We Are Atoms Fused From Love / Ritalin, Adderall, Stratera Can Cause Psychiatric and Heart Problems and DEATH / Fish Oil Saves Life

Banff National Park

 The Earth is truly

are made of this precious Earth.
Every atom and every molecule in existence

in this entire Universe,
is alive.

We are atoms fused from
the Love of God.
We are part of the Beautiful Cosmos,
and the Cosmos
is part of us.
Because we are made
from the Sacred Earth,
we are Stardust,
bits and pieces of Stars and cosmic dust.
we are made in the Image.
of our Divine Creator.

Sunflower At Sunset, Closeup.

Every atom in you
was produced in the big bang.
Your carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms
were made in burning Stars.
And your very heavy elements
were made in exploding Stars.

Every tiny atom in our bodies
came from Stars that exploded
long before we were born.
we are intimately connected
to the Natural World.
We are part of it.
are one
with God,
He Creates.

Hands Of A Child Taking A Plant From The Hands Of A Man - Garden

Our Sacred Earth grows
and it dies.
It produces Life
and is given back everything it creates.
Our precious Earth is abundant with Life.
And Life
is made abundant
for Truly Living.

We are made
of the four elements
that make up all matter –
Earth, water, air, and the Fire
of God’s Love.
For His very Breath
was our first Breath.
“Then the Lord God formed Man
of dust from the ground,
and breathed into his nostrils
the breath of Life;
and man became a Living being.”
Isaiah 42:5

Illustration Of A Landscape With A Eagle

We Humans,
and our Galaxy,
have about 97 percent
of the same kind of atoms.
And the elements that make up Life
are more prevalent
toward the center of our Galaxy.

Every moment
of your precious Life
on this Sacred Earth
is alive.

These moments in Time
will one day be reflected
in your amazing and Beautiful

I Pray

 that you Truly enjoy
the Treasure of your precious
and Sacred Gift

of Time.

Sunset And Tree

How can Life
become so tragic and be so incredibly
at the same time?

My Dear Friends,
it is so easy
to hate.
it is much easier,
to Love.
No one
is capable of singing
the magnificent Song of your Life
like you.
Your precious Life
is genuinely
one of the most Beautiful moments

that can happen
in the history of Mankind.

Dandelion To Sunset - Freedom To Wish

We need to be reminded
that one day,
we must all stand alone
before the Creator of our Universe
and account for the precious Gift
of our Life.

“For those who presume upon the Lord,
God’s omniscience should remind us
that nothing anyone does escapes
the Knowledge of God
and that one day we will be called
to give an account at the bar of God
for God will deal with each
according to the Truth of his Life.”

Rom. 2:2, 3, 6; 14:10-12
Silhouette Of Strong Man Defying Nature

God raised us up
so we could stand
on the Beautiful Mountain
of awareness,
to Love.

can be the reason
someone smiles Today.
Your precious Love
can flow, on and on,
like a Celestial River.

Your Smile
can speak to another Soul
like words could never do.

Every encounter,
every circumstance, by chance or not,
be it good or bad,
Happy or sad,
is an opportunity to redefine
this moment,

to choose what we will be,
what we will become.

Happy Joyful Girl With Sunflower Enjoying Nature And Laughing On Summer Sunflower Field Will we be consciously present enough
in the moment,
to recognize the opportunity
when it happens
and step through the door
of Hope
and Salvation?

Words cannot describe
the Beauty of God’s Creation
that is YOU.
Your Spirit
can be uplifting
and pure.

It takes so little
of our caring and compassion
for others to realize
they are lifted up to the Heart
from a dark valley.
They will thank you
for your considerate Heart
with tears of Joy
and endless Gratitude.

Happy Woman   On The Sunset In Nature In Summer With Open Hands

And in one moment,
you will be one
with them,
and with the Universe,
and with God.

Our Prayers
of Thanksgiving
remind us of our responsibility
to be of Service
to Humanity.

The Gift of Life
is precious,
and we should Live it
with Gratitude in our Heart.
The older we are,
the more aware we become
of this.Woman Hands Praying And Free Bird Enjoying Nature On Sunset Background, Hope And Faith Concept

and everything
will get better.
Your Smile
is Beautifully Human,
and Divine.

Through your Smiles,
you create a World
where tired Hearts
can find Happiness and Harmony.
In the presence of your Smiles,
Hearts survive and heal.
What an amazing piece of Heaven
to share
with others.

The magnificent sound
of your Compassionate voice
can reach to the very depths of the Heart
and inspire great Joy
in the Life of another.

In just a matter of Time.
your patient understanding
will find
for yourself
and for others.
Sunset Over The Lake. Amazing Panorama Landscape

Direct your energy
toward the end of suffering
for those around you.
What a Beautiful Gift
to our World
that can reflect the Beauty
of your Sacred Being.

Keep looking for Beauty,
and keep making Beautiful things happen
for those around you.

This Life
is but a short Journey,
and it can seem so long
and so full of suffering.
But with Prayer,
and the Promise of God,
one day you will be able
to laugh and Love genuinely.

