautiful Blessing
To everyone.

We Love you

Thank You.


            We cannot imagine as dreams come true.

We are not
Who we seem to be,
Reflections of
Sacred Geometry.

sunset 4

                    Extraordinary, the creation of man

Loved into being,
God whispered your name.
Breath of Life
Loving thought,
Tender deed,
Were you created,

The creation of man.
From the dust of the ground
A living, breathing being,
A Soul,
Loving and Loved,
A Child of God,
A Man.
(Genesis 2:7)

sunset 10

The Heart Divine no longer remembers, set free from deep regrets.

God Blesses each of us,
As He Dreams away our lives.
And Forever is a day,
As it is Given,
We are born again,
Me and you,
Into the next life,
Such that we cannot imagine
As dreams come true.

Forever In the Bright Morning Light Of God’s Eternal Love.

While you dream,
You know not
That you are Dreaming.
And awake,
May be living a Dream.

sunset 12

                      We are not who we seem to be.

We sculpt the future
With our imagination,
What we perceive to be.
And by our transgressions,
Forget that I am me.

In the act of forgiving
The mind is Blessed,
As it forgets.
The Heart Divine
No longer remembers,
Set free from deep regrets.

sunset 8

           We sculpt the future with our imagination.

The Love of God
Is like a raging
River of Light,
Carrying Salvation
Into the dark
Pit of Night.

sunset 14

           Loving and Loved, a Child of God, a Man.

So this life, this Dream,
From which we awake one day,
Will find us forgiven,
Should we ask to be,
And forever
In the Bright Morning Light
Of God’s Eternal Love.

And breathless will we be,
In Love
With Love,


sunset final

                                    Forever is a day.

What is the Meaning of Life?
by Australian Biologist Jeremy Griffith
read more

Science has finally enabled us
to lift the so-called ‘burden of guilt’ from the Human race;
in fact, to understand that we thinking,
‘knowledge’ – finding, conscious Humans
are actually nothing less than
the Heroes of the Story of Life on Earth!

This is because our fully conscious mind is surely
Nature’s greatest invention
and to have had to endure the torture of being
unjustly condemned as evil for so long
(the anthropological evidence indicates we humans have been fully conscious for some two million years)
must make us the absolute Heroes of the Story of Life on Earth.

God and man, Religion and science, our instinct and intellect,
the integrative meaning of life
and the inconsistency of our behavior with that meaning,
are all reconciled.

This explanation of the Human condition is redeeming
and thus rehabilitating,
all our upset angry, egocentric and alienated behavior
now subsides, bringing about the complete
and importantly, understanding of the Human condition
doesn’t condone ‘bad’ behavior,
it heals
and by so doing ends it.

From being competitive, selfish and aggressive,
Humans return to being cooperative, selfless and

Our round of departure has ended.
The poet T.S. Eliot wonderfully articulated
our species’ journey
from an original innocent, yet ignorant, state,
to a psychologically upset ‘fallen’, corrupted state,
and back to an uncorrupted, but this time enlightened,
state when he wrote:

‘We shall not cease from exploration
and the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started
and know the place for the first time.”

Little Gidding, 1942

Finding the exonerating, redeeming understanding of our dark, psychologically upset, meaning of life-defying, Human-condition-afflicted existence finally enables the Human race
to be healed
it makes us ‘whole’ again, as Carl Jung said it would.

To quote Professor Harry Prosen,
a former president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association,
on this dreamed-of,
greatest of all breakthroughs in science:

‘I have no doubt this Biological explanation
of the Human condition
is the Holy Grail of insight
we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation
of the Human race’
(FREEDOM, 2016, Introduction)

read more

2018-19 Anderson School Calendar

First Semester

September 4 – December 21   2018

Sept. 4 (Tuesday)                              First Day of First Semester

Oct 8 (Monday)                                 Columbus Day Holiday

Nov. 19 – 23                                       Thanksgiving / Fall Break

T. B. A.                                              Texas A.G.T. Conference (no school)

Dec. 21 (Friday)                                 Last Day of Fall Semester

Dec. 24 – Jan. 7                                  Winter Break Holidays

Second Semester

January 8 – May 24   2019

Jan. 8 (Tuesday)                                 Second Semester begins

Jan. 21 (Monday)                               Rev. Dr. Martin L. King Holiday

Feb. 18 (Monday)                               President’s Day Holiday

Mar. 11 -15                                         Spring Break Holidays

April 19 & 22 (Fri. & Mon.)                 Good Friday & Easter Holidays

May 20                                                Prep. Day for Adventure Trip                                                                       (no    school)

May 21 – 24                                        Adventure Trip

May 24                                                Last Day of Semester

  Dr. & Mrs. Anderson may schedule 2-5 additional days
(to be announced later) for In-service Training.
Visit our website at
for updated information.

