Written on the Walls of Your Heart / Best Supplements to Fight Cancer / Sept. 3 (Tuesday) is the First Day of Fall Semester

“How much better to get Wisdom
than gold,
to choose Understanding
rather than silver.”
– Proverbs 16:16

mirrors Joy,
hate is the
mirror of Love,
and death –
the mirror of

are not opposites,
and they
are not the same.

They are
deep abiding
that let us see
into who we really are,
what we truly need,
and what we Believe
Infinite Processions
that grow
into one another.

                    Deep abiding reflections.

are from Seeds
planted by the
Hand of God –
growing into Wisdom,
Understanding, Compassion
and Forgiveness.

The seeds of Love
must be planted
to be harvested
And they can be,
by the Word of God
My Dear Friends,
the Word of God,
is Perfect Seed.

“The Kingdom of God
is like a Man who
scatters seed on the ground.
Night and day he sleeps and wakes,
and the seed sprouts and grows,
though he knows not how.”
Mark 4:26-27

There is
in each of us
a Sacred Child-like Spirit,
when we truly dedicate ourselves
to remembering and reclaiming
our forgotten and abandoned

          Love does not grow old.

Within you
dwells Infinite Wisdom
of the ages,
and a Sacred Creative Force
of all that is,
all that will be,
and ever was.

Infinite Processions that grow into one another.

In our search
to be completely
to feel, to give,
to take, to laugh, to get lost,
to be found, to sing and dance,
to be so very Human,
and to Love,
we can discover
the Purity and Sanctity
of Life.

Let us Pray
to continue to explore
and embrace
the Sacredness of Existence,
so that we may see
all the Beauty
that dwells deep within
Human Heart.

        Sacred Child-like Spirit.

on the walls
of your Heart
a Love Letter.

read it.
My Dear Friends,
does not grow old.
We do.


12 of the best supplements to fight cancer
by Chris Woollams
click here to read more

Certain bioactive compounds, found in foods, are known to have strong epigenetic (cancer correcting) benefits. Supplements concentrate those benefits.

Dr. Young S. Kim of the National Cancer Institute studied Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) which lie at the heart of cancers. She showed in her 2012 research that a poor diet could help CSCs re-grow into a full tumour again after chemotherapy had reduced it by even 70 per cent. However, she also showed that certain bioactive compounds could prevent this re-growth. She talked of suforaphanes, curcumin, pipeline, vitamins A and E, genistein, theanine, choline, EGCG from green tea and others and she went on to add that you could obtain from quality supplements. Who are we to argue?

Although European and American research has shown a ’small but significant’ prevention factor (of about 7 per cent), we are not going to recommend you take a multivitamin and mineral if you already have the disease. Why? because the vitamins are usually synthetic and deficient, and the minerals include iron, which is known to help cancer cells thrive.

We think there are much stronger compounds to take:


The number 1 supplement*: Long chain omega 3 is essential for cellular health, control of local inflammation, longevity and much, much more. Research shows supplementation, because it is daily and dose-controlled, actually provides more benefit than eating oily fish. Fish oils reduce the risk of cachexia, and can reduce polyps, the precursors to colorectal cancer.


Helps displace heavy metals from the body. Anti-oxidant mineral recognised more and more as essential in the fight against cancer; for example, German research shows it lowers prostate cancer risk.


Powerful immune system booster. But take a natural form that ideally combines all 4 tocopherols and all 4 tocotrienols. You simply cannot eat the daily quantities shown to be effective in scientific studies.


Rather than take vitamin A, go for superfood chlorella. People simply do not eat enough ’greens’, and chlorella is a ’super-green’. Wonderful source of both natural cis- and trans-beta-carotene, minerals and vitamin B-12, especially important if you employ a meat-free diet. This is how to get your vitamin A; your body will make what it wants from beta-carotene.


The number 1 supplement*. If you cannot get a couple of hours in the sunshine every day, you should consider supplementation of 5000IUs, as recommended by Harvard medical School. This vitamin is actually a hormone and has been shown to activate the immune system, reduce the risk of cancer and even correct cancer cells in research studies.


Research shows antioxidant, anti-ageing, anti-cancer benefits  levels in tissues decline as you age. Essential to your mitochondria, US research clearly shows you can recapture the levels of your youth by supplementation.  Max 50 mgs a day.  Above is wasted.

“At last, the definitive book on a diet to fight cancer, backed by real research” Mrs BS DevonClick here to read about it.


Shown in the American VITAL study to be the top anti-oxidant commonly available. It is an OPC, and Pine Bark Extract (another OPC but not in the research study) may be even better.


The Number 1 supplement* equal with vitamin D and fish oils. Research shows a variety of health benefits; an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, this spice (Turmeric) seems to play a strong role in a number of anti-cancer pathways, and in other illnesses too. Prof. Aggarwal of MD Anderson claims he does not know a cancer it does not have a positive effect against. Take with olive oil and black pepper (pipeline) for maximum absorption.


B Vitamins are essential for correct cellular division and replication apart from playing a role in the nervous system and many of the senses. A pre-cursor to diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer has been shown to be the build up of Homocystein levels in the body. B Vitamins can keep this under control. Normally your gut bacteria MAKE your B vitamins (if you feed them fibrous foods). But after antibiotics and chemo, your gut bacteria will not be functioning properly.


Seems to play a prevention role in everything from dementia to strokes to cancer. It is now know to act as a pro drug with the CYP1B1 gene in cancer cells. The gene turns it in to picetannol whig kills the cancer cell. Research is coming thick and fast on this natural compound found in organic red grape skins.


Again, new research abounds on the abilities of this compound to block the ’velcro patches’ on the outside of cancer cells, reducing their abilities to stick to each other and to new tissues. This reduces metastases.


I3C can convert aggressive oestradiol into a safer sister, and even modify oestrogen receptor sites on cells (much like Tamoxifen) and prevent dangerous oestrogens binding there. But it also works against non-oestrogenic cancers via the p27 pathway. Research shows clear benefits in Triple Negative Breast Cancer
It is important that you look for a source of naturally-sourced supplements. Many cheaper products are synthetic and limited in their content. Some research studies have indicated such synthetic products have dubious abilities. If you have already decided to supplement, you may want to see what supplements are available on www.ournaturalselection.com (in the UK) who supply all natural products.

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