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45 HD Beautiful Wallpapers/Backgrounds For Free DownloadSometimes,
it is of benefit
to stop and reflect upon Life.
we think of the Blessings we have,
of those we have
we are taken to a deep reflective place
that may bring tears
and touch our fragile Heart
and bring us Peace
of mind..
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The melodies 
of our moments,
the lyrics of our Lives,
touch the Soul,
and entwine our experiences
with such Beautiful reflection.

springs forth afresh every day
on that plane of existence
that resides within our
And that,
My Dear Friend,
is a rare and special
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Our cherished memories
let us experience the Happiness
that has etched Joy
into our Lives,
memories add an incredible
of awareness
that is impossible to obtain

We can Truly appreciate
what it was that we were witnessing
in Life.
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Your cherished memories
will always tug
at your Heart strings.
Invite them in.
Live in that moment,
and again.
Live in this moment.
Pick up the telephone
and call.
Let those you have Loved
you still Love them.
Tell them
that you remember
all the Happy Times.
Beautiful Memories
need not
lie buried the past.
They can Live
Happy Family Feet Barefoot, Child Stock Footage Video (100 ...Be a Child again.

Time can be Kind
or cruel.
The choice is
It has always been.

 I say to you,

unless you turn and become like Children,
you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
Whoever humbles himself like this Child
is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Matthew 18:2-6

When you are feeling sad and empty,
your Happy, carefree Childhood Memories
in your mind.
It is sad to think
you know those days are gone.

are they?
Or can you become like
a Child again?
Butterfly Beautiful Moment.(RDX no copyright music video ...Knowing you can replay them
in your mind,
and in your Heart,
makes you feel better.
you can also PLAY them
 Your cherished memories
can LIVE again.

 The essential Soul
of a precious moment
can be relived.
A new arrangement
can be profound,
You can be deeply touched
by Living in a moment
The magic created by butterflies - beautiful moments
The Song of Life
affects us deeply.
The Lyrics of Living
 touch us
in profound ways.

Life is hidden
in little things,
in friendly gestures,
in a Beautiful Song
listened to as you
forgive a mistake,
in the Smile of eyes in Love
with Life,
in bold Dreams
.and Tears of Joy.

Never stop doing little things. | Dreaming of you, Little ....The little things
are the real things
that remain in our
over Time.
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The Love of
has always Loved you.

I shaped you in the womb,
I knew all about you.
Before you saw the Light of day,
I had Holy Plans for you.”

Jeremiah 1:5
Jeremiah 1:5 has implications
for all of God’s Children.
God reveals
that when He Creates a Person,
it is from His Plan
that He has developed
He began forming them
in the Sacred Womb.

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Breath deep
and remember those golden times.
are Truly Blessed
to have lived in the greatest era
of all Time.
that which has passed.
We will never
pass this way again.

You have Lived.
You laughed.
But more importantly,
you Loved.
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In our Treasured Memories
lie the sweetest feelings
one will ever enjoy.
We have been Blessed
to reflect upon
what the past can bring
to Today,
where we have been
and the precious lessons of Life
we have learned
in Living.
We can realize
that we Loved,
and were Loved,
every moment.
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are able to take Life
to unprecedented heights
of expression.

is Timeless.
It tugs at our Heart,
even though we barely have a clue
what it is all about.
is like an abstract 
work of Art.
It requires
us to have our own
Similar to 4k silhouette of a family, father mother and ...

becomes more transparent
in our personal relationships.
It can be interpreted in many different
The Truth
can be harder to find
than it ever was.
But with the Help
and Guidance
of our Lord,
who is the Ultimate Source
of ALL Knowing,
we can know.
Just open your mind
and open your Heart,
to God.

Although your eyes are open,
without mining the Gold
of your Treasured Past,
they might just as well
have been closed.

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We appreciate
the value of True Friendships
and what they bring to our Lives.
your remembrance
can shine a Light
on the value
in a simple but deep way.
will be very Thankful
for the renewal of your Love
with Friends you have Treasured
in Life.

Every time
we remember the indelible memories
of Treasured Moments,
we come to
appreciate the value
of true Friendships
and what they bring
to our very brief
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Our memory
shines the Light
in a simple but deep way.
And we become Thankful
for the Treasure of our Friends
that we have in Life.

Let us remember
that Life can change
in the blink of an eye.
Don’t miss the opportunity
to tell someone how much you Love them.
Life is short.
It is
brief at best.

No one can ever define
what is being said
between your Heart
and someone you

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you hold someone near,
ou drown out the crowd.
What is being said
is between your Heart
and another Heart.
Such Love
transports you to a Happier place,
a new space,
in Heaven
on Earth.
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Who reads our Hearts?
Who hears in minds?
Who sees the Light?
Who is the Light?
Our Creator.
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tells our Life Story
in such a pure way.

defies definition.
And very few things in Life,
such as a Sunrise or Sunset,
the birth of a Child,
or the death of a Loved one,
 simply cannot be expressed in words.
Only in personal

Our remembrances
are so powerful, quietly powerful,
and they reside in a deep place,
inside our Sacred Being,
where Reality is deeper
than everyday Life.

that in your Heart,
you are cherished
every Day.
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to your Heart.
will tell you
what you truly desire.

And you can achieve
your Heart desires.
You are
a Beautiful Human Creation 
of God.

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