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Once upon a precious
there was a Beautiful
so pure and innocent
and Happy.

He would come into 
my World,
and Live in the fantasy
that he created.

He had a hunger
for Love
in his Life,
that nothing could replace.

As the years passed,
his Beautiful reality
slowly etched itself indelibly
into the Hopes and Dreams
of His Friend,

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I was given the Blessing
of His precious Being,
that dwelled in the Truth
of His Love.

with His Love,
my World was filled
with Beautiful Colors, 
delicate layers not unlike layers of color
in a Masterpiece of a
Divinely Beautiful Sunset.
I was thrust into the Limelight
of Colorful Love.
It was like
Heaven was opened.
I grasped His Dream,
the Beautiful and Loving
that I Lived in,
with Him.

do come true
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carved His Love
and His Beautiful Presence
into my Life.
I craved the comfort
and the warmth of His Precious Love,
that he had such an abundance of.

I Treasured
the Guidance He gave,
as He showed me
the way,
to a Light
that glowed in His

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painted Life with the colors
that His Loving personality had.

There was nothing
like the Loyal and Loving
and Precious Puppy
that Truly Lived
in my Life and in my

He plucked at the strings
of my Heart
like a Beautiful Musical Instrument.
And now,
he plays a sad melody
in the Sacred Memory
of my mind.

No words
can form the expression 
of my emotion.

His presence
would speak to my Soul,
give my Heart Peace,
and let me feel Truly free.
I always wanted
to lie in a field of Flowers,
with R. J.
by my side..
brought Life and healing
and LOVE
to my mind and my
Heart.My Friend
was rare and pure and deeply Loving.
His Life was full of Kindness, Tenderness
and unconditional Love.
He made this a far better World
for me,
emulating the Love of a very incredible

My World
began to brighten,
as His Life bloomed and blossomed,
and I Dreamed of being
with Him each day.

My Rosie Junior
 painted my World
with such Beauty,
that He held my Heart
in His eyes.

He taught us all
how to Love,
despite the darkness.
For even in the darkest
there is still Love and Beauty.

emanated Grace
and gave Hope,
and shared the very melody
of each moment.
His Precious Life
taught me many things:
never give up,
Dream, Believe, and

God’s Beautiful Creation
had my Heart in tears
from the moment
of His adoption.

His Beautiful Presence
Truly captured the Spirit
of pure Love,
found in God’s most Beautiful

The Love that God
has given to me,
will ALWAYS remain in my
Heart.. I cannot stop
the tears of Joy
that flow in my memory.
God is such Love
as are we,
when we allow Love
to flow through us.
My Dear Lord
for the Blessed Gift
of my Precious Puppy
and Beloved Friend,
the beat of my Heart,
Rosie Junior,
R. J.
(Dec. 26, 2013 – Nov. 21, 2022)
“If you find it’s me you’re missing
If you’re hoping I’ll return,
To your thoughts I’ll soon be listening,
And in the road I’ll stop and turn
Then the wind will set me racing
As my journey nears its end
And the path I’ll be retracing
When I’m homeward bound again.”
Marta Keen

into your own Heart
and you will find,
there is nothing
to hide.
adopt a Loving Creation.
And as you save a Life,
the Life you save
may be your own.
is like that.
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Spiritual Love:
What It Actually Is And How To Find It

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When you think about the word love you likely imagine a relationship between two individuals.

Spiritual love is something more than the love that two people bond over. Spiritual love is what the entire universe is made of.

It has a different taste to it. There isn’t anyone you can look in the eye and proclaim your love for. It’s an ever-present feeling that once it is seen, never goes away.

Even through the hardest moments in your life, spiritual love is always lingering in the background.

It can be quite difficult to cope with spiritual love. How can something so rich and pure even exist when the world we live in seems chaotic and unfair?

Spiritual love is what we were before birth and what we will be after death. Consciousness awakens from absolute stillness.

As consciousness expands in its new form of life, ego begins to grow. You begin to forget what you were before this life existed.

It’s normal. Life is a journey of the realization of what we once were and still are. There will always be a feeling of disconnection with yourself, life, and the universe if spiritual love isn’t reconnected with.

How do you find your way back to universal spiritual love?

By diving into your spirituality!

Finding Universal Spiritual Love

How do you perceive the world?

Do you find it unfair and chaotic? Or do you find that there is natural order and peace in every moment?

I do agree, that at times life does seem unfair and good people do suffer. That life can be incredibly overwhelming for us and innocent people are unfairly robbed of their lives every day.

On the other end of the spectrum, spiritual love is working in perfect harmony. Matter cannot be created or destroyed.

You, I and everything in the universe are in a constant state of change. There is no separation between you and I.

