The Game of Life / Chemicals for ADHD? – NO! / Sept. 4 is near


A Glorious Day

As our lives
spill into each other,
they mirror
the deeper meanings
of shallow moments.
Our masks of clay
cast shadows
over moments at play,
darkening the Sunrise
of a glorious Day.

To never know
the taste of defeat,
forgive the ignorance
we meet,
and let your Heart
all the Joy it desires,
and the Love
it inspires.


Our lives spill into each other.

Knowing yourself
is Victory
beyond Belief.

To truly Love
give them
the lingering Sunset
of your Smiles,
the desire to walk
many, many miles,
in the shadow
of your fascination
with Life.

What is truly
is every moment
we feel
is in the air,
Love is
and here
and now
and there.

In the shadow of your fascination with Life.

True Love
is playing the
Game of Life
with no one
keeping score,
as the rhythms of Life
we feel,
and the rest
we ignore.

There are moments
when we fade into
what may seem
like the rewind
of yesterday,
our of sync
with time,
and not on
a scale we deem

The Rhythms of Life

the ravaged places
of past spaces,
is a future of
So Live
in the unmissable montage
of the melodies
of this moment.
Each Life,
lived with dedication
to be
in the now,
cries out loud
with disbelief
at all the Beauty
in its Being.

My Dear Friends,
just leave your
precious Children
in your will,
leave them
the will,
to truly live
and always Love
and every Living Thing.

The unmissable montage of the melodies of this moment.

Those in Love
with Life
are never apart
from the Love
of God.

We fade into what may seem like the rewind of yesterday.

Chemicals for ADD and ADHD?

Something is wrong,
but not with your precious child.
God, in His Wisdom, has never created a child
He did not deeply Love.
The concern you express for your child
is part of that abiding Love.

Please consult with your physician
and ask him or her to remove your child
from all the harmful chemicals
that will create more and more issues as time passes.
The research that is readily available
has led to the conclusion that
no child should be subjected to the long term effects
of these substances.
And very few longitudinal studies
have been conducted.

Please type the name of your child’s prescription(s)
combined with two more words,
“____   and cancer“,
and read the results.
you will be horrified.

The Drug Enforcement Administration
has classified Methylphenidate (Ritalin)
as a Schedule II drug, comparable to

is also one of the top ten abused prescription drugs.
Ritalin causes constriction of veins and arteries,
causing the heart to work overtime
and inevitably leading to damage to the organ itself.

It is a violation of parent’s rights
when they are not told of the unscientific nature
of so-called disorders such as ADHD
or the risks of the treatments involving drugs
like Ritalin.

Did you know that by labeling your child with ADHD,
you are actually labeling them with a mental illness?

Did you know that a child taking a psycho-tropic,
psycho-stimulant drugs like Ritalin
after the age of 12
is ineligible for military service?

What do they know that we do not know?

Did you know
that the subjective checklists that are being used
as criteria for diagnosis are very similar
to the checklists used to determine
Gifted and Talented Children?

These two checklists are almost

My Dear Friends,
bright children are not passive players
in the game of life.
They are active.
Such activity is a NATURAL by-product
of high intelligence.

Get on your knees and Thank God
you have NORMAL, intelligent and yes,
ACTIVE children.
What a Blessing!

Did you know that there are studies,
such as the Berkeley Study,
that contend that Ritalin and other stimulants
further raise the risk of drug abuse?
Ritalin makes the brain more susceptible
to the addictive power of cocaine
and doubles the risk of abuse.

Children are dying from ADHD Drugs

Sadly, the deaths of many children
has remained unexposed and suppressed for so long
because there is a tremendous amount
of money and profit at stake for so many.

Between 1990 and 2000 there were 186 deaths
from methylphenidate reported
to the FDA MedWatch program,
a voluntary reporting scheme,
the numbers of which represent no more
than 10 to 20% of the actual incidence.

We need to expose the health risks, dangers, deaths
and suicides
that are a direct result of administering Ritalin
and other psychiatric drugs to children.
read more

Does Ritalin Increase Cancer Risk in Children?

Research is raising concerns about the drug Ritalin,
suggesting that children who take it
may have an increased risk of cancer.

All 12 of the children included in a University of Texas study
experienced an increase in chromosome abnormalities
just three months after starting Ritalin.
Chromosome damage has been linked
to heightened cancer risk
and to other health problems.

Lead researcher Randa A. El-Zein, MD, PhD, and colleagues
found a THREEFOLD increase
in the level of chromosomal damage
in the samples taken after the children were started
on Ritalin.
read more

Several animal studies have also suggested
a link between Ritalin use
and cancer.

         Come on Folks!
Wake UP!

flowers -2

What needs to change
is the academic environment.
It needs to allow for normal active children.
Hyperactive children simply do not exist.
Most boys are highly active
and for a good reason.
It relates to the survival of the species.
Think about it!

And common LOGIC dictates what is so apparent:

Your child is acting normal!
Put him or her outside in the fresh air
with God’s bountiful sunshine
and allow for activity.

Take advantage
of the high activity level
and enroll your child in a great sports program.
Wear him or her out on the soccer field
or playing a ball game like baseball
or camping out with a Scout Troop, etc., etc. etc.
Instead of drugging up your kid,
set him up for recognition for his athletic ability.
Take advantage of the GIFT
of being a healthy active
HUMAN being.

Don’t bury your loved one in an early grave
because you lack the courage to say NO.
Don’t just say it,
shout  “NO”!

There is Beauty in courage.
There is no need to water the flowers
you place on the grave
of your precious child with your tears.
Tears should be shed only for

INVITE the dim wit who insisted
your child become a lab rat
to take the drug instead.
insist they go on the drug first.
Look into their horrified eyes
when they scream,

bix 2

If you are not a strong advocate for your child,
That is why God gave you HIS child –
to shelter the deeply loved from the storms of Life,
to protect, to Honor, to serve, and LOVE
above all things on this Earth.
And Love my Friend,
is courage.

Please take the time to research these substances
and have your precious son or daughter
removed from them.
I would also change my physician.
If he or she has taken the convenient,
and profitable way,
to medically treat your family,
then he or she needs to be
removed from service.

the good Doctor has not researched the topic
to the degree enough to reach a compassionate,
reliably informed and reasonable conclusion.

The qualifications of physicians also follow,
like everything else in Life,
the bell-shaped curve of probability.
Some are at the lower end of expectations
relative to the awareness of what they do.
Some will write a prescription for anything.
Just be sure to pay the bill on your way out.

Motor vehicle deaths as recently as 2013 totaled
But, in recent years,
there has been an annual average
|of about 400,000 drug related deaths
and serious injuries in a hospital
that could have been prevented
(those we know about).
Which leads me to conclude
that the most dangerous place in this country
is not on America’s highways,
but in the doctor’s waiting room.

Like Jesus said,
“Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
They truly do not know.

Your instinctive and abiding Love for your child
allows for insight into what is happening.
Please follow your instincts.
God has given them to you for a reason.
And that reason always points to His abundant Love
for you and your child.

Your child is perfection,
as are all of God’s children.

Please remove your children from all substances
that tarnish the Will of God.
What is truly needed
is the abundant Love of our Lord
that flows through you.
That is all your children
will ever need.


“The point,
is for Beauty.
Simplistic, joyous Beauty;
complicated, twisted Beauty
– the Beauty of courage,
the Beauty of loss.
For if there is a Something Else out there,
it is surely hidden
among the Beauty of this World.”

– Isabella Rogge


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