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You are deeply
And you are
will find God’s Love,
deep in your Heart.
Keep shining your Light
in our World.
And know
that we Love you,
Loves You.
You are His Child,
and our Brother,

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Let us give Thanks
to the Divine Source
of all Life,
for the person
you are.
Let us Pray
to Enlighten us
with the Knowledge of our
Sacred Creation.

to yourself in Prayer.
why you are here
in this Beautiful World:
Love and be Loved,
to Bless others,
and to Give,
and to Share.

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 Give Thanks
for so much Love
and all the Wonderful Blessings
God Shares
with you and everyone.

His Blessings
are like Magic.
Feel Grateful 
for the Flowers, the Peace, Kindness
and Love
have known in Life.

Dance through Life.
Dance among the Stars 
at night.

Dance in the Sunlight
so very, very bright.
Dance to the Music
of the birds that sing.
And sing
in the silence,
and with delight.
It is your
reason for Living,
and your right.

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hang on tight.
It is a delight
the shadows of fear and doubt,
to show others
what Life
is all about.

is Love.
Or it is
nothing at all.
Colorful Life [1920x1080] : wallpaperLove
is meant to be.
Let it
Sunset Free Stock Photo - Public Domain PicturesWe are called upon
to dance with Joy,
as we sow the Sacred Seeds
of Life.

“During any dance to which we surrender
with Joy,
the brain loses it’s controlling power,
and the Heart
takes up the reins of the body.”
Paulo Coelho

is hard,
there is no doubt.
But Dancing through it,
is what Life
is all about.

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is dancing in front of you
so don’t forget
to enjoy the Joy
of the dance.”
Debasish Mridha

In Childhood times
the World was uncharted,
and our Innocence
was the rule of the day.
Family and Friends
shaped our World,
and what we did,
was Play

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was Truly Wonderful.
The magnificent scenery
was breath taking,
to show us the way,
to other side of Living,
to this Beautiful World
which most of us Today
have never 
Truly seen.
Let us open
our eyes,
and open our Hearts
to the Wonderful World
God has Blessed us

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Less is more.
Less worry and stress,
gives more Time
for depth of discovery,
more Time for each Image
of God’s Beautiful World
to form in the Heart,
in the Mind,
in Tomorrow,
and Today.

No Copyright Video, Background, Green Screen, Motion Graphics, Animated ....Changing what we Truly 
gives us the Time
to venture deeper
and go beyond
the surface of what we
we know,
of who we think
we are.

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take the Time
to tell someone,
 “I Love You”.

Cute baby animals, images of cute baby animals. Public Domain.

is waiting for your Love,
and they will wait
for the rest of your Life
to receive your Love.

Love is waiting.
And God
is watching.
Don’t let Love
pass you by

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We are all
Let us remember,
that we are
God is Love.
we are His Children.

We are
One with God.
And One with
each other.

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Reality Check: Is Our Universe Real?

Human mind abstract composition
Is the world we perceive truly real?

Perhaps our human senses are deceiving us — maybe existence is an illusion, and reality isn’t real.

The idea that everything we know is merely a construction of our minds is investigated in the episode of the Science Channel program “Through the Wormhole,” hosted by Morgan Freeman.

“What is real?” Freeman asks in the show. “How can we be certain that the Universe around us actually exists? And how can we know that the world we see matches what anyone else experiences?”

Human senses are fallible. What people think they perceive is actually filtered and processed by the brain to construct a useful view of the world. Normally, this filtering is helpful, allowing people to sort out important information from the barrage of data that comes in every minute from their environment.

But this filtering ability can become a weakness, as it often does when we’re watching a magician.

“A good magician will tap into universal brain processes that underlie perception,” said Lawrence Rosenblum, a psychologist at the University of California, Riverside and a magician himself. For instance, a magician often directs the audience’s gaze to one hand while he does something with the other. [Eye Tricks: Gallery of Visual Illusions]

But Rosenblum doesn’t see the human tendency to fall for such misdirection as evidence that all of reality exists only in our minds. “Our perceptual system can be fooled, but I do not take that at all to mean that we’re constructing reality,” he told LiveScience.

