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Sitting in the Beautiful and Loving
of God’s Natural World
and Listening to the Birds
Flowering the wind with Beautiful Song,
  is Divine connection to our Mother,
Watching the Butterflies
in the morning soft Sunlight,
through the green leaves of Trees
and plants gently and patiently growing,
makes Time stand still,
as it should,
and does.
It is beyond words.

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we patiently observe
the Natural World around us,
it will influence our decisions without us knowing it.
Such Beauty,
found only in Nature,
will heighten our senses without us
feeling it.
God’s Real World
will gently comfort our Lives
without us realizing it.
We can come to Truly Live,
to know how
to be alive.

Butterfly World - Bing Wallpaper DownloadYes,
our Lives can be Truly Lived
moving through the illusion of Time,
ever searching for His Love,
seeking a Sign

This land of illusion and mirage
is clarified by our yearning
for the Loving Expressions of Creation
of our Lord.
we have wandered far
from the depths of the meaning
of Life,
here and beyond.

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My Dear Friend,
that you are Loved.
 This Ocean of sorrow
is not of your own.
It is the sorrow of us all,
spread across all of Humanity,
while the Love of God
is lifting our Hearts
to the Stars.

In the Beautiful Nature
of Life and Love,
our Hearts will find


In your Sacred Heart
is Beautiful understanding.
Love is free,
and it is the most valuable thing
on Earth.
Love is
God given from High Above.
To simply say,
I Love You“,
frees a Human Heart
from pain and sorrow,
from the suffering and hurt
that only Love can take away.

The Sunshine of your
always shines through.

My wish for you
is to find your Journey
filled with L
and thus
Dreams coming

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Our deep thoughts
come out of a Song
with words we keep
inside of us.
will Love the Song
of your Heart.
Sing it
with your smiles,
your gentle greetings,
your Forgiving manner.
Your Compassion
is the Pathway
between God
and so many others
in need.
It is the connection
between Today
what can be.

Free Images : tree, nature, forest, branch, silhouette ...How lucky are we
to feel
completely Real
in the Loving Arms
of God,
to know
the finest words
ever spoken,
are in Prayer.
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is eloquently expressed
from Above,
in the moment we are aware
of the Wonder,
of the indefinable Gift
of Life.
In the precious moments
of Human Beingness,
we can feel great

Be grateful
that we got to experience
as reflected by
the Love
that was its

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 Our Parents
were waiting with so much Joy,
for our arrival,
for the Flowering
of us.
Beyond our greatest Hopes.
and in the same moment,
 with more Love
than anything they have ever

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“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
and Live like it’s Heaven on Earth.” 

William W. Purkey

You are
a phenomenal Creation,
a very Human Being.
Many more Beautiful experiences
will happen in Life,
when your run
like the children run
as the Sun goes down
 in fields of green and gold.
The Magic in the Universe
may be found
in a single Flower
found on the Pathway
of Love.

Our World
is a Beautiful Place.
Keep moving forward
my Friend;
adopt positive and beneficial behaviors.
Treat yourself with Kindness.
Then treat others
as you treat

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are simply Beautiful
when lifting everyone
Your Light of Love
is always seen and appreciated.
Every person
has a Light to shine
in this World.
It is up to us
to step out
of the shadows,
and let it shine.

 Shine you’re Light.
Make this World
a more Beautiful place.
who you want to attract.

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The Light within you
is always aglow.
Love yourself
and keep Loving others.
Look up
to the Sky
and remember,
the Light of your Love
is brighter than any
You are made of
are One with the Universe.
There is Magic
within your Soul,
and God’s Love
within your
Sacred Heart.

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There are Words
engraved into your unconscious mind
that will guide you in the direction
of a positive Life
every Day
you chose to Live and Pray.
Return to the innocence
of a Child
at play,
and Peace
will rule the


Awakenings: This Day in History

10 ways to connect with Nature
when you live in an urban environment

Soak up your daily slice of Nature

© Kirstin Scholtz

Every time I return to the city after time spent in nature, I seem to have a fresh perspective on life. The reality of our modern day lifestyle is that most of us don’t have the opportunity to spend our entire lives in the great outdoors and often live in an urban environment.

A recent Stanford Study found that walking in Nature yields measurable mental benefits and may reduce the risk of depression. Given that more than half of the world’s population lives in urban settings, the study investigated the difference in individuals who walked 90 minutes in a grassland area with oak trees versus those who walked the same distance on a busy street.

The results clearly showed that those candidates who had walked in nature had a difference in their brain that projected less negative emotions than those who had walked in the urban environment. This finding is significant as prior studies had also identified that city dwellers have a 20 per cent higher risk of anxiety disorders and a 40 per cent higher risk of mood disorders as compared to people in rural areas.

So, how do you get your dose of Nature whilst living and working in an urban environment? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

1. Enjoy your lunch in a park — get away from the desk and enjoy your lunch under the shade of a tree

2. Go camping — drag out the camping gear and escape to your local State or National park for a weekend in the bush

© WildArk

3. Farm stay — nothing like waking up on a farm with crisp fresh air and sound of a rooster crowing

© Sarah Dennis

4. Check out the stars — find a clear space away from the city lights to admire the stars and ponder the universe

5. Take a picnic — time to stock up on fresh bread, great cheese and some gourmet treats to head out for a picnic.

6. Once a month — mark on your calendar one weekend a month where you commit to getting into nature and turn off your phone for the day!

7. Take a dip in the ocean — get down to your closest ocean or river and dive right in — a swim in a natural environment always makes you feel alive — maybe take a moment to explore the local rock pools to see what you find.

8. Go for a bush walk — find a local bush walking area and take yourself on a 90 minute sojourn — observe the birds, the insects and the sounds of the bush.

9. Buy a plant — can’t get to nature, bring nature to you. Plants have been proven to have excellent benefits for indoor spaces and air quality.

10. Watch a sunset — find yourself an excellent vantage point to watch the sun go down.

© Kirstin Scholtz

Or if you feel like you need to escape and truly connect with nature, consider one of our EcoQuest Wilderness Experiences:

WildArk Journal

The WildArk Journal brings you all the latest stories from…


3 Ways for Teachers to Minimize Stress and Stay Healthy this School year.
After Reading This You’ll Never See “Nice” and “Kind” in the Same Way Again
Wild Ark

Written by

Wild Ark is movement for the wild. Our mission is to protect as much of the world’s biodiversity as we can and inspire people to reconnect with nature.

The WildArk Journal brings you all the latest stories from the wild. As an organization, WildArk is on a mission to protect as much of the world’s biodiversity as possible, whilst connecting individuals with the wonder of our natural world.

Knowledge is power,
and LIFE.

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First Semester
Sept. 7 – December 17   2021

Sept. 7 (TUESDAY)               First Day of First Semester
Oct. 11 (Monday)                   Columbus Day Holiday
Nov. 22 – 26                           Fall Break (and Thanksgiving)
Dec. 17                                   Last Day of Fall Semester

Second Semester

Jan. 4 (TUESDAY)                 Second Semester Begins
Jan. 17  (Monday)                  Dr. Martin L. King Holiday
Feb. 21  (Monday)                  Presidents’ Day Holiday
Mar. 14 – 18                           Spring Break Holiday
April 15 & 18                           Good Friday and Easter Monday Holidays
May 24 – 27                            Adventure Trip
May 27                                    Last Day of Spring Semester

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“He who opens a school door,
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Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.










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