The Fingerprints of God / Food Sources of Insanity / Friday: Museum of the Americas

Dedicated with my Love, tears and Prayers
to the treasured memory of Elizabeth Ann “Betty” Gaul
December 13, 1926 – January 28, 2016,
pictured below with her precious daughter
Judy Weis.

My Love for you is Eternal,
My tears ever flowing,
And my Prayers are of

Thank you Lord,
for such a beautiful
and Loving
She has been a treasured Blessing
in my Life
and so very many others.


Betty became a Light in the Heart of everyone, a beautiful Flower in the Garden of God’s Grace.

“We shall not cease from exploration
and the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started
and to know the place
for the first time.”

– T.S. Eliot

   You are given beautiful gifts from God.

We think
We pick Flowers,
The Flowers we gather
For someone we Love.

But no.
As real as our strange world
May appear to be,
We model the world we experience
In our mind.
OrbisonIllusionWhich has led some to think
That existence, as we know it,
May be an illusion,
And our reality
Isn’t really real.

This results from scientific investigations
Telling us
That everything we know
Is merely a construction
In our minds,
What we humans perceive
As reality in the world
Around us,
May be no more than
An illusion of thought.

It has far reaching

But these implications
Are far more reaching
Than we are capable
Of ever understanding.

Ontology is the philosophical study
Of the nature of being,
Becoming, existence, or reality.
It was called “first philosophy” by Aristotle
in Book IV of his Metaphysics.

My Precious Friends,
As we explore
The nature of being,
Let us choose JOY today,
By not leaning only upon
Our own understanding,
But by having childlike trust
In our Loving Creator’s omniscience.

Allow Him to direct your path,
Which will lead to ultimate joy,
And make your journey,
Even when laden with sorrow,

“As sorrowful, yet always rejoicing;
as poor, yet making many rich;
as having nothing,
and yet possessing all things.”

(2 Corinthians 6:10).

We are, after all,
Of God.


Existence, as we know it, may be an illusion.

“One could sum up mind
as a universal aspect of Life and energy,
an aspect with a relationship to the body
mystically similar to the wave’s
relationship to the particle.
And according to modern religious sources,
mind also has a resonance relation
to brain cells,
which vibrate in response to
Spiritual Energy
under laws far beyond
the scope of science.”
– Guy Murchie

Let us explore,
In a philosophical perspective,
One very beautiful aspect
Of our Life.

My Friends,
The Flowers of the field
Pick us,
As surely
As someone,
Yet unknown,
Will choose you
To Love.

flowers 2

         Such sweet awareness.

“I am not my memories.
I am my dreams.”
– Terry Hostetler

Just as we take meaning
The symbols of communication,
And not from them,
We impose our reality
Upon what we think
Is in the world around us.

Everything we know, imagine,
Perceive as color, sensation, sound,
Our very thoughts and feelings,
Make a first appearance
In our mind.


The Flowers of the field pick us.

And the Flowers
Residing in the fertile
Soil of a lonely
A longing Heart,
Select one of us,
Who falls in Love
With their beauty,
Delights in their delicate aroma,
Absorbs all the colors
That take your breath

flowers 3

We look far beyond the beauty.

Flowers seemingly move
From a place on
This Earth.

And with your outstretched arms
And Lovingly Guided Hands,
They follow the pathway
Back to the Love
That breathed Life
Into their fragile being,
To the home
That first was their own,
To a place
In your mind,
To the Heart of their Creator,
The Heart of God,
Who resides within

“The most potent form of energy
is thought.

Thought-waves are cosmic waves
that penetrate all time and space.”
– Camillo Loken


Love breathed Life into their fragile being.

And we gaze
Far beyond their beauty,
Through the Flowers
Of our brief moment in time,
And back again.

We give them to someone,
Who also abides in our Heart.

The Flowers of our field
Pick the one
We come to

For they are planted
In the fertile soil
That is the mind
Of a hungry Soul,
By the Loving Hand
Of God.
william_shakespeare_quote_2And as we
Give away
A beautiful bouquet
Of such sweet awareness,
We are unaware
That Flowers
Growing in another person’s dream,
By the Grace of God,
Become real.