All in the mind

As members of society, people create a form of collective reality. “We are all part of a community of minds,” Freeman says in the show.

For example, money, in reality, consists of pieces of paper, yet those papers represent something much more valuable. The pieces of paper have the power of life and death, Freeman says — but they wouldn’t be worth anything if people didn’t believe in their power.

Money is fiction, but it’s useful fiction.

Another fiction humans collectively engage in is optimism. Neuroscientist Tali Sharot of University College London studies “the optimism bias”: people’s tendency to generally overestimate the likelihood of positive events in their lives and underestimate the likelihood of negative ones.

In the show, Sharot does an experiment in which she puts a man in a brain scanner, and asks him to rate the likelihood that negative events, such as lung cancer, will happen to him. Then, he is given the true likelihood.

When the actual risks differ from the man’s estimates, his frontal lobes light up. But the brain area does a better job of reacting to the discrepancy when the reality is more positive than what he guessed, Sharot said.

This shows how humans are somewhat hardwired to be optimistic. That may be because optimism “tends to have a lot of positive outcomes,” Sharot told LiveScience. Optimistic people tend to live longer, healthier, more successful lives, she said, and the act of positive thinking can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. “If you think you’re more likely to get promoted, you’re more likely to put in more effort and work long hours,” Sharot said.

But this slightly distorted view of the world can also be a weakness — a person might continue to smoke because they don’t expect to get lung cancer, for example. Being more realistic is important in some cases, Sharot cautioned.

Physical reality

Physicists look beyond the human mind for external reality, but even that reality isn’t absolute truth. Fundamental reality as scientists understand it is based on quantum mechanics, a realm where all manner of strange things occur. An electron can behave as either a particle or a wave, depending on how one measures it. And scientists can measure either a particle’s position or its momentum at any given time, but never both.

“Quantum mechanics is simply the best theory we’ve ever developed,” theoretical physicist David Tong, of Cambridge University, says in the show. But so much of this reality is by definition unknowable. Another physicist featured in the show, Steven Nahn of MIT, says “I absolutely believe reality is a real thing, but that does not mean we understand it.” Nahn was part of the team of scientists who found evidence in 2012 for the Higgs boson, the particle that gives other particles their mass.

The universe may turn out to have more dimensions than we know about, where fundamental forces behave very differently than how we perceive them. For example, gravity is the weakest of the four fundamental forces, but in other dimensions, it could be just as strong. “Things would be very different in this hidden reality,” Freeman says. [6 Weird Facts About Gravity]

The universe could even be a kind of hologram. The amount of information that can be stored in a region of space is proportional to the region’s surface area, rather than its volume – a property known as the holographic principle. One possible implication is that reality is actually two-dimensional, and the three-dimensional world is merely an illusion, which would explain some of the wackiness of quantum mechanics.

All of these views of the world — those that we perceive in our minds, and those that physicists discover in the universe — are flavors of reality. What humans perceive as reality may be no more than an illusion. But in the end, maybe that doesn’t matter. 

Follow Tanya Lewis on Twitter and Google+. Follow us @livescience, & Google+. Original article on LiveScience.com.
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Tanya Lewis

Staff Writer
Tanya was a staff writer for Live Science from 2013 to 2015, covering a wide array of topics, ranging from neuroscience to robotics to strange/cute animals. She received a graduate certificate in science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a bachelor of science in biomedical engineering from Brown University. She has previously written for Science News, Wired, The Santa Cruz Sentinel, the radio show Big Picture Science and other places. Tanya has lived on a tropical island, witnessed volcanic eruptions and flown in zero gravity (without losing her lunch!). To find out what her latest project is, you can visit her website.
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Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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In Our World Is Nothing But The Infinite / Latest Medical Research Breakthroughs / School Calendar

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My Dear Friend,
you can suddenly feel
that everything is wonderful,
everything is fine.
But what we are living through
 in this moment
can destroy us,
if we let it.