The only separation that exists is within the mind. It’s the thought that disconnects you from spiritual love.

Spiritual love is all around us. To deny it is to deny existence. It doesn’t matter if you agree – there is one truth and the bond that holds the universe together is the only truth.

Finding What Already Is

There is no need to “find” the love that connects the universe. You are a part of it. The universe itself is a whole.

Do not confuse yourself in a never ending chase. Love is already here, now. It only takes a moment to realize it.

The first step would be to accept. Accept the reality that we are all inside of. Whether it be good, bad or in-between – accept.

Your acceptance is the key to realizing this ever-present Love. It’s a realization of wholeness, it’s a spiritual awakening.

Let Go

The biggest obstacle between you and spiritual love is your pre-concived notions of what this world is and who you are in it.

We all have an idea of ourselves – who we imagined ourselves to be. When in reality, we can never come close to what we are with thought itself.

What would you be without a thought to describe yourself?

By constant examination of our own thinking, we are able to find truth. Spiritual love is already here and now, without a thought to describe it.

Language does not suffice in describing spiritual love. It will always be parallel to it, never making contact.

Our philosophical minds cannot begin to comprehend the vast emptiness of the universe. That’s why you need to let go of your thoughts, one by one until there is nothing left.

Let Spiritual Love Find You

You will be in a state of constant chase if you don’t let spiritual love find you. The act of attempting to find what is already here only leads to frustration.

The key is to be relaxed and to see the spiritual love that is present. Every moment is encapsulated in the ever-lasting spiritual love that most seek.

You do not need to meditate for years at a time or become a monk. Spiritual love is here and now, waiting to be reconnected with again.

You and your thoughts are the only thing that get in the way.

What is Spiritual Love in Relationships?

Coming into a relationship without spiritual love for yourself and the world leads to disaster.

Without fulfillment from within, relationships are unable to be formed. There will be a void in your heart that you will try to fill.

No one is capable of mending an empty heart. You might feel as though you have found your “soulmate” only to alienate them as jealousy, neediness and overbearingness creep into the picture after the honeymoon phase is over.

If two people meet who have already found their fulfillment from within, they are left with a pure bond. There is no argument between them, both have realized absolute spiritual love on their own.

Both can understand that at any moment, the relationship might fizzle out. They both are in agreement with reality and see the perfect nature in it. They are willing to let what they love go, because they have hearts that have been previously filled.

Most relationships that are formed in today’s world are based upon a give/take relationship. Spiritual love between two is strictly a “give” relationship”.

Instead of each party needing or taking from the other, they only have unlimited love to give back to their relationship.

There would be no jealousy or neediness. Fights would still occur, but there would be a deep understanding between them.

A relationship with spiritual love is a perfect relationship. You start with your own spiritual journey and your lover will be there along the way. They will teach you the lessons you need to learn. And if need be, let go of them too.

You will not find spiritual love through anyone else. You must find it on your own.

Spiritual Love vs Romantic Love

The love you witness on rom-coms and movies is fantasy. We all want to be in a picture-perfect relationship, to be in romantic love, but under all the layers of fantasy are real human beings.

Human beings with problems, with grievances, and different opinions. Not every moment will be a romantic plot in your favorite TV show.

Romantic love as society views it is inherently flawed. Romantic love suggests that there is someone out there, a “soulmate”, that completes your life.

You are already complete. That’s where spiritual love comes in. Spiritual love is absolute, it’s the entire universe. There is no need for someone else to complete your journey as it is already whole.

Spiritual love is a tangible reality unlike romantic love.

We’ve all been there. We assume that this person in front of us was meant to be. And yet over the course of a few weeks/months, the honeymoon period ends. The real person comes to the surface and they weren’t who we thought they were.

It was our own projections of our idea of romantic love that caused this. Our hearts needed to be filled and we let the fantasy persuade us right under our noses.

With spiritual love, you are wiser. You don’t chase relationships for fulfillment. Contentedness is available at every moment, being “alone” doesn’t equate to loneliness.

If love shows up at your front door, then you will gladly embark on a new journey. But with spiritual love in the background, the relationship will be incredibly powerful.

Two full hearts are better than two halves combined.

Don’t Let Up

If you’re having difficulty realizing spiritual love, it is a process. You will go through phases where you will feel entirely full of bliss and then it escapes from you.

There isn’t any reason why this happens. Spiritual love is always here, at times we need to remind ourselves of it. When it is absent, that means that there is spiritual work to be done.

You are a full cup, remember that.

No one else will be able to love you, like you can.

About Roy Cohen

Hi there! I’m the founder of Claiming Clarity. My passion in life is helping people live better. If you’d like to learn more, check out the about page.

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