     Flowers seemingly move.

They are,
My Friends,
Always there,
Blowing in the wind
Of a longing
And lonely mind.

For we are searching,
Ever searching,
To find the courage
To move them
From the field
Of possibilities,
From never,
To Love

becomes a “wave” of potentials,
expressing itself in the form
of multiple possibilities”


Flowers by the Grace of God, become real.

Planted in the fertile fields
Of our longing to be,
With so much Beauty,
That was
From our awareness
Are like
God’s Divine Plan
Waiting in your Heart and mind
To be revealed.

“We do not see things
as they are.

We see them
as we are.”

– The Talmud


Move them from the field of possibilities, from never, to Love Forever.

The Majesty
Of God’s Love
Throughout His Universe,
Is beautifully displayed.

His Fingerprints
Are on every petal
Of every Flower,
In every field
Of every dream.

And my Soul sings
To think
They were planted
Just for you,
And me.

“There the flowers will be blooming
And the grass will be green
And the skies will be clear and serene,
Where the sun ever beams
In this valley of dreams
And no cloud will be seen.
There will be peace

in the valley
For me some day.”
– Thomas A. Dorsey

My Dear Friends,
If what is real
Is within,
And we now know
That to be,
Then our mind and our Heart
Are the only domains,
And nothing,
No, nothing else
As you will come
To see.


His Fingerprints are on every petal.

“There are no gloomy skies
When seen through the eyes
Of those who are blessed with love.”
– Mack Discant

What we receive
Is what we bring,
And in every moment
Of Prayerful quiet,
God is listening.

“Once I have known
the mind of God,

the rest are all

– Albert Einstein

The time will come
When what we know
Is what we
Have always known:
A clear, clarion call
To see the past,
Through our forgiveness,
Never existed
At all.

Is no pathway
To transcend
Only today
Births tomorrow.

What is past
Is not the road
Down which we travel
To a summer place,
Where people share
Hopes and dreams,
Where Love births
The courage
To care
For the morrow.

“Come, Lord, and tarry not; bonar
Bring the long looked for day;
O why these years of waiting here,
These ages of decay?”
– Horatius Bonar
Hymns of Faith and Hope

The palette of our Resplendent Spirit,
Through fervent Prayer,
Will beautifully blossom
Transcendent colors aware,
As heights we ascend,
And return our fragile being
To the soaring breadth
And sumptuous depths
Of such Splendor
As has no beginning,
And no end.

flowers 2

They were planted just for you and me.

“As the sun,
ere he has risen,
sometimes paints his image
in the firmament,
e’en so the shadows
of events
precede the events,
and in today
already walks tomorrow.”
– William Shakespeare

Always resides
In your precious Heart,
In your Life
And in the fertile fields
Of the beautiful flowers
Found in your Dreams.

May God Bless you
And keep you
In His Dreams.



Bella at the Spa. Yes, Mia’s truly American dog!

To get the latest updates on Technology read
The Kurzweil A I Newsletter
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Americans are eating themselves INSANE.
Causes of mental insanity identified in factory foods
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
A leading consumer health advocate and health freedom activist.

Sources of mental insanity are now identified in factory foods. Mankind is concentrating brain-damaging heavy metals through foods, soils, contaminated water supplies and industrial pollution. People who are buying and consuming factory processed foods are eating themselves into insanity.

The real reason society is so incredibly insane at every level is rooted in the consumption of toxic heavy metals through food, water and other environmental sources. It’s exacerbated by the poisonous heavy metals being fed to factory farmed chickens (and other animals) whose poop is harvested and spread on soils that are used to grow foods for humans.

My Dear Friends, please select ORGANIC foods. Our food chain is now polluted. Yes, you are crazy to buy anything else. Or you may become so.

