Long Before We Met

Photo Long Before We Metfor LeVonna           Words & Music © 2013
by Wm. C. Anderson

Our shadows tell a story
Of time before we met,
In a place some call Heaven
In a space not yet.

When shades were drawn
With no light or heat,
When the Heart of Heaven
Was the only beat,

You and I were born
By a Love conceiving,
In the Mind of God
In an Act Believing.

He made you in His Image
That the Eye of God would send
A gift of Love undying,
Loving with no end.

He was there within you,
Before there was time.
He will be there with you,
Long after you are mine.

So I kiss each morning gently,
It is night before sunset,
Long after you are mine,
Was long before we met.

The Light of His Love formed you
And every sun that ever set,
Radiant in such beauty
As Love is now reflect.

The Love that composed you
Is the Love we met,
Love that is unending,
Love with no regret.

God did not unfold you
Without a beautiful sun to set.
Your Love was there before you,
Long before we met.LeVonna 300 dpi JPEG080-c

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