The Language of the Heart / Organics

AROUND SCHOOL 008-c #1 Long Before We Met

The Language of the Heart

A message came
From a voice so soft,
So in love with life,
So wise beyond years.
She seemingly looked back in time,
To a frozen moment
Hearts could not pass by.

Lovingly, she held a beautiful foundling
Compassionately in her tiny arms
With a warm embrace.
And her tiny voice filled my soul,
As she comforted her new friend
And shared the treasure in her heart,
Of her Love,
One for the other.

And there I stood,
With tears astride my pride,
Disguised as a smile,
They were left hidden inside,
As I watched this child
Stand up for love,
Affirming all the hope there is in life,
Doing what was beautiful.
What was right.

In a lesson never too late for learning,
Something deep inside this child
Shared the reason we exist,
Our reason for living.

Her expression of abiding Love
Was for a very special creation,
The one Jason rescued
On the road of life,
The one he found
A long, long way from home,
With no place to go.
One so very near to death.

 Many times I have seen
How the loving presence
Of an animal friend can heal,
Where people may have no effect.
The language of the heart,
Like other truths,
Seems, somehow, so simple.

The canyons of our minds
Can lead us down pathways
Toward truth.
But there is a special place
Where warm, honest hearts
Sound a lot like music,
Feel like the warm embrace
Of gently winds
Caressing your face,
Tastes like the rain tastes.



Coming directly at you,
It becomes you.
And the winds of change
Blow gently, lovingly through you.
And what you were,
Is no more.

A Love for the wild and free
Becomes an enchanting, mysterious, unchained melody,
Like nothing that ever was
You and me.
Such Love lives on and on
In the Sacred Ground
Of the heart.
Transformed into loving memory,
It sustains, restores,
Nourishes what will be.

JASON & ISABELLA 150 DPS JPEG 182-COur friend Jason’s treasured heart
Still lives
In his desire to free Love again,
To save the Majesty of Being,
He found in a different kind of friend.

As he shared with me,
Shortly before he left this life,
“Love should never die
A secret death.
Nor should it fail
To live again.”

Then he entrusted
Saffron to me.
Saved from such suffering
As we could not comprehend,
He spoke of compassion
As such a splendor thing.
And what lay heavy in his own heart,
Through another precious life,
Found a way home.011

Today I saw the tiny hand of a child
As it lay lovingly across the heart
Of his Noble salvation,
Our beautiful animal friend.
She felt for the gentle beat of its heart,
While what lay hidden
Deep inside of herself,
Was healing.

Never closes its eyes,
never dies.

12-9-20 TRIPS Dead Sea Scrolls - Main Event 001-c2In the Soft, Still Quiet of the Night

Organic Eating

Organic farming maintains the soil without using toxic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. “Certified Organic”  crops are grown with strict standards verified by an independent organization.

According to Dr. Alan Greene of Stanford’s Children’s Hospital, “The immune system doesn’t waste energy fighting toxins sprayed fruits and vegetables. Organics frees up your immune system and antioxidants to do their evolved job, to fight off pathogens, cancer, and other diseases originating from environmental sources. Your body’s natural defense mechanisms are incredible strong.”

Please limit your exposure, and that of your precious children, to toxins that cause stress on you body. Pesticides and herbicides lead to cancer, if they use up your supply of antioxidants, which would otherwise have prevented cancer.

Organic foods will cost more, but only in the short-term. But the true long term cost of dining from the highly polluted food chain is often accompanied by pain and much suffering. Please know that organic foods meet rigorous governing regulations. They are usually produced on smaller farms causing the cost to be higher. But you will get what you pay for. You can pay now, or pay much later at a much higher cost in money and suffering.

Benefits of eating organic foods include:

  1. Superior nutrition (up to 300% more vitamins and minerals)
  2. Better flavor
  3. Reduction of chemicals and heavy metals.
  4. Decreased exposure to carcinogens.

For more information on organics, visit


Fruit is alkalizing, removing acid. Eating raw fruit promotes steady blood sugar levels.

A High Raw diet reduces appetite and has a high vitamin content. You will find yourself craving fruit. Try fresh organic bananas, apples, grapefruits, oranges, kiwi and mangos.


Green leafy vegetables are the easy to digest. Try greens and vegetables, such as lettuce, celery, green-leafy sprouts, and non-sweet fruits like cucumbers, tomatoes, summer squash, zucchini, and red bell peppers. (Anything with a seed inside is a fruit.)

Dark greens vegetables like kale, collards, cabbage, and broccoli are rich in protein and minerals. You can drink the greens as juices and blended soups or add greens to fruit smoothies. Try using 60% fruit and 40% greens with water).

You will feel the benefits immediately.

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