                                                    read more here

On Friday, February 5, 2016 our destination is: The Museum of the Americas, 216 Fort Worth Highway, Weatherford, (Telephone: 817-341-8668/817-599-0490) and the fabulous Whistle Hill Restaurant (next door). We will depart from the school at approximately 9:00 a.m. to arrive & begin our visit at 10:00 a.m.


Dr. A in an earlier life. Note the familiar gaze ever searching for any sign of misbehavior!

Our dear friend and Museum Director, Dr. Harold Lawrence, will provide a docent guided tour. Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence have just returned from spending three weeks in Peru.

Following a morning of great stories, questions and answers, and Dr. Harold Lawrence’s cultural and philosophical perspectives, we will have time for a self-guided tour and shopping at the museum store and then enjoy lunch at the Whistle Hill Café (next door). Then we will return to school to work on our Shakespeare production, Hamlet, with Director George X Rodriguez while Dr. A works on a Ham Omelet. They are both dramatic events. Now pass the Ketchup so Dr. A can catch up.

museumThe Museum of the Americas is a jewel of Weatherford, where we can find the colorful and diverse heritage of native peoples of the Americas through a fabulous collection of 19th & 20th century artifacts, crafts and folk art. The rich cultural traditions of the people and tribes of north, central and South America are reflected in the intricate and distinctive designs of the objects they make for daily use for religious ceremonies and for trade.

FINANCIAL: Museum/Speaker Fee (Donation to the Museum) $5.00 Please pay Dr. A.
Lunch: Please provide funds for lunch today.
Gift Shop: Yes! There have wonderful gifts.

Note: Uniform pants, a belt & red monogrammed school shirt are required. PARENTS/GUARDIANS/FRIENDS are always invited to participate on our study/fun/adventure trips.

Students are NOT to leave the Museum or the Restaurant at any time or for any reason, without the knowledge and approval of Dr. or Mrs. Anderson.


This is Brix, Mia’s other child dog. He will keep an eye on you. Just pick a color!

Drop-off will be at The Anderson School at 8:30 a.m. OR  you may meet us at the Museum at 10:00 a.m. Pick-up will be at the Anderson School at 3:15 p.m. Please let me know if you are meeting us at the Museum.

Feb. 1 Deposits Due for 2016-2017 school year
Feb. 15 (MONDAY) President’s Day Holiday
March 4 (1:00 PM) Stolen Shakespeare Guild Monologue and Scene Competition at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center (we have three young ladies competing in the finals)
March 14-18 Spring Break Holiday
March 25 & 28 (Fri. & Mon.) Easter Holiday
April 6 (Wednesday) Screening of Hamlet, starring Benedict Cumberbatch at The Modern Art Museum (11:00 am)
April 29 Scarborough Renaissance Festival
May 1 Tuition Due for 2016-2017 school year
May 2 & 3 (MONDAY & TUESDAY) Annual Anderson School Shakespeare Production (Hamlet)
May 16 (MONDAY) Preparation for Adventure Trip
May 17-20 Adventure Trip
May 20 Last Day of School

modernClick below to view “This Month at the Modern” Art Museum

museum of the a

Holding Someone’s Hand / Curcumin Alleviates Depression / Organic Foods / More Photos

“When love beckons to you,
follow him,
Though his ways are hard and steep.
And when his wings enfold you yield to him,
Though the sword hidden among his pinions
may wound you.
Kahlil Gibran


Faith begins
In holding someone’s hand,
In knowing
You will never let go,
In looking
So deep into another human heart,
That you see beyond,
Beyond this moment,
This day,
Beyond tomorrow,
Into a feeling Eternal.

sky heart

Faith is
A longing for Love Everlasting,
Knowing that this moment
Is never to end,
And that it had no beginning,
For Someone
Loves you so,
He holds you forever in His Heart,
And He will never let you go.

Mrs. A celebrates

Oh Joy, another survivor.

Hope that dwells
Within your Heart,
Will never lay upon an Altar
Of vain repose.
Time sets Glorious the setting Sun,
As sound blends melodious song
To mirror Salvation,
Made manifest Majestic
In every human heart
That beholds the
Eternal Light
Of the Everlasting
Love of God.

