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Stunning Sunrise Photos

is the only power
capable of spinning Worlds
into existence.

Our precious memories
take us Home
to the Heart,
where Happiness flows
and the Soul
takes flight.

God has filled the World
with Beauty
and Love.
We are deeply Blessed
by the Almighty Creator
with all things great and small

to the Beautiful Birds
singing with such delight,
as the Dandelion fluffs
are floating by
out of sight
and into the great expanse
on their way and beyond
to seed the Stars
in the quiet Sky of night.

is the Bird that sings,
while it is still dark,
in anticipation of the dawn.
The Beautiful Birds
teach us
 that one of two things will happen
as Time passes by:
there will be something solid to stand on
or you, too, will be taught
how to fly.

Artistic Sunrise in Madison, Wisconsin image - Free stock ...We are so Blessed
with amazing Creations.
And all of Creation
is Love.

God Loves every thing,
and every one
of His C
He Loves everything in this World,
all of the plants and animals,
the whole of Nature
We Human Creations
are Called Upon to Love and care for
the Beautiful Natural World.
My Dear Friends,
we are failing in that Sacred Task.

Such awareness
brings us straight and center
to our sweet Earth
and how Beautiful it truly is.
The Human Heart
is also Beautiful
can be filled
with Love.

Nature is amazing.
will never get enough
of the Beautiful sights and sounds
if you but look
and listen.
Inner Peace
may be found
bringing such Love
into your

Nature Quote With Butterfly Free Stock Photo - Public ...

is Simply Perfect.

It is filled with Beautiful colors
in a State of Grace.
Light fills the Heavenly atmosphere
pure and crystalline.

“Love all God’s Creation, Fyodor Dostoevsky
both the whole and every grain of sand.
Love every leaf, every Ray of Light.
Love the animals,
Love the plants,
Love each separate thing.
If thou Love each thing
thou wilt perceive the mystery of God in all;
and when once thou perceive this,
Thou wilt thenceforward grow every day
to a fuller understanding of it:
until thou come at last to Love the whole World
with a Love that will then be all-embracing
and Universal.”
–  Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

My Dear Friends,
Inner Peace
is shaped by the Wisdom
‘This too shall pass’
and is fired in the kiln of

Free photo: Sunset at Evening - Beautiful, Branches, Dusk ...

“Shadow Dancer take me tonight,
in a World full of Star splendor.

Can I open my eyes and see,
the Beauty of all is welcome.

If the World then come to rest,
the fear and pain is blunted,
we walk together out of sight,
until the night
into morning Light.”

Dreamer by Terry Oldfield

Sunrise Tree Silhouette Free Stock Photo - Public Domain ...

Happiness can be found,
even in the darkest of times,
if one only remembers
to turn on the Light
of Love

There are many Beautiful moments
in our Lives
that can find comfort,
and give Harmony and Peace
to the Heart and Soul.
These moments
can both heal the Spirit
and let us move to the rhythm
of Life.
“Before I start,
I must see my end.

Destination known, my mind’s journey now begins.

Upon my chariot, Heart & Soul’s fate revealed.
In Time, all points converge
Hope’s strength re-steeled.
But to earn final peace at the Universe’s endless refrain,
We must see all in nothingness…
…before we start again.
Diamond Dragons (book 1)

animals, Nature Wallpapers HD / Desktop and Mobile BackgroundsShare your Love
with the World
around you.
Let your Heart
until you know
there is still Beauty
in the World.

How Beautiful is God’s Love
expressed through His Creations.
The Natural Beauty
surrounding us
and the Beautiful Love
dwelling within our Hearts
is immeasurable
and incomprehensible.

Earth with Sunset from Space Stock Footage Video (100% ...


Can Ritalin cause cancer?
Cancer Prevention Coalition

American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines for Treating Disorders in Children with Ritalin Ignores Evidence of Cancer Risks warns Samuel S. Epstein”, default”, M.D.

