There Is So Much More / Adventure Trip / School Resumes Sept. 3

There is so much more
of Life
to Live,
when we choose
not to take,
but to give.

My Dear Friends,
Love grows
by giving.
In all of
giving is part
of Life
and Living.

“Love grows by giving.
The Love we give away
is the only Love we keep.

The only way to retain Love
is to give it away.”

Elbert Hubbard

There is Truth
in our tears,
and lies
in all the years
of never knowing

The purpose
God has for us,
to know
what Love is.
shall never perish,
for we
are always in the Shadow
of God’s Heart.

Your feet know
they want you
to go.

everywhere you went,
you have been there
perhaps it’s time
to take another
to tomorrow,
to act out
a part
never written
FOR you.

Reflecting deeply
upon where you
have been,
you are still

            To know what Love is.

is a Beautiful
of Time unending,
and Love
ever giving,
of God

The Living Waters
of our Sacred Lives,
pour down
from Heaven above.
In processions of
precious dreams they
to sculpt and shape
the many forms of
into which we
are made.

The Brotherhood of
lies beyond the boundaries
of you
and me.
It dwells
in the Land
of us
and we.

When the Rivers
of our Hearts
join as one,
and pour their contents
the Vast Ocean
of God’s Love,
will become

To see
with the eyes
of a Child,
and feel
with the Heart
of an Infant,
is to understand
the essential Sacredness
of all things.


      Feel with the Heart of an Infant.

is the Beauty of Life.
It is sunshine.
It is the smile of a child, the Love of a mother,
the joy of a father,
the togetherness of a family.
It is the advancement of man,
the victory of a just cause,
the triumph of Truth.”
Menachem Begin

                  Adventure Trip participants

Our Adventure Trip
was a wonderful experience. We visited the Inner Space Caverns, enjoyed a tour of the Capitol and a tour of South Congress Avenue, watched the Bats fly from the Statesman Bat Observation Center, played at the ZDT Amusement Park and toured the Bob Bullock State History Museum.

Our gratitude goes to Mac Cooper for planning a wonderful adventure for everyone. And thank you parents for the tremendous support during our trip. You are deeply appreciated.

2019-20 Anderson School Calendar

First Semester

Sept. 3 – Dec. 20   2019

Sept. 3 (Tuesday)                              First Day of Semester
Final Calendar dates: To Be Arranged.

Dr. & Mrs. Anderson may schedule 2-5 additional days
(to be announced later) for In-service Training.
Visit our website at
for updated information.

    The School Calendar is subject to change.

There are no make-up days
if school is closed due to
 inclement weather.

Inclement Weather Policy:
the school will close if Fort Worth I. S. D. is closed.

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