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Little Planet | World Royalty Free Music EthnicLove
is the only power
capable of spinning Worlds
into existence.

We begin our Journey
of Life
with the Love
Blessing countless
we arrive with the Love
that we Truly

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can become
the best experience ever.
You will not want it
to end.
It can be
so immersive and amazing.
You can start feeling
like your Life
is not your own.
And it is
are part of a collective
beyond understanding.
Sunrise HD - Wallpaper, High Definition, High Quality, WidescreenWhen we Love
as we Love ourselves,
it connects us all into
through space
and our brief moment in
connects us
to God.

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We can become
 because we are

Joseph Rain“Life
is the fundamental Essence
of all reality.

It doesn’t emerge,
and it never dies.
Life simply is.
It’s the inherent quality of everything
that is or is not.
Under certain conditions,
Life awakens,

and we call it Living.
But eventually all Living forms decay
and through so-called death,
Life transforms back into
its elementary stage;

the Infinite potential for expression.
We comprehend such transition as dying,
but death is just a term we invented to mark
the end of Living.
Everything that is born and dies
is an expression of so-called
Absolute Life,

which exists as a continuum in everything, everywhere, always, and on all levels,
seeking new ways of becoming alive.

We should, therefore, replace the popular saying
“it’s all about Life and death”
“it’s all about birth and death,
Life is Eternal.”

–  Joseph Rain,
The Unfinished Book about Who We Are

Beautiful Sunset, Nature, Landscape | AmOWe Live in a
collective, Spiritual, magical, sublime Life
that simply can not be expressed in

are a Divine Form of Art
that combines Elements
God’s Love.

knowledge of this
helps us to reach the apex
of Awareness.
Free photo: Beautiful Sunset View - Beautiful, Dusk, Landscape - Free ...A
expresses the Mind
of the Artist.
And we have the same
as we engage

“You are worthy, O Lord our God,
to receive glory and honor and power.
For you created all things,
and they exist because you created
what you pleased.”

Revelation 4:11

Sunset Ocean Rainbow Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave My Dear Friends,
we exist
of Space -Time.

At the end of Life,
what we want is more

 This knowing,
helps bring to reality
that the most precious thing we have
is Time.

1,404 Meadow Rainbow Flowers Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos ...But because we are not aware
that Time does not exist,
we do not feel the need to focus
on the now,
this precious Moment,
in which all Living
takes place.

There have always been people
who were able to see through
the Reality of Life,
who discovered the Absolute Reality
of the Eternal
THIS moment.

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 Look around you.
There is Beauty
You can come
to Love and Truly appreciate
the Beauty
of God’s Creations.
His Love
Blossoms in the Beauty
of every Flower,
in every Leaf and every
God’s Artwork is all around us,
displayed in Nature.
And His Art,
and His Love,
Blossoms in

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 The tears you may cry
in this moment,
can water the Flowers
that Bloom in your
Questions you have,
will have answers.
Your Prayers
have been heard.
will be Guided by the Grace
of God
and Blessed with his Eternal
Rainbow In The Beautiful Sky At Sunset Stock Photo - Image of evening ...
 Our Lord
will calm and console
broken and bruised

No Life
does exactly what we think
it is supposed
to do. 
Praise be to God
for All His Blessings
and His Eternal Love,
Compassion, Mercy and Grace.
God is Love.
And His Love is

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The Music
of this moment
is so Beautiful.
It is played
 as it is supposed
to be.
Let us Praise
our Lord God
for All His Blessings
and Love,
His Compassion, Mercy
and Grace.
He Truly is
And so are

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It’s amazing how Thoughtful
can change our perception
of what is real.
gives us Hope
that there’s something more
to Life,
than Living.
To Pray
will make profound changes
in Life.
It transports us
to a Sacred Place
in the Heart.
It is not a distant
It is as near to you
as the Lord.
it is easy to find.
When looking 
in Prayer,
have arrived.

Fourth Eye..: Beauty of Nature

My Dear Friend,
are God’s Wonderful, Beautiful
If you know
what is your real LIFE purpose,
you will always find the way to get there
and fill your Heart
with Light and Love.
Just relax and let it

Beautiful Sunrise Over Wild Forest Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty ...

transports you
to a Place that you
It is a Place that it is
to get to.
you will be eager
to arrive.

Sunrise free images, public domain images

 Let the Love 
of God
wash over you
and cloak you in its
Beauty and Simplicity
and Comfort.
Our World
is a better place
when we recognize 
God’s Love
in it.
Amazing butterflies copyright free video clips - YouTube
.Prayerful Thought
will elicit Beautiful feelings,
that we can be more mindful
in all aspects of

It is amazing
to see how a small act 
of Kindness
can touch so many people
in our World.
The Beauty of a
Kind Act
touches us all in the same way.
gives us a Sparkle
of Hope,
a speck of Light
among the darkness
that prevails in Life.
It is amazing
how Communion with God
can change Life,
how God’s Love
can provide so much Hope,
how it Soothes our thoughts,
makes our World
a Hopeful and Happy


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Is Death an Illusion?
Evidence Suggests Death Isn’t the End
by Robert Lanza
in Psychology Today

Life is an adventure that transcends our ordinary linear way of thinking.

After the death of his old friend, Albert Einstein said “Now Besso has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us … know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

New evidence continues to suggest that Einstein was right, death is an illusion.

Our classical way of thinking is based on the belief that the world has an objective observer-independent existence. But a long list of experiments shows just the opposite. We think life is just the activity of carbon and an admixture of molecules: we live awhile and then rot into the ground.

