Forever Is Not A Measure Of Time / To What End? / Friday Trip: Rollerland West & the Antique Mall

We become
impoverished by ignorance,
depraved by arrogance,
thinking we know
than we may be
aware of.

“But when He,
the Spirit of Truth,
He will guide you
into all the Truth.”
– John 16:13
We never fully realize
that the whole
is more
than the sum
of its parts,
that being lost
brings us the
to be found,
that to be held
in the warm Embrace
of God
is to be nourished
by our Mother
our hair brushed by the wind,
our eyes
fixed on the Truth
revealed by
His Holy Word.

man and woman

are patterned of the whole,
be it of creed, race, age, religion,
that the whole is greater then the sum.”
– Kevin Patrick
When God
Lights up the Sky
with the setting of the Sun,
He is really
setting Fire to your

            Love always is, and will always be.

God’s Love
is a fiery thing.
It illumines
even the darkest night,
casting no shadow
on Earthly things,
setting what is wrong
on the path
to make it

never blind,
can always see.
Shining like a Star,
the Light of our Love
glows ever brightly
from the East
of yesterday,
to the West
of tomorrow.

Close your eyes
that you may see,
always is,
and will always

                          Setting Fire to your Heart.

Forever is not
a measure of time,
you cannot measure
that which
does not exist.
Forever is a
that long after you are gone,
the Love in your Heart
will still exist.

“To whatever extent or way
we may speak of time flowing,
then to that extent time flows
from the future into the past.
The current of time brings the future
into the present
and the present
into the past.”
– Bob Enyart
Pastor, Denver Bible Church
read more

The coast
of our only,
often lonely,
isolated Island
pretends not to be,
to be no one.
It can appear bare,
needing to homeward

                          To the West of tomorrow.

Close your eyes
So that you may see.
Open your heart,
That you may fully

And please remember,
when you call
His name,
God will never hesitate
to wrap you in Endless
His Love
has no beginning
and no end.
His World
is without
and can be
and ever
and ever.


One picture can whisper more than a thousand words.

Are These Tears for Naught?

“To what end do we proceed
so boldly,

If all we are is chemical reactions?
And what World have you so deftly
sold me,

If you reduce me,
I have no Soul to touch?

No Heart to Love,
no evil to rise up above?
No Angels and no ghosts,
no real victories to toast?
If you believe that this is true
then I must ask,

To what end do you proceed?

No fire in our eyes,
no steel in our Hearts?
No magic in our songs,
are we just empty vessels?

Did I not feel your Love,
did I not feel your hate?

And did my Heart just not leap,
and did my Heart not

And are these tears for naught,
and are these words in vain?

If this is all we are
then what have we to gain?

What of all the art and books,
music and poetry?

What of all our memories,
what of our hopes and dreams?

If they hold no value
then we hold no Faith
but greed.

So I must ask you,
to what end do we proceed?

To What End?”

Anthony DiSanteon

“Nutrition is important
in both cancer and heart disease prevention.
Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains,
fat-free and low-fat dairy foods, and seafood
and reducing Sugar in the diet.

has been associated with a decrease
in cardiovascular disease
and cancer.”

The disease-fighting elements
in a good diet are:

which aids weight control and lowers heart and cancer risks.
which fight disease-causing cell damage
Omega-3 fatty acids, which lower blood pressure
among other benefits.”
Michael LeFevre,

    Official State Reptile of Texas

Horned Lizard Conservation Society

The Horned Lizard population
in endangered
since they are a linked species.
Like Us!

You basically don’t find Texas
Horned Lizards where there are
no harvester ants.
fighting fire ants is
a suggested method of

Do not broadcast
all over your property.

There is no poison that affects
just fire ants alone.

If affects everything that lives,
including YOU!

What do you think
causes CANCER?

We’re experiencing a cancer epidemic,
and evidence is growing ever stronger
that pesticide exposure is a
key contributor.
read more

The best way to
treat fire ants is to treat each
mound with boiling water.
You may have to treat the mound
two or three times.

As with so many other animals,
the key to saving the
Horned Lizard
(and US)
is to

Save the Habitat.

And The Winner Is
by Tom Van Devender

read more

Friday Trip:
Rollerland West

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