Many Hearts are Homeless / Radiation Exposure of Smart Meters / Friday: At School

So many Hearts
are homeless,
on a long highway
to anywhere
but Home.

do we go
from here?
in a direction

We are
far more simplistic
and Beautiful,
than illusioned in this
material World.

              To anywhere but Home.

We are
Heart and Soul,
the Dream
of our Maker,
the Deep Love God Created,
the very Breath
of His Life.

So where,
My Dear Friends,
do we go?
In the direction
we are
not aware of.

The longest Journey
we can make,
from the Head
to the Heart,
can be made
in one moment
of Time –
in this Life,
in this Time.

                     In one moment.

The war
for sanity
and our search
for the Sacred,
is not on
a battlefield.
Long before
we realize we are
at war,
we wander through
many minefields
of the mind.

As a very young person,
I often wondered:
How do we learn to live
in this reality?
And what is it?
What is
truly real?

The illusions of
create so very many
truly devastating
and depressing
expectations, horizons, and prejudices
leading to self-destruction,
and wars.

I searched
my mind
for so many years.
one day,
I discovered I was looking
in all the wrong places.

    Looking in all the wrong places.

What I needed,
and found after fervent Prayer,
was to look beyond
what we can see,
to a far deeper

As I looked up one day,
to see the precious flying Creations
in God’s stunningly Beautiful Sky,
I stopped thinking
and I began to feel,
to feel very deeply,
with all my Heart,
in the reality that
God Loves us.

could it be
God is Love.
And WE
are His Children.

My Precious Mother Marie.

I Prayed for His guidance.
And in one moment,
one Beautiful moment in Time,
I was reminded
of something my precious Mother
told me many years ago:

“You are meant to Live
for much more than yourself.
Pursue God’s purpose for you
and do so
with great passion.”

So I looked beyond

                     Look beyond me.

What defines us,
guides us through this
brief, precious Life.

My Dear Parents,
our children cannot define themselves.
They are given the wrong definitions
of self.
They are based upon what we accomplish,
the opinions of others,
the self-defeating lies we tell ourselves,
on appearance or possessions
– which always leave us feeling
we are not good enough,
we do not have enough,
we are not

I beg of you
to tell them the

There is no Higher
no Greater
if they embrace their true identity
as God’s Beloved Child.

Our value is intrinsic
and secured by God.
It is NOT dependent on our abilities
or whether or not other people accept you.
if they don’t accept you,
count your Blessings.
You are unique!

God knows you.
He accepts you.
He LOVES you.

   Our children cannot define themselves.

Immerse yourself in God’s Word.
Place His Scripture
deep into your Soul.

what is truly real,
will transform you.

Make decisions,
for yourself
and especially for your Children,
based upon Biblical Teachings
for guidance.

Learn from our history.

And the History
of Mankind,
OUR kind,
is not pretty.

There is no Higher Truth, no Greater Reality.

I pray tonight for everyone.
May your Dreams become reality,
and may your precious Lives be filled
with Love for one another,
and the Love
of God.


            Immerse yourself in God’s Word.

“Be Thou my Vision,
O Lord of my Heart
Naught be all else to me,
save that Thou art Thou my best Thought,
by day or by night Waking or sleeping,
Thy presence my light
Be Thou my Wisdom,
and Thou my true Word
I ever with Thee and Thou with me,
Lord Thou my great Father,
I Thy true son
Thou in me dwelling,
and I with Thee one
Riches I heed not,
nor man’s empty praise
Thou mine Inheritance, now and always
Thou and Thou only,
first in my heart High King of Heaven,
my Treasure Thou art
High King of Heaven,
my victory won
May I reach Heaven’s joys,
O bright Heav’n’s Sun
Heart of my own Heart,
whate’er befall Still be my Vision,
O Ruler of all.”
traditional hymn from Ireland attributed to the sixth-century Irish Christian poet Dallán Forgaill

click here to play song

                   Precious flying Creations.

Radiation Exposure of Smart Meters
by Daniel Hirsch

Daniel Hirsch:
Radiation Exposure of Smart Meters Report is Inaccurate

By Mary on January 31, 2011 in General Info, Health, Health, Misinformation, Position Statements, Resources, Smart Meter News

Daniel Hirsch, lecturer and expert in nuclear policy and radiation at UCSC, criticized the California Council on Science and Technology’s (CCST) “Health Impacts of Radio Frequency from Smart Meters” report. CCST is a partner with the US Department of Energy, funder and promoter of smart meters.

Here he is on video in an impromptu interview after a lecture he gave at Stevenson College, UCSC about the crisis in Fukushima.  He was asked about smart meter radiation and the ‘independent’ CCST report on the health effects of smart meters:

The draft report by the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) does not appear to answer the questions asked of it by the requesting elected officials. Furthermore, rather than being an independent, science-based study, the CCST largely cuts and pastes
estimates from a brochure by the Electric Power Research Institute, an industry group, issued some weeks earlier.

The EPRI estimates appear incorrect in a number of regards. When two of the most central errors are corrected – the failure to take into account duty cycles of cell phones and microwave ovens and the failure to utilize the same units (they should compare everything in terms of average whole body exposure) the cumulative whole body exposure from a Smart Meter at 3 feet appears to be approximately two orders of magnitude higher than that of a cell phone, rather than two orders of magnitude lower.

Comparison of Radio-Frequency Levels to the Whole Body from Various Sources in μW/cm2 over time [corrected for assumed duty cycle and whole body exposure extrapolated from assumed cell phone dose at ear].

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