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Such is Love in the Language of the Heart / How to Inactivate Coronavirus / School Calendar

to the silence.

Listen to what your inner thoughts say,
be one with the winds, Earth, waters.
Pray to the Great Spirit while you listen.
You will become wise in your Prayers.”
Shadow Wolf
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hear God whisper

in the wind,
as He Caresses the Beautiful
ever willing to sway
and dance and bend.
Then they
in Love with the Earth
from which they
and cast their Beauty
upon the Sacred Ground.
Such is Love,
in the Language
of the Heart
from God Above.

God comes to us
in a
gentle breeze,
and on Rays
of the
Golden Sun,
  keeping our Hearts warm
with Love.


Oh Great Spirit,
Whose voice I hear in the winds,
And whose breath gives life to all the world, hear me! I am small and weak,
I need your strength and wisdom.
Let me walk in beauty, and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset. Make my hands respect the things you have made and my ears sharp to hear your voice. Make me wise so that I may understand
the things you have taught my people.
Let me learn the lessons you have hidden
in every leaf and rock.
I seek strength,
not to be greater than my brother,
but to fight my greatest enemy –
Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes.
So when Life fades, as the fading sunset
my Spirit may come to you
without shame.

Native American Prayer

Let the Lord sooth
your tired and worried mind.
Remember your Childhood days
when we enjoyed our innocent ways,
listening and Dreaming
and ever looking forward
to the many Tomorrows
of Yesterday.

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will be waiting
just for you,
with His Arms
Has God told you lately
He Loves

Is He telling you
The precious Breath
that was His
to give
to you,
may now be used
to answer
“Then the Lord God formed the Man
of dust from the ground
and breathed into his nostrils
the Breath of Life,
and the Man became a Living Creature.”

John 17:8
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From Life
that was something
never before,
came Love

What a wonderful Time
to be alive
So very Beautiful
to hear the sound of your
the comforting Music
of your compassionate words
in this Time
of need.
No music
in form of words
can ever move people
like the Song of your Desire
to help and comfort others
Gone are the days
And the Song
of your Sacred Heart
will continue as long as we can hear it
being played
“Listen in silence
let you’re journey begin not knowing
where it will take you or when it might end
Let the music guide you as you flow like the wind
and your Spirit will be lifted
as you return Home again.
…… Journey well my friend.”

Chris Lamarche
Place your fragile thoughts
on clouds of giving
and forgiving
The lyrics of your Heart
are very special,
Graced with feelings,
wonderful, breathtaking and full
of Sacred emotion.
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An Angel of
resides within you,
to awaken in you
and realize what is most important
in Life
“When we use the words
‘we are all connected’
..that hardly does justice to how connected
this place really is.
It’s very overwhelming.”
Lu Key
As our borrowed time
passes through the arching Rainbow
of our Sacred Awareness,
it brings Joy to the Heart
as others hear your
Beautiful Song of Life.
is the Time,

this is the Moment,
when the lyrics of your Life
can reflect how you truly feel
inside your Heart.
is the singular second

of great and wonderful opportunity
to share
God’s Love.
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you remember the Happy Times,
such reflection in the mirror
of Life
will keep you young
at Heart.

the Music of this moment
 ever moves us
and will continue to do so,
as long as we can hear
the Song of your precious Life
being played.
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This Life
is more than Life.
It is a Spiritual experience.
 the Word of God
tells us so.

“So what gets in the way of our knowing who we really are?
What untethers us from our truly infinite and Spiritual nature?
The long answer to such questions is complex and multi-layered. But since this is a blog post, I’ll go with the short answer.

The number one thing that makes us forget our True nature as Spiritual Beings is thought, or more specifically, our fascination with our thoughts. From the Time we are very young, we devote most of our Life’s energy and attention to our thoughts. And Truth be told, most of them are not that interesting, or helpful.”
Nancy Colier
Psychology Today
click here to read more
I formed you in the womb
I knew you,
and before you were born

I consecrated you.”
Ephesians 1:4

are a Beautiful definition
of why
God exists.
Without God,
Beauty does not exist at all.
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comes alive
to awaken us,
to give us Hope,
to remind our Souls
of our purpose.
Through the Veil
of Love
will come to understand
“The Veil that separates the Spiritual realm
from the material realm (Heaven and Earth),
is no more than a Veil of illusions,
yet they are so powerful that even when recognized,
they are difficult to overcome.
It is because you have become so accustomed
to accepting illusion as reality,
that you do not question it,
but the Truth will set you free.”
LOVE – the meaning of life
William’s Teachings
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we are heading for somewhere
we have never been
And there is no need
to be frightened.
Just be ready to learn
of the Power
of Love.
The Song
of God’s Love
is Beautiful.