We are not here
because those who came
before us,
gave up.
And please remember,
much of Life is an
In another dimension,
the One where the Love of God Resides,
where our Love for others Lives,
the Music is still playing
in our Souls.

If your Heart
is known to
what may never shine,
is the Sun.

Sunrise Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStockNo matter
what mood you find yourself in,
listening to your Heart,
and not your mind,
completely changes to Loving yourself
everything around you.

With a Legacy
of Love,
you will Live

It is a fantastic Present
when we can forget our World
for the Magic and the Beauty
of the Natural World
around us.

Moments of Peace
are so important.
We need to have the Beauty
of Peace
in our Lives
and in our

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“You wander down the lane and far away
Leaving me a song that will not die
Love is now the stardust of yesterday
The music of the years gone by.”
Parish Mitchell, Carmichael Hoagy

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may be here tomorrow,
but your Dreams
may not.
if your Dreams
are not here,
are you?

“This is my quest
To follow that Star
No matter how hopeless
No matter how far 

And I know if I’ll only be true
To this glorious quest
That my Heart will lie peaceful and calm
When I’m laid to my rest

And the World will be better for this
That one man, scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with his last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable

And I always dream the impossible dream
Yes, I’ll reach the unreachable star.”
Darion Joseph, Leigh Mitch
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With Love
in our Heart,
it is as if
every Day,
has just begun.

With God
in our Sacred Heart,
there is
Infinite Love,
Infinite Peace,
Infinite Gratitude
and Infinite Hope.

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In our World
is nothing
but the Infinite.
Every Beautiful Cloud
is Infinite in shape,
every Child of God
is Infinite in form
and thought and potential
to Love,
every snowflake is
an Infinite Miracle
of Beauty.
Every crystal
is a masterpiece of design
and no one design is ever repeated.
When a snowflake melts,
that design,
like the Beauty of your Being,
is forever
Snowflake seamless pattern. — Stock Vector © Leonardi #1102396Every

snowflake has an Infinite Beauty
which is enhanced in that you will never find
another exactly like it.
combines her greatest skill and artistry
in the production of snowflakes
and generously fashions
the most Beautiful specimens
on a very thin plane.
Nice blue snowflake isolated on the ... | Stock Vector ...
that hold in one small space
are different
than inches away in any direction,
and all of it transforms crystals
and their subsequent snowflakes
in Infinite ways.
Snowflakes smash into each other
as they zoom and swoop through the air.
Where their branches shatter,
new ones form,
adding to the uniqueness
of every one.

With the waves of the Ocean
beating against the rocks,
the sea and the wind take flight,
and the
Infinite Love of God
appeals to the Heart
at such a sight
In the storms of our emotions,
we can also
take great delight
Stay afloat
in the
Sea of Love.

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The Sun and Moon
rise in your eyes.
is the Light
that glows.

So incredibly Beautiful,
Angelic, Spiritual and Powerful
is our Love
And Love
perfectly matches the Scenery
provided by Our Lord
in Landscapes everywhere
is so fragile.
It attracts us and it divides us
Love is such a Beautiful thing
in our brief Life
It is
the most celebrated matter
in the World
And Love
is such a Heavenly Gift,
And God
lets us decide
to take part in this Beautiful
Colorful And Stunning Butterfly Photography
Your emotions
are the Sun,
a multicolored Rainbow,
the Universe of Infinite
are a tornado,
you are fire,
you are the rain,
you are a gentle breeze
blowing in the wind.
My Dear Friend,
are Love,
the reason that gives rise
to Infinite feelings and sensations.
You are everything,
in this Infinitely colorful

are the reason for Life
and for Living
There is Infinite power
in your Heart
and mind
There is,
Child of God,
Divine, Infinite and unconditional
Love in your precious
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such is the Infinite Love
of God.