              The School Calendar is subject to change.
There are no make-up days
if school is closed due to
              inclement weather.

Inclement Weather Policy:
the school will close if Fort Worth I. S. D. is closed.

(Calendar 2018-2019 / approved 7-29-18)


Unfettered With Pure Exaltation / Saffron Prevention of Age-Related Vision Loss /

light 2

          Trip the Light Fantastic

We are beings of a Human dimension
and of many levels of awareness,
some known
and some unknowable.
And in our travels to gain Wisdom,
the tenuity of our being
may encounter
a healing awareness.

The journey
from tragedy
to Hope
can be the distance
between one beat of your Heart
and the next.

somewhere in time,
which is this moment,
and forever,
we may receive
a Gift of Divinity,
one that imparts
the awareness
of God’s Healing

What if
you trip the Light Fantastic
and awoke one morning
to realize the Infinite Love
inside of you
waiting to be discovered?


Our shadows are cast long and deep.

Such Exquisite Love,
My Dear Friends,
It may be
the only thing
that truly does exist.
And it is a reflection
of what is alive
and dwells deeply
within an Infinite Reality.

“Love Gandhi-11
is the only reality
and it is not
a mere sentiment.
It is the Ultimate Truth
that lies at the
Heart of Creation.”
– Mohandas Gandhi

We perceive ourselves
reflected in the mirror
of what we do, where we are,
what we believe.

But our shadows
are cast long and deep
in the direction
of what has been,
not what will be.

chuck Palahniuk 2“Maybe
the only thing

each of us can see
is our own shadow.”
– Chuck Palahniuk

My Friends,
in attempting to comprehend
what is incomprehensible,
we can act to enable
a new birth of freedom
and explore the unknown
and the unknowable,
working together
in unison with the Lord.
The Void
beyond our awareness,
may be Lovingly filled
by our Collective Conscience.

“I want to fly with you
across the sunrise,

discover what begins
each shining day”.

– Jeffrey Bullock

butterfly b

The Majesty and Mystery of our being.

We may relate to each other,
one fragile Human to another,
and to the Majesty and the Mystery
of our being
on a Harmonic scale.
And this Harmony,
this Chorus of beautiful Song,
will take us down
a Spiritual Path
which evolves into
unified movement,
and pure Loving energy.

Your journey in Life
can be with none
but yourself,
only and very lonely.
Or made with unbridled Joy,
in a new era
where Life has just begun,
walking hand in hand
with the Lord.


Our shadows are cast long and deep.

Such Joy
as we may come to know
is mirrored in
our laughter in Life.
We can become so excited,
so unfettered with pure exaltation,
that we find we cannot deny
each new day
ends in a beautiful dream
filled with anticipation and Hope,
instead of a sigh.

red sun b

With none but yourself.

happens as we grow older.
Our experience with others
not content with Life,
those filled with unreal
and unrealized expectations,
make us think at some point
that it is not correct to react
in pure delight.
We temper Joy with reserve,
hesitation, caution.
And our joy is suppressed, strangled, smothered –
the unspeakable Joy that
God wants for you.


    Life itself has NO rules.

Your child
is the greatest teacher
you will ever know.

Through the eyes of your child
you can learn to laugh with abandon,
sparkle with delight,
sing along with Heaven,
come to see
the Light.

alone b

Only and very lonely.

Jesus gives us
in a moment of pure Insight,
a remarkable Revelation:
be more like them.

“Except ye be converted,
and become as little children,
ye shall NOT enter into
the Kingdom of Heaven.

Whosoever therefore shall humble himself
as this little child,
the same is greatest in the
Kingdom of Heaven.” 

– Matthew 18:3-4


          Down a Spiritual Path.