I hope everyone
finds a place of Joy
and Peace.


Tipsoo Lake Sunset

you have to find a place just for yourself.
can find this place
in Prayer.

Stream Of Color


Has anyone seen my laundry basket?

       Has anyone seen my laundry basket?

“For the greater individual
is the one who is the servant of all.
And to conquer self is greater than taking many cities.
For, here ye may find humbleness
as against that which cries oft for expression,
and the feeling of not being appreciated.
Express it more in the greater amount of Love
upon those who may be aided through thy effort.
For, remember,
man looks upon the things of the day
but God looks upon the Heart

–  Edgar Cayce
From the National Briefs of the Baltimore Sun
The makers of Ritalin, Adderall, Stratera and other drugs that treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder were advised by the government to give patients and parents an additional warning that those medicines can cause SERIOUS psychiatric and heart problems,
including SUDDEN DEATH.
for the sadly humorous part.
After this stern and serious warning comes this from
OUR Food and Drug Administration:
Dr. Tom Laughren,
former Director of psychiatry products for the F. D. A.,
emphasized that the move was precautionary
and should not FRIGHTEN patients
from taking the drugs,
which he said are
SAFE?  ?  ?  ?  ?
You simply cannot make this up!
Of course this warning is not inclusive enough.
Ritalin is a highly addictive stimulant drug
and is the pharmaceutical equivalent to cocaine.
It is classified by our government as a psychoactive drug
with cocaine and morphine because it is
highly addictive.
Please read Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD

posted on Jan. 13, 2014
on this website (William’s Weblog).
The Physicians’ Desk Reference admits evidence on the carcinogenicity of Ritalin.
Apart from cancer risks,
there is also evidence that Ritalin induces genetic damage
in blood cells of Ritalin-treated children.
My Dear Parents,
I beg of you now and forever more,
remove your precious child from these harmful
and highly addictive substances.
There are many other things you can now do,
rather than use dangerous chemicals
to mask what you assume is a problem.
Your common sense will guide you
down the pathway of salvation.
I believe the first is to realize that there is
no problem.
You think you have a hyperactive boy?
He is just a normal, healthy child
who needs to exercise his rapidly developing body.
Personally, I can attest to the fact
that I have never met a hyperactive child,
not in over forty years of providing for the needs of children.
By the way,
sports programs put highly active children to good use.
So why not take advantage of all that energy
and give the team a few extra points.
Sports programs are a viable way to give credit
and trophies and ribbons
and headlines and exercise and a great appetite
and new friends and admirers
to the so called hyper-active child.
Let’s turn what you,
the pill popping Doctor
or the educator
(suffering what I call: L.T. S. – lazy teacher syndrome)
may view as a disadvantage
into what is really a great advantage in Life.
On your way to letting your child try out for a spot on a team,
flush all those dumb pills,
together with all stupid advice,
down the toilet.
Flush it twice!
Please remember:
there is nothing wrong with your child.
God created each one of us in His Image.
He created us the way He wanted us to be.
We are perfect
in His Sight.

Send your child to school with a T-shirt that says:
Don’t Mess With Texas

I shall always be DRUG FREE.

if he (or possibly she) is driving you crazy,
welcome to the real world.
So open the back door and put him in the back yard,
playing with other kids and a big dog –
you know, slightly more active than he is.
Better yet,
show him or her how to use a hammer and nails
and let the kid build a tree house.
Closer to Heaven is where he belongs – up in the tree house.
I have been there
and it is truly wonderful!

And buy some band-aids.
Carpentry is one of those avocations
where mistakes are valuable
and painful.
You never have to tell a child to keep his eye on the nail twice.
The hammer is indeed a powerful teacher,
using natural teaching methodology.
Don’t ask me how I know this.
And give your child a list of things to do
to help you.
Hey, they owe you a lot!
And, believe it or not,
they will Love to help you.
You may consider paying for their service.
Did money not provide motivation for you to work?
Please do NOT give your child money.
We are not out to create potential political candidates with unrealistic expectations living in an unreal world.
Always let your children EARN what they receive.
As Mrs. Anderson is fond of saying,
“Money should be equal to work”.
And while they are playing outside remember,
absence does indeed make the Heart grow fonder.
Too much togetherness means –
not everyone will return from a two year trip to Mars.
Someone will get booted out on the way back!

Provide environments that are flexible
and surround your normally active
(not hyper active – it does not really exist)
child with real and realistic people,
you know, adults, that understand normal child development
and are citizens of the real world
(some are not).
Remove your child from the presence of others who are intolerant
– they are probably on something themselves.

Please do not permit corporate-driven and financially incentivized entities, or just plain lazy teachers,
to turn your son or daughter into a nearly comatose and endangered member of our species,
with drugs they will not themselves take.
Your child is not an experimental lab rat.

you can lose the precious personality
of the child you adore.

These drugs will do that.
I have witnessed it.
Or worse, you can lose your child.
let’s turn to something positive we can do.

