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are Chosen and Blessed.
Count yourself among the Deeply Loved
by God.
And feel Thankful.

Do Not Fear - AMAC - The Association of Mature American ...

formed His Child,
of the Earth
to Love

has its place
in the Loving

Through Prayer,
God will help us
to heal the pain and sorrow,
from the wounds we acquire
from each other and from
God will perform Miraculous Healing
that is like medicine.
There is an unfathomable Peace,
and an inner tranquility
that resides within the Human Heart
when we finally come to know
the Love of God
in us.

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My Dear Friends,
we are truly Blessed.
With the help of God,
our dreams are manifesting
with the Gift
of every moment that passes by.
With God by our side,
we will find Love,
and Peace and His Sacred Guidance.
Keep the Light of your Heart
God truly Loves

I Pray
we learn to smile,
to spark Hope in the Heart of another,
and to embrace the abundant Love
of our Lord
with gratitude and Praise.
The greatest Happiness we can enjoy
is from the kindness and compassion
we share
with others.

There is much research
that tells us exactly that
the secret to lasting Happiness
does not lie in what we have,
or what we achieve,
but rather in what we

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have a Heart
and an unearthly and Sacred Soul,
and a genuine passion 
to hear the Beautiful melodies
of each moment
in the Song of Life.
are very rare,
and you possess a rare
you can deeply touch
and heal the Hearts of

The Heart of God
when He is witness
to His Love
manifested through
His Child,
Do you not feel
the same,
when your Child
Loves another?

“Consider the sweet, tender Children
Who must suffer on this earth.
The pains of all of them He carried
From the day of His birth.
He clothes the Lilies of the field,
He feeds the lambs in His fold,
And He will heal those who trust Him,
And make their Hearts as gold.

Roger Hoffman

block of ice near water.God Loves
for this.
He teaches us
that no one is above the others.
No Child is more important than the other.
He teaches humility above everything else,
and reaching the goal
to Worship the Lord.

He is Worthy of Praise.

Imagine Beauty and Life
in bold, bright colors and calm serenity.
It is amazing.
And you CAN
drift off into a different World
of Peace and Happiness.

“Ask and you will receive,
and your Joy will be complete”
John 16:24


macro shot photography of pink petaled flowrMy Dear Friends,
we are here for a purpose.
We have the Gift
to Love and care for
one another.
The people on this fragile planet,
and all other Beautiful Creations,
need our tender Loving care,
our thoughtful actions,
and our Prayer.
Let go of your hatred and anger
and bitterness.

Our Beautiful Life Purpose
is to make this World
a more Loving, Peaceful and Joyful place
for ALL of Life.
To help billions of people
to awaken to the incredible power
of God’s Love
that resides within each of us,
to open
the Pure Life Force
of Love
that flows through YOU
from God.

dried land at golden hour

Give and receive
is another way
you know that God says
“I Love You”.

When we think we are
all alone,
we are, in reality,
never alone.
Take a moment
each precious day,
to count your Blessings,
Blessings that come from
the Bountiful and Beautiful
Love of God.

Try earnestly to be more positive
about Life.
Leave the past,
follow the future,

Leave the cold,
feel the warm,
Leave the old,
embrace the new,
Leave the tried
that was not True,
and read the Word
of God
to know what
to do.

brown rock formation with tree under white sky during daytime.On a rainy day,
when the Sky is gray
and each drop of rain

is longing to be a tear,
  do not open the window
of grief and regret,
you will get

Lives come together
in times of need,
and they are changed
like never before.

This is the way Life should be.
It is the way
Life can be.

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We need to smile,
we need to dance
and be Happy!

The World will be a better place
if YOU
Landscape background of fantasy alien galaxy with red glowing spiral clouds and sun beam. The elements of this image furnished by NASA. Landscape background of fantasy alien galaxy with red glowing spiral clouds and sun beam. The elements of this image furnished by NASA. creation of the universe stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

When we feel stressed, 
disordered in our thinking,
soothing music will give the Heart
a pathway which leads
to Peace.
Beautiful sounds
can deeply resonate within us
and we can feel like we are miles away from
the perception of reality,
and with endless Peace of mind.
Let us give thanks
for the Beautiful Music
in this World.

will massage the

Close your eyes,
think back to a time
when everything was good,
and you were in a Happy place.
That Happy Time can
What were you doing?
Do it again.
Where were you?
Go there again.
Who were you with?
Find you a Friend.
Get Happy again.

