Every Moment Will Redefine Life / Atex Trash Service / Friday Trip: Main Event

Our mind is filled with distractions.

The coldest wind
that could ever blow,
will warm
in the glow
that you know
someone cares.

Somewhere in space
between our Heart
and our mind,

we hang

we only appear to be floating.
We are, in fact, accelerating
toward or away from
one another.
Our velocity is so high,
our Time so short,
we may miss each other,
and go
in a circle
toward no one
and nowhere.

Whether we meet,
is a chance
we take,
that someone will

             Left to wave goodbye.

The violence we see
and in our very violent History
day after day after day,
is one precious someone
lost at sea
with no sight
of the shore,
no one
to care,
no one to share,
no one
to dare
to Love.

To brighten up
the darkest night,
and be
one of your Dreams
come true,

turn on the Light


moment of our precious
will redefine
And each moment

is never
to be again.

                Turn on the Light of Love.

When portraits
are hung on empty walls
of beating Hearts,
and just the
leaves of the trees
are left to
wave goodbye,
it’s the
that’s in

The Light
of our Star,
reflects what we see
in your eyes.
But somewhere

deep in
our very Human Heart,
begins and ends.

The Spiritual knowledge
we gain

from coming to know
who we really are,
can gently unfold
in our Sacred Heart,
our troubled mind.

            A door of awareness.

one thing
will make the Soul
and heal
that which is
And that thing

we are

far, far more
than we shall ever

Glory be to God,
who by His mighty power at work
within us
is able to do far more
we would ever dare to ask
or even dream of

infinitely beyond our highest Prayers,
desires, thoughts, or hopes.
Ephesians 3:20

Our thoughts and worries
trouble us so.
But when
our Hearts become
consciously present enough
in this precious moment,
we can recognize an opening
when it occurs,
and step through a door of awareness,
to more clearly see
our mind is filled with distractions,
creating the illusions
of Life.

                 Every Sunrise felt.

was never meant
to be lived
in the mind
leaving you
all alone,
but in our Sacred Heart
where God’s resides
with Love
for you
and me.

Every Sunrise
felt by your fragile Heart,
every thought
of another,
every Blessing your Life bestows
upon someone
less fortunate than you,
is a portal
to a redefining moment –
a moment that can again discern
and distinguish

My Dear Friends,
The Great Truths
are simple.
And so are

are made of
the quiet Earth
and Sacred Running Waters,
from the Whirling Flame
of God’s Love.
And one day
we shall surely return.


                       Truths are simple.

allow me to highly recommend:
Atex Trash Service

Family Owned and Operated community service has an outstanding reputation. They truly take care of the community that we live in. They are locally owned and offer very dependable service. I can personally attest to that. There is no contract, no hidden fees (you know, for a dumpster, etc., etc., etc.)

Nobody works harder for their customers and for our Community!
I cannot recommend anyone more highly than this hard working, beautiful family. For many years, I have been truly proud to call them my friends and neighbors. And so will you!

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