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A Deep Well Filled With Hope and Desire and Dreams / Add 7 Years To Your Life

     Smiles across this Ocean give us direction.

Your tears
are raindrops
falling into your Soul.

Our Beautiful Song
of Life
says it all.

My Dear Friends,
follow the Pathway
to a place you know.
every Journey
through the Sacred Reflections
of remembrance,
is long, long way to go.

But Smiles
across this Ocean
give us
to a Heart
coming Home.

When we meet,
in moments
filled with Loving memories,
the Light that is shed
free flows
from everything
every moment that
led us down the path
of Love.

have something
hidden deep inside
that no longer
needs to hide

If we could see Life again,
do what we did,
trusting that God’s Will be done,
would Life begin again?
how would it end?

                   To a Heart that’s coming Home.

Our Love
for each other,
is the most Beautiful
of all our experiences,
because it is not mere
translation or abstraction
from Life,
it is Life.

emanates from Love,

it is
 I wish I had the words
to tell you.
God’s Gift is Life,

and this Life
is His LOVE
for you.

You can tell everybody,
this Gift
is your Life,

Your Love
will always be
a flame to burn
through Eternity.

                  The Radiance of Love.

Spiritual Love
is unconditional Love,
Love without circumstance,
without hesitation,
without condition.
This form of Love
is Divine.
It may be found
when one perceives
God in everyone.

My Dear Friends,
when Spirituality grows,
so does our capacity
for Love.

Spiritual Love
the depth of a person.
is like a deep well filled with
Hope and desire
and Dreams.

Our Love
for one another
leads us
down the Sacred Pathway
to the Divinity
of our own

The Love
that dwells deep within
our Human Heart
is impossible to measure,
it is something
we can truly Treasure.

Within you
dwells the Infinite Wisdom of the ages
and the Sacred Creative Force
of All that is,
or will be,
or ever was.

“Two things fill my mind
with ever-increasing wonder and awe,
the more often and the more intensely
the reflection dwells on them:
the Starry Heavens above me
and the Moral Law within me.”
Immanuel Kant

are Eternally
and Divinely connected
by the Love of God
to everyone.

Your Smiles
are the open windows
of Love.
They reveal
the Magic and the Beauty
in and around
your Sacred Heart.
In every moment
lives the most Beautiful, tender shadow
of the Sun’s Love.
from each precious moment
we have on this Earth,
we can give
to someone in need
the Heaven of Love
hidden deep inside

In the Air of Life,
with the sounds of Love
flying in and around your Heart,
your Heartfelt expressions of Compassion
open the Window
of Love.

As we
turn the prose of Biology
into the Poetry
of the Human Spirit,
we redeem the darkness of this World
by the Radiance
of Love.

In and around
your Human Spirit.
lives a Blessed
and Sacred Person.

robes you
in the Garments of Love,
as you breathe new Life
into Being,
with the Radiance
of your Tender,
words of care
and concern.


“The loneliest people
are the kindest,
the saddest people
smile the brightest
and the most damaged people
are the Wisest
of all,
because they don’t wish to see others
suffer like they do.”
Mark Woolley

Do These 3 Things,
and You’ll Add 7 Years to Your Life

It’s common sense.
click here to read more

Certain conventional wisdoms about aging end up being pure fantasy (i.e. genes aren’t the primary determinant of how you age). Certain verifiable, statistically backed up aging wisdoms can end up being wrong as time goes on (i.e. married couples live longer).

These three healthy behaviors, in particular, are pretty much common sense by now, but it’s easy to forget just much they pay off: If you don’t smoke, maintain a moderate weight, and moderate your alcohol consumption, you will add seven additional years to your life.

The research, published in Health Affairs, surveyed 14,000 Americans ages 50-89 about their lifestyle choices every two years.

The study found that participants who never smoked and who never fell into the “obese” segment of the body mass index scale lived, on average, four to five years longer than the general population. The other segments of the BMI scale are categorized as “overweight,” “normal” and “underweight.”

Additionally, the study found that participants who moderated their alcohol consumption (seven drinks per week for women, 14 for men), saw a life expectancy bump of seven years. (As of last year, the average life expectancy for men and women in the United States was 76.3, and 81.2, respectively.) If you need to curb your consumption, here are 17 ways to cut back on alcohol

Lead author of the study, Neil Mehta, explained that the research is not only about length of life, but quality of life, according to Health.com.

“While most of us want a long life, we probably would like those extra years of life to be healthy and productive. Behaviors matter, not only for how long you are going to live but also how healthy you are going to live those years.”

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