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How very Beautiful. 
Our World is incredibly Lovely
and Inspiring.
the Songs our Lives Sing
add another layer of

Life gives us reasons to cry.
But Life gives us
many more reasons
to Smile.
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your Heart soar
and you will have
a Joy-filled

“Life is like a piano;
the white keys represent happiness
and the black show sadness.
But as you go through Life’s Journey,
that the black keys also create Music.”

–  Ehssan

My Dear Friends,
I am amazed at the simplicity
and the Beauty of Life
in the Natural World,
our World.

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The melodies
of each precious moment
are medicine.
Such wonderful music
the Birds sing
so wild and free,
and so many Beautiful Landscapes,
make us feel like we
are Truly part
of this Beautiful Universe.
we are.
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Our Mother,
provides pure, crystalline and soothing sounds,
along with breath-taking images,
to help us realize
how Truly Blessed
we are.
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can feel tension melting away,
and your mind focusing
on the gentle flow of Time,
as you fall in Love
with the Beauty in Nature.
Mother Nature
is Truly a Natural part
of our very Heart and Soul.

The opening of God’s Beautiful
should be accompanied by
the Beautiful Blossoming of Awareness
of just how Beautiful
YOU are.

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You are Blessed.
And Dreams
do come True.
Time can be
on your side.
This moment
can be
Shine your Light
in this World.
Our World
needs you,
and Loves you.

Love Life

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As you awake
from the rain falling,
  as it has stopped,
you suddenly realize
you are listening
to the sound of your
 You feel
your Being,
the Essence of who you are,
transported to
this Time
and Place,
where you belong.
Sunrise Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
the Lord for everything
you have been given on this
Wonderful Day,
and for everyone that is here
Thank You Lord
for this Inspiring Moment.
Praise the Lord,
for you are Beautiful
and deeply Loved.

Our God in Heaven,
our Loving Creator,
from whom we all belong,
gives us Peace, Joy, and Love.
you know where
to find it.

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 Wake up every morning
and look at the Beautiful Smiles,
and the Beautiful Scenery
for miles and miles.
Smell the Life giving air.
Listen to the sound of water,
of which you are made,
falling through the Sky
and come to realize
your Dreams come True.
And God’s Dream
is you,
a Dream come

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are a Beautiful Celebration
of the unique traits that every Child has.
God takes Delight
in all of our strengths and our thoughts
and our desires
to do good.
Loves and Adores
each one of us.
We should be proud
to be who we are.
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Our Faith
is a Gift
of empowerment,
and Purpose.

Your Love
can become a parade
to show the World
you are wonderfully made.

God Loves us so Deeply,
and takes Delight
in who we are.
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Be inspired 
by the Brushstrokes
of who you are.
have been Beautifully made.
And you
can Truly
make a difference.

is not a place,
but the beat
of your Heart,
and the moment
it beats for
in need of you.
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is given to us from Heaven
May all who Live
be given Peace, Joy, 
and Healing
to your body,
your Heart and mind,
your Spirit and Soul.

Do not
under estimate the
of Faith.
It can Heal
mind, body and Soul.

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You are Infinitely Loved
by God.

His Love
gives Infinite Power within you
to achieve anything you deeply desire.

the Gift of Love
and let your Light shine.
Every Child of God
deserves your Love,
your Compassion,
your Kindness,
and your Acceptance.

Throughout our galaxy
we can bring forth
Peace and Harmony
and make our existence
worthy of the task it took
to Create us
and to Give us Life.
His Love
is here
and always.

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The Creations of God
are Beautiful and Uplifting.

We cannot help
but be drawn to our
Beautiful and Inspiring
is the Artist and Designer
of all the precious Life
on this Earth
and Beyond.
simply cannot comprehend
all the Pristine and Natural

Be at Peace.
Be calm and still.
Open your Heart
and receive the Love
that belongs to

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May your Journey 
in Life be filled
with Love.

Every Dream
begins with the Dreamer.

you have within you
the strength, the patience, and the passion
to reach for the Stars
and beyond.
can change the

My Dear Friend,
is a Victory.

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Remember the memories
of Loving
and being Loved.

 It will always take you
away from the things
you do not need
to be near.

to the Child you were,
the Child you are.

 It will bring you back 
to your innocence.
To the times when
you were Joyful, 
and playing
lost and found. 
And you longed
to get back to that place of Serenity
with your inner Child,
to do some much needed

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We are all Light
waiting to shine
in the darkness of the World.
Be the brightest Light
in this day
and everyday.
Those who are lost
in the dark of night
can then find their way


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25 Meaningful Ways You Can Help Ukraine

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens more lives, here are some meaningful ways you can help.

By Khanyi Mlaba and Tess Lowery

Editor’s note: The situation in Ukraine is actively evolving, as are the needs of citizens in the country and neighboring regions. We will be keeping this list up to date with the evolving ways Global Citizens can help in the coming days and weeks.

