Perishable and Momentary / Precious Moments / Friday and Monday: Easter Holidays (NO school)

As Rivers
of Time
into Oceans
of Life,
Wisdom and understanding
are imparted in many spheres
of thought.

So much of Life is
and misunderstood.
It is difficult
to navigate Life
under these circumstances.
And many
never succeed.

It is difficult to navigate Life.

God made us
to be
Eternally Joyful.
And the Holy Bible
is God’s Guidebook
to Joy.
It is
a Divine Prescription
to a Happy Life.

What it prescribes
brings Infinite Joy.

“You lead me in the path of Life;
I experience absolute Joy
in Your Presence;
You always give me sheer delight.”
Psalm 16:11

My Dear Friends,
true happiness
can never be achieved
through perishable and momentary
Worldly things.
Eternal Happiness,
unending Joy and Contentment,
is realizing
self and God.

     Choose to observe it and give it LIFE.

Quantum mechanics
states that particles do not assume velocity or position
until they are observed.
There is no existence without
The physical world exists
as sensory data in the perception of the mind,
not as a substance or a thing
in itself.

in the LORD with all your Heart,
and do not lean on your own
Proverbs 3:5

My Friends,
we must bend our fragile minds
to the Will of God
and to the real Nature of His World
to become wiser tomorrow
than we are today.

“Get Wisdom; get insight;
do not forget,
and do not turn away
from the Words of My Mouth.”
Proverbs 4:5 

It is difficult to comprehend
that everything on Earth
will not exist in a definite form
it is observed,
until YOU
will it into existence.

Nothing in your Life
will exist,
until YOU
choose to observe it
and give it

                          Find Beauty in Life.

Our Happiness
is built upon the foundation
of a calm, stable mind
that lives in the present moment
and finds Beauty in Life
at every step.

Living in the moment
is not easy.
Our thoughts can become overwhelmed
by regrets about the past
or anxiety about the future.
These thoughts make it very hard,
if not impossible,
to enjoy the present –
to truly Live
in THIS very precious

We simply cannot and must not
live in the past,
which we can never alter,
or in a future
that may never exist.

A healthy and positive mental state
which leads to Happiness
MUST include:

and Generosity.


“When consciousness is disengaged from objects,
Liberation from the forms
of the World-containing Space, of Time, and of Law
is attained.”
Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Precious Moments

Life provides us with a few moments,
precious moments,
to capture a reflection of Real Love.
And today I share one of those with you
in the photograph of Scarlett
with one of her many friends.
The student is Katy.
And she is the Child
that brought tears to my eyes
one day
with the softly spoken and gentle words,
“I miss Scarlett”.

I miss her too.

Our friends,
be they large or small,
children or pets,
wild ducks or even a small spider
hard at work spinning an intricate web,
teach us so much about Love and laughter
and Life.
They teach us to greet each day with Joy,
to have fun and play
and savor the the flavors of Life.
And importantly,
they teach us to be kind.
They are among Life’s greatest teachers.
And the greatest lesson they offer
is to Love one another

in her dying breath,
as I held her in my trembling arms,
taught me one last lesson –
that Life is brief
at best.

We need to open up our arms
and never pass by
any living creature
without sharing a moment of Joy,
for Tomorrow may


                  Katy and Scarlett                              sharing a precious moment of Joy.

In Philosophy Class
this week:

2018-19 Anderson School Calendar

Second Semester

January 8 – May 24   2019

April 19 & 22 (Friday & Monday       Easter Holidays (NO school)

April 19 & 22 (Fri. & Mon.)                Good Friday & Easter Holidays

April 30, (Tuesday)                            Scarborough Renaissance Festival

May 1                                               Tuition balance due for 2019-2020

May 20                                               Prep. Day for Adventure Trip        …………………………………………………….(no school)

May 21 – 24                                        Adventure Trip (Austin, Texas)

May 24                                                Last Day of Semester

Dr. & Mrs. Anderson may schedule 2-5 additional days
(to be announced later) for In-service Training.
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for updated information.

    The School Calendar is subject to change.

There are no make-up days
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 inclement weather.

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