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– – –   the beginning.

Annie & Alex Anderson supervise on moving day of the new Anderson Private School

The Children supervise the moving of their new school.

The old Oak Grove Baptist Church building
was given a new Life
as the Anderson Private School.

And we are on our way!

And we are on our way!

It is 1991

We got a police escort.

We got a police escort.


This was not easy.

This was not easy.


We were located briefly on Chapel Creek.

We were located briefly on Chapel Creek.

are the proof that perfection
actually exists.

Free Abstract Red and Black Geometric Shapes Background

From Ray Sahelian, M.D. read more

Cancer supplements, herbs, vitamins,  plant extracts with potential anti cancer activity:

There are countless herbs that have been found to have anti-tumor activity in laboratory studies. Whether these herbs and dietary supplement have a role to play in cancer treatment or prevention in humans is not clear at this time. Even if they do, the appropriate dosage and best way to use them is not well known.

However, if your doctor approves,
you could try some of these herbal and nutritional supplements.

There are numerous reports of cancer preventive activity of dietary botanicals, including cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli, allium vegetables such as garlic and onion, green tea, citrus fruits, soybeans, berries, and ginger, as well as medicinal plants. Several compounds, such as genistein (from soybeans), lycopene (from tomatoes), brassinin (from cruciferous vegetables), sulforaphane (from asparagus), indole-3-carbinol (from broccoli), and resveratrol (from grapes) are being tested.

Berries and berry extracts such as acai, black or red raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, noni, and wolfberry have numerous anticancer compounds. Be sure they are ORGANIC to avoid the pesticides.

Broccoli vegetable and broccoli sprout
extract are excellent options.

Curcumin may help fight breast, colon, and prostate cancer. Researchers have found in the lab that curcumin can enhance the cancer-fighting power of treatment with TRAIL, a naturally occurring molecule that helps kill cancer cells. TRAIL stands for tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand. In an experiment with human prostate cancer cells in a laboratory dish, the combination treatment killed off two to three times more cells than either treatment alone. Curcumin exerts multiple different suppressive effects
on human breast carcinoma cells in vitro.

Carotenoids show a prominent role in decreasing the incidence of various cancers.

Vitamin D has an important role to play in prevention. Cancer rates are different at different latitudes of the globe. Rates of breast, colon and ovarian cancer are lower in sunnier regions of the world than in Northern climates where cold winters limit people’s sun exposure. Sunlight triggers the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin, and people who get little sun exposure tend to have lower stores of the vitamin. More than three-fourths of people with a variety of cancers have low levels of vitamin D, and the lowest levels are associated with more advanced cancers.

Green Tea
has polyphenolic compounds such as EGCG
that are protective against various forms of cancer.

Graviola fruit, also known as soursop, grows in the Amazon jungle and some of the Caribbean islands. See graviola cancer latest research, a web site that is updated regularly.

AHCC – Active Hexose-correlated Compound – is a mushroom extract that has been tested as an immune enhancing, liver protective and anti-cancer agent.

Ashwagandha has many compounds that have been found to have activity against lung, colon, breast, and central nervous system tumors.

Calcium D Glucarate is a natural supplement.

Cat’s Claw extracts exert a direct anti-proliferative activity on MCF7 breast cancer cell lines. Cats-Claw supplements can improve quality of life in those with advanced tumors.

DIM-Diindolylmethane supplement is another good option. See current research on this supplement at diindolemethane dim web site with the latest studies.

Indole 3 Carbinol is available as a supplement. See Indole3Carbinol I3C  for more information.

Mangosteen has powerful xanthones. As of 2011, I am not aware of human studies with mangosteen in the prevention or treatment of cancer.

Milk thistle contains silymarin and other flavonoids that have been found to have anti-tumor action in bladder and prostate cancer cells.

Noni fruit juice contains a polysaccharide-rich substance called Noni-ppt with anti-tumor activity.

Reishi mushroom water soluble extracts inhibit colon tumors in mice. Reishi may be helpful in advanced-stage cancers and has shown activity against prostate cancer cells.

Agaricus mushroom has been studied as a mushroom extract cancer treatment.