The world was brought to a standstill as news broke on Feb. 24 that Russia had invaded Ukraine. Global Citizen released a statement condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine and calling for all military action to cease immediately, as well as for humanitarian aid to be supported as the conflict unfolds.

Global Citizen has pulled together a list of things you can do to support the people of Ukraine wherever you are. 

Tweet Now:

Support the Ukraine Crisis Appeal

What to Know

President Putin’s invasion is putting civilians at risk, forcing families to flee, and disrupting essential supplies.

The UN is launching an urgent appeal for US $1.7 billion to deliver life-saving humanitarian support.

Call on governments and businesses to unite and pitch in to meet the target. Tweet now.

Who Is the Most Impacted?

According to UN data, in 2021 the crisis in Ukraine affected 1.5 million people half a million of whom are children and minors. As with any crisis, women, children, marginalized communities, and the poor will be those most affected. Ukrainian parents are already taking heartbreaking measures to protect their children including sending them into school wearing stickers identifying their blood types in case of bombings. 

There are many students from overseas who were studying in Ukraine and are now trying to leave. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba tweeted on March 2 that an emergency hotline has been established for African, Asian, and other students wishing to leave Ukraine (at +380934185684), working to ensure their safety and speed up their passage. 

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How Can I Help?

While many of us might feel helpless when confronted with geopolitical machinations of this scale, we’ve rounded up some ways you can help the people of Ukraine right now. 


Organizations on the ground and globally are actively supporting people within Ukraine and refugees seeking safety elsewhere with medical and humanitarian aid.

These organizations include:

  1. People in Need is providing humanitarian aid to over 200,000 people on the ground. For those most in need, they provide food packages, emergency shelter, safe access to drinking water, hygiene items, and coal for heating. Donate here.
  2. The Ukrainian Red Cross does loads of humanitarian work, from aiding refugees to training doctors. Donate here.
  3. The International Medical Corps is on the front lines and prepared to help citizens with emergency health care services, as well as mental health and psychosocial support. The agency is also keeping the pandemic top of mind throughout the crisis by prioritizing COVID-19 awareness and prevention services, to help keep displaced citizens safe from the pandemic. Donate here.
  4. CARE is responding to the crisis by providing Ukrainians in need with food, hygiene kits, psychosocial support services, access to water, and access to cash. Donate here
  5. Nova Ukraine is a nonprofit that delivers aid packages to Ukraine with everything from baby food and hygiene products, to clothes and household supplies. Donate here.
  6. UNICEF is repairing schools damaged by the bombings and providing an emergency response to children affected by the conflict. Donate here.
  7. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency has stepped up its operations and is working with governments in neighboring countries “calling on them to keep borders open to those seeking safety and protection.” You can help support the UNHCR’s work supporting refugees by donating here, and take action here to send a tweet urging governments and businesses to support the United Nations’ urgent appeal for $1.7 billion to deliver life-saving humantarian support.
  8. OutRight Action International is helping to support LGBTQ+ groups and organizations on the ground, setting up shelters and providing safety for citizens. All donations made to OutRight will go directly to the cause. You can donate here
  9. The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is deploying emergency operations in Ukraine and surrounding countries to provide food assistance to those fleeing the conflict. Donate here.
  10. Save the Children is working with partners to respond to meet the urgent needs of affected children and their families. It’s ready to provide life-saving assistance, such as food, water, cash transfers, and safe places for children as people flee amid freezing temperatures and brutal conditions, and to scale up oprtions to ensure children impacted by the crisis have the support they need. Find out more and donate here
  11. SOS Children’s Villages has worked in Ukraine since 2003 and is coordinating an emergency response to support families who are living in the conflict areas and those who have been internally displaced. Find out more and donate here
  12. Mercy Corps is mobilizing a team to the region to assess where help is most needed, and is anticipating providing emergency cash assistance, as well as supporting local organizations that know their community needs best. Between 2015 and 2017, Mercy Corps provided humanitarian assistance in eastern Ukraine, reaching more than 200,000 people with emergency cash, food, water, and sanitation supplies, small business development grants, restoring war-damaged homes and more. Find out more and donate here.
  13. Medical Teams International is fundraising to send medical supplies to the region, with all procees going towards sending medicines and/or medical supplies. Learn more and donate here
  14. The World Health Organization Foundation is raising funds for WHO’s Health Emergency Appeal for Ukraine. An estimated $57.5 million must be raised to deliver urgent physical and mental health care to the 18 million people in Ukraine needing urgent humanitarian assistance, and more than 4 million refugees who’ll need protection and assistance in the coming months. You can donate here, and share the WHO Foundation’s call for donations on your own social media, including Instagram and Twitter
  15. Alight is a humanitarian nonprofit that has sent teams of emergency response workers to Poland to assist with the burgeoning refugee population by helping to meet all of their material and psychosocial needs. You can donate here


  1. Join a Peace Protest

If you’re following and keeping up to date with the ongoing situation on the ground, but you’re still wanting to do more and/or you don’t have the financial means to donate, consider joining demonstrators around the world  — from London to Tokyo — who have taken to the streets to protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Find your nearest demonstration here

  1. Take Action With Global Citizen

You can join Global Citizen in taking action in a few key ways. The first, is to show solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, by sending our tweet highlighting that we must #StandWithUkraine and choose peace not war. Take action here.

