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Beautiful! | Animals wild, Animals, Animals beautifulWith every Living Creation
we can become
we Truly Live
to Love one another,
we can become very special Friends.
When we deeply and compassionately
look into the eyes
of God’s other Beautiful Living
Works of Art,
 we see far more
than a Living Being.
 We see a Friend.
We feel our Soul.
We see
the Pathway to our
The Pathway of
There is nothing on this Sacred Earth
to be more valued
than True Friendship.
Let us be Friends
with every Living Creation,
every precious and Sacred Life,
with everyone. 

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Let us Pray
to cease disrespecting, exploiting, and destroying
the Beautiful Gift from God
that is this World
and the miraculous, innocent and irreplaceable
Creations who inhabit it.

We are Truly Blessed
to Live with so many other Gifts
of Life
that touch our Sacred Hearts, our Souls
and bear Witness to the Truth
that this Life
is Beautiful.
 Our Life
is but a fraction
of all Eternal Existence.
We are,
My Dear Friends,
one and all,
Beautiful Creations of God.

Eagle Wildlife Sunset · Free image on Pixabay

sits quietly
in the depths of your Heart
all the Time. 
It is a Pure Reflection
of the Will
of God.

It is Mesmerizingly

To Love another
is Pure Joy
and enthralling to watch
and listen to.

can feel the Light
of Love
moving within.
The Light of God’s Love
illuminates Peace, Understanding
and Forgiveness.Love
felt for others
is so empowering
and strengthens the mind.
To meditate upon 
the Love of God
can help us achieve
so many things.

My Dear Friends,
don’t give up
on Love.
It will take Time,
but eventually you will arrive
and Love
will take you
where you want to be.

Be Grateful
for every precious moment
we have to Live
on this Beautiful Planet.
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There is only
Let us be Grateful
for every Sacred Breath
in this experience of Life
that Our Creator has Graciously
Given to us.
Our Love,
and the Love of God,
is Eternal.
It will never

With Prayer,
your moment of Worship
will bring Peace, Hope
and rest to your day.
The Holy Spirit
will guide your thoughts,
and you will experience Peace
deep in your Heart
that surpasses all understanding.
This Peace
produces a deep calm
that completely dissolves all anxiety
and worry.
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Stroll outside the beaten path.
Grow to appreciate the Beauty
of Nature.
Inhale the aroma of
God’s Beautiful Flowers and Plants.
Listen to sounds of the Wildlife
that abound,
and smile knowing
you are Home.
that ever Leaf that falls
from ever Tree,
will land softly on the ground,
or upon the Sacred Water
and float to our destination.
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Share the Love of God
with those around you.
And the Love of God
will wash over you
and dwell within you.

is when what you think,
what you say,
and what you do
are in harmony.”


.Faith and fear
do not coincide.
Strive everyday
to have Faith.
conquers all negative forces
throughout the Universe.
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It is a Blessing to you,
and provides Peace and clarity
as you connect with God

Your Heart
always gives the right answer.
Just ask it
and listen.
Your Heart
will always give you 
the Loving answer.
It will always resonate
with God.
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is a Journey.
as a greater Human Collective,
this Life becomes OUR Journey.
Let us help
one another
along the way.

May the Holy Spirit
guide your thoughts,
and may you experience a Peace
that surpasses all understanding.

One Day,
we will be called to Journey Home.
Thank God,
Our Heavenly Father,
for each precious Day on this Earth. 
We are so Blessed
for All that He
has given us.
His Love
will Bless and Protect
All we need do

is ask.
Snowy Owl Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
Feel His Presence
whenever you Pray.
 Allow Him to use you
to Bless and encourage others.
What an awesome God
we Pray to
and serve.
Be Blessed
and Pray to God.
Our Lord has so much
Love for you.
He can Truly Bless
a new generation 
and our Sacred Nation.

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Thank God
for all the Positive and Uplifting
Words found in His
Sacred Scripture.
They can really make a difference
in your precious Life.

My Dear Friends,
everything you say matters,
to everyone.

 I Hope and Pray
that you find inner strength,
the Love of God
that dwells within,
to triumph over every problem.
is the answer
to every question.
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Take one Sacred Breath
at a time.
And please remember,
what you are looking for
is looking for you,
what you want
wants you back.

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Animals That Have Gone Extinct Because Of Humans

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If it is extinct, scientists want to bring it back to make up for that. These beautiful animals went to extinct mostly because of Humans.

What we lose when animals go extinct Animals,

Hello on april 30, 2020:

Animals that have gone extinct because of Humans. Animals that have gone extinct due to global warming climate change is redefining the structure of earthly habitats, dragging the living organisms within them in its wake. Here are six animals that have gone. Elephant’s tusk or a gorilla’s hand.) sometimes an animal becomes extinct because it loses its habitat.