  It comforts
and gives Peace
of mind.
Let the Love of God
flow through you.
Give this Precious Love
to those around you,
and let them know,
we reach our destination.
Nebula NGC 2818 - Royalty Free Footage - YouTube
How truly wonderful it is
when you mean something
to someone.

My Dear Friends,
this World is not
our Home
“The desires of the eyes and pride in possessions
is not from the Father
but is from the World.
And the World is passing away along with its desires,
but whoever does the will of God
abides forever.”
1 John 2:15-17.
We are just passing through.
When the sound of understanding
Graces our Hearts,
there is a voice whispering quietly to us,
that what we are hearing
is truly Blessed.
Our wish becomes
our desire
to carry us beyond
the mundane of Mankind’s
trivial endeavors.
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Your awareness
can leave your body
and find you Dancing
on billowy clouds of Light,
and without a care in this World,
while listening to a masterpiece
of Beautiful Music.
This is therapy

for the Heart
and Soul.
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our Spirit
and our Heart
are Praying together,
what Divinity intended for us to experience
is in the name of God’s Love,
and the Door to our Divinity
and the Spiritual Path to inner Peace
is clearly felt.
is the Time
to Journey to the Divinity
within your Sacred Heart.
Your Divinity
is enriched with Silence, Purity
Peace, Love, Bliss, Truth, Power
and Celestial Knowledge
to elevate the Soul.
The Journey
is beyond the speed
of Light.
“I simply cannot gather the words to explain
how I feel when I hear this
– my tears prevent me from writing so.
– my Heart is renewed and all my troubles are washed away.
I invite anyone to feel how music lifts you to another place
beyond the suffering of our Lives on Earth –
close your eyes, and let it into your Heart,
it feels so good.
When we need to forgive someone,
it can be the hardest thing for one to do,
but it is the most Beautiful, comforting, Loving
and renewing feeling for one to receive.
In the end,
God will show you the way.”
Brother Maleus Praetor
click here to play this Beautiful Music
Our Treasures
are laid up somewhere in the Beyond,
where Angels beckon us
from Heaven’s Open Gate.
And we no longer feel at home
in this World
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How to Inactivate Coronavirus
by Tim Newman
click here to read more

Agents, including hydrogen peroxide, ethanol, and sodium hypochlorite (a chemical in bleach), quickly and successfully inactivate coronaviruses.

For instance, the authors write that h]ydrogen peroxide was effective with a concentration of 0.5% and an incubation time of 1 minute.”

After assessing the evidence, the authors conclude:

“Surface disinfection with 0.1% sodium hypochlorite or 62–71% ethanol significantly reduces coronavirus infectivity on surfaces within 1 min[ute] exposure time.”

Conversely, solutions of a biocide called benzalkonium chloride produced conflicting results; and chlorhexidine digluconate, which people use as a topical antiseptic, was ineffective.

The authors write that “[t]ransmission in healthcare settings can be successfully prevented when appropriate measures are consistently performed.” Handwashing, in particular, is critical.

They explain how, in Taiwan, “installing hand wash stations in the emergency department was the only infection control measure which was significantly associated with the protection from healthcare workers from acquiring the [SARS coronavirus].”

Although the studies the authors summarize in this review did not investigate COVID-19, they believe that the results are also likely to be relevant to this latest coronavirus. All the human coronaviruses that the research had investigated seem to be susceptible to the same chemical agents.

Another new study conducted by researchers at the Penn State College of Medicine has found that a common dental item can inactivate human coronaviruses: mouthwash and oral rinses. 