Resveratrol shows promise in neuroblastoma and breast cancer.
Integr Cancer Therapy. Efficacy of Antioxidants as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in Combination With the Chemotherapeutic Agent Doxorubicin. Resveratrol and curcumin have the potential to be clinically applied to prevent cardiac toxicity and hand-foot syndrome and enhance the anticancer efficiency of Doxorubicin.

Maitake mushroom is often used in Japan

Calcium mineral has been associated with a lower risk of colon cancer, so has vitamin D.

IP-6, Inositol hexaphosphate, is a naturally polyphosphorylated carbohydrate found in beans, brown rice, corn, sesame seeds, wheat bran, and other high fiber foods. IP-6 has been reported to have in vivo and in vitro anticancer activity against numerous tumors, such as colon, prostate, breast, liver, chronic myeloid leukemia, and rhabdomyosarcomas. Significant human trials are lacking and hence we do not currently know whether taking IP-6 supplements is helpful in cancer prevention or therapy.

Melatonin, a pineal hormone, is a potent antioxidant and has been shown to inhibit estrogen-responsive human breast cancer cells and augment the effectiveness of tamoxifen.

Supplements that may be helpful for those on chemotherapy:
Carnitine improves fatigue in those who are undergoing chemotherapy.
Glutamine supplementation can lessen loss of protein in the muscle and protect immune and gut-barrier function during radio-chemotherapy in patients with advanced cancer. Glutamine supplement may also be helpful for mucositis induced by cancer treatment.
SAM-e may have a protective effect in cancer chemotherapy-induced liver toxicity, do not use more than 100 mg a day.

Improved survival in patients with end-stage cancer treated with coenzyme Q10 and other antioxidants: a pilot study.J Int Med Res.
This pilot study evaluated the survival of patients with end-stage cancer who received supplements of coenzyme Q10 and a mixture of other antioxidants (e.g. vitamin C, selenium, folic acid and beta-carotene). During a period of 9 years, 41 patients who had end-stage cancer were included. Primary cancers were located in the breast, brain, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, esophagus, stomach, colon, prostate, ovaries and skin. The median actual survival was 40% longer than the median predicted survival.

Additional Herbs and compounds:
Celery seed extract
D Glucarate supplement
Indole-3-carbinol supplement
Mistletoe herb
Morinda citrifolia extract
Sulforaphane, found in broccoli and Brussels sprouts, slows the growth of human breast cancer cells in the lab. It disrupts the action of protein ‘microtubules’ within the cells, which are vital for the success of cell division. It also has effects on detoxification enzymes that can defend against cancer-promoting substances.
Vitamin K supplement

read more

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He who refuses to pass through the door of Mercy
must pass through the door of
God’s Justice.

The school calendar is HIGHLY subject to change due to circumstances. Please contact the school to be aware of changes.

Thank you.

Aerial Photo of Mountain Surrounded by Fog

Dr. & Mrs. Anderson may schedule 2-5 additional days
(to be announced later) for In-service Training.
Visit our website at
for updated information.

    The School Calendar is subject to change.

There are no make-up days
if school is closed due to
 inclement weather.

Inclement Weather Policy:
the school will close if Fort Worth I. S. D. is closed.

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allowance is made for “fair use”
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news reporting, teaching, scholarship,and research.
Fair use is permitted by copyright statute.

Non-profit, educational or personal use
tips the balance in favor of “fair use”.

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How Do You Say Goodbye to Love? / Movie: The Monuments Men


One of the last photos of Rosie, as she relaxed in her special place in my office.

How do you say goodbye to love after all the years, through all the joy and all the tears?

After nineteen years, nearly to the day, I find my little friend Rosie teaching me one last lesson – that you can never say goodbye to love.

Rosie was one of the dearest friends I have ever known. She was also among the greatest of teachers. Yes, she taught me so many important lessons about life and about love and about living. From Rosie, I came to appreciate the beauty found in every living thing.

12-9-20 TRIPS Dead Sea Scrolls - Main Event 001

A beautiful chapter                in the book of Love.

In caring for such an endearing heart, I found love for every other heart, however small. Her adoring eyes guided my thoughts in so very many moments, to the true need there is in this world for loving everything and everyone. She shared, in her affection for me, the true meaning of this existence, that caring for each other has far more value than anything else. That the time we spend together in loving and sharing, is what is truly treasured and remembered, when all is done.

