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Hope Has a Place, a Physical Space / Autism Linked to Exposure to Pesticides, Viruses, Household Chemicals / School Calendar 2019-20

in such times
as we are in need
of Hope,
let us remember:
has a place,
a physical space,
and it may be found
in the Human Heart –
in your Heart.

The bounty
of God’s Love
is far greater
than the infinite
and vast Universe.

In the empty fields
of this Life
is fertile soil.
The one who plants
knowing that he
will never sit in their
has started to understand
the meaning
of Life.

Let us abandon
to the Will
of our Lord.

in such times
as we
are in need,
we may come to understand
that our Humankind,
can create such powerful
in helping one another,
as to lift
from the
depths of despair.

Such emotion
conveyed by the Heart,
has a physical
We Children of God
have been Created
with the power
to heal ourselves
and a Spirit
that binds.

In the wink
of an eye,
our Soul is turning
in the depths
of our yearning.

As times change
we evolve,
in dimensions and ways
and unseen.

The Time
we have so little of,
can set your
brightly ablaze.
The Light of Love
can free you.
Do not remain
in the dark

“If all your Dreams were on fire,
Which one would you save?
When it comes down to the wire
Should I be afraid?

I don’t need the World to be content.
All I’ll ever need is you.
Time alone with you is time well spent.
For me that simple Dream will more than do.”
Don Black

God’s Love is far greater than the infinite and vast Universe.

like Love,
is a choice.
God has empowered
to choose.

In choosing,
the breath
of our Being
is like
the wind.

And the leaves
of the Trees
are laughing,
laughing with

Join them.


New Study:
Autism Linked to Environment

Research links soaring incidence of the mysterious neurological disorder to fetal and infant exposure to pesticides, viruses, household chemicals.
Marla Cone in Scientific American

click to read more

 California’s sevenfold increase in autism cannot be explained by changes in doctors’ diagnoses and most likely is due to environmental exposures, University of California scientists reported Thursday.

The scientists who authored the new study advocate a nationwide shift in autism research to focus on potential factors in the environment that babies and fetuses are exposed to, including pesticides, viruses and chemicals in household products.

“It’s time to start looking for the environmental culprits responsible for the remarkable increase in the rate of autism in California,” said Irva Hertz-Picciotto, an epidemiology professor at University of California, Davis who led the study.

Throughout the nation, the numbers of autistic children have increased dramatically over the past 15 years. Autistic children have problems communicating and interacting socially; the symptoms usually are evident by the time the child is a toddler.

More than 3,000 new cases of autism were reported in California in 2006, compared with 205 in 1990. In 1990, 6.2 of every 10,000 children born in the state were diagnosed with autism by the age of five, compared with 42.5 in 10,000 born in 2001, according to the study, published in the Journal Epidemiology. The numbers have continued to rise since then.

To nail down the causes, scientists must unravel a mystery: What in the environment has changed since the early 1990s that could account for such an enormous rise in the brain disorder?

For years, many medical officials have suspected that the trend is artificial – due to changes in diagnoses or migration patterns rather than a real rise in the disorder.

But the new study concludes that those factors cannot explain most of the increase in autism.

Hertz-Picciotto and Lora Delwiche of the UC Davis Department of Public Health Sciences analyzed 17 years of state data that tracks developmental disabilities, and used birth records and Census Bureau data to calculate the rate of autism and age of diagnosis.

The results: Migration to the state had no effect. And changes in how and when doctors diagnose the disorder and when state officials report it can explain less than half of the increase.

Dr. Bernard Weiss, a professor of environmental medicine and pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center who was not involved in the new research, said the autism rate reported in the study “seems astonishing.” He agreed that environmental causes should be getting more attention.

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