For Those Who Accept Truth / The Secret To Happiness And Longevity / Sept.1 School Starts

The Beautiful Gift to Humanity
that you are.

Love is the only power capable of spinning new Worlds into existence.

We start
with all the Love
we have been given,
and we arrive with the Love
we are.
And our Love
is capable of spinning
new Worlds into existence.

My Dear Friends,

is ultimately for those,
who accept Truth,
the Truth of who you are,
the Truth you come from
the Love of

Let us Thank the Lord
for the exquisite Gifts
of Life and Love.

And as we give Thanks
and Praise to our Creator,
our mind is comforted
and Life is elevated
into a deeper Realm
of inner Peace.

Love flows
like a raging river
from a purified Heart
within us.

we remember the best and Happiest
times in our Lives,
we come to know
we have been Truly Loved.
My Friend,
emanates from Love.

To get your mind
in tune
with your Heart,
enjoy the quiet,
feel the solitude.
Listen to the Beauty of the Birds
in flight,
and feel the Loving caress
of your Mother,
in the wind.

To feel at Peace,
re-balance the relationship
between your mind and your
Loving Heart,
through the Beautiful and calming
Music of Prayer,
and the acceptance of all the Blessings
of who you are.

             The magnificence of the departing Sky.

the Blessing
of your precious Life
to those around
Your Life
is a Gift.
are a Blessing
from God.
You can find
the rest and the Peace
you so long for
and deserve,
in the sweeping and Beautiful renewal
of the energy of Birds in flight,
in the Beautiful fields
of glittering gold and green so bold,
in the magnificence of the departing Sky,
in the meadows
and grasslands

that so often
you looked past

and beyond,
and thus
did deny.

                   Acceptance of who you are.

When we fail
to Love others,
it is a sign that our Heart
is not relishing enough
of the Wonder and the Blessings
of our
Beautiful Wold.

There is always
something Beautiful in the World
you can see.

“Lo, here the gentle Lark,
Weary of rest,

From his moist cabinet mounts up on high,

And wakes the morning,
From whose silver breast

The sun ariseth in his

– William Shakespeare

The Music
of Prayer and Meditation
can calm
the relentless and restless
The highest wall
you have to climb
is the one you build in your mind.
Never let your mind
talk you out of your Dreams.
are Heartfelt things.

There is always something Beautiful.

The mind
becomes the greatest obstacle
to Happiness.

Do the works of the one
you Believe yourself to be.
Live in the feeling
of Being the one you want to be,
and you shall be –

When you Believe
in yourself,
and in our Loving God
who Lives deep within
your Sacred Heart,
you find the reality
of the Beautiful Gift to Humanity
that you are.

Harvard Studied People For 75 Years And Found That Happiness And Longevity Comes From One Thing…

by Cheyenne Diaz

January 6, 2018

 This post was originally published on

 What makes a good life? Many people around the world would say fame or money or “success.” But it turns out, a good life consists of much more than that.

The Secret To Happiness And Longevity

We all want to extend our happiness and longevity — so what keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life?

If you think it’s fame and money, you’re not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Dr. Robert Waldinger, you’re mistaken. Happiness doesn’t just come from “leaning in” at work or pushing harder for achievements. It doesn’t come from hearing our names spoken about in an envious way or from seeing our face plastered on billboards.

 As Dr. Waldinger says in the video, “We’re giving the impression that these are the things we have to go after if we want a good life.” But that’s actually not true.

 And he would know. As the director of 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness and satisfaction. It’s known as the Harvard Study. And it’s the longest study of adult life that has ever been done.

 They’ve studied people who grew up in tenements, others who went to the best schools, and some who developed schizophrenia. They’ve watched as some climbed to the top of the social ladder from the bottom while others who made that journey in reverse.

 And they’ve been able to study and develop what the real picture of life looks like. It turns out that feeling connected to the people around you is the most important secret.

3 Lessons for relationships that improve your life

 If you want to invest in your best life, here are 3 tips you should consider.

1. Social connections make us happier and healthier while loneliness kills

 When you’re more socially connected to your family, your friends, your partner, and your community, you tend to be much happier and healthier. But the reverse is also true: the less connected you are and the more lonely you feel, the more vulnerable you are to an early death. And the unfortunate paradox in this day and age is that a lot of people are more connected before through technology, but less connected to real people in their lives.

2. It’s not just the number of your relationships but the quality of relationships that counts.

Just because social connections make us happier doesn’t mean you should get more of them or keep them all. Unhealthy marriages, for example, were actually almost more toxic that divorcing or staying single. It’s the quality, not the quantity, that counts.

3. Good relationships protect both our bodies
and our brains.

 Secure, attached relationships — relationships where both partners feel they can count on each other in times of need — protect our mind and our body. That doesn’t mean that you have to find a relationship where there is never any bickering or conflicts. It means that your relationship can protect you as long as you feel you can truly turn to the person you’re in a partnership with when the going gets tough.

 Take a look at the full talk to hear more about the study, as well as some practical, old-as-the-hills wisdom on how to build a fulfilling, long life.

click here to read more.

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