I discovered that there is one love a child always keeps in his heart, even children all grown up. Puppy love is always love to enjoy and play with and to keep. Buried in the heart, and very, very deep, is what we find in such joy, when our very own puppy dog is ours to keep. For such a joyous gift gives love back a thousand kisses deep.

14-1-1 006

Yes, this is what a             Blessing looks like.

When we found this tiny puppy on the center stripe of White Settlement Road, she was extremely close to death. Traffic was heavy on both sides of the street and she lay, very small and nearly unnoticed, exactly in the middle of the road.

My family was en route to the funeral of our very dear friend, John Hammons, who died in a traffic accident. John was a master carpenter and was retired from the United States Air Force, when he heard about the Anderson family struggling to build a school for gifted children. He volunteered his time, over a period of four long years, and gave of his tremendous skill and talent, under very trying circumstance, to restructure and remodel the old Oak Grove Baptist Church Sunday school building, that we had moved to this location.

Annie Anderson and John Hammons

Annie Anderson and John Hammons

John would never accept payment and donated not only his time and hard labor but much in the way of materials. And, after every offer to pay him, he would simply say, “No, it’s for children”, and then he would quietly walk away. John died shortly after the school opened.

We were on our way to John’s funeral when this tiny little puppy, in such immanent danger, came our way. We stopped because we had to. The traffic was heavy and she would not have survived trying to finish her journey across the road. I privately thought, “What in the world in she doing in the middle of the road? How did she survive to get there? Well, as a result of her rescue, no small measure of joy was ours on this tragically sad day. It was truly uplifting to find her at this moment in our lives.

I gave the puppy to our son, Alex, with the comment that it was, probably, a last gift from John. Alex named her, “Rosie”. And I often wondered how he came up with that name. Perhaps, I thought, it was the “thorny” personality the puppy possessed. She was pretty snotty when she was young and would snap at (I called it: schooling) anyone she was displeased with.

I remember how we could not get this little emaciated puppy (her first name was weenie, she was so thin) to eat anything. I took her to our favorite veterinarian. He examined her and explained that she would not eat because she was full of crickets and grasshoppers. That had been her diet and her means of survival. So he provided a formula to give her. Later, for over a year, I would notice her stalking the grasshoppers when she was outside on the lawn. She was good at catching them, waiting until they would hop and land on the ground exactly three times and then catching them.

ROSIE - Main Event & Rollerland 220

There is always another small heart waiting to save someone – waiting for love. Please, adopt one in my memory.

God, in His infinite mercy, did not save this precious puppy – He enabled me to do that. And, as a result, it is my belief that God saved me. He gave me the unmeasurable joy of this wonderful friend for so very many years. And on that well traveled road, Rosie resurrected my hope and filled my spirit. I found salvation through the innocent eyes of this small friend, with a large heart, who became my constant and loving companion.

No, I was not alone in saving a life. For in truth, she became my savior. And, in a very real sense, one of the reasons for the continued existence of this school, which has saved others.

Yes, with the first time I held her in my arms, she gave a new meaning to this world of mine. She came into my life and filled my heart with special moments that to this day, last. She filled my days with so much love, that anywhere I went, I was never lonely. And as I reached to feel the warmth of her presence, she was always there. My, how my arms begged her to stay, for one more hour, one more day.

From life’s illusions I came to a time when I felt that I really didn’t know life at all. And then prayer became a promise, and faith blossomed into the most unlikely of appearances. And suddenly, I absolutely knew and felt in the very fiber of my being, that I was deeply, deeply loved. God bequeathed someone to care for and love, children from above and in the depths of my sorrow, a quirky, funny, loving, tiny puppy dog.

Perhaps, finding Rosie was not a chance encounter. From this miraculous experience, and others, I have learned not to question the way God works and how mysterious His ways are . . . .  “God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform”.

And I am brought to my knees, in tears of thanksgiving.

I placed a special marker to let the world know where I buried my heart. But in a very real sense, Rosie will always be with me. As we find in 1 Corinthians 13, Love is eternal. . . There are faith, hope and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

“There is a land of the living
And a land of the dead,
And the bridge is love,
The only survival,
The only meaning.”
                         –  Thornton Wilder

We cannot say goodbye to love

No. We can never say goodbye to Love.

