Dance in the Dark by the Light of God’s Love / Ways to Be the Light of the World / School Calendar 2022-23

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In this most difficult Time,
our Faith and Prayers
will have God Bless us
with His Grace.
In the brevity of our Being,
He will give us Guidance
so that we may all
be Blessed.

Dance in the dark 
by the Light of God’s
Royalty-Free photo: Yellow illusions | PickPikHis Light
is our Way to find
what we are looking for.
 It Leads us
to that Place we find 
who we are,
where we are
Truly going.

Deep within each of us
is the Light of God’s Love.
It was put there by our Creator
for us to use and help us
as we Journey through
this Life.
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can be certain
God’s Love will grow.

God’s Love
fill our Hearts
so that can we be Truly Happy.
God’s Love
fills the immensity of space
and Time.
There is no shortage
of Love
in our Universe.
There is only
the need
for our willingness
to do what we must
to feel it.
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Love is ageless
and evergreen.

The Brightest Light
is Two Lights
that Shine as One –
God’s Love for
and your Love.

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Every Sunrise,
every Sunset,
is unrehearsed.
They warm
and excite us.
  They display
the Brightest Love.

My Dear Friend,
the Truth is –
is our Mother, Father,
Child, Sister,

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We are all
We are One Family,
the Family of Mankind.
And we are all One
in the Love
of God.
Our focus
on Love, Compassion, and Wisdom
needs to underlay

we do.

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is Dreamlike, 
and distorted with delusions.
But our memories
Live on forever
and ever.

can take us back in Time
when Life was wonderful
and simple.

Such Beauty
in simplicity,
can take our ordinary Human existence
and turn it into a
“Precious Life”
 with the discovery that we have the power
 to rediscover ourselves
and open our Childhood

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Human Life
is precious beyond worth
and priceless.
The value of our Human Life
cannot be measured.
To Truly Exist is
to Love,
and be Loved.

Life is precious.
Human Life matters.
Every Child
from the first Heartbeat
is precious.
Every Person is a Person
Created in God’s Image.

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Human Life
is Truly a Precious Gift.
Each moment of Life
brings us opportunity
to act
to express our Virtues.
Each moment
reveals a Path for us
to receive God’s Blessings.

possess the greatest potential
of all the Creations on Earth.

Tropical Butterfly In Its Natural Habitat. Stock Image - Image of ...The True nature of reality
may be discovered
in a way of Living
that is in Harmony
with the Profound Truths
God Reveals
in His Holy Word.

God’s Love
evokes Universal Joy.

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Your Heartfelt embrace
of God’s Love
will rekindle deep feelings
found as a Child,
when you were accepting the reality
of your Mother’s

The realization
of unconditional Love
will make a difference
in your precious

To be grateful
for Life,
and to value Life
is immeasurable and priceless.
No amount of wealth
can compare
to knowing what Life
Truly is worth.

 If you live Life,
you have everything.

With Life,
there are possibilities
to achieve anything.

Such awareness
finds you falling into yourself,
into the Sacred space
God Provides
for you
on our Beautiful Planet.
Such awareness
allows for the disappearance
of the illusions of this Life.

It is called

In an engaging and uncomplicated way, 
the Word of God
will open your Heart
to the powerful experience
of simply being

My Dear Friends,
we are the product
of a Noble and Heroic
Human Race.
 Our History
carries something of all our
Spirits and origins. 

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blends with Today
with the Hopeful Prayers
for Tomorrow.


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40 Very Simple Ways to Be the Light
by | Blog, Christian Growth,
Spiritual Formation |
click here to read more

  1. Responding to a stranger with a smile
  2. Giving a gift
  3. Helping someone out
  4. Invest in a person who needs and wants to be mentored
  5. Opening your home up for a holiday dinner to people who don’t have a lot of family or a recent death in their family
  6. Making a food item for someone sick or grieving, or just struggling in life
  7. Walking your neighbor’s dog
  8. Letting someone go before you in the checkout line.
  9. Sending a card to someone who you just met or maybe lost contact with
  10. Saying hello to people you see during the day, whether you know them or not
  11. Checking in with a person who lost a loved one through out the whole year, especially major holidays and anniversaries.
  12. Calling your mom or dad and say, “Thanks!”
  13. Buying a meal for the person behind you in line or at the next table
  14. Going to the grocery store for an elderly person in your life
  15. Praying for your enemies or people who annoy you
  16. Taking your boss out to lunch
  17. Surprising your spouse or best friend with an appreciation letter
  18. Helping someone become more comfortable in a new setting (maybe a new neighbor or a new person at church. Invite them to sit with you or take them on a tour. If it’s a new neighbor, stop by and introduce yourself to them and tell them the best pizza joint!)
  19. Buying a ticket for someone to go on a retreat, maybe through your church youth ministry or young adult ministry
  20. Planting flowers or cleaning up a persons yard
  21. Stopping to notice and talk to a child
  22. When someone says or does something that touches you, let them know. Tell them how they have encouraged you or helped you.
  23. Babysitting (free) a child in your life so the parents can have a night off
  24. Try to have real conversations with people, not just small talk or talk that isn’t uplifting i.e. complaining, gossiping, etc.
  25. Sponsoring a child
  26. Sending a thank you note to a person who made a difference in your life
  27. Instead of avoiding or giving money to a person asking for a handout, offer to buy them a meal
  28. Forgiving someone who wronged you and letting them know you forgive them
  29. Helping someone move
  30. Parking at the back of the parking lot to leave open the better spots
  31. Going to visit someone in your life who may need company whether it be a person in the hospital, homebound or grieving friend
  32. Volunteering your time with an organization that needs your gifting
  33. Hold the door for someone and smile and say hello.
  34. Bring an unexpected cup of coffee to a co-worker.
  35. Tutor a child or teen in a topic you are knowledgeable.
  36. Introduce yourself to someone at a gathering that clearly does not know many others.
  37. Speaking with the person who is your cashier at the store. Stopping and asking them how their day is going.
  38. Giving up your seat for someone whether on the bus, church gathering or office meeting.
  39. Offer to help a single parent with chores around the house
  40. While driving, think about how you are driving your car. Are you tailgating, driving too quickly past pedestrians, cutting people off? Try to remember that even in your car you can practice being the light by driving with courtesy and patience

It doesn’t always have to be “big” moments where we are the light.

It’s often all of these little unnoticeable moments that propel the Kingdom of Heaven forward.

So go be creative, be unique and shine God’s glorious light through you!


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Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.