Based on an industry-funded multi-university trial on 282 pre-teen children treated with Ritalin for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), published in Pediatrics, the American Academy of Pediatrics has endorsed the use of the drug. However, the Academy ignores clear evidence of the drug’s cancer risks of which parents, teachers and school nurses, besides most pediatricians and psychiatrists, still remain uninformed and unaware.

Some 40 years after the drug was first marketed by Ciba Geigy, carcinogenicity tests were conducted at the taxpayers expense by the National Toxicology Program, the results of which were published in 1995. Adult mice were fed Ritalin over a two-year period at dosages close to those prescribed to children. The mice developed a statistically significant incidence of liver abnormalities and tumors, including highly aggressive rare cancers known as hepatoblastomas. These findings are particularly disturbing as the tests were conducted on adult, rather than young mice which would be expected to be much more sensitive to carcinogenic effects. The National Toxicology Program concluded that Ritalin is a “possible human carcinogen,” and recommended the need for further research. While still insisting that the drug is safe, the Food and Drug Administration admitted that these findings signal “carcinogenic potential,” and required a statement to this effect in the drug’s package insert. However, these inserts are not seen by parents or nurses.

The Physicians’ Desk Reference admits evidence on the carcinogenicity of Ritalin, now manufactured by Novartis, qualified by the statement that “the significance of these results is unknown,” apparently not recognizing that this is more alarming than reassuring. Apart from cancer risks, there is also suggestive evidence that Ritalin induces genetic damage in blood cells of Ritalin-treated children.

Concerns on Ritalin’s cancer risk are more acute in view of the millions of children treated annually with the drug and the escalating incidence of childhood cancer, by some 35% over the last few decades, quite apart from delayed risks of cancer in adult life. These risks are compounded by the availability of alternative safe and effective procedures, notably behavior modification and biofeedback.

There is no justification for prescribing Ritalin, even by highly qualified pediatricians and psychiatrists, unless parents have been explicitly informed of the drug’s cancer risks. Otherwise, prescribing Ritalin constitutes unarguable medical malpractice.

Contact: Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., emeritus Professor Environmental Medicine, University of Illinois School of Public Health, Chicago, and Chairman, Cancer Prevention Coalition, 2121 W. Taylor Street (MC 922), Chicago, IL 60612, phone 312-996-2297, fax 312-996-1374, email

Source: University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Released: Thu 24-Feb-2005, 14:00 ET

Study Shows Methylphenidate Linked to Chromosomal Changes

Medical News

Contact Information

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A new study found that every one of a dozen children treated for attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder with methylphenidate experienced a threefold increase in levels of chromosome abnormalities—occurrences associated with increased risks of cancer and other adverse health effects.

In a small but startling preliminary new study, Texas researchers have found that after just three months, every one of a dozen children treated for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with the drug methylphenidate experienced a threefold increase in levels of chromosome abnormalities – occurrences associated with increased risks of cancer and other adverse health effects.

The researchers say that to their knowledge this is the first study addressing the potential chromosome-breaking effects associated with treatment of children with methylphenidate, the generic name for a group of drugs that includes Ritalin, Concerta, Metadate CD and others.

Methylphenidate is the most widely prescribed of a class of amphetamine-like drugs used to treat ADHD, with more than 10 million prescriptions written for it in 1996 alone. Between 1991 and 1999, United States sales of methylphenidate increased more than 500 percent.

Researchers at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) reported their detection of the chromosome abnormalities in the journal Cancer Letters. Their peer-reviewed paper is to be published several months hence, but the journal editors have made it available online in the journal’s “articles in press” section.

The authors said they undertook the study because, even though methylphenidate has been approved for human use for more than 50 years, “there are surprisingly few studies” in either animals or human beings “on the potential for serious side effects,” such as causing mutations and cancer. In 1996, a report discussing several two-year-long animal studies showed that the highest levels of methylphenidate tested caused liver tumors in male and female mice. However, similar studies in rats showed no such tumors.

