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How Do You Grade a School? / “He Who Saves One Life … Saves The World Entire.” / 30 Things You Had No Idea Could Cause Cancer / 2020-21 School Calendar

Baby, Newborn, Baby Feet, Feet, Small

Yes! The dessert must be smaller than the child.

The dessert and the drink MUST be smaller
than the Child.

How do you grade a school?
Well, I really don’t think you should be grading a school or anything else. Remember, if you become essentially non-judgmental, you can reap the rewards of filling your Life with something called Joy.

“Judge not,
that you be not judged.
For with the judgment you pronounce
you will be judged,
and with the measure you use
it will be measured to you.”

atthew 7:1-2

Kids can grade a school, if they are so declined.
And our children are getting to be more and more inclined,
physically, as technology disables their minds and bodies.
Their thought processes have become so linear,
that they tend to attach a letter grade to everything.
And thus,
many avenues of
are prejudged and avoided.

Perhaps non-graded schools
should be the only ones
receiving a grade.
But then, they become graded.
What non-sense.
I read about schools that are pseudo-assessed
and wonder about the statistical probabilities involved.
We are all familiar with the one term paper
that was submitted to different teachers
which resulted in grades ranging from an A+ to an F
(in the same High School).

And what if you get the worst teachers
one year in one school
and have the best teachers the next year
in another school.
Can you really compare schools?
Or is Mrs. Anderson correct
in observing that a school is just as good
as the one Teacher your Child has
at this moment?

The consequences
of not using
common sense
are deadly.
The time to seriously consider
what exactly we are doing,
and not doing,
is long overdue.

My Dear Friends,
there is nothing of more value
in this entire Universe,
than our precious Children.
Child is precious
beyond our knowing.
And we are losing them.

 “He who saves one Life…
saves the World entire.”
The Talmud

Adorable, Boy, Children, Cute, Fun, GirlMy Dear Friends,
is the second leading cause of death
for children,
adolescents, and young adults
age 15-to-24-year-olds.
Suicide is a leading cause of death in the US for all ages.
It is the second leading cause of death
in college.

Suicide rates increased in nearly every state since 1999
according to the
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
click here for more information

Over one million people die by suicide
worldwide each year.
On average, one person dies by suicide
every 40 seconds.
Global suicide rates have increased 60%
in the past 45 years.
In the last reported year 2018,
there were more than two and a half times
as many suicides (48,344) in the United States
as there were homicides (18,830).
click here to read more.

And we think a virus
is the only big problem.
We are.

Adult, Mother, Daughter, Beach, Kids

Allow me to offer real considerations
for you to make when assessing
the best education and environment for your Child.
Take a look at these criteria
and let me know what you think:


1.  Pesticide FREE environment
2.  Pet Friendly
3.  Kid Friendly
4.  Homework Free
5.  Grades & Report Card Free
6.  Standardized Testing Free
7.  Academic Freedom abounds
8.  Affective Domain emphasized
9.  Higher Level Thinking Skills
Games & Activities abound
10. Joy is the number ONE objective
11. The curriculum offered is the time
       honored Classical Course of Study
12. Instruction is highly personalized
13. Level of mastery is 90% (not 70%)
14. 100% of graduates attend college

Forget the non-sense grade.
Just check it off the list and move on.

Family, Pier, Man, Woman, Children

We have given careful consideration, over many years,
to what we feel are the real considerations and concerns.
Only after we align our learning environment
and our educational philosophy
with real Life and real world considerations, do we look
for people, who Love Life and love Children,
to teach.

Family, Vacations, Together, Leisure

We give our wonderful instructors and mentors
and coffee and consideration
and then we get out of their way
and out of their classroom
(that’s called Academic Freedom,
in case you wondered what it was).
And Academic Freedom
is THE reason
schools were so wonderful
in the distant past.
If our Teachers need something, rest assured,
they will tell me.
And, if all goes well,
a Loved one will be asleep in my office.
Please knock gently on the door.
A dog may panic and feebly try to bark.
I was around when Six Flags was, well,
One Flag,
or was it a feather on a pole?
I don’t know.

So, cut me some slack.


Me too!Academic Freedom!


 We spend 50% of our waking day 

From Oxford University:
47% of ALL jobs are at risk
of being replaced by ROBOTS!

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