We believe in death because we’ve been taught we die. Also, of course, because we associate ourselves with our body and we know bodies die. End of story. But biocentrism, a new theory of everything, tells us death may not be the terminal event we think. Amazingly, if you add life and consciousness to the equation, you can explain some of the biggest puzzles of science. For instance, it becomes clear why space and time – and even the properties of matter itself – depend on the observer. It also becomes clear why the laws, forces, and constants of the universe appear to be exquisitely fine-tuned for the existence of life.

Until we recognize the universe in our heads, attempts to understand reality will remain a road to nowhere.

Consider the weather ‘outside’: You see a blue sky, but the cells in your brain could be changed so the sky looks green or red. In fact, with a little genetic engineering we could probably make everything that is red vibrate or make a noise, or even make you want to have sex, as it does with some birds. You think its bright out, but your brain circuits could be changed so it looks dark out. You think it feels hot and humid, but to a tropical frog it would feel cold and dry. This logic applies to virtually everything. Bottom line: What you see could not be present without your consciousness.

In truth, you can’t see anything through the bone that surrounds your brain. Your eyes are not portals to the world. Everything you see and experience right now‚ even your body, is a whirl of information occurring in your mind. According to biocentrism, space and time aren’t the hard, cold objects we think. Wave your hand through the air – if you take everything away, what’s left? Nothing. The same thing applies for time. Space and time are simply the tools for putting everything together.

Consider the famous two-slit experiment. When scientists watch a particle pass through two slits in a barrier, the particle behaves like a bullet and goes through one slit or the other. But if you don’t watch, it acts like a wave and can go through both slits at the same time. So how can a particle change its behavior depending on whether you watch it or not? The answer is simple, reality is a process that involves your consciousness.

Or consider Heisenberg’s famous uncertainty principle. If there is really a world out there with particles just bouncing around, then we should be able to measure all their properties. But you can’t. For instance, a particle’s exact location and momentum can’t be known at the same time. So why should it matter to a particle what you decide to measure? And how can pairs of entangled particles be instantaneously connected on opposite sides of the galaxy as if space and time don’t exist? Again, the answer is simple: because they’re not just ‘out there’—space and time are simply tools of our mind.

Death doesn’t exist in a timeless, spaceless world. Immortality doesn’t mean a perpetual existence in time, but resides outside of time altogether.

Our linear way of thinking about time is also inconsistent with another series of recent experiments. In 2002, scientists showed that particles of light “photons” knew, in advance,what their distant twins would do in the future. They tested the communication between pairs of photons. They let one photon finish its journey – it had to decide whether to be either a wave or a particle. Researchers stretched the distance the other photon took to reach its own detector. However, they could add a scrambler to prevent it from collapsing into a particle. Somehow, the first particle knew what the researcher was going to do before it happened, and across distances instantaneously as if there were no space or time between them. They decide not to become particles before their twin even encounters the scrambler. It doesn’t matter how we set up the experiment. Our mind and its knowledge is the only thing that determines how they behave. Experiments consistently confirm these observer-dependent effects.

Bizarre? Consider another experiment that was published in the prestigious scientific journal Science (Jacques et al, 315, 966, 2007). Scientists in France shot photons into an apparatus, and showed that what they did could retroactively change something that had already happened in the past. As the photons passed a fork in the apparatus, they had to decide whether to behave like particles or waves when they hit a beam splitter. Later on – well after the photons passed the fork – the experimenter could randomly switch a second beam splitter on and off. It turns out that what the observer decided at that point, determined what the particle actually did at the fork in the past. At that moment, the experimenter chose his past.

Of course, we live in the same world. But critics claim this behavior is limited to the microscopic world. But this ‘two-world’ view (that is, one set of physical laws for small objects, and another for the rest of the universe including us) has no basis in reason and is being challenged in laboratories around the world. A couple years ago, researchers published a paper in Nature (Jost et al, 459, 683, 2009) showing that quantum behavior extends into the everyday realm. Pairs of vibrating ions were coaxed to entangle so their physical properties remained bound together when separated by large distances (“spooky action at a distance,” as Einstein put it). Other experiments with huge molecules called ‘Buckyballs’ also show that quantum reality extends beyond the microscopic world. And in 2005, KHC03 crystals exhibited entanglement ridges one-half inch high, quantum behavior nudging into the ordinary world of human-scale objects.

We generally reject the multiple universes of Star Trek as fiction, but it turns out there is more than a morsel of scientific truth to this popular genre. One well-known aspect of quantum physics is that observations can’t be predicted absolutely. Instead, there is a range of possible observations each with a different probability. One mainstream explanation, the “many-worlds” interpretation, states that each of these possible observations corresponds to a different universe (the ‘multiverse’). There are an infinite number of universes and everything that could possibly happen occurs in some universe. Death does not exist in any real sense in these scenarios. All possible universes exist simultaneously, regardless of what happens in any of them.

Life is an adventure that transcends our ordinary linear way of thinking. When we die, we do so not in the random billiard-ball-matrix but in the inescapable-life-matrix. Life has a non-linear dimensionality; it’s like a perennial flower that returns to bloom in the multiverse.

“The influences of the senses,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson “has in most men overpowered the mind to the degree that the walls of space and time have come to look solid, real and insurmountable; and to speak with levity of these limits in the world is the sign of insanity.”

You can learn more about biocentrism at www.RobertLanzaBiocentrism.com

Knowledge is power
and LIFE.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison.“
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.




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