The United Nations (UN) has launched an urgent humanitarian appeal for $1.7 billion to deliver life-saving humanitarian support. You can send an urgent tweet in support of the UN’s appeal, urging governments and businesses to support the people of Ukraine. Take action here. 

Meanwhile, 40 Ukrainian civil society organizations have come together with six urgent appeals for the world with the Kyiv Declaration, and you can take action to help them get heard. They request safe spaces to be provided for civilians, sanctions on Russian banks, support for local humanitarian responses, freezing the assets and revoking the visas of Putin and his cronies, defensive military assistance, and provision of equipment to track war crimes and ensure that all those responsible are one day brought to justice. Take action here to help amplify their appeal. 

Global Citizens based in the UK can also join us in calling on MPs to stand with people fleeing Ukraine and all refugees who need safety and protection, and vote against the Nationality and Borders Bill — also known as the “Anti-Refugee Bill”. The proposed bill would punish people that are seeking safety in the UK by stripping basic and essential protections. The UK government has announced its solidarity with Ukraine, and now it’s time to put those words into action by providing safe passage and protection to refugees. Take action by emailing your MP here.

UK-based Global Citizens can also join us and Make My Money Matter in urging UK pension funds to stop funding the Ukraine invasion. That’s because UK pension funds invest in lots of industries, and your pension could well be investing in weapons and Russian industry directly linked to the crisis in Ukraine without you knowing it. Take action by emailing UK pension providers here


One of the best ways to help the most vulnerable in Ukraine is by staying on top of what is happening on the ground, and learning more about how citizens are being affected by the conflict. We’ve rounded up a few trustworthy sources you can refer to below. If you want to fact-check news and information you’re seeing about Ukraine, #UkraineFacts is a great resource; you can also use the fact-checking website of news agency AFP here.

  1. The Kyiv Independent has been a leading voice on the front lines, covering a timeline of ongoing events since the beginning and highlighting those who have been most affected by the violent attack. The English-language outlet is continuously reporting on how the invasion and conflict are impacting citizens, the economy, as well as Ukrainian foreign politics. Keep up to date on its website here, or on the Twitter page here
  2. The New Voice of Ukraine: Covering news in three different languages — English, Ukrainian, and Russian — the New Voice of Ukraine has not only covered breaking news, but has released informative analyses on the situation that detail how the situation led to this point, and is continuously publishing op-eds by Ukranian scholars and experts that help to give a view of tone of the situation. Read more on its website here.
  3. Ukraine World: While Ukraine World is not posting breaking news and timeline updates on its website, it is very active on its social media accounts. Its independent journalists on the front lines have gathered first-hand footage, and it is using its account to share other informative sources that its followers can refer to in order to keep up to date. Follow Ukraine World here
  4. Kyiv Post is the only non-independent media outlet on this list, and it is important that those following state-funded outlets are aware that they are affiliated with the state.The outlet has been at the forefront of delivering breaking news directly from government and national offices, releasing statements from ministry officials, military leads, and other dignitaries. You can read more on its website here, or follow it on Twitter here
  5. CNN Reporter Dale Dan compiled a Twitter list of verified journalists reporting the best information about the invasion, which you can follow here.
  6. Olga Tokariuk is a verified independent correspondent working in Kyiv, sending frequent tweets on the latest information while also capturing the humanity of living in Kyiv. Follow her here.
  7. Global Leaders are all tweeting their updates and responses to the situation as well. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba are active on Twitter in English, giving regular updates. Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweeting about the US and international response to the invasion. And UN Secretary General António Guterres and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen are giving updates.
  8. Learn more about the background: If this is the first you’re hearing about the crisis in Ukraine and you want to learn more about the background to the situation read this Kyiv Post article, “10 popular misconceptions about Ukraine debunked”; watch Netflix’s documentary Winter On Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom; and listen to this podcast by Ukraine World on how Russia uses disinformation as an instrument of war.

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Why we’re writing

What’s at stake?

Aggression will surely result in violence, in hundreds of thousands of people being displaced and deprived of basic human rights, pushing more people to the brink of hunger and poverty.

What can we do?

The world must stand with the people of Ukraine, and make all financial and humanitarian assistance available to all who will be impacted by the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe.

Take Action

Join the movement

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