Yes, my child. We have had GREAT Presidents and Teddy Bears.

Yes, child.
We have had great Presidents.
Theodore Roosevelt

He was the only man to win the top prize for peace and war – the only president ever to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. And he won the Nobel Peace Prize. At 43 he became the youngest President in the Nation’s history, becoming the 26th President of the United States at the age of 42 – in office from 1901 to 1909.

He jump-started the conservation movement, and was the first voice of reform in American politics. Elected to Phi Beta Kappa due to his outstanding grades, he was appointed Police Commissioner in New York and began to drive out corruption there with his usual fearlessness. President McKinley then appointed him as Secretary of the Navy. Later, he was elected Governor of New York in 1899. He worked very hard to make the Panama Canal a reality and obtained the Pure Food Act in 1906, regulating the food industry. He attacked corruption ruthlessly.

By the way, I found it interesting to discover that Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing about a peace conference in September 1905 between warring Russia and Japan. Later, Franklin Roosevelt, his Fifth cousin (same family), would be notable for getting a commitment from the leader of Russia (then the U.S.S.R.) to Enter a war (WWII) against Japan (same countries), after Germany’s impending surrender. Theodore was a Republican, Franklin a Democrat. You cannot make this stuff up. History is always fascinating and, like politics, truly strange territory indeed.

Franklin Roosevelt proved to be another of our great Presidents. You would not believe the problems he had to deal with – a world wide great depression and a world war, and all while having to cope with the deadly disease of Polio. Do you know why he is Honored with his image on the United States coin – the dime? Because of his crusade to defeat polio and the “March of Dimes” campaign to raise funds to fight this horrible disease!

The Teddy Bear, so beloved of children everywhere, was named for Theodore Roosevelt, after he refused to shoot a defenseless small cub black bear on a hunting trip. Yes, the Teddy Bear was invented in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt. He was an outdoors man and a hunter, but also loved animals. In 1902, President Roosevelt legendarily spared this life and prompted a plush toy craze for so-called “teddy bears.”

Teddy BearYes, I am the proud owner of one. It was given to me by my Mother at the tender age of six. No, you may not borrow him. He is in almost as fragile a condition as his owner. And you may not borrow me either. I have napping to do. After all, we are almost the same age. And what he represents possesses far more wisdom than I can imagine having. By the way, his ears are totally worn out from being dragged around on the floor – by his ears. I simply must stop doing that. The students say it is embarrassing behavior (like they never embarrass anyone with their behavior). I blame “Teddy” Roosevelt for all the abuse.

And I blame my “Teddy Bear” for acquiring a major in political science. I must admit that my professors never accepted my eccentric behavior or that of “Teddy”, my bear. I think he also majored in political science. Why not? I told the other students he was a Baylor Bear. You would be shocked at what he got by with, claiming to be the school mascot. And, I believe he learned far more than me. His transcript may appear blank, like his stares. But he charmed all the teachers and students and got by with frequent naps, while I had to take copious notes. Next time around, I am wearing a fur coat and cuddling with everyone. One is never too old to learn!

Why the bears have all the fun?

Why let the bears have all the fun? By the way, convincing the wife to dress like this – was difficult!

President Theodore Roosevelt became the Father of Conservation. As president, he created five national parks – America’s best idea – which doubled the previously existing number and signed the landmark Antiquities Act. What he did was to preserve and protect the environment and wildlife of the United States. He was dedicated to preserving the country’s natural beauty. He created the Grand Canyon Game Preserve by proclamation in 1906 and the Grand Canyon National Monument in 1908.

“There can be no greater issue
than that of conservation in this country.”

– Confession of Faith Speech, August 6, 1912

Yes, my child. We have had truly great Presidents,
and adorable Teddy Bears!
Teddy Bear CartoonA 1902 cartoon in the Washington Post was the inspiration behind the birth of the “Teddy Bear.”


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