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50 of The Most Beautiful Trees In The World

Our Lord
bestows upon us,
stunning visuals and absolutely calming
and Peaceful Landscapes.
Our World
is filled with the Gifts
of His Holy Spirit.

we become,
when we discover
the Golden Face of Love
that blazes in the flame
of His setting Sun,
to warm our Hearts
until our Day
is done.
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It is like a Dream
come True.
can Love each Golden Day
with all your Heart.

As the burning leaves of Autumn
dress the Sacred Space we dwell in,
they add Grace to our Lives.
And as they die,
we Dream of days
long gone by.
Find Peace of Mind Through Mobile App Meditation LessonsThe Beautiful Love
of God
is Conveyed to us
in Palettes of Colors
so much more than a
Everything is Divine.
The vibrancy and freshness of colors
in the Dawn of Autumn
grow Dear to the Heart,
to our eyes.

Autumn. Fall scene. Beautiful Autumnal park. Beauty nature scene ...

Our World
is Beautiful, Magnificent and Powerful.
And You
are a Divine Spark of Light,
manifested in flesh.
Your Reality,
Sail Without the Wind.

The Love 
that is you,
was poured from an
Overflowing Cup,
 with an Abundance of
Be Thankful
for all you are.
You are Blessed
with the Gift
of Life.
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You are 
a Truly Great Work
of Art.
The Dream you are,
is more than a Dream.
are Light.

Autumn Equinox: The Science Behind the First Day of Fall | Mental Floss

The Spirit
of your Light
is powerful beyond measure.
It is our Light.
 You are
a Child of God.

We are all meant
to shine.
We were born to make Manifest
the Glory of God
that is within us.

 And as we let our own Light
we are liberated from
And our presence
Liberates others.
Liberating News | Franciscan Media
My Dear Friend,
can feel the memories of
the past.

 Such feelings
bring back so many wonderful moments.
Keep the Magic alive
and you can discover
your Relationship to the

 And such Beautiful Awareness,
will lead you to the Gift
another Day
of amazing Life.
Peace! | Christian Wallpapers
 Look deeply
into the mirror
of your memory
and say,
“I Love You”.
Moments of Reflection
are special,
and lead you to the Dawn
of appreciation and Peace
in your Precious Heart.
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and listen.
Find the Peace of God,
which only God can give.

All the noise
keeps us in constant
 It keeps us
in confusion.

It keeps us
from the Truth.

It is Time 
to let go
and let LOVE shine.
Speak from your Heart.
Live from your Heart.
This Day
is yours to choose.

We can dream. "Surrealism" art abstract surrealism sur...

We see Beauty,
but don’t know where it comes

do not know
YOU are Beautiful,
you are Loved,
and you are deserving
to be Loved
and be Happy.

are a Truly Divine Human Being
with a Beautiful Heart
waiting to be released.
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you are the Light
that radiates a continuous flame,
an Eternal Spark.
You are Love
that grows ever so Graceful,
as you learn to Have Faith.
are Truly Blessed
with Love and Light.

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The Love of God
Endures Forever.
His Love Sanctifies us,
Forgives us,
and lets us Live
What a Beautiful Day
when we come to Know
the Love of God.
Keep your Heart
fixed on Love.
In the darkness
of Life,
can be the Light.
Gently Lift
the precious Spirits
of those around you
and sing with Joy.
Realm Of Dreams Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

Your Life
has more meaning
than you know.

There is Light
beyond shadow,
Joy beyond tears,
and Love greater than
Our passage through Life
is brief.
There is a Flower,
which today is growing
in a field,
and tomorrow will be
cut down.
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God is within you
and Loves you for who you are
and wants you to Love yourself. 
 We are
perfectly imperfect.

Wishing you
a Lifetime of Happiness, Peace
and Love.


Peace in Simplicity
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Expert Author Johnna ShryackThe morning dew illuminates the colors of the earth, magnifying the intensity of each hue to its most vibrant and purest form. The luminous rays of the sun upon the moist blades of grass and the gently opened pedals bring life to a resting meadow. Darkness has been replaced with a soft color palate for all to enjoy. A gentle breeze breaths life and movement into this awaking valley, as a chorus of plants swaying to and fro release their aromatic aroma into the morning.

This orchestra of nature awaking each day, reminds us of the peaceful simplicity that surrounds us on this earth plane. One, who lives in accordance to this song of nature, is one who moves through life in harmony and balance. Present only in the moment, approaching each path in a gentle and kind way, accepting the lesson to be learned and appreciating the opportunity to be present and a part of this grand design.

Just as the pedals open each morning, greeting the day and absorbing the sunshine, so should do our hearts open with appreciation and acceptance of the glorious energy set free by this boundless beauty. Absorbing the pure positive energy released from the eternal spirit to energize and renew our hearts, mind and bodies.

The dew glistens only for a short time before being absorbed back into the atmosphere. Opportunities are ours but a short time before they too are absorbed back into energy for another. With this cycle in nature, the plants will return to the earth, only to be the food source for another to show its beauty in the morning dew.

We have a choice to renew our energy through spirit or we too are destined to return to the earth plane to repeat the process of reaching our beauty in our higher self. As the sun sets on this peaceful piece of the earth plane, we hold the knowing of a new a glorious orchestra of color for another day; but what of our souls and their knowing. Have we absorbed the beautiful energy presented by spirit to orchestrate our own chorus of life?

The eldest of three children, I was raised in a christian home in rural Illinois. A college graduate, I chose a career path in the medical field. Married and divorced, I guided two children to adulthood. From a very early age I have known of a strong spiritual presence in my life and I feel privileged to share their guidance.

Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.

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