The Fruit of the Tree / How to Be Happy / Friday: Civil War Museum

                       The Canvass of God’s Grace.

are part
of an Everlasting

Let your worries
Run away
from dark clouds
that stay.

can be Happy
when the moment descends
that finds you
placing your Trust
in God.

in the Lord
is a good place
to start,
for His Love
will never

the Light
of God’s Love,
you will see
far into Forever
past tomorrow,
past every sorrow.

The fruit
of the Tree
never clings
to the branch
to stay.

           He stirs the Infinite Beauty of the Sky.

As your memories
search for you,
they may mistake you
for the glassy eyes
staring back
in the mirror
of Life.

But the Crystal Image
of your Dreams
can be realized.
Once upon a time
is yet to be.
The true realities of Life
and Love,
we have yet
to see.

The decision
is yours!

In the painted Sky
is the Canvass
of God’s Grace.
His Breath,
the Breath that gave us
Life and Love,
He stirs
in the Infinite Beauty
of the Sky,
Infinite Love
from above.

“The Spirit of God hath made me,
and the Breath of the Almighty
hath given me Life.”
Job 33:4

The structure
of every Human Being,
and of every
compassionate thought
that takes us captive,
is born by the Knowledge and Wisdom
of God.
And like the Human Heart itself,
reveals His Love.

 My Dear Friends,
in a very real way
the past,
with all its promises,
was made
you and me.

were there,
throughout all of History.
The DNA of you
and of me,
was passed down
through many, many generations
of WE,
who wrote every line
of every song
ever sung.

We are part
of everyone,
of every moment,
and of every tomorrow
that will ever be.

You are
a Child of God.
And you will always



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