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New awareness
about the Nature of Reality
recognizes the simultaneous Nature
of all

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We are
far more
than our bodies.
On the Quantum Mechanical Level
within the Transcendental Realm,
we merge with the oneness
of all things,
while simultaneously maintaining
our individuality.

More deeply,
we enter the pure Unified Field
within the Transcendental

Fantastic Facts about Fall - Axcess Staffing ServicesAt this depth,
a Unified Field exists
as a Field of Pure

are unified with everything.
In fact,
everything dwells within us.

The Holy Spirit
dwells in us,
the Treasure which has been entrusted
to you.
This is not a metaphor,
but a reality.

Through the Power
of the Holy Spirit
who Lives within us,
carefully guard the Precious Truth
that has been entrusted to you. “
2 Timothy 1:14

And as we learn to go deeper
we feel it more fully.

there are Higher Realms
of Existence
in every Being that is
There are Spiritual Realms
of our Existence
that simultaneously exist
the Plane of our Existence.

"Matthew" (from the Peter & The Holy Spirit Series) - The Putting Green ...We exist
Dimensionally Higher than our
physical World,
where our Being is
 closer to the Source of Life,
to our Universal Mind,
to our Consciousness, 
to our Spirit,
to God.
is the Eternal union
of all that is.
The thing that really exists,
is pure, Eternal,

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our thoughts
and our awareness
are blended with
we come to Love
the Beauty of our own
 and grow to have
Spiritual Peace

We are all
That is what is meant by:
“Whatsoever ye do unto the least of these
… ye do unto me.”
Matthew 25:40

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you seek
a profound Spiritual Awakening,
the rising Sun
is filtering through the Clouds
in a Magnificent Display
of God’s Love,
God’s Nature.

Open your eyes,
and open your Heart,
to envision epic moments
like this.
God is Speaking.

 Our sense of awareness
may be so numbing,
that we are unaware of our
to fall in Love
with everything,
and everyone

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Our World
is big,
with good people everywhere.
A pleasant and surprising
awaits you on your Journey
their Hearts.

Challenge yourself
to be more fluid in your
Cherish Life
for the amazing Blessing
that it is.

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God doesn’t Bless us
just to make us

 our World is filled
with the Blessings
of Beauty.
And it is our
to embrace His Blessings,
which are all around us,
and within us.

Beautiful Florida Sunset | Red sunset, Sunrise sunset, Sunset.Open your Heart
and feel the Beauty
of the World.

Express your Gratitude
for all the things going well,
the things not going so well.
They are going.
 It will help you
stay Hopeful in the

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the Blessings given to us.
They are Given to
And you are Given
to the World.

Divine Providence
has been protecting 
His Blessings.
And now,
it is up to
to protect our
and use them to their full,
positive potential
and a Higher Purpose.

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My Dear Friends,
is such a Blessing from God
to be Given His
Sacred Children.
Let us
teach them to Cherish
27 Beautiful Sunsets and the Places You'll Find Them

So many amazing attributes
of your Life,
attest to your own
Divine Nature.” 
Each organ of your body
is a wondrous
from God.

softens the Heart,
caresses the Soul,

and is Healing.

Choose to focus
on all 
you have been given.

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 From ancient times
Spiritual Teachings from the Bible
(Proverbs 23:7)
“As a man thinketh
so shall he be.”

My Dear Friend,
what you think
It is forming the basis
of who you are,
and who you will

What is on the
is so much more important,
than what is on
the outside.

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Eternity is for us

Not everything will be perfect
in the World. 
But God Loves

What are you doing
for God
with the Life
He has Graciously

the depths of our emotions,
will allow calm and Peace
to permeate every Fiber
of your every Being,
you ask.

Benefits of the holy spirit in a believer - Legit.ngMay clarity and understanding
replace confusion and depression
in your Precious Life.

Be grateful
for the wonderful Gifts
God has given to us.
have shed tears
for being so beyond

The Blessings of God
grow more sweet and precious
the more thankful we are for them.
(Colossians 3:15; 1 Thessalonians 5:18). 

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What is the Holy Spirit? Discover the Holy Spirit today!


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Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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The most Precious Gift
is Life.

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