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The Flowers We Do Not See / Another Benefit of Aspirin

“Looking at people
Angels cry,
because they are not available
to what is available to us:
a sense of the moment.”
Carlos Santana

              The Flowers we do not see.

We climb many heights,
cross many bridges,
on our path
in Life.
And in so doing,
we pass by
so many beautiful Flowers,
and so many beautiful

our eyes
and our very Human Hearts
fail to recognize
the Gifts
God provides,
the Blessed bouquets
of Flowers and People
He Gifts
to us,
that we simply do not

But it is
a choice
we make.
is truly something
we need to become
more aware of.

Much like
all the Love
in our Hearts.

are simply
not aware
of all the Love
that is here,
and there,

My Dear Friends,
the words we Lovingly speak
can slowly turn
another World
to spin round and round.
when you think
of all the Love
hidden deep inside,
is it really ever too late
to let Love
be our guide?

As you open wide
your arms
in warm embrace
of another to Love,
someone deeply in need,
the Gates of God’s Love
are flung open wide,
and the Love in your Life
is Heaven
to another in need
of Hope,
of the beautiful Flowers
planted by the seeds
of your thoughts,
of your compassionate

“Have you ever watched a Sunrise
and felt you could not breathe?
What if it’s Him?
What if it’s God Speaking?”
– Ronnie C. Freeman. Jr.

How is it possible that such Radiance
as dwells within
can be unnoticed?
Let us rejoice,
that the Miracle of Beauty,
of our Heart Divine,
Loving ever thus,
beats within.

As your Life and your Love
are transfigured into
the Hopes and Dreams
of someone lost
in the space
between their thoughts,
their anguished moments,
of displeasure and pain,
can become
as a hammer
against cloth.

When somehow,
sameness is not the same,
if you play
and it’s not a game,
if Dreams
are filled with regret and pain,
please remember
the Creative Power
of all the Beautiful Love
that dwells hidden inside,
Gifted to us
from Above.


“The stars are soft as Flowers,
and as near;

The hills are webs of shadow,
slowly spun;

No separate leaf or single blade is here –
All blend to one.”
Dorothy Parker

The Aspirin – Cancer Link

Taking a low-dose aspirin daily is a common prescription for those at high risk for heart attack and stroke. Research within the last few years is pointing to another possible benefit of aspirin.

When taken regularly, it may also help reduce your risk for certain cancers, particularly colon and gastrointestinal cancers. The benefits, however, may still not outweigh the risks. Check with your Doctor.

World-renowned aspirin expert Professor Peter Rothwell of Oxford University and colleagues published three studies in The Lancet journal that suggested that if you are middle-aged, taking a low-dose aspirin every day could slash your risk for various cancers in as few as 2 to 3 years! According to Rothwell, taking an aspirin a day may also help to prevent an existing localized cancer from metastasizing (spreading to other parts of the body), a finding that holds promise for current cancer patients who may likewise receive some benefit from supplementing with aspirin.

A study published this year in JAMA Oncology showed that taking a low-dose aspirin every day may lower your risk for colon cancer by 19%, your risk for gastrointestinal cancer by 15% and your overall cancer risk by 3%. The benefits appeared after 6 years of supplementation.

Senior researcher Dr. Andrew Chan, from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston explained: “That makes sense, because cancers don’t typically develop overnight. They take years to develop, so you would have to take aspirin for a long time to prevent cancer.

According to Chan, aspirin impacts particular biological pathways that can cause cancer. Aspirin also helps to lower inflammation and possibly limit the number of cancer-causing proteins in the body.

The study analyzed data from the Nurses’ Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, which followed 130,000 men and women over 30 years. While no link between aspirin and a lower risk for breast, prostate, or lung cancers was found, data did seem to suggest that when aspirin was taken 2 or more times a week it might prevent 17% of colon cancer diagnoses for those not screened with a colonoscopy, and 5-8% of colon cancer cases for those who are.

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