For the study, the results of which were published in the Journal of Medical Virology, researchers tested various oral and nasopharyngeal rinses — which included a 1% solution of baby shampoo, a neti pot, peroxide sore-mouth cleansers, and mouthwashes — to determine how well they inactivated human coronaviruses, namely 229e, a strain that can cause the common cold.  

Human volunteers were not used in the study; the 229e coronaviruses were grown in human liver cells in the lab before being immersed in the various solutions tested as part of the study.

The baby shampoo solution, “which is often used by head and neck doctors to rinse the sinuses,” the researchers noted in a news release regarding the findings, was particularly effective; the solution inactivated “greater than 99.9% of human coronavirus after a two-minute contact time,” they said. 

The mouthwash and oral rinses tested —  which included Listerine Antiseptic, Orajel Antiseptic Rinse, and Crest Pro‐Health, among others — were also efficacious, they found: “Many inactivated greater than 99.9% of virus after only 30 seconds of contact time and some inactivated 99.99% of the virus after 30 seconds.” 


More specifically, researchers “used a test to replicate the interaction of the virus in the nasal and oral cavities with the rinses and mouthwashes,” as the nasal and oral cavities are thought to be main points of entry for human coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2, better known as COVID-19. Though the researchers didn’t specifically test SARS-CoV-2 in the study, the novel virus is genetically similar to the other human coronaviruses tested, leading the researchers to hypothesize the results could be similar

A strain of human coronavirus was mixed with “baby shampoo solutions, various peroxide antiseptic rinses and various brands of mouthwash,” allowing the solutions to interact with the virus for different amounts of time, including 30 seconds, one minute, and two minutes. The solutions were then diluted to “prevent further virus inactivation,” they wrote

“To measure how much virus was inactivated, the researchers placed the diluted solutions in contact with cultured human cells. They counted how many cells remained alive after a few days of exposure to the viral solution and used that number to calculate the amount of human coronavirus that was inactivated as a result of exposure to the mouthwash or oral rinse that was tested,” per the news release


Lead study author Craig Meyers, a distinguished professor of microbiology and immunology and obstetrics and gynecology, said the results show the amount of virus (viral load) in an infected person’s mouth could be reduced by using these common over-the-counter products, possibly helping to reduce the spread of the novel virus. 

“Methods to reduce transmission are needed,” Meyers said in a statement. “The products we tested are readily available and often already part of people’s daily routines.”

The team’s findings bolster past research that also looked at how oral rinses and mouthwashes may be able to reduce the viral load of human coronaviruses. For instance, a study published in the scientific journal Function also concluded mouthwash could play a role in preventing the transmission of the novel coronavirus

Additionally, a more recent study published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases in August came to a similar conclusion. Meyers said that his findings add to this research, noting his team evaluated the solutions at longer contact times in addition to studying over-the-counter products and nasal rinses that were not evaluated in the other study.

However, Toni Meister of Ruhr University Bochum in Germany, who led the study published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases, warned the findings do not mean mouthwash on its own can treat COVID-19. Indeed: “Gargling with a mouthwash cannot inhibit the production of viruses in the cells,” Meister said at the time, “but could reduce the viral load in the short term where the greatest potential for infection comes from, namely in the oral cavity and throat — and this could be useful in certain situations, such as at the dentist or during the medical care of COVID-19 patients.”


Meyers echoed this sentiment

“People who test positive for COVID-19 and return home to quarantine may possibly transmit the virus to those they live with,” said Meyers. “Certain professions including dentists and other health care workers are at a constant risk of exposure. Clinical trials are needed to determine if these products can reduce the amount of virus COVID-positive patients or those with high-risk occupations may spread while talking, coughing or sneezing. Even if the use of these solutions could reduce transmission by 50%, it would have a major impact.”

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The school calendar is HIGHLY subject to change due to circumstances. Please contact the school to be aware of changes.

Thank you.

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Dr. & Mrs. Anderson may schedule 2-5 additional days
(to be announced later) for In-service Training.
Visit our website at
for updated information.

    The School Calendar is subject to change.

There are no make-up days
if school is closed due to
 inclement weather.

Inclement Weather Policy:
the school will close if Fort Worth I. S. D. is closed.

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