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One Heartbeat Away / Rear-View Mirror Thinking / No School The Week

with my deep admiration
and sincere appreciation to
Richard Fletcher.
While in Boy Scout Troop 17
many years ago,
Richard gave countless hours
of patient counseling and friendship
to this very lost young man
at the time in Life
when it was most needed.
He encouraged, guided and enabled me to
continue the struggle with Life
and later
enter broadcasting.
I become host of the
Bill Anderson Music Show at KSTB radio
and later, Announcer and News Director at KWKC radio,
Co-Host of the Curtis Stone Soul Show,
(I will share more on this eye opening/awakening chapter later)
and Staff Announcer and Host of the
On The Line” talk show simulcast over
KFMN-FM, KACC and KBLE in Abilene.
These positions in broadcasting
enabled me to work my way through College.

How well I remember
listening to Richard report on the
assassination of President John Kennedy
while tearfully sitting in the High School Library.
His compassionate reporting
inspired me enter the broadcasting profession.

when the precious Mother of Don and Billy Graves
asked that I become the Scoutmaster of Troop 57 in Abilene,
since no one was available,
I requested my friend Richard to serve in that capacity until
I became old enough to qualify.
Richard, with me as his Assistant, gladly did so.
Don and Billy continued their Scouting experience
along with many, many others.

And today,
I am very proud of Rev. Donald Graves,
of the Center for Spiritual Living in Tucson,
who delivers powerful messages in dynamic ways:

“God is all there is,
so we are by Nature a part of God,
filled with and surrounded by God.”

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Thank You

May God always
abide with you.
Your Life
is truly
a Blessing.

my friends,
ripples through
It never dies.

are one Heartbeat away
from the next moment
in someone’s

the Violin
of your Heart
can play
for an Eternity,
if only
you let it be.

My Dear Friends,
the clutter, noise and superficial busyness
of our Life today
can rob us of enjoyment and the Wonder
of the Beautiful World around us.

take the time
to simplify Living
and reconnect with each other.

Each one of us
possesses the innate desire
to see the Beauty
that surrounds us
more clearly

.A telephone call
to an old friend,
to someone in need
of hearing a caring voice,
offers you a brief vacation.
It offers a new perspective
on what is truly important.

It can unplug you
from the illusions of the moment
and recharge your Heart
in a Beautiful way.

Our way of Life,
our values,
and the Gifts we have been given,
can only be sustained
and passed on to countless
if we are

The atmosphere
we create around us
brings out the Beauty of our Being,
with genuine smiles and Loving experience.
Each moment we are gifted
is a precious Pearl
that can be made
truly memorable.


Rear-View Mirror Thinking
by Carl Phillips

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“It’s not the daily increase
but daily decrease.
Hack away at the unessential”
Bruce Lee

My name is Carl Phillips.

After a period of reflection several years ago, I realized I was accumulating more in my life.

More things that didn’t matter.

More commitments I wasn’t truly passionate about keeping.

More friction!

So, I started to take some action.  That action has meant:

In short, the quality of my Life has improved. 

I have concerned myself a whole lot less with the need to keep up.  I march (or relax) to my own drum.  I feel happier and like I am on a path of my own setting.  

Many of us spend a large part of our lives looking back.

Thinking about how things once were. How fewer lines we had on our faces yesterday.

What we could do, that we no longer can. What we could have done differently, if given time over again.

Choices made, we would like to unmake. How we could have dealt with a situation better. How we could have changed an outcome.

Whilst time for reflection, learning our lessons and trying not to repeat our mistakes are all to be applauded, too much time spent looking to the past means we start to miss where we are now. This rear-view mirror bias will eventually catch up to us.

Regret is never likely to fuel our best selves but can become a constant companion, if we always look back. And all too often, when we look back, we do so with a rose tinted view. Glorifying the past at the expense of today.

The inconvenient truth, yesterday is gone. Last week and last year are even further gone. We’ll never get them back. Moments in time that have now passed.

We can make peace with that or we can fight it. What we cannot do is alter the fact.

Making Peace with Time
What if we focused our energy on the now instead? What if we committed to learn our lessons but worked on making today the best it can be?

What if we let go of the shackles of the past and concentrated on the present? Investing ourselves fully in this moment.

What if we made peace with time?

What if we let go of our rear-view mirror bias?

                                    Anderson Private School
                                            School Calendar

Second Semester  Jan. 7 – May 22
Until at least April 6                   No school by order of the Governor
April 10 & 13 (Friday & Mon.)    Good Friday and Easter (No school)
April 28 (Tuesday)                    Trip to Scarborough Renaissance Festival (If school is in session)
May 4 & 5 (Mon. & Tues.)         Shakespeare Play (at school if in session)
May 18 (Monday)                      Preparation Day for Adventure Trip
May 19 – 22                              Adventure Trip
May 22                                      Last Day of Semester

Dr. & Mrs. Anderson may schedule 2-5 additional days
(to be announced later) for In-service Training.
Visit our website at
for updated information.


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