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are you so afraid
of silence,
silence is the root of everything.
If you spiral into its void
a hundred voices will thunder messages
you long to hear.”

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can have new meaning
when we realize the Wonder
that is Creation,
and the Beauty that is found
all around
and within us.

It helps
when we take the Time for reflection
and give Thanks to God
for such Immeasurable Love.

There is Magic
is this moment.

All we need do
is close our eyes
and Pray,
and we are transported to a Magical Place
where there is no anxiety,
worry, strife, or stress.

The mind can become restless
and turbulent.
It may be more difficult to control
than the wind.

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But we can
sooth and fulfill
our troubled minds
and aching Hearts.

What we have
in our Hearts,
and in our Sacred Souls,
find a way out.
The fact that you have been Created
and are so very Beautiful 
is Truly a Blessing.
There is nothing
on Earth
more Beautiful
than a Child
of God.

And this World
is more Beautiful,
if we live together
in Peace.

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we may reminded of the
Beauty of this World
that we are so abundantly
Blessed with.

We need
but close our eyes
and listen and Pray,
and we are transported to
the World of our inner Being –
as the Birds sing such Beautiful songs
and the Flowers of calming thoughts Blossom,
and the colorful leaves from the Beautiful Trees
fall down like a snowflakes.
We can listen to hear the Peaceful music

of the Wind
as it starts to sing a lonesome lullaby,
gently flowing

through the Trees
and through our Minds.

And suddenly,
awareness Dawns
like a bright new day.
with Love in our Hearts,
is a Peaceful Dream,
and the Dawn
of a new Day.

The hue of colors
illuminating our awareness
warms the Heart.

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What an amazing moment.
What a precious Blessing,
to suddenly realize that
are a Precious Gift to the World,

you are you.
If you

failed to see you,
  it wasn’t because you couldn’t be seen.
simply failed
to close your eyes,
so that you could see
the Light
in your Heart.

you are a precious


to the World.

My Dear Friends,
One step
leads to a long Journey.

One note leads to a Beautiful Song
a Beautiful Harmony we can all sing along.
One day leads to one night,
one darkness to Light.
Everyone is Loved 
from the depths 
of someone’s Heart.

Nature Love Wallpaper HD | PixelsTalk.NetIf
we but listen
and reflect,
we can know
that Time really is

is a Gift
from Above.

Love yourself.
Embrace yourself
and be your very best friend.
you were born without wings,
do nothing to prevent them from growing.
The Spirit
of your Heart
can fly.

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should read like a fairy tale book.
Only the Beautiful and Magical
here and there,
with a lot of Dreaming in between.
is communicated from our
and Natural Consciousness.

your amazing Life
and Love
with this stressed out and distressed World. 

make a big difference in the Hearts
and minds and Souls
of others.

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The calming Music
of Meditation,
is like a windbreaker.

It enables you
to fall in Love
with your Natural Self,
and with Nature
so Beautifully Created
all around you.
can feel every cell of your Body.
You can be reborn
in this Moment.

Nature and Music
are two of the most soothing and fulfilling things
for the Soul.
They are truly
They can lift up
your Spirit.

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 The mood of your
will match the mood
of the Music.
Sweet and harmonious sounds
are what your Heart
what your Heart

God is everywhere.
  Be glad
the World is filled
with so much Beauty and Wonder.
Blessings abound
God Loves you.

the Word of God
and His Blessings
renew you Life.


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Charlie Chaplin
lived for 88 years.
he left us with these Philosophical Observations:

1. Nothing is forever in this World,
not even our problems.

2. I Love walking in the rain
because no one can see my tears.

3. The most lost day in Life
the day we don’t laugh.

4. The six best Doctors in the World are
1. The sun
2. Rest
3. Exercise
4. Diet
5. Self-respect
6. Friends.

Stick to them
at all stages of your Life
and enjoy a healthy Life.
If you see the Moon,
you will see the Beauty of God.
If you see the Sun,
you will see the Power of God.
If you see a mirror,
you will see God’s best Creation.