Our Trip last week to the Texas Civil War Museum

What a great lesson we were blessed with on the the topic of the Victorian Lady at the Texas Civil War Museum. Our wonderful docent entertained the girls (and the boys, some of whom asked to be dressed as Victorian Men).

Kylie becomes a true "Southern Belle"

Kylie becomes a true “Southern Belle” during our visit to the Civil War Museum.


We will meet at 9:30 a.m. at Half-Price Books, located at 475 Sherry Lane, north of Ridgmar Mall –Telephone: 817-732-4111. At approximately 11:30 a.m. we will travel to the FOOD COURT in the Ridgmar Mall to enjoy lunch. Following lunch, we will walk to the RAVE 13 THEATRE located in the Mall at 2300 Green Oaks Road, telephone (817) 566-0025, to enjoy the highly acclaimed new movie Monument Men, MPAA Rating PG-13 for Historical Smoking, Some Images of War Violence. Run Time: 127 minutes and starting at 1:00 p.m. Younger students may view another film with the blessing of Mrs. A.

PICK UP will be at the Theater at 2:30 p.m.

Synopsis: During World War II, a group of art scholars and museum directors infiltrates enemy territory to retrieve stolen masterpieces before the Nazis dispose of them.

The starting time may change, please be patient. Dr. A may become anxious but popcorn will help.

Emergency Telephone 682-777-1908

If you arrive late, we shall have departed with your child(ren) and will return to school. Please call if you will be late.

Students are NOT to leave the bookstore, food court or theater without the approval of Dr. A (wake him gently with the smell of warm popcorn if necessary).

FINANCIAL: We have been told Tickets are $5.00 but this may be incorrect – please pay at the Box Office. Please provide funds for a good book and for lunch. Refreshments: Yes!

Uniform pants with a belt & red monogrammed school shirts are required.

PARENTS / FRIENDS / NEIGHBORS, are invited to participate on our trips.

Feb. 1 Tuition Deposits were Due for 2014-15
Feb. 17 (Mon.) President’s Day Holiday
Mar. 10-14 Spring Break Holidays
Mar. 21 Texas Indian Market and Southwest Showcase (Arlington)

Mary Alice also loved becoming a Southern Belle

Mary Alice also loved     becoming a Southern Belle

And Rylee said, "What about ME!"

   And Rylee said,                     “What about ME!”

We truly enjoyed learning about dress and attire of the old deep south.

We truly enjoyed learning about dress and attire of the old deep south.

Another inhumane form of technology

Many of our new public schools look like and possess the feel of a prison. Have you noticed this? We employ architects and then order them to create environments conducive to one primary motivating factor – increasing an ever illusive, ultimately harmful and virtually meaningless test score, the result of which is an ever increasing drop out rate, which happens to be counter productive to the concept. Architects then lose sight of the shore and design virtual prisons for our children.

Architects are not educators. They do the bidding of typically uninformed and highly politicized board members and legislative types, and their products then evolve into a truly ruthless and dogmatic emphasis upon accountability and control and very, very little else.

This is but one example of how technology can take on a life of its own and evolve like a cancerous growth and be suddenly out of our control.

These new prison like structures virtually eliminate or very significantly reduce access to natural light and replace windows (you know, those highly distracting and antiquated structures the older types grew to love) with nothing but banks of florescent lights.

I recently drove past a new large public school and, to my horror, observed classroom windows placed at the very top of the walls, so that children could not possibly see out into the beautiful world of flowers and birds and trees and escaping dreams and other distracting things.

There are a large number of negative health effects that have been linked to working under fluorescent lights that are theorized to be the cause of ignorantly manipulating our body chemistry mechanisms which result in such serious problems as:

Eye strain
Problems sleeping, due to melatonin suppression
Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder or depression
Endocrine disruption and poor immune systems
Female hormonal/menstrual cycle disruption
Increases in breast cancer rates and tumor formation
Stress/Anxiety, due to cortisol suppression
Sexual development/maturation disruption
Agoraphobia (anxiety disorder)

Do any of these sound familiar? For more information simply search the internet (your child can show you how. Mine did and, to my embarrassment, suppressed by my amazement, still does).