We are drawn
down an ever evolving,
more and more serious
a dangerous highway,
pot marked and pitted and filled
with memories
of moments in misery.
But these came about
because we did not comprehend

“Life itself has NO rules.
That is its mystery
and its unknown law.

What you call knowledge
is an attempt to impose something
comprehensible on life.”
   – Carl Jung

We impose our reality optical illusion c
upon a World
we do not really know,
that may not exist
as we think,
or may not
exist at all.

But in the throes
of Life’s incomprehensibility,
its lawlessness and strange meandering,
your child
can offer Hope,
can take you back
to your source,
where you began,
where once you felt
truly Loved,
at home.

denver“Just when it feels like
its hopeless

And Ill never make it alone,
I hear the voices of angels
Tenderly calling me home.

come on home

Ye who are weary come home.
Softly and tenderly calling
Home, come on home.”
– John Denver


The Flower of childhood

In the arms
of your child
you are also held
by others:
the Father who cared for you,
sustained you,
the Loving Mother,
with such abundant,
unconditional Love,
and the Heavenly Father
you came from,
not through.
is Family.
Here is the future foretold,
of longing to be,
of belonging,
of Loving to behold.


The Flower
of childhood
shatters the cold stone
left out in the wind.

We all Love deeply,
yet so few of us
are Blessed
with knowing we are
deeply Loved.

If we could know this
but in Life,
and not wait
until the day of our death,
know in this day,
and not in the misery
of moments remembered
fraught with deep regret,
not in the morrow
of Suns
that will never rise again,
never set.


           The morrow of Suns.

Such Wisdom
may be found
between the pages
of a beautiful Book,
the Holy Bible,
written for all the
Children of God,
born of the Spirit
and of a very deep,
abiding Love
to ever and forever

Far beyond
what we may ever
is a Love
that is a many, many
Splendored Thing,
that exists
in every Song to Sing,
to extend and blend,
to receive and send,
heal and mend.


       Your journey in Life

I am wondering
if the people who have never
put their hopes and dreams,
their time and other things,
into the precious Life
of another without Hope,
without Love,
will see Life dissolve
before their eyes
with little or no Hope,
never having known
the Truth –
Life is Love,
that the truly homeless
are not only those without
a place to live,
they are those without
someone to Love.



More than 600,000 Americans are homeless
on a given night,
according to the latest government data.
Nearly a quarter are

From our friends at the Underground Health Reporter:

Can Saffron Prevent Age-Related Vision Loss?


Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) afflicts 2% of Americans between 50 and 60, and 30% of Americans over the age of 75. According to the National Eye Institute, AMD is the principal cause of irreversible blindness in Americans.

Research has shown that certain plant carotenoids – antioxidant pigments that give fruits and vegetables their colors – can help keep early-stage macular degeneration from progressing, but until recently scientists have been unable to develop a targeted strategy to defend against “normal” loss of visual acuity that occurs with aging. Supplementing with saffron may hold the key.

The first study tested 20 mg of saffron against a placebo. After three months of supplementing with saffron, patients showed an average increase of 1 full line on the eye vision chart, measured at a 20-foot distance. So, an AMD patient with 20/40 vision now had 20/30 vision!

Scientists followed up with a second study that replicated testing circumstances but lasted for 14 months instead of just 3 months. This time, sensitivity to light improved for the entire duration of the study when patients supplemented with saffron, and visual acuity jumped 2 full lines on the Snellen vision chart!

A third study published in the Journal of Translational Medicine confirmed saffron’s vision-enhancing benefits.

Saffron is an extremely nutrient-dense spice that contains manganese, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, and vitamin B6. Health experts link saffron with cancer prevention, energy enhancement, immune strengthening, asthma relief, depression treatment, Alzheimer’s protection, and menstrual cramp relief.

Experts say that you can double saffron’s benefits by combining it with the vision-boosting nutrients alpha-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, and cyaniding-3-glucoside.   read more

Important Dates
Sept. 6  First Day of Fall Semester
Oct. 10    Columbus Day Holiday
Nov. 19-25     Fall Break Holiday
Dec. 20 – Jan. 4  Christmas Holiday
Jan. 5    First Day of Spring Semester
February 20  Presidents Day Holiday
March 13-17   Spring Break Holiday
April 14 & 17   Good Friday & Easter Monday Holidays
May 22 – 26     Adventure Trip (All Aboard!)
May 26             Last Day of Spring Semester