Whose Idea Was This

Whose Idea Was This?

“And we pray,
for new earth or heaven,
but to be
quiet in heart,
and in eye,
What we need is here.”
                        – Wendell Berry

We faint and flickering shadows
Ever dance
In the Beautiful Light
Of such Love.

My friends,
Just as the Hand of your child
Is within reach,
So is
The Hand of your Father,
From whence you came,
Not through.

‘Know from whence you came.
If you know
whence you came,
there are absolutely
no limitations
to where you can go.’

– James Baldwin

Faith begins
In holding Someone’s Hand,
In ever knowing
That the Hand of God
Is always within reach,
And that He
Will never let you go.


Hang on

Alden is one I am most proud of. He faces challenges with tenacity and determination until he is successful! You may lead me into battle any day!

 Your Loving hand,
Will always be reaching
For someone,
Someone who Loves you so.
But no one
Will Love you more
Than your Father
In Heaven.

And the hand
Of your precious child
Will always long
To hold yours,
With Loving eyes
In ever present dreams,
For yours.

Keep the Faith,
My friend.

Keep the Faith.


Your Loving hand will always be reaching for someone.

“Oh heart,
If one should say to you
That the Soul perishes like the body,
Answer that the Flower withers
But the seed remains.”
Kahlil Gibran


 Kahlil Gibran


John Singer Sargent Portrait of William Butler Yeats, 1908

An argument with others
Is merely rhetoric:

A poem is an argument
The poet is having with himself.
William Butler Yeats

“None of us needs sugar
in our diets
at all.”
Colin Michie,
Chairman of the nutrition committee
Royal College of Pediatrics
and Child Health 

From our friends at

We need to be rewarded BIG time!

We need to be rewarded BIG time! Did you see how high we climbed?

The world’s first privacy-protecting search engine that bans corporate propaganda and government disinformation is now ready for webmasters to submit their sites for indexing. The name of the new search engine? Good Gopher! (

GOOD NEWS: A landmark study on curcumin and its effects on depression reveals turmeric alleviates depression without side effects: The new breakthrough research concluded that curcumin was as effective as Prozac in treating depressive disorders but lacked any serious side effects and was well-tolerated by patients across the board. Published Thursday, May 28, 2015 by: Sandeep Godiyal  read more

You push. I'll pull.

     You push. I’ll pull.

Also from NaturalNews:
Vast quantities of non-organic crops are deliberately doused with the carcinogenic herbicide glyphosate (trade name Roundup) in order to provide farmers with a more profitable harvest. read more

Roundup is one of the world’s most popular herbicides, and the most widely used agricultural and residential weedkiller in the United States. The adoption of crops genetically engineered to resist Roundup has led to an explosion in its use in the past 20 years. I have relatives who are farmers and they LEAVE HOME when others spray this toxin on neighboring crops. Why? How do spell FEAR?

You go first. No, you go first.

You go first. No, you go first.

In March, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IACR) announced in an article published in the journal Lancet Oncology that it had updated glyphosate’s (Roundup) status to “probably carcinogenic,” based on strong evidence from animal studies and “limited evidence” from human studies. read more

In a report issued A cohort of international doctors is now petitioning the European Union Parliament, the EU Commission, and several other health and food safety authorities to take action by banning the use of this prolific chemical.


Students relax during our adventure trip at TAPATIO SPRINGS RESORT, nestled in the heart of Hill Country

A letter written on May 14, 2015, by the International Society of Doctors for the Environment contends that a growing body of evidence shows that glyphosate, as well as dozens of other commonly used crop chemicals, is dangerous to both people and the environment. Signed by the group’s president, it calls on glyphosate in particular to be outlawed with no exceptions.

“The International Agency for Research on Cancer, belonging to the World Health Organization, has recently published an assessment of carcinogenicity of the following organophosphate agrochemicals: glyphosate, tetrachlorvinphos, parathion, malathion, [and] diazinon,” the letter reads.

“Converging sources of evidence show that chronic exposure to

Fine dining was on our agenda.