Annie & Alex Anderson supervise on moving day of the new Anderson Private School

Annie & Alex Anderson supervise the moving of their new school.

Many years ago, LeVonna and I fell in love with the old Oak Grove Baptist Church Sunday school building (built back in the 1940’s – you know, when they used something called Number 1 Lumber).

The Church was advertising to have it moved and we made a donation to the church and then moved it to our present location. And one of the big reasons we admired it, related to the abundance of natural light, thanks to the numerous (17) large windows that were plentiful in every room. They were placed, as custom

And we are on our way!

And we are on our way!

would have it, at eye level. I know how many windows because I personally, along with guidance and very hard labor from my dear friend, John Hammons, replaced every of them, since they were all knocked out, to some degree, during the move of the beautiful building from Burleson.

We got a police escort.

We got a police escort.

You will love this – I announced to my lovely bride that I was going to take my time with this project (restoration of the structure). I was planning to work on it for one whole entire year. Why get in a hurry?

This was not easy.

This was not easy.

Dream on! Four years later we opened the school and I took out a life insurance policy on the old dilapidated, worn out body that was now mine. I looked like the old building before we worked on it. Those two large cracked windows on the front were my glasses. The smaller stained glass windows were my teeth. We wound up so broke, and took so much aspirin for our backs, that they named a mountain after us. When we finally finished, I wasn’t sure my heart was still beating, so I pounded on my chest to imitate the sound and keep up my spirit.

We were located briefly on Chapel Creek.

We were located briefly on Chapel Creek.

We started the school with five students and two of them were our own children. I have no idea where the other three came from, but I suspect foul play. My wife did have an occasional funny look about her (it wasn’t exhaustion, I know what that looks like). The only furniture was our dining room table and chairs, which meant odd looks and standing around a lot at home when we ate.

In the beginning we had a great time singing, “Getting to Know You” and wondering who you were. But LeVonna was a great sport. We truly enjoyed everyone we came to know and deeply appreciated the help that was given from so very many friends, relatives and parents. This school would simply not exist without their guidance and help. Our memories of getting this school up and running are truly treasured by us.

Well, seriously, what it all means is this – our society now values test scores more than the emotional and physical well being of our precious children. Governmental entities are making very, very poor decisions in an effort to force educators and children to bend to the will of a philosophy that is devoid of simple logic and any real compassion for children. This is now irreverently referred to as the, “No Child Left Behind” program or “Where In World Did Half Of Them Go?” program (yes, they dropped out).

With its narrow focus upon test scores, it is seen as a dangerous experiment that seriously threatens to disrupt and dilute the education of millions of children, especially gifted children. The Democratic chairman of the Senate education committee, Tom Harkin, says good intentions in the No Child Left Behind law have not translated to good policy.

Even the sacred ground of the learning environments we provide for young and fragile minds are being tragically designed with a gross lack of fundamental understanding and consideration.

Few people in decision making roles are researching the long term impact of what we impulsively do. And virtually no one is giving consideration to looking back in time to what was effective. When it comes to learning give me that, “Old Time Religion”.

When I was a boy, schools in Texas were required to teach about birds and the protection of their nests and eggs and fly the American and Texas Flags and that was it! And I was a truly happy and successful child. My teachers possessed the freedom to teach whatever they felt I needed to know and, more importantly, they were free to love me in the process. And I still feel the warmth of their love today. They did not fear for their jobs, their fear was for my future.

Our beloved Nation became the only superpower in the world because our teachers had the academic freedom to do what they knew needed to be done. Our educators, when they were empowered and trusted to make decisions and teach what they spent years in a university learning to teach, were directly responsible for turning this country into the wealthiest nation on earth, possessing over one half the wealth of the planet and with only six percent of its people.

Freedom, my dear friends, is the reason and it is the only reason we have prevailed and prospered. And it is what we, to our disgrace, removed from the hands of our dedicated and capable teachers. We took freedom away from the very people we need to promote the cause of freedom and enable our children to keep us free! We stopped trusting those who took a vow of poverty so that they could dedicated their lives to teach our kids.

And what is the result? We have reduced the most valuable gifts that God could bestow upon us to an egotistic compulsion for mere numbers on a test, which in a horrible futuristic scenario, translates humanity into another inhumane form of technology.

When will we wake up?