Lonely Isn’t Only The Number One / The Length of Life Using The Hours of ONE Day / 2018-19 School Calendar


isn’t only
the number
For no one
ever counts to

But there is
a lonelier place
to be,
than to be
It is to be one,
without knowing
you are deeply Loved.

My Dear Friends,
one and one
is far, far more
than two.
One and one
is an
infinite number,
when in Love.

An Infinite number.

of our precious Hearts
have stopped
For Love
cannot live
in the shadow
of Life.

  No one ever counts to none.

melts not
the Human Heart,
residing in the dark.
The Flame of Life
the Spark
of Love.
And True Love
is Divine.

To be alive
is to live
in Love –
Joyously, Boldly, Bravely –
to become
and live Life
with the beat
of a Beautiful Melody
that pierces the sound
of silence,
and fills the Soul
with Rapture
and Glory.

               True Love never dies.

can never say goodbye
to Love.
True Love
never dies.
And neither will
in the warm Embrace
of God’s
Eternal Love.

“Love never dies.
Inspired speech will be over some day;
praying in tongues will end;
understanding will reach its limit.
We know only a portion of the Truth,
and what we say about God is always incomplete.
But when the Complete arrives,

our incompletes will be canceled.”
Corinthians 13:8-10

is worth living,
but ONLY
worth living,
if in the throes of the Love
you are
and breathing,
and sharing,
and living.


The Value of Time.

Dr. Leslie Weatherhead
calculated the average length of a life
using the hours of one day
to illustrate the importance of recognizing
the value of time.

He concluded
that if your age is 15, the time is 10:25 a.m.
If your age is 20, the time is 11:34.
If your age is 25, the time is 12:42 p.m.
If you’re 30, the time is 1:51.
If you’re 35, the time is 3:00.
If you’re 40 the time is 4:08.
At age 45, the time is 5:15.
If you’re 50, the time is 6:25.
By age 55, the time is 7:24.
If you’re 60, the time is 8:42.
If you’re 65, the time is 9:51.
And if you you’re 70 the time is 11 p.m.

It may be
getting late.

Nobel Prize-winning physicist
Charles H. Townes
truthfully admitted,
‘they [Religion and science]
both represent man’s efforts
to understand his universe
and must ultimately be dealing with the same substance.
As we understand more in each realm,
the two must grow together…
converge they must

Click here
to enjoy
a beloved favorite piece:

“The Seal Lullaby”
by Eric Whitacre
& The Eric Whitacre Singers

It is Simply breathtaking.
From the album Light & Gold
(available on Amazon and iTunes).

   This baby has my Seal of approval.

Seal Lullaby – Poem by Rudyard Kipling

Oh! hush thee, my baby, the night is behind us,
And black are the waters that sparkled so green.
The moon, o’er the combers, looks downward to find us
At rest in the hollows that rustle between.
Where billow meets billow, there soft be thy pillow;
Ah, weary wee flipperling, curl at thy ease!
The storm shall not wake thee, nor shark overtake thee,
Asleep in the arms of the slow-swinging seas.

Remember to Click here
to enjoy the Beautiful Music and lyrics.

2018-19 Anderson School Calendar

First Semester

September 4 – December 21   2018

Sept. 4 (Tuesday)                              First Day of First Semester

Oct 8 (Monday)                                 Columbus Day Holiday

Nov. 19 – 23                                       Thanksgiving / Fall Break

T. B. A.                                              Texas A.G.T. Conference (no school)

Dec. 21 (Friday)                                 Last Day of Fall Semester

Dec. 24 – Jan. 7                                  Winter Break Holidays

Second Semester

January 8 – May 24   2019

Jan. 8 (Tuesday)                                 Second Semester begins

Jan. 21 (Monday)                               Rev. Dr. Martin L. King Holiday

Feb. 18 (Monday)                               President’s Day Holiday

Mar. 11 -15                                         Spring Break Holidays

April 19 & 22 (Fri. & Mon.)                 Good Friday & Easter Holidays

May 20                                                Prep. Day for Adventure Trip                                                                       (no    school)

May 21 – 24                                        Adventure Trip

May 24                                                Last Day of Semester

  Dr. & Mrs. Anderson may schedule 2-5 additional days
(to be announced later) for In-service Training.
Visit our website at
for updated information.

              The School Calendar is subject to change.
There are no make-up days
if school is closed due to
              inclement weather.

Inclement Weather Policy:
the school will close if Fort Worth I. S. D. is closed.

(Calendar 2018-2019 / approved 7-29-18)

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