Turn Another Page / Speak From The Heart / Sept. 7 We Begin Again

Heaven Images and Stock Photos. 192,380 heaven photography ...Love
totally transcends all space and Time.
Love transports you
to another dimension of reality,
one that TRULY

The celestial Beauty
of your Love
is unworldly and will always
 remain unmatched.

lifts the mind into a higher dimension.
It fills the Human Heart
to the brim,
flowing on gentle wind.
Only you
can Love another
enough to traverse into a place
where Time can breathe

Take the Time
to explore the Nature
of your Sacred Being. 
will suddenly pass by
Love, Live and Laugh.
Stop, Listen and Breathe.
the Miracles of your mind,
the depth of your Heart,

 the Blessings of your Creation.

 The deeper Reality of our Humanity
lies beyond Joy and sorrow,
beyond the moment.
It is the opening of a

Our fleeting appearance
is the Light,
shining on a pathway,
to God.

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is the Light of the World.
And we are shining Bright
to spread His Love,
to share His Peace,
to give Hope to others.

Let the Beauty of Nature
remind you
of the Goodness of God.

One act can bring Kindness.
One thought can bring Life.
One smile can start a Friendship.
One look can birth Love.
One word can make a Heart

Spread the Love
of which you are made.

Reunited In Heaven Quotes. QuotesGram

Don’t look
for the most Beautiful person in the World,
look for the person who will make your World
the most Beautiful.

Turn another page
in your precious Life

don’t look
back to the past,

because you will destroy
your Future.
The Future

is not
the past.

Our World
is filled with goodness.
Just search for it.
There are
good people
who always care for others.

will care for you.

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Our World needs us
to express the positive, calmness and Peace. 
Your demeanor can become a therapy
to keep other minds fresh and active,
to motivate every person you meet.
You can heal yourself
as you heal others.
Everyone needs the knowledge
of your awareness and compassion
and to benefit from it.

remind us of where we have been,
but they don’t have to dictate
where we are going.

is the most powerful
With God
you have everything you need
to heal your mind, your body
and your Spirit.

Best Spiritual Healing Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty ....With Faith
in our Lord God,
you are stronger than you realize.

Courage is not the absence of fear.
It is the realization
that something else is more important
than fear.

Ask God,
the ONE and Only
who created ALL Living Things
known and unknown,
to heal you.

has an intimate understanding
of every Person’s Story,
Person He
Your fervent Prayer
will draw you
into His Heart.

Your Prayer
purify your Sacred Human

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My Dear Friends,
the best and most Beautiful
things of this World
cannot be seen or touched.
They must be felt
by the Heart.

you surrender
to the Beauty and Sweetness
of God’s Blessings
found in everything around you,
your Spirit will be elevated
beyond all expectations.


Christian Zennaro: September 2015

Speak From The Heart

Speaking from an open Heart
can be the strongest move of all.

by Rick Hanson, Ph.D.,

What’s Your Heart Say?
The Practice
Speak from the heart.

One Christmas I hiked down into the Grand Canyon, whose bottom lay a vertical mile below the rim. Its walls were layered like a cake, and a foot-high stripe of red or gray rock indicated a million-plus years of erosion by the Colorado river. Think of water – so soft and gentle – gradually carving through the hardest stone to reveal great Beauty. Sometimes what seems weakest is actually most powerful.

In the same way, speaking from an open Heart can seem so vulnerable yet be the strongest move of all. Naming the Truth – in particular the facts of one’s experience, which no one can disprove – with simplicity and sincerity, and without contentiousness or blame, has great moral force. You can see the effects writ small and large, from a child telling her parents “I feel bad when you fight” to the profound impact of people describing the atrocities they suffered in Kosovo or Rwanda.

I met recently with a man whose marriage is being smothered by the weight of everything unsaid. What’s unnamed is all normal-range stuff – like wishing his wife were less irritable with their children, and more affectionate with him – but there’s been a kind of fear about facing it, as if it could blow up the relationship. But not talking is what’s actually blowing up their relationship – and in fact, when people do communicate in a heartfelt way, it’s dignified and compelling, and it usually evokes support and open – heartedness from others.


This week, look for one or more opportunities to speak from your heart. Pick a topic, a person, and a moment that’s likely to go well.

Before you talk:
· Ground yourself in good intentions. To discover and express the truth, whatever it is. To help yourself and the other person.

  • Get a basic sense of what you want to say. Focus on your experience: thoughts, feelings, body sensations, wants, memories, images, the dynamic flow through awareness; it’s hard to argue with your experience, but easy to get into wrangles about situations, events, the past, or problem-solving.
  • Be confident. Have Faith in your sincerity, and in the Truth itself. Recognize that others may not like what you have to say, but you have a right to say it without needing to justify it; and that saying it is probably good for your relationship.

When you speak:
· Take a breath and settle into your body.

  • Recall being with people who care about you. (This will help deepen your sense of inner strength, and warm up the neural circuits of wholeheartedness.)
  • Soften your throat, eyes, chest, and heart. Try to find a sense of goodwill, even compassion for the other person.
  • Bring to mind what you want to say.
  • Take another breath, and start speaking.
  • Try to stay in touch with your experience as you express it. Don’t get into any sense of persuasion, justification, defensiveness, or problem-solving. (That’s for later, if at all.) Be direct and to the point; when people truly speak from the heart, they often say what needs to be said in a few minutes or less; it’s the “case” wrapped around the heart of the matter that takes all those extra words.
  • Keep coming back to the essential point for you, whatever it is (especially if the other person gets reactive or tries to shift the topic). And feel free to disengage if the other person is just not ready to hear you; maybe another time would be better. “Success” here is not getting the other person to change, but you expressing yourself.
  • As appropriate, open to and encourage the other person speaking from the heart, too.

And afterwards: know that whatever happened, you did a good thing. It’s brave and it’s hard (especially at first) to speak from the Heart. But so necessary to make this World a better place.

* * *

Rick Hanson, Ph.D., is a neuropsychologist and founder of the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom. His work has been featured on the BBC, NPR, Consumer Reports Health, U.S. News and World Report, and Huffington Post, and he is the author of the best-selling Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom. He writes a weekly newsletter – Just One Thing – that suggests a simple practice each week that will bring you more joy, more fulfilling relationships, and more peace of mind and Heart. If you wish, you can subscribe to Just One Thing here.

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Victor Hugo

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