Fine dining was on our agenda.

insecticides and herbicides has to be considered a major source of environmental deterioration and health hazard at population level.”

IARC warned about cancer-causing effects of crop chemicals like glyphosate more than 20 years ago. Building upon what IARC found back in 1991 when it warned about the toxicity of non-arsenical pesticides, declaring them as “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” the international body has since added some 20 compounds to the list, many of which are still in widespread use in industrial agriculture.

IMG_1476“In humans, significant risks associated with pesticide exposure have been identified mostly for nervous, immunological, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive, hemolymphopoietic and renal systems,” warns the letter.

“Glyphosate (Roundup) herbicide has been associated with health problems such as birth defects, infertility, damage to the nervous system, Parkinson’s disease and several forms of cancer.”

Folks, buy Organic. Let’s increase the demand so supply will follow.


No. He is not really addicted to technology.

It looks more and more like it is now absolutely necessary to buy organic products to prevent illness, indescribable suffering and early death.

Yes, it will cost more – now or in the future, at the Hospital.

The Language of the Heart / Organics

AROUND SCHOOL 008-c #1 Long Before We Met

The Language of the Heart

A message came
From a voice so soft,
So in love with life,
So wise beyond years.
She seemingly looked back in time,
To a frozen moment
Hearts could not pass by.

Lovingly, she held a beautiful foundling
Compassionately in her tiny arms
With a warm embrace.
And her tiny voice filled my soul,
As she comforted her new friend
And shared the treasure in her heart,
Of her Love,
One for the other.

And there I stood,
With tears astride my pride,
Disguised as a smile,
They were left hidden inside,
As I watched this child
Stand up for love,
Affirming all the hope there is in life,
Doing what was beautiful.
What was right.

In a lesson never too late for learning,
Something deep inside this child
Shared the reason we exist,
Our reason for living.

Her expression of abiding Love
Was for a very special creation,
The one Jason rescued
On the road of life,
The one he found
A long, long way from home,
With no place to go.
One so very near to death.

 Many times I have seen
How the loving presence
Of an animal friend can heal,
Where people may have no effect.
The language of the heart,
Like other truths,
Seems, somehow, so simple.

The canyons of our minds
Can lead us down pathways
Toward truth.
But there is a special place
Where warm, honest hearts
Sound a lot like music,
Feel like the warm embrace
Of gently winds
Caressing your face,
Tastes like the rain tastes.



Coming directly at you,
It becomes you.
And the winds of change
Blow gently, lovingly through you.
And what you were,
Is no more.

A Love for the wild and free
Becomes an enchanting, mysterious, unchained melody,
Like nothing that ever was
You and me.
Such Love lives on and on
In the Sacred Ground
Of the heart.
Transformed into loving memory,
It sustains, restores,
Nourishes what will be.

JASON & ISABELLA 150 DPS JPEG 182-COur friend Jason’s treasured heart
Still lives
In his desire to free Love again,
To save the Majesty of Being,
He found in a different kind of friend.

As he shared with me,
Shortly before he left this life,
“Love should never die
A secret death.
Nor should it fail
To live again.”

Then he entrusted
Saffron to me.
Saved from such suffering
As we could not comprehend,
He spoke of compassion
As such a splendor thing.
And what lay heavy in his own heart,
Through another precious life,
Found a way home.011

Today I saw the tiny hand of a child
As it lay lovingly across the heart
Of his Noble salvation,
Our beautiful animal friend.
She felt for the gentle beat of its heart,
While what lay hidden
Deep inside of herself,
Was healing.

Never closes its eyes,
never dies.

12-9-20 TRIPS Dead Sea Scrolls - Main Event 001-c2In the Soft, Still Quiet of the Night

Organic Eating

Organic farming maintains the soil without using toxic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. “Certified Organic”  crops are grown with strict standards verified by an independent organization.

According to Dr. Alan Greene of Stanford’s Children’s Hospital, “The immune system doesn’t waste energy fighting toxins sprayed fruits and vegetables. Organics frees up your immune system and antioxidants to do their evolved job, to fight off pathogens, cancer, and other diseases originating from environmental sources. Your body’s natural defense mechanisms are incredible strong.”

