Far Better Than Our Dreams / Much Ado About Nothing

As we read
between the lines
of Life,
echoes of
open a window
in the dark of night,
to let us see

We see
in the night,
by feeling this

We are particles
each other,
by the Love
of God.

is a mirror
of the Soul.

          Particles reflecting each other.

The arch
of rising
becomes a Beautiful Rainbow
in your Sky,
reflecting the vibrant colors
of the will to be.

My Dear Friends,
what we are,
and all we truly
long to be.
can only be
as deep
as our acceptance
of our Self,
as our acceptance
of the Love
that is you
and me.

We chase
through the spiraling unwind,
as our Lives
revolve around,
and spill into,
each other.

there are other
Laws of gravity
that lead us,
through Prayer,
to the Harmony
of the

As we remember
to forget
and thus Live
to forgive,
our Garden of Flowers,
painted with passersby,
is filled
with their

The Beauty of Life
lead us to realize
the Reality
of God’s Love
is far better
than our dreams.


Our Theatrical performances
on Monday and Tuesday evenings
were, again, Truly Beautiful.

I never cease to be
deeply moved and impressed
by our talented students
under the Loving Direction
of our gifted Teacher
and Director
George X Rodriguez.

God never ceases
to provide a Colorful World
filled with warmth and a healthy dose of
vibrant Beauty for our audiences,
as our precious Children
perform in the Natural Beauty of
God’s great outdoors.

I am in awe of such talent
as we were witness to
this week.
Last night’s production of
Much Ado About Nothing
by William Shakespeare,
was simply

My sincere appreciation
and admiration
goes to our truly gifted children,
our gracious parents
and George X Rodriguez.
You are a
Treasured Inspiration
to everyone.

Thank You!

      George X Rodriguez

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