Beautiful sunset over the river-red sky-free photo and ...A Soothing Balm for Troubled Emotions
click here to read more
The Tools of Change were given to me at a time of emotional turmoil due to changes occurring in my own life and in the lives of people I knew. I will never forget the day I received the gift of this second Tool of Change. It was a year before my Dad passed. He had become seriously ill a couple of months prior and I knew that we could lose him at anytime. It really hit me one day, sitting at my desk at home. Cherished memories from childhood came flooding in – things we had done together that meant so much to me. I must have sat there for a couple of hours sobbing over the loss that I knew was coming. I finally told myself that he hadn’t been able to do those things for years (foolishly hoping that I could talk myself out of it!). But logic did nothing to sooth my broken heart. The floodgates were open.

I finally did what people tend to do when they feel utterly helpless. I audibly cried out to God for help, asking for SOMETHING that would ease my pain. The answer came with no delay. “Put your memories into Gratitude.”  Hmmmm…..OK. I had helped many clients put their painful, hurtful memories into gratitude, assuring them that it would help them to truly forgive and reap the wisdom from those experiences. But it hadn’t occurred to me to do this for the gnawing ache of grief inside.

A memory surfaced of fishing with Dad. The spigot of tears reopened. I placed this memory into gratitude, and asked gratitude to envelope me. The surge of joy that filled my body was a complete surprise. My tears stopped and I could breathe again. Another memory surfaced, of racing to the house with him from the detached garage when he came home from work, wondering if I would ever be as fast as my Dad. More tears. I put that one into gratitude, and joy returned. Again and again that day, one after another, memories came to mind to be placed into gratitude. I wondered if it would ever end. Yet as the morning became afternoon, the minutes between them turned into hours. I knew it was working. By the end of the day and into the next I was emotionally and mentally lifted, sitting in joy and gratitude for all those wonderful times with my Dad.

Gratitude is the love essence of the Second Tool of Big-Hearted Change. It brings us out of the past and back into the present moment. This is true whether the past was glorious or gloomy. Memories and experiences can be painful. People have asked me, “How can I be grateful for something that brought me so much pain?” This is an excellent question. The answer lies in the heart, not the mind. We don’t have to “try” to be grateful, or convince ourselves of the value of anything. Gratitude is like Grace. It is an aspect of Divine Love that can be called upon to assist and fill us. It is a healing balm for regret, guilt, grief, anger, resentment, and nostalgia.

Gratitude is like forgiveness, in that it serves to release our emotional attachment to what has been. Yet it does even more than that. Gratitude also integrates the past into the whole of our life’s journey. My experience has been that, when I am willing to trust in Love, and ask for its help, not only does healing and movement occur, but I am also given understanding and a higher perspective that brings my mind along for the ride. That’s how these Tools of Big-Hearted Change work. They originate in the heart, and then understanding and solutions present themselves.

While the first Tool of Change – Grace – brings us back to the present from our fearful projections of the future, this second Tool of Change brings us back from the past. We have emotional attachments to so many things – people, places, things, memories, ideas, and ways of doing things. I want to emphasize the importance of feeling the whole range of our emotions. They are road signs. When they have done their job, gratitude helps us to release them. Letting go of the past is an important aspect of moving forward. True change can’t happen without it. We live and release. Live and release. This is living in the joy of the present moment. A hot air balloon must release its tethers before it can fly. Gratitude helps us to do the same.

*More about how to use Gratitude and the other six Tools of Big-Hearted Change may be found in the FREE Tools of Change pdf at and in the book and ebook, “4 Essential Steps of Big-Hearted Change for Our New World Rising” by Marcia West.

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The school calendar is HIGHLY subject to change due to circumstances. Please contact the school to be aware of changes.

Thank you.

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Dr. & Mrs. Anderson may schedule 2-5 additional days
(to be announced later) for In-service Training.
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    The School Calendar is subject to change.

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I wish you all

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