Please limit your exposure, and that of your precious children, to toxins that cause stress on you body. Pesticides and herbicides lead to cancer, if they use up your supply of antioxidants, which would otherwise have prevented cancer.

Organic foods will cost more, but only in the short-term. But the true long term cost of dining from the highly polluted food chain is often accompanied by pain and much suffering. Please know that organic foods meet rigorous governing regulations. They are usually produced on smaller farms causing the cost to be higher. But you will get what you pay for. You can pay now, or pay much later at a much higher cost in money and suffering.

Benefits of eating organic foods include:

  1. Superior nutrition (up to 300% more vitamins and minerals)
  2. Better flavor
  3. Reduction of chemicals and heavy metals.
  4. Decreased exposure to carcinogens.

For more information on organics, visit


Fruit is alkalizing, removing acid. Eating raw fruit promotes steady blood sugar levels.

A High Raw diet reduces appetite and has a high vitamin content. You will find yourself craving fruit. Try fresh organic bananas, apples, grapefruits, oranges, kiwi and mangos.


Green leafy vegetables are the easy to digest. Try greens and vegetables, such as lettuce, celery, green-leafy sprouts, and non-sweet fruits like cucumbers, tomatoes, summer squash, zucchini, and red bell peppers. (Anything with a seed inside is a fruit.)

Dark greens vegetables like kale, collards, cabbage, and broccoli are rich in protein and minerals. You can drink the greens as juices and blended soups or add greens to fruit smoothies. Try using 60% fruit and 40% greens with water).

You will feel the benefits immediately.

Who is HAPPY and WHY? / Fossilmania is Friday


Hey, it's a school for the creative!

Hey, it’s a school for the creative! (And always fun with a funion bag.)

The Danes are the happiest people on the planet. According to the UN’s 2013 World Happiness Report [click here to view report], Denmark beats every other country on a global happiness scale.

The United States isn’t especially happy. It came in 17th place, between Mexico and Ireland.

Many Copenhageners have fun on a bicycle.  In Copenhagen, where half of the people pedal to work. Cycling is one of the best ways to explore. And, importantly, it is a lot of fun. So get a bike! It will be relaxing and remember: you, too, can feel young and be happy again.

Dr. A, is this man ontologically significant or wax?

Dr. A, is this man ontologically significant or wax?

Public transport in Denmark is efficient. It takes only 15 minutes to travel from the airport to the center of the city by metro, and the trains run 24 hours a day.

Copenhageners are law-abiding, a by-product of being contented with life. Even at 3 a.m. on an icy cold night, with no traffic in sight, they’ll wait for the green light at pedestrian crossings. Having law-abiding citizens contributes to being happy, since crime and victims of crime are reduced.

And Copenhagen is extra-green. The Danish capital has electric buses, recycling citizens, clean harbors and shops selling clothes made from organic materials. And over 60% of the hotel rooms are certified eco-friendly.

I thought it was another one of Dr. A’s Tall Tales!

I thought it was another one of Dr. A’s Tall Tales!

Unbelievably, three-quarters of the food served in public institutions is organic. Also unbelievably, you will find only ONE organic restaurant in Fort Worth, the Spiral Diner [click here to visit website]. It is also vegetarian. Our school, by the way, has made several trips to enjoy the cuisine and hear presentations on healthy eating. When your healthy, you feel better and you are happier.Caleb & TALL man 067-c2

Next year, Copenhagen will be the 2014 European Green Capital, an award that recognizes cities with consistently high environmental standards. This is only the beginning: By 2025, Copenhagen plans to be the world’s first carbon-neutral capital. All of this is indicative of and contributes to being healthy, which results in being happy.

Creating a truly joyful person requires creating a happy society. You are much more likely to be happy, if the people around you have joy in their hearts. Like the song says, “Make someone happy, make just one someone happy, and you will be happy too”.

I can't see to buy these glasses.

