Everything is Temporary but God’s Love / The Do Not Call Registry / Midsummer Night’s Dream

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There are graveyards
of broken Dreams.
There are
feelings as empty
as the void of deep space.
a sad melody
has been played
and echoed in the Human

could never express
our deepest emotions.
But God,
My Dear Friend,
can bring
Life and Healing
to your mind and Heart.
Beautiful Scenery Royalty Free Stock Photography - Image ...Every sorrow
can draw you closer
to God.
feels your need
for Love.
can Bloom with Blossoms
of Beautiful Dreams.
Your Dreams
can carry you far, far
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Dreams are
They point the
They paint our World
with Hope,
while they freely roam in the
the Lord
to Journey with
while you Dream,
and Dream
this Life

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My Dear Friends,
there is so much Beauty
that we hold in our
God will show you
how to Love Life
 For even in the darkest of minds,
there is still
Through Prayer,
will can emanate Grace
instead of sorrow.

Our Lives
can became a story of
Hope and Joy.
the most broken of Hearts
are also the most Healing.
Dream, Believe,
and Truly Live.

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to God in Prayer.
Our Heavenly Father
will shield you from Harm.
will allow the transmutation
of dark energy,
into Light energy
and Love.
He will ease the pain of this
and bring Peace
to all Mankind.
will be Blessed.

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will find yourself transported
to a Place
you were not even searching for.
will introduce you
to the Serene Beauty
that envelops your Soul.
And as you share
your Love,
you will no longer be
a stranger to others,
but a Kindred Spirit.

Capture the perfect
the Light
of God’s Love.

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Drops of dew
are the gems of a Beautiful
But to some of us,
they are the tears
of a sorrowful night.

The distinction prevails
in our thoughts
But the Love
of God
expresses that which cannot be said,
on which it is impossible
to be silent.

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like the rays of the Sun,
covers your Heart
with a Light Veil
and touches you deep
Our Beautiful W
is reflected in
We all Journey
along a small path
in a large park.
as a warm and gentle breeze
touches your face,
the green leaves are gently
in tune with your fragile
A delicate Flower
of our desire
slowly unfolds to meet the
The flow of Joy
fills you with energy
and delight.

And as you smile,
you come to realize
that here and now,
is the meaning of
The Source
of your Inspiration,
is the Infinite and Beautiful World
your Sacred Heart.

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The Precious Gift
that God gave our World,
is you.
How Blessed we are
to have been given
such a precious Gift.
As the World
seemingly spins out of control,
let us Thank our Lord
for soothing our Spirits
with the God Given Gift of

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The Do Not Call Registry
click here to read more

Since 2003, Americans have been able to opt out of receiving most telemarketing calls by putting their phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry, and millions of them have done so. The Registry now has more than 221 million telephone numbers on it, giving these consumers a little more peace and quiet during their dinner hour. Not only is the Do Not Call program wildly popular with consumers, but it also helps telemarketers operate more efficiently by screening out consumers who do not want to be contacted.
The DNC Registry website is www.donotcall.gov.     A Spanish-language version is also available.    The Registry only contains phone numbers, no other personally identifiable information, and we do not keep a record of whether the numbers are land line or cell phones.
Free photo: Beautiful Mountains - Altitude, Cloud, Landscape - Free ...There are some exemptions to the Do Not Call rules. Because of the limits to FTC’s authority, the Registry does not apply to political calls or calls from non-profits and charities (but the Registry does cover telemarketers calling on behalf of charities). Also, calls from legitimate “survey” organizations are not covered because they are not offering to sell anything to consumers. Finally, calls are permitted from companies with which you have done or sought to do business. Specifically, a company can call you up to 18 months after you last did business with it.

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