The new Texas study involved researchers drawing blood from children diagnosed with ADHD before they began taking methylphenidate in order to get a baseline level of chromosomal abnormalities. Three months after the children had begun taking the drug, the researchers drew the children’s blood and tested it a second time. Chromosomes are the bodies within cells that carry the genes and genetic information. All 12 of the children whose before-and-after blood cells were studied were treated with normal therapeutic doses of methylphenidate.

Most of the abnormalities found in the studied blood cells consisted of chromosome breaks “and a higher frequency of aberrations is reported to be associated with an increased risk of cancer down the line,” said lead author Randa A. El-Zein, M.D., Ph.D., an assistant professor of epidemiology at M.D. Anderson who performed the blood studies using several techniques.

“It was pretty surprising that all of the children taking methylphenidate showed an increase in chromosome abnormalities in a relatively short period of time,” El-Zein said.

UTMB Professor of Environmental Toxicology Marvin Legator, the study’s principal investigator and senior author, cautioned, “This study doesn’t mean that these kids are going to get cancer, but it does mean they are exposed to an additional risk factor, assuming that this study holds up.” Of the 53 known human carcinogens, Legator said 48 could be detected using the chromosome analysis methods employed in this study.

El-Zein stressed that much larger studies at several medical centers are needed to confirm the results of this study and to answer other questions not addressed by it. One of these issues is the question of what happens when patients stop taking methylphenidate. “Do the levels of chromosome abnormalities go back to normal?” El-Zein said. “We don’t know.”

Parents should respond cautiously to this preliminary study, El-Zein said, noting that there are few alternatives to methylphenidate for treating ADHD.

Asked what he would do in response to the study if his child were on methylphenidate, co-author Matthew J. Hay, a UTMB pediatrician who treated all the children who participated in the study, was equally guarded. “Twelve kids with one physician in one county is too small a sample to base a decision on,” he said. “If my child were on the medication and were doing well, I wouldn’t take him off it” unless additional studies showed similar effects.

The Cancer Letters article by Randa A. El-Zein, Sherif Z. Abdel-Rahman, Matthew J. Hay, Mirtha S. Lopez, Melissa L. Bondy, Debra L. Morris and Marvin S. Legator can be found on the Web by clicking the “Articles in Press” button on ScienceDirect’s Cancer Letters page (

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On Friday, Oct. 29, we will meet at 10:00 a.m. at the EAST entrance of the Fort Worth Zoo, 1989 Colonial Parkway (Telephone: 817-759-7500). Pick up will also be at the EAST entrance of the Zoo at 2:30 p.m.

Admission: Adults (13+) $ 16.00, Children (3 – 12) $ 12.00,
Seniors (65 +) $ 12.00.

You may wear costumes to the Zoo. Please pay at the Zoo.

PARKING IS $ 5.00.

LUNCH: Please provide funds for Lunch.

Beautiful scenery hd free stock photos download (10,477 ...

School Calendar

First Semester
Sept. 7 – December 17   2021

Sept. 7 (TUESDAY)               First Day of First Semester
Oct. 11 (Monday)                   Columbus Day Holiday
Nov. 22 – 26                           Fall Break (and Thanksgiving)
Dec. 17                                   Last Day of Fall Semester

Second Semester

Jan. 4 (TUESDAY)                 Second Semester Begins
Jan. 17  (Monday)                  Dr. Martin L. King Holiday
Feb. 21  (Monday)                  Presidents’ Day Holiday
Mar. 14 – 18                           Spring Break Holiday
April 15 & 18                           Good Friday and Easter Monday Holidays
May 24 – 27                            Adventure Trip
May 27                                    Last Day of Spring Semester

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison. “
Victor Hugo

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I wish you all

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Hang on
to your Faith.
You will get there.








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