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have infinite potential within you,
to achieve anything
you deeply desire.

There is
a dense golden Halo of Light
around the most trivial of moments,
so that this moment,
along with all such moments,
can never be forgotten.
Lightning Strikes Black Background 6 Stock Footage Video ...
Live in a Beautiful World
where the Birds are still singing,
and you can feel the freshness
of the wind
and remember Beautiful moments.
can L
in a Peaceful place,
far away from the illusions
of a toxic society.
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despite the darkness.
  Even in the darkest of moments,
there is still Beauty.
Be never shamed
by following your
Allow your Life
to emanate Grace
instead of sorrow.
The tragedy of Living
some of our days,
can become a Story
of Hope.
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the melody of each moment.
Don’t give up,

The Heart
most broken,
is the Heart
most Healing.nature, Landscape, Beauty, Beautiful, Sky, Night, Male ...

can be bittersweet.

But one thing is for sure –
the Peace and Tranquility
you have known
is still there,
deep in the recesses of your
You know
what it feels like,
 from so many years ago,
when Life was less complicated,
and much more
It is written
on the walls
of your Heart.

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in the Book of the Heart,
your Love
goes to the World
and becomes pure

forget and take for granted,
the Love
that gave you
The Sun
is shining like
it always does.
But have you
ever noticed it in the Sky
Sunrise Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStockSuch is Love.
 It is always shinning.
your eyes
and see the Sun.
your Heart
and feel the Love.
 No one 
can ever take the Sun
away from you.
And no one
can ever take
away the Love.
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Bring your Heart
and your Sacred Body out
into the Light.
  Let everyone see
and feel,
the Light of your

Your deepest feelings
of pain and Peace,
of Joy and longing,
help us to bear
the unbearable.
A beautiful male hummingbird visiting pink flower in rainy ...God

gives us the strength
to endure
the unendurable.

His Love
goes straight to the core
of our Being
and the very Heart
of who we are.

into our Sacred Lives
is the Purest

Free stock photo of dove, peace, silhouette

 The Beauty of Nature
is part of your very Heart
and Soul.
The opening of Spring
should be accompanied
by the opening
of your Heart.

The depth of your feeling
in one way to share
 the Love that is beyond
any other –
the Love of God.
Beautiful exotic birds stock image. Image of pair ...
your strength, your Joy
and your Love.
Your compassionate voice
Grace many others
and lift their Spirits.
They need never
feel alone with a broken
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Believe in Love.
 Be grateful
for all that God gives you.
The Light that shines forth
allows us
to walk in the Light of God’s Grace.
What a Blessing
to you,
that you can be a Blessing
to others.

What a Beautiful part of
are you.
What a Beautiful experience
is Life.
There were so many people
that took Truly Beautiful care
of you.
Take a quantum leap
through Heaven’s Window
and Thank God
for His Love.

Sunset Dusk Sunshine. Woods Forest Stock Footage Video ...

can feel Divine,
because you are.
The Lord
is reaching out to those
who need Him the most.

He gives Joy and Happiness
and Love
every day of our Lives.
 The Lord is reaching out
to you
in ways you are not
aware of,

Large Animated Sun Over Water Stock Footage Video (100% ...

Everything is Beautiful
in Nature,
in the Natural World,
in the World
God created for
the Beauty of the Lord,
for He is reaching out
to you.
Thank God
for your Life today,
 and enjoy the Beautiful scenery.
to always care

wherever you may be.
  Always be there
with a smile so bright and sweet.
.Soaring Eagle stock illustration. Image of power, freedom ...
is never easy.
But Love
has a very special way
to make us smile
and say,
Love cannot be denied.
The Truth of Love
will set you free. 
is what is meant to be.
And in time,
Love is all
you will feel
and see.


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5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Make room for the things that really matter.

Source: Kinga/Shutterstock

I’ve spent the majority of the last two years living on a boat. Life on a sailboat has required me to think about what I actually need to be happy in life.

I discovered that having less stuff, fewer obligations, and more time makes room for the most important things. I have more space in my life for people I Love, things I appreciate, and opportunities I want to take.

And while living on a boat has lots of benefits, it definitely isn’t for everyone. But no matter where you live or what you do, you can take steps to simplify your life.

Here’s why simplifying your life is important – everything in your life takes up space. Whether it’s mental space, physical space, or calendar space, you only have so much room.

Everything you own, everything you do, and everyone you spend time with costs you something. And when you have an abundance of stuff, it costs you a lot.

Simplifying your life will give you more time, space, and energy. The more space you have, the freer you’ll be to truly enjoy everything. Here are five ways to simplify every area of your life.

1. Declutter your house.

Your environment affects how you feel physically and psychologically. Whether you waste time looking for misplaced items, or you grow overwhelmed every time you open your closet, having too much stuff wastes your resources.

A clean, organized space helps you feel more productive and energetic than when you’re living among heaps of clothes, stacks of papers, and piles of dishes.

When you have fewer items to worry about, you’ll feel lighter. You’ll also have the energy to care for the items that you keep. Start decluttering one room at a time, and see for yourself how much better you feel when you get rid of things you don’t need.

2. Get rid of bad mental habits.

Bad mental habits carry a lot of psychological weight. Feeling sorry for yourself, dwelling on the past, and giving away your power are just a few of the unhealthy habits that will drain your mental strength.

Clear the mental clutter and unnecessary chatter. Make space for healthier thinking habits – like gratitude, self-compassion, and realistic self-talk.

When you catch yourself engaging in toxic thinking habits, take a deep breath, remind yourself it’s not helpful, and proactively conjure up a more realistic inner dialogue.

3. Cut out toxic people.

Whether you have a friend who finds a problem for every solution or a cousin who calls every day to complain about how unfair the world is, negative people can take up a lot of space in your life.

While you shouldn’t cut people out of your life just because they’re going through hard times, setting healthy boundaries is important.

Even if you don’t spend much time together physically, the time you might invest into dreading a visit, combined with the time it takes to calm down after the visit, can take a toll.

Sometimes, the kindest thing you can do for yourself and for someone else is to say no or sever ties altogether. Cutting out toxic people frees up space for those who matter most in your life.

4. Take charge of your money.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have. If you’re not taking control of your financial situation, money will occupy too much space in your life.

Commit to taking charge of your money. Create a budget and establish clear goals, and your financial decisions will become much simpler.

You’ll spend less time, effort, and energy thinking about money once you’ve taken control of your income. There’s a sense of peace that comes with financial freedom.

5. Gain control of your time.

You can never earn more time. It’s your most valuable resource. Yet, it’s easy to waste time complaining, mindlessly scrolling through social media, or waiting for things to happen.

Don’t go through life being busy and passing time. Stop doing things that are wasting your precious minutes. Schedule time to do the things that matter most.

But don’t focus on doing – set aside some time for just being. Go for a walk, play with the kids, watch a sunset, and be in the moment.

Start Subtracting

Life is complicated sometimes, and simplifying things can feel overwhelming – which, of course, is exactly the opposite of what simplifying your life is all about. But you don’t have to change everything at once.

Start subtracting one thing from your Life every day. Get rid of some clutter, clear some mental space, carve an hour into your calendar – make some room somewhere so you can feel lighter and freer.

The less you own, the less you have, and the less time you invest into things you don’t want to do, the simpler Life becomes. And there’s a lot to be said for fully enjoying Life’s simplest pleasures to their fullest.

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