Academic Offerings / Visitors, Feathered and Otherwise

Gunner visitsWe are always happy to have our former students drop by for a visit. Gunner, pictured left, and his grandmother had a nice visit with Dr. and Mrs. Anderson this week. It has been a few years since he moved to California, but he related to us that he really misses Texas and the school.

We are excited to launch a new academic program starting this Fall: Autodidacticism (Self-Directed Learning). This program is outlined below and may be viewed, along with other offerings, by clicking here. Improvements have been made this month to outline our academic offerings on the website.

In addition to the traditional instruction at Anderson, time will be created each week for students to select a topic of interest and delve into the study of it. Research has shown the benefits of allowing students to select their own topic of study, and with the encouragement and tutelage of a teacher, they are able to achieve this goal and work on an area of their own choosing.

Following a refreshing dip in our newest bird bath this feathered friend posed on our back deck. Isn't he a beauty?

Following a refreshing dip in our newest bird bath, this feathered friend posed on our back deck. Isn’t he a beauty?

The only way to begin to understand and study a subject, event, or time period in its entirety, is to have multiple disciplines at your disposal. This allows for a more complete picture to be drawn in the student’s mind surrounding the subject. This self-directed interdisciplinary study enables students to explore a range of topics of their own selection without the constraints of artificial curriculum barriers and enables them to learn the process of scholarship, which includes: topic selection, research methods, critical thinking, and logical conclusions.

This method of study enhances a student’s conception of the idea of scholarly pursuits and elaborates the extent of research which is necessary for a conclusion to be derived in the mind of the student.

Classes are set to resume on Tuesday, September 3.

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