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May the Infinite Love
of God
abide with you

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The Love of
is Wonderful, Stunning
and Beautiful.
His Love,
and your Love,
give Hope, Joy
and Peace.

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can begin again,
the Day
you take God’s

Color Background Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free ...

Your Love,
and your Life,
have a Healing Power.
can Heal many things.
You can give others

and very simply,
Love them.


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Latest medical research breakthroughs
click here to read more

“An apple a day keep the doctor away”, or so they say. What if you could replace the apple with something else and see great results for your health?

It’s not every day that you hear about a medical breakthrough, considering an amazing cure may come after years and years of research, trial and errors. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to keep up with the news in the industry. This is why compiled a list of innovative results and gadgets that made their entrance with a bang in the health industry.

  1.  Migraine pain, out the window
    It seems the FDA approved two gadgets for migraines: Cefaly, a band that’s worn across your forehead for 20 minutes daily, and SpringTMS, a device you hold to the back of your head at the onset of pain. Both work by stimulating certain nerves deep in the head, using electrical signals (in the case of Cefaly) or magnetic energy (for the SpringTMS). In the initial trial, 68% reported relief when they turned on the electrode during a headache, and of that group, over 80% had fewer episodes.
  2. A watch as a personal health monitor
    The Apple Watch 2, when used with your iPhone, can log your steps and even your heart rate. But this we already know. The rumour is Apple is looking for biomedical engineers with a background in “medical, health, wellness and/or fitness sensors, devices and applications”. The team working now on the new device includes scientists like system design engineer Nathan Clark, who has a patent for a device that separates cells and Jay Mung, who worked on sensor algorithms for Medtronic’s continuous glucose monitoring systems. Available from March 2016, the watch will have health features beyond a simple fitness sensor device and will be less reliant on the Iphone.

  3. A lighter cancer treatment
    Scientists are finally finding success with a more selective approach: immunotherapy. These treatments harness your body’s natural defences to beat cancer back. They have discovered that cancer cells evade your immune system by putting it into overdrive, causing it to tire out and give up. The new drugs interrupt the cycle so your body can fight, (according to the explanation of J. Leonard Lichtenfeld, MD, deputy chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society). Treatments for cancers of the kidney, lung and pancreas could be up next.
  4. Smart pregnancy test
    An upgraded pregnancy stick from Clearblue not only tells you if you’re pregnant but also gives you an idea of how far along you might be, via an extra strip that measures the concentration (not just the presence) of human chorionic gonadotropin in your urine.

  5. Virtual reality to cure depression
    A new immersive virtual reality therapy could help people with depression to be less critical and more compassionate towards themselves, reducing depressive symptoms, finds a new study from University College London (UCL) and ICREA-University of Barcelona.
    This new therapy, previously tested by healthy volunteers, was used by 15 depressed patients aged 23-61. Patients in the study wore a virtual reality headset to see from the perspective of a life-size ‘avatar’ or virtual body. Seeing this virtual body in a mirror moving in the same way as their own body typically produces the illusion that this is their own body. While embodied in an adult avatar, participants were trained to express compassion towards a distressed virtual child.

So, returning to our one apple a day, would you change it for a head band, a watch or virtual reality? Should we? Let us know what you think.

The PR Medical Events Team

First Semester
Sept. 7 – December 17   2021

Sept. 7 (TUESDAY)               First Day of First Semester
Oct. 11 (Monday)                   Columbus Day Holiday
Nov. 22 – 26                           Fall Break (and Thanksgiving)
Dec. 17                                   Last Day of Fall Semester

Second Semester

Jan. 4 (TUESDAY)                 Second Semester Begins
Jan. 17  (Monday)                  Dr. Martin L. King Holiday
Feb. 21  (Monday)                  Presidents’ Day Holiday
Mar. 14 – 18                           Spring Break Holiday
April 15 & 18                           Good Friday and Easter Monday Holidays
May 24 – 27                            Adventure Trip
May 27                                    Last Day of Spring Semester

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.