This Beautiful Gift of Life / Tomorrow for Home / Sept. 3 (Tuesday) is the First Day of Fall Semester

“Thank you”
men and women of God,
especially our
Pastors, Priests, Reverends, Rabbis and Ministers,
such as the much admired Rev. Donald Graves.
His precious Life
is Healing so many people in Tucson.
His Science of Mind community
brings Light to darkness.

The men and women of God
have given their Lives
to spread the Precious Word of Salvation.
We salute the courage, humility, Love and dedication
of these men and women
who keep alive

You have
our sincere appreciation
and Love.

Thank you.

To grasp the full significance
of the wondrous Gift of Life,
is to add value
to it.
For this Beautiful Gift
of Life,
is the Gift
of Love.

And although it is
difficult to comprehend
what Love is,
we know it
when we feel
nothing else.
happens anywhere,
at any time,
when we least
expect it.

Where there is Love,
there is

My Dear Friends,
we have reasons
to be here.
is to learn
who we really are,
and to grow
from knowing.

is to evolve
toward the understanding
that we are all

has given us
the Gift of
each other.
And our Life
at its best,
is a daily unwrapping
of His Present
to each of us.

“The water is wide,
I can’t cross over.

And neither have I
wings to fly.

Give me a boat,
that can carry two.

And boat shall row,
my Love and I.”
James Taylor, D. Grolnick

………    The Gift of each other.

Our Children
quicken to Life
for so short
a Time.
if we are open
and accepting
to all that Life
with them
has to offer,
our Youth
is renewed.

we are in Love
with Life,
we are open
to all
it has to offer,
with acceptance
and excitement
and a passion
for Living.

                    A passion for Living.

If you
want to know
the secret
to a happy Life,
watch your Children
at play.
And then,
play with them.
They know
far, far more
about Life
and Living
than we will ever
They will give you
a reason to Live
and a reason to Live happily,
you let them.

What we do
has little real value.
And we
are not even

are you Living for?
And how miserable
has that made you?

Our Journey of Life
can have
a much, much more
fulfilling purpose.

can be simple,
and filled with
Love –
Love so right,
you forget
you are Home.

The Precious Gift
of Life,
is a Gift,
a Gift of

Open it.


…………………….Open it.

Tomorrow for Home

Our children are born of America’s Freedom.
They are the birthright of Liberty’s Hope.
Our family harbors the fleet of our Nation,
With ships set to sail for Destiny’s Home.

As we hoist sail on the mast of our Dreaming,
And steer our course toward keeping us free,
With no oar in the water or sail bent skyward,
Shall we cross over the deepening sea?

Can we stay the course of our country’s freedom,
If we cannot keep our sight on the shore?
The sea of Tomorrow will billow and swallow
The Nations of people who can do no more.

Without the Vision to cherish our children
Having no courage their cause to put forth,
The Captain won’t sail the ship of our Nation;
He shall never steer us to destiny’s port.

With sails unfurled for the Winds our yearning,
With no greater Love than we show our own,
The Captain won’t cut the ship from her mooring;
He shall never sail her Tomorrow for Home.

christmas card 1992 back-cCopyright 1992
words & music by
Wm. C. Anderson
& Annie A. Anderson

2019-20 Anderson School Calendar

First Semester

Sept. 3 – Dec. 20   2019

Sept. 3 (Tuesday)                              First Day of Semester
Final Calendar dates: To Be Arranged.

Dr. & Mrs. Anderson may schedule 2-5 additional days
(to be announced later) for In-service Training.
Visit our website at
for updated information.

    The School Calendar is subject to change.

There are no make-up days
if school is closed due to
 inclement weather.

Inclement Weather Policy:
the school will close if Fort Worth I. S. D. is closed.

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