My dear friends,
we have suffered enough. 

Our ignorance,
coupled with the intolerable greed and arrogance
of corporate America,
has led us down a broad avenue
of disease and malnutrition.
Yes, we have had enough.
My Dear Friends,
our children deserve better.
You deserve better.

And the Internet, as laced as it is with pitfalls and danger,
is also a pathway to freedom.
It is a tool,  just a tool, as are many other technologies.
And in the right hands,
your hands,
it can lead you to a better quality of Life
and a longer Life for you and your children.
The use of it requires thoughtfulness
and a guiding hand,
which happens to be
YOUR hand.
Please allow me to share a beautiful story
of hope and salvation with you.
It comes From NaturalNews.
This article has enormous implications for prevention and cure.
It directly relates to you and your child.
Please take time and read it and contemplate its findings.
It provides yet
another simple solution.

Fish Oil saves life of boy with brain injury

by P. F. Louis
High school student Bobby Ghassemi was taken out of his crashed vehicle and airlifted to a nearby Virginia hospital more dead than alive with severe brain trauma.
He was so much more dead than alive
that the physician who eventually advised the Ghassemi family
on using fish oil, Dr. Michael Lewis said,
For all intents and purposes,
he was dead
on the scene.
I’m looking at the reports, and they report
a Glasgow Coma Score of three.
A brick or piece of wood has a Glascow Coma Score of three.
It’s dead.
“Bobby was placed in intensive care in a coma with all the apparatus possible to keep him a breath from death.
His brain was flooded with blood and a hole had to be put into his skull to relieve some of the pressure.
The hospital’s physicians commented that his brain injury was so bad,
it was a wonder that he was alive enough to be in a coma.
They told Bobby’s father and mother it was doubtful he’d be more than a vegetable if he came out of the coma.
He’d be unable to speak or recognize his family.

Time for a drastic intervention.

After 10 days, Bobby was still comatose.
His dad, Peter, felt more should be done
than maintaining stability in a coma.
So he started asking around to old Army buddies
and was led to Army colonel Dr. Micheal Lewis
who recommended fish oil
based on an early episode of a West Virginia coal miner
who barely survived a mining accident
with severe brain damage.
His condition had resembled Bobby’s.

The 26-year-old miner, Randall McCloy,
was “on death’s doorstep,”
according to Randall’s hospital neurosurgeon, Dr. Julian Bailes.
He and the other doctors then decided to forgo the normal wait
and see after Randall was stabilized in intensive care.

They decided to take a radical course from normal AMA protocol and put Randall into hyperbaric therapy to increase oxygen to his brain while administering fish oil through Randall’s feeding tube.
After a brain injury, even as some recovery is noticed,
the brain cells continue to die from progressive inflammation.

Dr. Bailes knew that the brain needs to feed on omega-3 fatty acids to heal inflammation as well as stimulate brain and nervous system cell growth. After discussing Randall’s condition with fish oil omega-3 experts, Dr. Bailes determined that 20 grams fed through Randall’s feeding tube daily might bring him around.

20 grams is 10 times more than what an uninjured person would supplement with fish oil.

Dr. Lewis explained the Dr. Bailes intervention
with Randall to Bobby’s dad,
who thought the whole thing strange.
But he realized that three months after the mining accident,
Randall McCloy
left the hospital walking and talking.

At first, the hospital staff resisted Peter’s urging
to try the fish oil therapy on his son Bobby.
Their viewpoint was that the McCloy incident was just one anecdotal episode and not worth pursuing, perhaps even risky. But Peter persisted strongly and they finally yielded.

Today, at age 20,
Bobby smiles as he recalls his high school graduation
where he took off his cap and waved it to the cheering students.
His dramatic recovery has left him with some weakness on the left side of his body and difficulty walking,
but he’s back.

even after two successful applications of omega-3 fish oil for extremely brain damaged victims who recovered rapidly after both were written off from any significant recovery, the medical establishment only equivocates and considers the possibility of someday exploring omega-3 fish oil “scientifically” for brain traumas.

Sources for this article include: http://www.cnn.com

More news on fish oil

* In a Harvard Study: Fish Oil Cuts Risk of Lou Gehrig’s: Tuesday, 15 Jul 2014 – Read this  at http://www.newsmaxhealth.com/Health-News/Lou-Gehrigs-ALS-fish-oil-neurodegenerative/2014/07/15/id/582772#ixzz3A1Wpgq7b

Alert: What Is Your Risk for a Heart Attack?
Click here to Find Out Now

A man went out for a walk.
He came to a river and saw a woman on the opposite bank.
“Yoo-hoo,” he shouted, “how can I get to the other side?”
The woman looked up the river then down the river
then shouted back,
“You’re already on the other side.”

Life and Truth
is often a matter of perspective and viewpoint.

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“He who opens a school door,
closes a prison. “
Victor Hugo

Sunrise In The Mountains Free Stock Photo - Public Domain ...

I wish you all

Incredible Waterfall In Iceland, Silhouette Of Man Enjoying Amazing View Of Nature

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