A Strange Concealed Order / Gum Disease May Be the Cause of Alzheimer’s / Friday: Half Price Books and a Movie

 We have a choice
an Eternal Reality
or a Reality Created by something
A Universe Eternal
or an Eternal Creator.

Jonathan Edwards,
Theologian and philosopher
and stimulator of the religious revival
known as the ” Great Awakening” in the eighteen century,
beautifully summarized this:

“Something exists.
Nothing cannot create something.
a necessary and Eternal

Far beyond nothing,
My Friend,
are everything.
Everything to someone.
Everything to God.
And thus
shall always be.
Child of God.
Eternally Blessed
above all things
Great and small.

are Loved above everything,
Like a Child
in the eyes of a Mother,
YOU are deeply Loved
in the Eyes
of God,
your Father.

  Mark Paul Rios “Our eyes are the Light of our Soul…
how bright is that Light
when we look upon God’s goodness
and gracious ways…

his Blessings are found
in every aspect
of our lives!
Be blessed!”
Mark Paul Rios

The World is indeed stranger
than anything our rational mind
can grasp.
A strange concealed order
is now being revealed
by chaos theory,
from which
patterns emerge,
such as the Mandelbrot set,
of which every magnification reveals
more elaborate layers repeating
in more and more complexity.
These patterns illustrate Infinity,
and represent the incredible
creative and energetic complexity
of reality.

Progressive infinite iterations of the “Nautilus” section of the Mandelbrot Set.

The more we explore new avenues
of thought,
of what appears to be
the more illusory our Universe
seems to be.
And as we contemplate
this widening web of illusion,
we are taken ever closer to the
of Human awareness.

We come to realize
more and more,
that explanations of the Infinite
cannot be attained using finite
minds or means.

In our search for something
which may help
in our understanding,
we can contemplate Godel’s theorem,
which states that it is not possible
to know everything about a particular situation
from within that situation.
We must be in a position
outside the arena
of specified activity.

And as our viewpoint widens,
there comes a deeper perspective
which will yield more information.
It is not possible in the rational world
to reach that point
where the highest perspective
has been reached.

.Our minds
can intellectualize intricate
and complex thoughts,
but never truly understand
from within the confines
of our own perspectives
we consider

We must
step outside our world
of physical illusion
before the veil of shadows
begins to lift.

“For My Thoughts are
not your thoughts,
neither are your ways My Ways,
declares the Lord.
For as the Heavens
are higher than the Earth,

so are My Ways
higher than your ways
and My Thoughts
than your thoughts.”
Isaiah 55:8-9

In ancient times
those who addressed
the Spiritual side of Nature,
gained their insight by moving beyond
the confines of the rational physical world.

The Believers and Spiritual Sages
of ancient days
gone far by,
gained access by deep meditation
to a perspective beyond the physical,
to attain a more complete picture
of the physical realm.

“But what is “the Light”?
It is the Love of God in you…
Love is the Life and Light of the Spirit,
it’s fruit is righteousness, kindness and truth.
What was hidden from you since the beginning.
This is not religion.
The truth sets you free.
Know the truth…
because you can lose it.”

we stay within the illusion of physical reality,
it is not possible
using its own internal methods
and concepts,
to understand it.
by looking from a higher level of awareness,
beyond the boundaries of
“physical illusion’,
we can escape the constraints
imposed on us
by our finite physical world.
Access to this awareness
is beyond intellectual activity.
Our intellect can only
confirm its existence.

The clarity we seek
lies deep within us.

The door
may open


Gum disease may be the cause of Alzheimer’s
By Clare Wilson and Debora MacKenzie
in New Scientist
read more

My Dear Friends,
here is a VERY GOOD reason to go to the dentist
and get your teeth professionally cleaned

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