Humans also cause other species to become extinct by hunting, overharvesting, introducing invasive species to the wild, polluting, and changing wetlands and forests to croplands and urban areas. Since 1900, nearly 500 species of animal have gone extinct, according to a 2015 study. The prime reason being habitat loss.

The list of species that have gone extinct, directly or indirectly, because of homo sapiens is immense, and requires constant updating. But back to today’s topic, here are 20 animals that have gone extinct because of human activity: Since humans arrived in madagascar about 2,000 years ago, about 15 to 20 species of lemurs — primates with foxlike faces — have gone extinct, likely due to habitat loss and hunting.

We previously listed “10 animals extinct or endangered because of humans,” and today we list “10 more.” digging deeper. According to the first report by the united nations on biodiversity, there is an accelerating depletion of species happening hundreds of times more than in the past. It is officially listed as critically endangered (possibly extinct) because a lot of its habitat was destroyed by humans.

The vast majority of all species to ever exist are now extinct. I regret what our anccestors and the people now days are doing to the world i just wished that some these people would just understand that
animals have feelings too.

For hundreds of years man has been the reason why some animals have become extinct. Dinosaurs are one of the many examples of mass extinction by natural causes, but various other species have perhaps had a more depressing. Since people have been gifted with high intelligence, all the animals became defenseless before us, which led to the extinction of countless species.

Human encroachment on the habitat of the quagga, including european colonization of africa, farming and fencing, and hunting led to the extinction of this nifty looking beast. There’s no way back from extinction and the loss of a species determines the definitive disappearance of a particular tile in the mosaic of Life, which had evolved and adapted to a certain environment. Humans caused 322 animal extinctions in past 500 years some 322 birds, mammals and reptiles all went extinct in just the past 500 years due to people, research shows.

The interactions between animals, plants, humans and the environment make up a complex web. The good news is, scientists are trying to bring some back. The wooly mammoth was a giant creature, having a height of 8fts and weighed 8,000 kgs.

Humans left the caribbean monk seal population unsustainable after overhunting them in the wild, a noaa biologist said in 2008, according to science daily. There have been several mass extinction events over time in which sometimes over 90% of the species that existed at the time went extinct. Disruptions to any part of this biological architecture can have significant, cascading effects.

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Once in flocks so great people said you could knock them from the air with a broom, the birds were slaughtered without regard to conservation, and now they are gone, just like many other. Plenty of animals have gone extinct in earth’s lifetime. This bird was found in afica, mostly on the madagascar region and, true to its name, it was huge.

Humans are the devil of the earth even tho im one of them. One of the most recent additions to the list of animals that have gone extinct is west african black rhinos. When martha the pigeon died, her species became extinct, and extinct because of over hunting by people.

Also known as the wild pigeon, the passenger pigeon (ectopistes migratorius) was a species of the pigeon that was hunted by humans to the point of extinction. It seems that, more and more, there have been animals that have gone extinct because of humans very recently. Today well show you the most amazing animals that have gone extinct because of humans.

6 animals that have gone extinct due to humans. Killing them to gain profit of some kind. Unfortunately, this lead to their demise and labels the species as the only seal to go extinct from human causes.

Unfortunately, in many cases the extinction of an entire animal species is caused by humans. On september 1, 1914, the last known living passenger pigeon died in the cincinnati zoo. Tons, just ask the dinosaurs.

These animals that went extinct due to hunting are, otherwise, proof that some humans can be total jerks. Although native americas had longtime hunted the bird, the hunting intensified to an unsustainable amount once europeans in the 19th century. In 2011, horn cutting caused the extinction of the western black rhino, extinct bramble cay melomys no longer wander the great barrier reef due to global warming in 2016, and poor lonesome george died without a mate in 2012.

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We relentlessly hunt animals to death even when they are protected. A subspecies of the black rhinos, the west african black rhino was genetically different than other species.

What we lose when animals go extinct.

What we lose when animals go extinct

The primate hominid Gigantopithecus disappeared from Earth

700 Marine Species Might Go Extinct Because of Plastic

Did You Know This Animal Went Extinct? Because I Didn’t

Image 2 Dodo Bird Reason for extinction undetermined

10foot tall (half) Mastodon for Staten Island… BLUE

What we lose when animals go extinct

What we lose when animals go extinct

What we lose when animals go extinct.

What we lose when animals go extinct

What we lose when animals go extinct.

PHOTOS Animals That Could Disappear Because Of Us

36 Extinct Animals due to Human Activity Extinct animals

What we lose when animals go extinct

What we lose when animals go extinct

Extinction around the world Honshū Wolf and Epicyon

What we lose when animals go extinct

What we lose when animals go extinct.

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.



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