We Flow From The Shadow / Foods You Should Just Never Eat / Friday: Playful Corp. in McKinney

Moments have wings
one by one
they all fly

As we journey
we search for a place
in Love’s fragile Heart,
where we
But the ebb and flow
of emotions deep and wide,
like the Ocean’s
every line of every shore
we come to Love
and adore.

Love is meant
to be.
Just as eyes
were meant
to see.
Just as
a pure river of water
through you and me,
a Pure River
of Love
flows from God
to every one on
to each of us,
to the individual,
and the collective
In the time
we have so little of,
we cannot describe
the Light of the Sun
that opens up
our Eyes,
or the Light of Love
that opens
the Human Heart.

Can we see
Can we see
Our brick walls
are made of flesh.
Nothing we have
is real
without the Heart
giving cause
to the mind.

From the chaos
of Life and living
we are coming
into view.
We may
put to rest
the body,
but we can
bury the Heart
and all the Blessed Love
it brought into

is made with the Light
that heals the Heart
with Love.

We cannot describe the Light.

Only Love,
for ourselves and
for others,
helps us understand
who we are
and why
we come into
the Blessed Light of

We flow
from the shadow
of now,
into a form
of what will

Everything in
everything in you
and me,
can be translated
and transcended.
The walls
that house
are what they

  “The most precious Light Mehmet Murat ildan
is the one that visits you
  in your darkest hour!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

The moment
left to itself,
will begat nothing
but this
It does not
lead to the next,
but to what is
of this moment.

The caterpillar does not become a butterfly by telling everybody it has wings. It buries itself in darkness and grows wings.

the Love of God
into your Being,
you will never
“I am
no longer
who I am.”


  “These Magnificent Beings of Light
are all around,Rhonda Byrne
 emanating the energy of Love.
  Seeing them,
feeling their Love, 
gets me through
Life’s most challenging moments.”
Rhonda Byrne

A few months back, a website called Trueactivist.com (a sort of news aggregator with an activist flavor) published a list of nine foods you should never eat again if you care at all about your long-term health. Each of the nine foods mentioned ranged from the somewhat surprising to the “I stopped eating that crap years ago” category. Here is what was on that list:

White Bread, Refined Flours
Conventional Frozen Meals
White Rice
Microwaveable Popcorn
Cured Meat Products with Nitrates
Most Conventional Protein Bars
Soy Milk and Soy-Based Meat Substitutes
Diet Anything

Each of these listed above were accompanied by a paragraph explaining how toxic they are, or how nutritionally vacant they may be. But this got me thinking…only nine foods? Off the top of my head I could think of at least ten more, including Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino. But beyond such specifics, I wanted to add an additional eleven to make an even-numbered list of 20 forbidden foods. These were all selected on account that they are bad for your health and offer little in return. I skipped over items that were just poorly managed, unsustainable, or just plain bad for the environment (that could easily be another list of fifty or more). So here goes:

Conventionally Grown Berries (due to the abundance of pesticides used)
Deep Fried Foods (due to the fact that they are loaded with saturated fat)
Conventional Fruit-Flavored Yogurt (loaded with more sugar than many sodas)
Pop Tarts (loaded with fat and sugar)
Vitamin Water (also loaded with tons of sugar)
Mayonnaise (just too much fat)
Store-Bought Muffins (loaded with fat and sugar)
White Pasta (lacking any real nutrition)
Canned Tomatoes or Tomato Sauce (the acid of the tomatoes leaches BPA from the can)
Artificial Sweeteners (They can increase your appetite and create severely adverse health effects)
Conventionally Produced Meat (too many reasons to list)

And there is a lot more where that came from. What else can or would you add to this list? Is there anything you think has been unfairly demonized?

8 of the Worst Foods for Your Body
Top 10 Riskiest Foods

In Philosophy Class
this week:

2018-19 Anderson School Calendar

Second Semester

January 8 – May 24   2019

Feb. 1                                               Tuition Deposit was due for 2019-2020

March 1                                             Trip to Playful Corp. in McKinney

Mar. 8 (Friday)                                  Texas Storytelling Festival in Denton

Mar. 11 – 15                                       Spring Break Holidays

April 19 & 22 (Fri. & Mon.)                Good Friday & Easter Holidays

April 30, (Tuesday)                            Scarborough Renaissance Festival

May 1                                                 Tuition balance due for 2019-2020

May 20                                               Prep. Day for Adventure Trip        …………………………………………………….(no school)

May 21 – 24                                        Adventure Trip

May 24                                                Last Day of Semester

Dr. & Mrs. Anderson may schedule 2-5 additional days
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