I can’t see how I am going to buy these glasses.

My Personal Recommendations:

I have been asked, from time to time, what have you done to be so happy? Well, allow me to share a personal perspective, garnered from years of reflection and digestion. (By the way, my Dad was from Denmark.) My suggestions are (and will be continued in weeks to come):

1. Get a bike.

2. Get out of town. Jericho, Byblos, Hebron, Damascus, and Susa all lay claim to being the oldest city. For about ten thousand years we have huddled together in these artificial contrivances. But prior to the invention of the town, people were not uncomfortably stuck so closely together.

I have never been more relaxed and contented, than when I finally realized that cities are no place for human beings. It took a half-century to realize this, but it did finally dawn on me (actually, I think the sun was in a beautiful retreat when this happened). My stress levels diminished considerably after a few hours, not days or weeks. The fresh air, the communion with all the beautiful birds and other life forms I had forgotten existed, the unbelievable sunsets, the sounds of quiet (you can actually hear the sounds of silence), the open spaces that open up the mind, the feel of the wind and warmth of pure sunlight are all absolute goods.

Oh yes, we need cities, if for no other reason than to remind us of what life was like. I slowly drive into one frequently and then drive faster to get out. After all, they come with frequent warnings related to air pollution and high mortality rates relative to traffic accidents, crime and general insanity that results from too many people being pushed into tight spaces with predictable psychological maladies.

One of these girls is not like the other.

One of these girls is not like the other.

But the most important reason I love living outside of metropolitan madness, relates to lowering measurable levels of unnecessary, and even unrecognizable, stress. I find myself actually looking at people I now greet and I think about what I am saying when I greet them. I have resigned from my thoughtless robotic rhetoric learned from decades of being in small spaces and around too many people and always in a big hurry.

By the way, there is a large body of research, which I recently shared with my students, that proves we can only do one thing at a time [click here to view report]. The illusion persists that we can multitask, but in truth we are only capable of merely switching our thoughts, rapidly sometimes, back and forth. I now fully realize this by having my nearest neighbor several acres away, which permits me to actually entertain a deep and prolonged thought. What a sweet and delightful freedom. Single task to live longer, stress less and be happy.

We cannot explain all behavior.

We cannot explain all behavior. Now I know what was meant when the Indian said, “White man speak with forked tongue”.

So my friends, get out of Dodge and savor the freedoms God intended you to enjoy!

We will continue our findings on being happy next week.

Our parents say our weekly weblogs are both useful and inspirational. Let us know what you think.

Our destination for FRIDAY, October 25, 2013 is: The SOMERVELL COUNTY EXPO CENTER HIGHWAY 67 in GLEN ROSE, TEXAS to enjoy Fossil Mania. We will depart from the school at 9:00 a.m. to arrive at approximately 10:30 a.m. for a self-guided tour and a LATE LUNCH in Granbury. We will return around 3:30 p.m. Please be patient if we are late.

Fossil Mania is a highly motivating science project that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Friends, family and neighbors are invited join us.

FINANCIAL:  No fee required.

Mom, you can probably get a refund for the makeup.

Mom, you can probably get a refund for the makeup.

LUNCH:  Please provide funds for lunch & snacks & fossils.
GIFT SHOP: Parents may want to provide jobs around the house to let child(ren) earn money to spend. They will want to purchase something slightly older than Dr. A.

Emergency Telephone: 682-777-1908. The telephone may be out of range. Uniform pants with a belt & red monogrammed school shirts are required. Tuck your shirt in & wear a belt, and you will be allowed to act normal and participate.

Please do not make references about Dr. Anderson being an old fossil during this trip. He is sensitive & not for sale, so please do not put price tags on him (especially if they are below one dollar). And thank you, Natalie, for the truth in advertising price tag last year: “Priceless”.

O, me, I'm in the pink!

O, I morphed into this.

Students are NOT to leave the Exposition Center or eatery at any time for any reason, including the need to secure a ride or use the restroom, without the approval of Dr. or Mrs. Anderson.

QUESTIONS? 817-448-8484.