Sweet Butterfly of Youth – Spring Adventure Trip

ButterflySweet Butterfly of Youth
A butterfly of such size and delicacy that delights people of youth
Called upon our table, as if such invitation fulfilled
Would be only dreamt of in miraculous construe.
Alighting briefly upon the most of us there gathered,
While all sought refuge in conversation, and what was thought
Would nurture and sustain bodies so near to souls removed.

Touching hearts with such determination,
as deftness permits flight with you.
Now clearly a portrait is drawn, dream-spun and woven entwined of us,
Unveiled for life’s sweet sojourn past beauty to truth,
As savor we the brevity of our time, well spent together,
That becomes their moment of youth.

The time it takes to touch a heart or spend a life in fruitful quest,
In which God can search a soul,
Revealing Himself in simplicity and beauty and truth.
Such moments, rare, become us when we dare see life as children do,
In flights of small and trembling hearts,
Fluttering past the breath of morning dew,
Anointing us with their presence, in awe of us as we of you.

Our children gently chide us bid adieu this day,
This life so fragrant and new,
As sail we past the morrow, when flight they shall renew.
And in knowing such brief encounter will become us,
In fond remembrance of when,
Together we came to such sad discourse of fond farewell,
Us each departing this fleeting encounter with the other,
Sweet butterfly of youth.
–  by Wm. C. Anderson

For our Spring Adventure Trip we are headed to GRANBURY, TEXAS and will stay at the Arbor House Bed and Breakfast.

The Arbor House is a lakeside inn that arbor houseopened in the spring of 1996 that quickly rose to international award winning status. The rooms have the charm of the Victorian Era and all the luxuries of the twentieth century. LeVonna and I were impressed with beauty of this place and the hospitality. There is much to see and do in the Granbury area and our students will spend time this week planning the activities and identifying what they want to see and do.

Granbury Beach

Granbury Beach

Breakfast is a special event at Arbor House is included along with afternoon refreshments and complimentary beverages. Their own blend of dark roasted coffee beans are ground fresh each morning and served piping hot. We will be seated at a linen covered table set with fine old china and polished silver. Breakfast is usually served in two courses: a baked-from-scratch pastry and then a generous plate of egg casserole, homemade bread or biscuits and fresh fruit. If you have special dietary needs, please let the staff know.

Rooms typically have peaceful boudoir with a queen-size bed(s) and reclining chairs for curling up with a good book. The private bathrooms feature such things as a marbled shower and sunny window box. Guests can enjoy the upstairs veranda of The Arbor House with its extensive views of beautiful Lake Granbury and the beach. Amenities include: cable TV, wireless internet, alarm clock and bath robes.

Granbury CourthouseWe plan to let our students relax and have fun and let the worries of the world pass them by and in comfort.

FINANCIAL: The total amount due for this trip is $389.00 for each student and parent guest or other guest. If you require a separate room for your family, the cost will, necessarily, be increased. Breakfast is included but Lunch & Dinner are not. Please provide funds for these meals, shopping and other special activities not on our itinerary. Please pay the trip fee by Wednesday, May 15.

We will gather at the school on MONDAY, May 20, between 5:00 p.m. & 6:00 p.m., to load suitcases, backpacks, etc. into the vehicles making this trip (and confabulate, sign forms, reminisce about past adventures, tell jokes (please bring some really good ones) etc. Please come on Monday (unless you are driving directly to Granbury & have submitted all paperwork).

We will meet at the McDonald’s Restaurant on Clifford Street at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, May 21 to caravan to Granbury. PLEASE BE ON TIME! We plan to depart and return home at 1:30 p.m. following lunch on FRIDAY. * Please check with Dr. Anderson to be sure he has ALL current telephone numbers to reach you. It is CRITICAL that we be able to contact you in case of an emergency or in case your child has misbehaved and has been auctioned off to the first bidder (should we find one).

Adventure trips are an integral part of the curriculum, and ALL students are expected to participate and join in the fun.

It is imperative that we have the following no later than Monday, May 20 at 6:00 p.m.

1) A signed & witnessed Release from Claims and Liabilities.
2) A signed Authorization for Emergency Medical Attention.
3) A signed Medication Authorization Form. We recommend you give written approval, under special instructions, for us to provide medication, with your authorization over the telephone. Otherwise, we will not be able to help your child. Please call Dr. A if you need help with this or just want to confabulate.

PLEASE NOTE: The Anderson Private School, its staff, administration or chaperones do not assume responsibility and are NOT responsible for the administration of medication to any student. Also, students are responsible for their own hygiene (taking showers, etc.) and their behavior. Students with serious misbehavior (such as refusing to obey our chaperones) will be asked to call their parents and go home. (Dr. A will cry! But, he will get over it and have fun with those who behaved & are still here.)

4) A verification (copy) of Health Insurance for your child(ren), if available. This will assist in getting medical/emergency care for your child.

Participants/parents/guardians/ and other guests are responsible for any & all damages to property owned by the Arbor House, the school, other establishments, or other persons.

* NO PARENT MAY DISCIPLINE ANY CHILD OTHER THAN THEIR OWN. Parents may report disciplinary concerns to Dr. or Mrs. Anderson.

NO ONE may enter the swimming area without ADULT supervision and the knowledge and approval of Dr. or Mrs. Anderson. NO exceptions!

Forms MUST be signed and witnessed no later than MONDAY, May 20. Please do not ask us to take care of this on Tuesday morning – our minds will be on departing, consuming gallons of coffee & other things.

NOTE: There will be opportunities for shopping and other entertainment. Please bring additional funds with you, if you wish to participate in other additional events that are not on the itinerary. Additional activities require the permission of Mrs. Anderson. (Dr. A is probably napping! Do not disturb him as he is dreaming of not being disturbed.)

Reminder: TUITION for 2013-2014 was DUE on May 1.

Thank You!

Bill & LeVonna