My Dogs are my Psychiatrists

From the dynamic televised special, “War Dogs of the Pacific” comes the memorable quote from one World War II soldier: “My dog was my psychiatrist. I would not have survived without him”.

Well, I’ve got a psychiatrist. I have several of them. And they all wear fur coats! I cannot get them to take them off, even in the depths of summer. And am I glad!

Yes, we use our cherished canine friends for therapy for our students and for ourselves. And the wonders they work, we cannot even comprehend.

Our beautiful experiences with each one of them, brings to mind what Francis of Assisi said many years ago, “It is important to respect and preserve everything that is a part of God’s Kingdom”. And a really important part of the Kingdom wags its tail and shows us each day what unconditional love is.

And I would not have survived without them.